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Peter King, SI, on the Patriots loss and the Super Bowl

Jan 25, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the AFC Championship, Brady's legacy, and some storylines heading into the Super Bowl.

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The possible. Good afternoon Peter how are you. I'm doing great about yourself would do next well we talked a lot about -- you're like I start by giving you a little snippet of light here in New York City -- already has thank you. So the other day. Terry Francona. Is going to be aren't in noble two blocks from where it lives. And I've never met him before and I just I've always wanted to say. Thank you you know as it's a follower of the team and I lose. Practically in my mother's womb in 1967. In all I just wanna say thanks for. Delivering a couple of World Series title. And start what -- Barnes & Noble where he was. And I bought a couple books. And they say yeah you get line I really didn't I would have -- sign the -- split. At that wasn't the reason why I wanted it to do practice on it and they thank you. So they get -- back of the line and I find out that an hour and fifteen minutes. So I didn't want to thank -- that. -- -- -- I just started to think to myself I said this is like behind enemy lines. And he got an hour and fifteen minute wait in the dead of winter. To get hairy green -- his signature on his book I describe that really. -- spoke volumes about a where it starts in -- about your regard for Francona. And the response here Peter I'm not sure how much of the book you're through but it is really a it's a revenge shop by -- Francona the ownership and he got a standing ovation here last night the Boston baseball writers' dinner. And that has been the response here -- everybody it's it's it's Francona still even though he's not here but it's new Yorker Boston. It getting the accolades this ownership is taken a beating off of his book which Aussie. Well and and you know rightfully so if if they start talking about you know we need to get -- attractive players are we need to get charismatic players or whatever it is that they sit in those meetings. The longer covered sports you know I've been a sports -- in 1980 and I have always. Like if somebody attendance is down ratings are down people always start talking about well let's get Tebow let's get this guy let's go get that guy. You know let -- so. You know -- market to the women let's go do it. The bottom line in all of this is the only -- against people watcher games and they get people sit in the stands is winning. If you wanna have a great ratings in April then go yet mr. America. You know and people will be excited but you know as soon as he goes six and well. And -- may first everybody's gonna say. I I got everything to do -- MarketWatch again the only way to really appeal that. To look -- base is to win and then they won't -- If you've got eleven. Now out there it doesn't matter you don't just win the game. And you are reminded of when you know when Bill Belichick had to make that decision before Super Bowl -- Super Bowl winning at. I healthy Drew Bledsoe. And -- -- Tom Brady. He you know little little bit hurt. But -- brilliant guy at all year and I think everybody. You know when new englanders thinking -- -- Bledsoe played Bledsoe. But Belichick knew he had his guy he knew when he didn't do the popular thing nor probably beauty in the popular in -- treated and so. But he didn't do the popular that he is the thing that was the smartest thing just like Jim Harbaugh pick -- just like John. Kim Cameron wasn't the popular thing might not have been this hard and they just knew it was so they had to do. Well it knuckle for a fourth down a few times he was very popular to use your head and down as the goat of the week Peter I was -- surprised myself. How shocked were you live and maybe even a third down plays going into those fourth downs going to win as well. Well you know what I'll be honest we need to go to the week is the last thing I put my column this week I didn't think there was -- clear -- -- You know 6:30 in the morning I'm racking my brain who stupid this week who did a dumb thing to do whatever. And I guess that's about the only place I could pick out that he was obviously. Eight just a bad call I just thought it was tremendously. Over cautious. For a guy who. You know there's never been afraid pulling the trigger when he had -- I get. I -- didn't think it was a Smart call now with that it changed the outcome of the game I doubt it but at the time I just thought it set a lot of battle. About how he was approaching this game and I think you were speaking to here. Peter is a follow up to that big picture the legacy because we now have no Super Bowl titles for Belichick since the spy gate scandal. Tom Brady is now seven and seven. In his last fourteen playoff games after re ten and I'll start to his career. Do you think those legacies are affected by losing at home -- such a favorite. And not getting back to Super Bowl. Well you know look. A legacy. Is written a story about your history in the game has written when you retire. This is a chapter in the book. And it's not everything. And for those who say that. You know with Tom Brady is. You know it tarnishing his legacy with some of the B games he's played with. You know along -- through last year in the Super Bowl that was intercepted by Chase Blackburn went. Gradkowski was open right behind him. And how we played in this game I mean Brady played a -- game and here are all the city. But. You know I I I've been curious to see everybody traction. Belichick and trashing