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Danny O'Connor previews his fight at the Garden

Jan 25, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder talk with Danny O'Connor about his fight at the TD Garden Saturday night. What his career has been like and how it feels to be on the verge of his 20th victory.

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You'll have to you me and lines. -- along. How long it's. Then back at. Tunes. You know it. Your name is standing and your Irish. This pretty much through the wrong. Our friend Danny -- O'Connor. Denny O'Connor Framingham zone fight this -- Saturday night that the gag. -- joins is now. Via via the telephone. -- Gary. I won't tell guys how are you married. There were government out -- it's it's only afford it matter which are gonna came into well where you can always combine this. States -- you want to damage that's -- way to fight wanna make sure people knew about what was going on because you know this is this could be the beginning is something real big at the Boston garden and and boxing of course has a big. I history tonight that you never went to the old garden right. No I didn't -- -- and -- well you what -- 27 right. 47 years also act we can all understand that. -- yet never in the -- -- actually missed the -- cattle and also little domestic refiners. Now your fight another local guy -- -- the main event is going to be I think what ten fights. -- I would. Few pros and some local temperatures. It's going to be it's going to be a great show put on very well and the other way and -- -- go -- and -- which commit net. Our -- Decker went. -- forty fives -- you know right on the money you're you're pretty steady this stuff. And I tell me about your your opponent coming up on Saturday night he's from where's -- from Salem Salem mass. Yes -- -- I think he's actually from Beverly. Yeah I mean you know he's a tough opponent comes the play error. You know from Osaka where it -- and so on the -- on the -- about the competition you know it's it's you know. I was so looking into a near the it's a good fighter and you know get their compliment. Beating them -- -- -- -- Now with the speed QB -- some merit to this or twentieth the professional win. Well yeah. One that's a big number that's good and you're on the they're saying a lot of people -- -- you're like right there when it comes to break -- through into national limelight stardom type of scenarios and how you feel about it. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like that you know have a lot of great people around -- you know I don't have a moment of -- and -- established social -- and but city and -- be grateful to be in the position that I am in and keep working hard and you know hopefully some -- They did he would -- when you compare your style -- it is there anyone specifically. Boxers in the pastor. Or maybe we've -- I guess maybe idolize -- are looking at. Nah you know I used to think more like up -- got to force something but every color come back to the corner of one of our local -- the payment doubles that look like that Whitaker is no leader -- costs us. It's not just look like myself and -- it. You know I am a student of the game shall I do see that a lot a lot of sites that I try to you know at that particular from everybody no matter what level there are -- started work. If they've been the gay community just you know in it never could -- Now you're nineteen what are you going to last five and your last fight if I don't if I'm not wrong wasn't September done foxwoods when you beat Sosa. Are -- -- was a third round tko so this is -- -- you're going to win number twenty let me ask -- question because I've heard. There's going to be a somebody. Helping out -- you spit bucket was pretty famous what's the deal on that. Can cases is that almost good -- that bucket person -- he's done a law. And you know he means a lot but he's on -- right now is in Munich so. I needed -- fill -- -- important. Great guy -- -- and step up then and join the coroner came and you know a lot of travel let things get out of -- you got a guy there who can busted up pretty good himself -- Absolutely. Seem a little -- got into particularly excited about it it was a -- flexibility as you you mentioned Ricky had as you style similar to him to school go out terror attack now now you might might as well as. It doesn't really like -- and but you know I think my my everyday life. You know take away all the alcoholism I agree with great care and yet people -- usually normal -- yeah yeah. He likes to have abnormal booting -- -- Followed -- -- time. A day -- -- on -- of merit ten -- feature -- along with that I guess -- -- can be eight fights -- five amateur fights three professional fights. I had the Boston Garden some famous of -- be on hand to for. Autographs I guess Micky ward but he hasn't Marlon starling. Are gonna I don't know it Moochie all of run a mile away from Connecticut have. And I know the bailout I heard the Bruins got a table and if you sporting figures election -- you know it's going to be a great model for. You know the -- for a boxing. Well we love it of course because you know there's nobody -- wants -- to come back from -- its doldrums more than me and there's nothing better than a local flavor and a guy you root for so good luck to Danny. I appreciate I want to RT after the fight. Good -- Danny O'Connor everybody needs he's going added the garden and it's a Saturday -- -- to be a lot of bust on there you know they use about half the Arenas every it's a good seed a 4000 sees great. Surrounding Adobe memorabilia shows there with boxing out. Featured guests. And it should be good night for -- causeway street.

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