Jan 25, 2013|

The Big Show was CONVINCED that "Lennay" was a man....but as it turns out...she is really a girl.

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The big old dog than a month and Lou were idiots to think that the police -- -- -- Cooley was bent over woman who -- modest city area and it's so warm yeah Gergen and and you -- -- Glenn was positive -- was anything but a girl if it were me and I was listening to this. I would say our guests on fourteen of fifteen year old kid. Who pulled that a male killing a young boy. Pony up a little park. He laughed at anyone who -- -- was really a girl and these people in the hallway shouted you're ready to say this convinced of woman you crazy this from a show whose extensive knowledge of women starts with. Good gift of girls and ends with listen in Cambridge candy flying into the women what do you think getting -- -- definitely just. -- would you buy into that. Thank -- there's really no wonder why these guys were so skeptical about the real world calling somebody there are devices right now that's -- a little out. Apps on your iPhone of course that allows you to change the sound of your points but -- Michael -- voice through that you've probably been doing homework them. Sounds like Michael always always preached you're probably -- doing homework so what does the big show say when they hero real girl's voice ice. It's. Sorry. Well yes well last. It is very common and I can see the Adam apple move back. -- --

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