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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, talks about what's next for the Patriots

Jan 25, 2013|

ESPNBoston's Patriots beat reporter Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the play of Tom Brady and the future of the Pats.

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Your Friday -- -- ID three point seven WE yeah I would give back your phone calls every week at this time during the patriots season we get. Boxer Mike -- of ESPN boston.com. Minutes at a preview in the Super Bowl we are reviewing. And AFC title Gail Lawson look at the offseason Mike good afternoon how are you. In afternoon much good afternoon Lou how we doing God's. I didn't think would be having this discussion. Quite frankly the patriots are gonna win -- -- we Super Bowl when I went back and looked at your. Preview for the scheme and how they'd approach offensively and you. Had kind of a balanced tack and I was with you that the running game would be a big part of this that the patriots were going to win an at the end of this thing. Two to one was the pastor -- ratio. Mike and I am curious do you think they got away from the running game because of the score or because of any frustration they have with the lack of big plays they got a running game against the ravens. My my my take on that one was they really tried hard. Early in the game to get the running game going and and the discrepancy. That you site was more a result of the score I mean you're gonna have to be throwing. I'm in the fourth quarter but I go back to. You know one of their first drive when they were driving third in two. Hurry up situation. Steven Ridley you gotta get two yards to move the chains get a first down keeping drives going. You're running the ball in that critical situation could you trying to get the run game going you don't get it you're forced to settle for a field goal so to me. I thought they need the effort I thought the execution with where they felt. I know as lot of respect obviously for the Baltimore Ravens but did you feel that that bill Belichick's were coached it's way and and number he -- -- coached as if may be giving them too much respect are afraid to kind of do what they normally do. I didn't get that sense I think you know and and when you -- that you know the first thought was are we talking about when they punt the ball. You know let's say the 35 yard line that with the field position in mind I I didn't. Think they called short laid. As if they were giving the ravens too much respect I thought they just didn't execute. In certain areas and I also didn't like. This from their perspective the idea that I thought they lost the battle at the line of scrimmage and I know that's been a hot. Topic of discussion in terms of what you are the patriots too much in the finance team and and and and whatnot and I think. To me if you watched that game you have to question. Who control the line of scrimmage I think most people would say the -- and so. I -- I didn't sense that there was anything in the decision making process. That led to I think it was just out on the field the ravens one more match up and that's a credit to them. What was the biggest reason that Tom Brady had well it's it was an average game wasn't a terrible game wasn't great somewhere RTC. C ish type game Mike what gave him put him in that position. Well I I think it goes back to what we were talking about motto on the run game I mean I thought the ravens need an early. Decisive statement that the hurry up we're not going to be a factor. In the in the game for the patriots -- and that was obviously a lot different than what we saw the week before against the -- so. You take that off the table patriots got a one dimensional put the game and Brady's hand and. At the end of the day I think. You know Belichick's citing the statistics in the red zone was probably right on the money when your wonderful work scoring touchdowns in the red zone and the other team is for a four. That goes a long way in and they had to throw because they couldn't run it and that put the game and Brady's hand then he can play very good game from the few points. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do think ahead of major effect on Aqib Talib not returning again. Well so -- hit myself on this Lou I actually -- and I agree did it did have a big effect but I I think. We have to look closer at in my viewpoint as to why it had a big effect could actually saw. -- outside corners. Dinner to -- Arrington played a pretty good game I thought they were competitive I didn't think they were the reason. That the patriots lost I didn't see many big play -- how many times can we talk about that -- and during the game you don't got to cut down on the big plays Torrey Smith look what they did. You know to the Broncos. I don't think that's why the patriots lost but I think if you look at a couple specific match up in the slot -- and against mark Kris coal. Decisive advantage for the ravens in that game if you look at. The middle of the field -- -- the tight end against Brandon Spikes in the sub package decisive advantage for the ravens. And I think any time Steve greatly which matched up against -- -- and they were the couple situations I think that was also a decisive edge so I think. It wasn't necessarily that. They couldn't -- to leave on the outside it was the trickle down effect and how the patriots brought in mark we coal instead of maybe. Another grouping let's take Patrick Chung back its safety and move -- into the slot and forty down a cornerback. I think that's a fair second guess when we look at how the patriots reacted to losing to -- My last question about this game for a long long time as can be in the first half Mike and I -- that with that Seattle game. Similar situation when they couldn't come more with points they tried almost be too perfect with the clock how did you see. The end of the first app that you blame that Tom Brady not called a quick timeout was out on -- checked the Knoll. OK we got to have at least two shots at the end zone not settle for a field goal when he's the last time now. Might I I think it's on both of them -- much re winded even further than that. Let's not spare Aaron Hernandez is you know who who could have gone out of bounds concede the patriots. One of their other timeouts you know on the play before. Brady scrambled just an absolute complete breakdown. For a team for an offense for a coach for a quarterback. It has long preached situational football rising up in the critical moments. They just bombed -- and may be the one thing you can say is I mean we're all human we all make mistakes. Can -- not that they haven't done it before but it was just surprising that in the big game in the big moment that that's the way it unfolded for them. You know obviously a big question is