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Who has been the most disappointing Celtics players?

Jan 25, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about which Celtics player has disappointed them the most.

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-- India he struggles in these situations of that no time now to get to the Garnett came back Toronto's ten seconds to go -- it's down three meters. That's not afford to run as a fact and name. -- hit out of bounds. When bill that it took its game. They had to have the found. Hollywood with a look at give the big red hopefully he -- the young at the three point line Ellis park. Butler -- ID three point seven WEEI. Eight time to get to we start with the Celtics in -- 6177797937. You can text this. On the AT&T text line at 37937. Asked the question on Twitter earlier today. -- with a the most disappointing Celtic this is not. Who has played the worse OK this is not which Celtics socks okay. This is always been the most disappoint Celtic and I guess a lot of us can be tied in to. What you thought about the player going into the year. And for me that leads. To the point guard Rajon Rondo -- I don't think he's a bad player he's an all star forgot takes another triple double last night. But I have been sold down on this offense and when you go look at the advanced metrics OK and they they do points per 100 possessions in the big. A big stat now in terms of looking -- -- offense. 100 possessions the celtics' average a 102 point one points. That is 27 in the league behind a -- and podcasts. Port 26. It points broader possessions. The guy who runs this offense is Rajon Rondo. And if I'm going to be most disappointed in the offense as a -- it starts -- John Rhonda why thought businesses may. I thought would -- aid -- bigger leap forward this year. I thought I get the free throw line more still doesn't do that about a turnovers will be down his turnovers erupt. I thought to give more consistent effort I thought -- -- mature. You still see nights where it Ronald not completely into it right. He's still he's immature moments we've had those throughout the year would again suspended. In a couple different occasions. This is not that he's the worst player on the court it's not that he's overrated he is in the group of the top point guards in the NBA. But it -- -- what I expected from Rondo and the offense. I have been left disappointed. Are by his play the fact the turnovers -- up the fact that this offense is behind the bobcats. I don't have a point. I'm surprised you well with them. Because. He'd say you know he can dish the ball out. But it's not gonna make the shot after that. You know maybe -- maybe you want to get easier shots for some of these guys. Do we we've given so much. Actually give enough credit I think early on in his career because the guys he's playing with and the it is assists Gloria won't keep you hit a wide open ray Allen's best three point shooter ball I'm gonna hit. KG Paul Pierce the gonna -- You know and maybe give enough credit then now it's. I don't think he's got those offensive players to play -- You know and and you look at them and this year at the field goal percentages up -- free throw percentages -- shoot 64%. Almost 65 compared to last year. About how -- a bit. Free throw attempts are down minutes is a guy that ranks nowhere in the year. The top league in free throw attempts he should be going to line. 5670. Times a game that you boys got taken his game to level the next Levy thought he was ready to go to that. Next level -- -- averages two and a half free throw attempts against your okay that's behind Jeff Green but he still shoot a better. Doesn't matter if I get to the free throw line that initials guys still not willing to commit himself to go to the basket geospatial about you shot the ball better nowhere no (%expletive) doesn't -- the free thought as much as you should. Prodigal basket as much as he showed quite frankly. He should be way up in terms of free throw attempts but turtle or should not be up this year. I understand we're talking about assists and players around him. But at this level -- career shooter for June turnovers per game be going up because they have. Or genre audience for the last three or four years when he takes the court each and every night with Paul Pierce KG and Ray Allen. You know and you mix in a different big. You know this year I think that there's what nine different guys on the roster. You know obviously they haven't managed yet at all and with that ill he thinks that it's gonna be over here he told the ball way things like that. I listened -- what I see him get the free throw line more sure. Most of the takes the basket like yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He puts that ball for of the bigger was quick to the basket. He gets he gets off. All the bigs around -- disease quit the way he goes about it. If he gets if he gets contact he's gonna get thrown I'd rather get the basket. Which are -- date does. Pretty impressively to -- do you feel. A -- maybe I feel differently about his defense by what he's regressed as a defensive play is not a question in a bad year for a job on defense but it is Avery Bradley has emerged. Rondo has the physical ability to be one of the better defenders in the league I think that's effort and it that is -- sentinel have. The advanced metrics the backing up I would just tell you watching every game. He is regressed defensively he was so you might you wouldn't be wouldn't be in my top three. We were expecting you you have lower expectations are John Donovan -- try not to take