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M&M defend themselves VS. the Big O

Jan 25, 2013|

Big O was convinced the voicemails left on Manti Te'o's phone were made by a man and was shocked Mut and Merloni thought otherwise. As it turns out, Glenn was wrong.

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The big -- -- that -- and Lou were idiots to think that the police have money to -- -- over -- woman who won modest area and it's so warm and certainly. -- -- -- Glenn was positive -- was anything but hug girl if it were me and I was listening to this. I would say our guests on fourteen of fifteen year old kid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pony -- a little work. He laughed at anyone who thought LeMay was really a girl and these people in the hallway -- to -- radio stations. Convinced them you -- this from a show whose extensive knowledge of women starts with. The -- girl and ends with listen in Cambridge candy buying into the women what -- -- -- -- definitely -- Felix would you buy into that. Thank there's really no wonder why these guys were so skeptical about the real world calling somebody there are devices right now that's -- or little Al. Apps on your iPhone of course that allows you to change the sound of your points but try Michael -- voice through that. You're -- billion doing homework them. Sounds like Michael always always preached -- -- -- doing homework so what does the big -- say when they hero Ryu girl's voice ice. I want the installer. That well yes well last. It is very common and I can see the Adam apple move back. They just don't -- Anybody is an expert on Adam Apple's. -- Norway model united three point seven WEEI. Breaks down the Adams -- about it every week and on the tailgate show it's not a warrant an out Adam's apples house gonna affect the game the big west Indy. If you thought it was a woman I our etiquette source. What do you mean I'll just -- it's you know any buying it to women. What do you like any kid they'll definitely kid -- Would you buy into that. And that an expert yeah. I don't know can. Are you looking something. Or something. I should be looking for. Oh we. Me and -- only like. Do you like. We have and green and section and to hate yourself. Do you like to do it yourself. Since I -- -- McCain. Lose strength. I was the mood striking you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's your name and a. When they have it. A how quickly today he would back to get that to a six I get out of to a seven to break -- the celtics' first for the get into well might have been a female. I -- cannot address the out of the gate -- you buried us for thinking it was a check. Tina was lying for hours you can -- a -- -- guy -- lying you don't believe in Tino Tuiasosopo. I believe. Rightly it was a female. 617779. -- 97 your phone number in Texas. On the -- -- live 37937. At a time line issues were meant I've were on Japanese phones. To promote -- -- carry that live in what was the time and you thought maybe you -- this -- right from. What all of December -- -- six weeks December 6 and then it was all the way to January released there was some passing reference to. Girlfriend in the mean yes some significant structure. And and is that thing right December 6 at this to me is winning yeah. Okay what is this guy going through here now this sort of explained that mean the month of December I think hello. Get the ball there was a long silent. Applause. And the. A -- this series. -- you -- something Melissa. And finally. You knew something was -- yes. Two days after that at the Heisman Trophy ceremony were interviewed and you repeated the story that your girlfriend. And in fact died of cancer must listen. Seattle like cancer at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And just -- -- started -- thing because at December 6 when he got a phone call. From someone he thought was her sister. Should know it's me. It's -- -- And that that's we're so he's like OK we have a lot my guy Leah my name is Malia. The whole story about drugs and everything else right. And get a continues and to me that the instinct thing is. I want you ask for profile. Now I get a phone call on December 6. Semester is alive and then I wanna be put on national TV two days later and asked her what the same question. You know what would you do. I think on December 6 or seventh I would have gone to my coaches are gone to someone and said. This situation is so messed up -- -- and then I think that they found other cruel prank. This person is changing her story. There messing with me and it's not holding up. This is not this is not right we. Perpetuate. This. Story of hardship and pain which I think was as she said earlier legitimate. But. This story was working for you know you are being considered. For the Heisman Trophy. That's basically why he. It's a hit his work try to explain why right away on the sixth. He did not make some sort of a move forward in a -- he asked for proof. He wanted proof. -- he got proof. But he still did waiting a long time Katy Kirk with right about that the fact you wait until the 24. Ellis Stanley 26 to tell Notre Dame that's a 22 and half weeks stretch there where you wonder okay east noble lead. Mean he gets a call I don't know were saying my name is really -- and I've been hiding from drug dealers. And now gonna get back to you at a high to pretend I was I was dead. Do you put yourself in a weird spot Thursday that -- that you went on talking about how okay well now this is weird. This is what I want you to DO. Okay prove to me your life. I want you. Do any picture that the -- symbol right at the hands that he does often -- and hold up a sign. With the date I want this SMS. NK. With the date and post that -- to prove to me that you are -- -- so from December 6. On December 21. That picture appears that 215 days later so that picture actually appears. To the girl that he thinks is the -- Okay shows in the picture of everything that yesterday do. Well at this so now -- -- December of when he first of a fifteen daisies maybe look at this photo the most wakes up in narrative. Please say you are here -- alive. Sent me a photograph of yourself. Holding a piece of paper that sent a lot. This. Had initials. MS MK always stood firm -- laying into our American cool. I had to date. And that is fine and so from my town is our assignment you -- it appears as a business 'cause I'm categorical promise under through that same time. And so on December 21. 2012. I can fabric of and that's where. I really. You know December if -- happen. And you know I still I was OK that was going on and in doing this happen. As it okay. She's alive. Today you on December 21. And it was documented action a first book on the first report is the name rebuild we all know now it's Diane O'Meara the woman with a picture. And she says that she was contacted by a high school acquaintance when I shouldn't have seen in awhile but remember -- know that turns out to be -- night Tuiasosopo. And he said listen my cousin series car accident he senior photo before he thought that you were pretty. Would you be so kind to take a picture of yourself holding up this sign. Which is MS MK put December 21 2012 on. -- and explain you know really what it meant to or anything she said -- apparently still been no but. Just in in in the stories as Diana -- baffled but trusting made the signed and sent along to. Then two guests -- puts the sign on on the web page not when he first meant that there which -- what in God's name is going on in that it was a couple days later. We told the parents and authorities got a and so was like you waited. Knew that this was a hoax -- fifteen days between when he asked for the picture apparently when the picture showed up on Twitter. When is the draw AG believing the drug dealer story apparently is that she can't get to a camera you know what toll on Twitter she has an iPhone already -- is hampered Internet what are -- doing is epic has fifteen days later but I didn't get that day that afternoon. I know it's not real. I'm sorry you're you're you're you're more forgiving and I thought I'll just -- -- mean -- -- having a conversation with a -- -- phone. Samuel L and Al -- listening and phones emit a room elves and the pitcher shows up like it's he -- Gotta keep you post so we get your reaction John -- bill everyone else 6177797937. Writes the phones next.

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