Wes Welker is in this lot of details why he would weather would bring him back went by I was narrative -- post askew had more to do with. The money oil has more to do with the decision with a -- wanna continue to attack teams the same way offensively from that position what would it be. I think it would be the money -- because I think I I think how can you not want. Wes Welker back and and I know you could maybe argue -- that and say look if you wanna change the identity of your offense. Maybe you maybe you have to move on to do that because. Welker is such a security blanket to Brady. And I I concede that point but the -- if the price is right how can you not want Wes Welker on your football team I -- he represented. Everything you'd want of the players he's tough he's durable he doesn't miss -- and -- Obviously the drops we can talk about but I mean I'll I'll put up with the dropped. For what you're getting in the big in balance in the whole scheme of things there so I think at the end of the day it comes down to money. Couple months ago cured if they might do you think you know they're gonna put the franchise tag on him I would have said yes. But don't. Feel that strongly about that now because I think eleven point four million. Is probably too rich for them and and that that's more from you know totally my opinion not no inside information there but -- sort of shifted. Along those lines -- last couple months. Does that franchise tag go to -- guy like Sebastien Ballmer. I think he could I think the tag there is just shy of ten million which is a lot. After right tackle but I think given the way. You know I thought the ravens controlled the line of scrimmage you could make an argument -- -- that the that's a good place to start you know secure the line of scrimmage and build out from there. On the defense this side of the ball what do they do with the -- to leave the I look at last year branding car. And it. It Cortland Finnegan got five and sixty. -- 26 and a half guaranteed he's 27 years old he turn this defense around is -- getting paid like that and will they be involved you think of the gets to. That type of price for key to leave Mike. -- -- That's tough that's a lot of money down. When you said those figures I hadn't even thought of in those terms I mean my my first reaction was no hole. And he did and here's why it's your right in the -- respect he did helped -- the defense around but. Did anyone else have some questions on you know the injuries. I mean a couple of injuries -- I don't think this is a slam dunk here I. I I sort of want more information. Before I invest. That type of money to meet and this looks like one where they'll they'll take a stab at it but I could keep the market. Dictating and I think that's something you're gonna hear a lot as we get in the free agency how the patriots often do that they'll say look this is what we think you know the the right numbers. You're close to being able to test the market wanted to protest that let us know -- and maybe we can work something out and and in doing that the patriots. You don't have to live with the results and and the result could be that they lose the player but that discipline has generally serve the -- well and I'd be surprised -- If they get up into those numbers before to leave would hit the market to see if you know those numbers are out there for him on the open market. I'm wondering eat your thoughts are going in the off season as far as we're we're to improve mean it's not. -- -- cover -- as far as holes go legacy could. To improve the pass rush in on -- -- nice job Jerry Jones maybe interior. Physical safety but you have couples say he's back there what's your biggest need. So I'd go both sides of the ball -- I would say all the things you sit there are off here I do think the past stretched. Will get better in part because of another year of development and strength from Chandler Jones you know let's not forget. They didn't have him in the if -- -- sixteen played just two snaps in the ankle. You know in the second half of the year was a factor. But I do think that'll get better but it never hurt you know tad more there. But I would say. Got to square away the secondary and that's probably good -- the first time we talked this year you know and we mention names like Ras I Dowling. And then what you gonna get from him and that's been one area that that Bill Belichick has struggled to square away a lot of draft picks and swings and misses -- that position so. I would look in that direction of the first and -- -- offensively. I think maybe a different type of receiver you know I I think. A lot of people like to have all the weapons the patriots had this year but maybe that Torrey Smith type receiver just to give your offense. Just that that other dimension to be -- attacked the deep third of the field a little more consistent. Every seven months off season so I'm not gonna hold you to this but just. -- it take as to what happens with the offense and Jake Ballard because he was a guy for the giants -- was a pretty good player they scoop of -- item on the IR. On paper they'll have Jake Ballard back with Hernandez and gronkowski Mike how does that. Affect the offense next year. Well I don't think -- affected acute steal my only because you know I think gronkowski and Hernandez assuming good health. They're gonna play you know all the snaps so you're looking at a third tight end here. Which in the whole scheme of things it's probably you know what everyone's healthy at 20%. -- god is it gives you some more options and probably lead to the exit of a player like Daniel -- the freeagent. That they signed this year and and probably you would -- didn't work out as well as they hope you know when he's healthy scratch for the divisional round win. Over the Texans so. I guess had -- I'd say yes you know on Ballard. Looks like you know some good move to bring in the player that's had success in the league but. When the talk about a third tight end I mean I I think you gotta keep it in the context that that's the niche type. Player in the offense as long as everyone else -- Mike great stuff the entire year your coverage on ESP embossed -- the offseason is going to be a must read for all of us. Enjoy some down time and look for a talking at some point during the offseason like. Likewise -- really enjoyed it thanks for having me on and I enjoy the weekend. You are losing Mike recent ESPN boston.com follow him on Twitter at Mike Greece and he joins us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. Obligate your calls on married we talked about today anti tale. The Celtics. The patriots and Tom Brady 617. 7797937. Your phone -- text us. On the AT&T text line 379837. Or get him until two we also care football's over for us. We know runners to hit nice don't go anywhere.

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