Jan 25, 2013|

an all new game show hosted by Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway.

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If you have trouble dealing men and women of -- and we're not talking Clay Matthews from behind -- -- dark movie theater then you'll love the all new game show host tonight a live normally and Michael -- are you working man. -- -- -- -- -- -- by the out of my boys. I'm a man or woman and usually little. Here's CC number do. Brittany had an hour ago we think is Brittany. Are you insinuating that I'm not actually a female why you may not that you know we don't you see -- A female -- -- CC number three you and I are talented and competitive spirit and you'll see milk. I didn't see the -- a whole movement. Off the news EG number of poor and. Tracy hi I don't -- that make three point. You see them and I definitely looking outlet and carried it into that talked a lot a lot of people think that sometimes that you -- like -- -- -- I mean Paul -- and all. Oh yeah secretaries I want somebody I don't know and here's -- we're finally she. Iron curtain. Goes you -- no ma alignment. And do a million tell a tale we'll get the answer to that -- on the next episode. Are you thinking.

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