the patriots. And indirect respect women winning in the name of a guy like John Elway is brought up. Everybody is well he's -- one of the best 34 quarterbacks of all time. I mean before -- late last two years in the NFL. When he lost in Jacksonville -- Portland -- the when he Denver Broncos were double digit favorite. At home in play -- after that game -- -- in anywhere he went in Denver. People were talent and can't get rid of -- it's time to move on. We got to do something now sweeter and mean he'd been. In the NFL are -- fourteen years and people wanted a new start in Denver. And then he won two Super -- at the end of his career finished and the classic case of a glittery eating. The first fourteen or fifteen years by just remembering the last two years. And an angry person that I really hope that people don't look at. Tom Brady and say well yes you know he won a Super Bowl the previous first four year starting later -- then after the age 27. Never won anything of great consequence. I think that the pilot crap and -- You know Brady is gonna go down in my opinion it's one of the top five quarterbacks of all time in May be in the top three may be in the top one we don't know. But I think it's silly because he played C game inning game the patriots should have won. Everything that happens every quarterback. What will veto it happened at eight -- -- kept a concrete eat it after the -- -- that happened that it happened John united -- -- China united career. And and you know when and how deeply in some playoff games after agreed he in 1968. So I think we both -- -- you have to -- career as a whole and not be so micro focus. On what could be done for me lately I mean both of those guys -- -- all famers. Who are gonna get another chance -- went another one I don't know but they've both been among the greatest -- ever coach in the audience so. I'm not willing after one game. And one season to say -- they both lost their fastball. Via the jets' season -- an absolute mess lot of it is a lot of reasons for real lack of town was one of them but now the reports. That they're willing to trade. It's one of the most foolish things I've ever heard. Darrelle Revis. Now again he's been hurt now and and you don't know precisely. You know how much. ACL don't really bother me right now but he's gonna come back. Next year -- 828 in play. And obviously you have some question about how he's going to play. But. In my opinion. You know if you talk about the great gift of all time I would start with you name it. I probably go to Joseph Klecko. And then right along with Curtis mark and I would say -- right -- at a high level. He will be every bit as good in football history not in terms of war. But in terms of greatness if he played great quarterback -- or more years pretty jets. You know in my opinion he'll be there -- maybe not in terms of significance. Of football history. But in terms of playing great for a long time and I would just say that I think it would you have a great player in today's football. It's such an important position. That you should just say to yourself OK look it's not a robbery there are Darrelle Revis this -- that our salary cap -- screwed up. And we need. If we see next year hurt after the season. That he is plain and absolutely proper level we need to -- For four years to be our highest paid quarterback it would apply. That would be my opinion. And I think it would just be following the footsteps. What it is following in the footsteps. Well more -- idiocy. If they treat your -- I think it'd be huge stake in -- not to mention the fact that what you get the first guy right now. Cool is gonna caught some seamlessly 67. Million a year and it also gonna cost the team. Cost certainty. Of a first round pick. That would be you know that wanted to reasons right team and love it. EPA. Is that they get here high draft pick on the cheap for three years. And so I think I would be surprised if anybody out here. Gave anything other than a low one for Darrelle Revis addicted -- it is. A pox on them like it would be horrible decision. Peter real quick give us our early take -- you find to be the most interesting of the Super Bowl story lines for next week and violence. I really think the most interesting thing in the you know the two quarterbacks in the at -- one -- an example eagle school wait -- quarterback even though. They play a lot of no -- Alan Ball -- You know Joseph Flacco is not running around very much he's not vocal guy and Colin can't predict he can do anything. He can sit here in the pocket that he would be you with a great arm. That's the one thing great world any offensive coordinator at of the 49ers telling me after meeting Sunday everybody's talking about it aren't you see if I grow. What an incredible army has so I think if you on his arm. Kill you wrote it and everybody's seen that he can beat you running to bought. The ravens defense and Tom Brady and Peyton Manning has given up fourteen points again. It now on defense I'm not talking about what happened on special teams that. You know so the ravens defense is come alive and just as the patriots they saw. -- look forty breakdown of this game next week can you review the Francona -- Monday Morning Quarterback at some point. In the next couple weeks we'll talk to next Friday telling us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT TNT. Rethink possible I spent much the ending yesterday showed talking about the man tight -- voicemails. They came out from. We thought a guy that's a new news to that and boy is this thing take any weird turn once again get that ninety --

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