to the next level and he looks like. The same guy shoot the ball a little bit better from the field. That's what looks like. Yes and put the team on his back when pierce and Garnett have struggled and and our our -- he turns the ball towards the -- at the free throw line as regressed defensively. -- put Stevens back last night. In the fourth quote yeah he was good until on the turn the ball over twice late one of those voluntary the other one. Well yeah they're now it is not a bad player and he's been the most disappointing player for the Celtics this year. Yes I would say probably. A winning put in the top four. A legal order although it number four would be Courtney Lee. I thought that you would get more out of him at WB in the starting line -- -- -- a better player better score -- good defender I think. Impressed the way he plays defense you know I didn't think he had an accused their injuries on Avery Bradley but. I thought he'd give you more offensively. Number three would probably be Paul Pierce. -- of the year that he seven right now in deserve to be in the all star game if he did it would have been just on name alone. -- still love Paul Pierce and everything that he's done but I think he's been a disappointment. You wanna look at him lately. Mean the shots erupt at that -- for gamer down. There is less that sixteen gained to shoot 38% from the floor 31 from three -- teams and he still want to go and during the five game losing streaks nobody should while Wright -- -- -- to score on your team. Who's to go to guy late. Who's a guy that's gonna put up 25 and a night was that's gonna put up one point tonight you're leading -- night in night out. By Paul appeared resent that the first half last night I'm curious like man he's been disappointing. -- -- in the season Guantanamo last night's game. Because -- we've saying there -- John run as most of -- player last 94 board except hammered the offense and you look at the 27 and how we did everything in the fourth quarter he was good so I'm just chemical -- -- all of our president is on the season country's third who second coming to a -- -- wasn't great last night -- six for fifteen. Shooting. At 22 points but you get the free throw line. You know he's turned the ball over. Me in the year's numbers a way to June 42% better than net quarterly earnings for -- analyst -- pierce is third -- best. He's got to be second no argument I mean he's not -- disappointment -- -- -- -- -- wise and let's start a lot of began he was brought in as a role player. You know he made -- star lineup because of injuries and it just fit the team just jelled with him and he was confident. He gained confidence refer showed up -- the Celtics and it's sort of carried over. Into that starting role. He did all the hustle plays that you needed but he hit that jump shot when it was open it was to bring him back shots. It's not there right now. It just because you give me an extension doesn't mean you should hold that starting spot he's next ball there and earn that starting spot chaired soldier should be starting right now. Maybe just like the fact that you bring saunter off the bench and adds new dimension I get -- a -- best not playing the level that anybody expected him. Number one in my list would be Jason Terry. You'd be the most disappointing guy for me this year because of what I thought he was gonna bring to this team I thought he'd be the backed up the brewers are run to a point. It and say -- there was some issues there early on with David Bradley out he wasn't. In that role. I thought that he would bring you offense. And lately looks like he's just disappeared. You know he doesn't wanna take the open shot is passing up open shots. The scoring is not there. The last three years in Dallas is 31 minutes again in the shares 28. There is a 1516 point nine guys coming -- the bench is gonna hit that shot for you this year -- 99 point eight points per game. Hasn't been shooting very well at all lately. I mean shooting awful lately but not exist his last twelve games -- to five points 37% from the field point six from three point land. I thought he was gonna be an offensive spark at that was going to be Avery Bradley with the defense. -- those gonna be Jason Terry with the scoring back it up Rajon Rondo and hasn't been there. I got my list easily number two for me I could I could easily. See Terry being number one is Rondo Terry -- you want to solitary in battling. What are we talking about what this team right chemistry continuity all the new players yep. Okay you've got you've got the that the foundation of the celtics' organization. In in in Rondo and pierce and Garnett. You know you -- -- Bradley's piece of it basket he's been all these new guys to mean that bridge kind of was a veteran Jason Terry who's won championships who walked in the building and knows what it takes don't work hard win championships to be a Celtic even though is not want. But he knows what that takes. And it's sort of taken those new guys under be that that the middleman. Okay I'm -- just like you. But I know what it takes the play with these guys right here and we got to be on the same page. And that's not happening it's probably unfair to put it all on him -- I shouldn't just it's not fair but I just expected maybe a little more from that. So we ask the question we see already lined up at 61777979837. Has been the most disappoint Celtic this year not the worst. Michael for the world is here after the worst all time was the worst -- it was -- most disappoint you lazy Celtic fan or get your reaction next.

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