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ESPN's Jeremy Schaap compares and contrasts his Te'o interview with Katie Couric

Jan 25, 2013|

Jeremy Schaap had quite the sitdown with Manti Te'o before he ever spoke with Katie Couric. From his time with the Notre Dame star, Schaap is convinced that Te'o got fooled, but that doesn't make him stupid. Schaap also provides some details on just how Te'o got taken in.

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Back Dennis and Callahan -- difficult stories arise stories that need examination and held up to the light. And depth and breath of interviewing. -- -- -- and one man and one man only and he joins us on the AT&T halt late AT&T forgy LTE yes the mobile chairmanship of morning -- John Nigerian Boston placed particular few minutes. -- -- Just -- the guy Jeremy are you the one who's gonna sit down and talked the run Rene wrote to us Sobel at some point who's gonna get him who is gonna get that in -- But let's that's a very good question I'd certainly like to be because that -- flight deck and -- the final missing piece -- -- puzzle well maybe that's putting it. The wrong ways this could be a lot of pieces. Still of this puzzle but I don't know where he is. Nobody I think immediate at any contact with him directly and no we had people work and -- -- -- -- out on the West Coast she's done a great job on this story. You know. Is the whole -- so crazy at Politico about Francona. What I have to that's pretty crazy to that is crazies will get given a second -- supporting Jeremy I'm I'm sure you're probably aware Good Morning America. Enlisted the help of voice. We're aware. Voice analysts experts who said there is no way it is possible that the voice heard on those three voice mails released yesterday is a voice of a man. The post now is reporting there is -- -- York new York New York Post the good ones better ones the committee that a third party. Tuiasosopo is cousin yeah no we just so bowl a female was the person on the phone those 1000 hours so it is eight. Here because I'd like it's it's not like -- expect every person in the country to read the full transcript of part two and a half hour interview you online and yet yet but I said in the piece that I did that said repeatedly on TV. That meant -- -- it always said that it was three people were the voice -- -- -- One female in commit. But yesterday. Tuiasosopo lawyers said that he would -- people write that contradicts the pale. That note. Which obviously he -- only -- to react to -- because he's the only person that contact with. According to. So so hey you know we have to assume -- -- polled by -- at its Opel itself that would phone conversation they had a week ago Wednesday. On the official following them a little itself. That which we have double called to apologize and explain himself whatever. -- -- He told them. That he did three people that he can be contradicting that -- the different you know but nobody seemed to. You know connected got yesterday. That that contradicted. What -- pulled me and I've been reported last week. Do you have any theories or are there any. Plausible theories as to what the motivation would be in this entire thing Jeremy. It -- there there's so many if I take every person I've spoken to covering this story or just follow it has their own theory to meet. I mean you know KO. Seems to think that this is just until it got that control. And you know certainly that. Conform to what we know about white people typically you know or doing these tax fishing this one seems to follow that template pretty closely. You know have I heard all kind of creepy eerie -- up a bit of their democratic vote patients like will lied to keep doing it. Why did they do what you -- oh. You know what underlying underlying com. You know psychological. Problems with somebody have to do -- what perpetrate this that if somebody else. But you know one thing effort program out there and maybe to responsibly could repeat this because. There's no evidence to people talk about it is that you know. These guys are from Southern California Tuiasosopo. And -- you know. Buddies who might be behind this. A lot of Greek -- players obviously -- US he'd -- type -- very publicly chose Notre Dame over US. -- and this whole thing started when he was a freshman in -- game. Maybe they -- him some -- -- trail that he didn't go beat USC. Is started met him the bad it's just another. Or when you sat down all of them in Florida -- what were your impressions Jeremy is he. As dumb as you would have to be hope for this as naive as gullible as as we think from afar. You know what. I'd get a I didn't Kuwait from our. Time together they get it totally was. Four hours I'd never laid eyes on him before I walked in that conference room at -- cat right away. I certainly can live with the impression that you know we're dealing with someone who -- -- very sophisticated. You know and it wasn't very wise -- the -- the world. But stupid is not a word I would use to describe him. You know. I feel like -- dealt with stupid people and that that wasn't that wasn't the impression I walked away with a. So naive gullible. Well yeah I mean clearly of this -- Jordan he was -- and Goebel but I'm not social work. You know big -- It could have happened to anybody. You know I I think one thing that we have to bear in mind here's the timeline. You know people say well this is going on for years bullets we believe -- it wasn't really years there which -- Discontent. Every day that -- kind of relationship over the phone that was dead just for mid may until September 11 it. You know they're big communications intensifying in fall 2011 he says the time the Purdue game and then you know it. Around New Year's 2012 and why he's trying to get together with urged sort of mop. -- you you know whatever. We we know from the movie cat fishing in the TV show and all that that this is something that happens to people -- they get gave them. You know it ended this day and age when it's so easy to communicate with people by means other than. You know talking to their mid day and shaking their hand than seeing them in person. You can see why the potential exit. And he put me guys the big picture here. I would -- in the last night you know. You we believe. This he would perpetrated. The hoax -- he would what are the people behind it. Didn't all of the talk about the little lies you know -- leading reporters about whether you actually met her. You throwing his dad better when he added it doesn't matter. -- -- -- -- -- Did you really. -- -- OK. Now if she didn't perpetrate the hope. Is he's a victim of which I think is the way most people are now thinking right now because there -- No evidence that he perpetrated it in there seems to be a lot of evidence that he didn't. That these little lie. You know because he wanted to -- face he just immaterial may. In people or kill them for it in -- -- Can't quite get on board with killing him for it they will be limited society. You know where. We are constantly lied to by politicians and celebrities and athletes should know. You know for no good reason you know audited self aggrandizement. -- that did it. Who -- if you believe this far that there about it the -- but if you believed you would hope he would the victim here then. You know it's hard to really I think get upset with him about the little lies because. And what he's supposed to do writes we get the phone call on December 6. -- woman who we thought we did we spent all the time with a -- on over 500 hours on the old wind between may and September. That guess what I'm alive my -- truly Leah. Very confusing. Can be explained it all drug -- -- communicate later -- national TV Chris Fowler asked him you know about. He's dead girlfriend or whatever what what what was supposed to do you know say well actually Chris you know. Apple called for over two days ago. Her that she's alive. And really sure what happened and we'll try to sort it out but I wouldn't Uga -- if -- were might -- is right now nobody would drew back. Not a German ship you spent 44 and a half hours with this guy and and it's sounds like you're certainly not ready to say you're 100%. Convinced that -- anti -- is a complete innocent victim here but what does your gut tell you about this do you think that he might have suspected. But really got -- led down the primrose path and didn't really know until December 6. Was gonna. Well I don't think he even knew what December fixes would be true. You know I I really you know I don't know why he would like to meet you know I'd say. If you really know for shortly got the direct messages from -- -- Opel spoke to 1 January 16 if he didn't because kidnapping. To gain by telling me he was January 16 which we've -- in December 24. He went to duke game on December 26. You know you didn't make any public comments after the you know game. On board that he or wherever right so you know when he says that I really wasn't sure until they told me. I can't I can't they tell the true -- don't wait for me to know whether he's telling the truth all like to date I I believe the. What if if indeed he's telling the truth and and we also know because as you said this yesterday. That that he had doubts he asked for the picture and and and we reported that and you didn't report that as well. It's seems to me that that it even if they got those doubts he set aside which indicates he wanted to her to be real she was a dream. Girl in his mind somebody in a creation of his mind that he wanted her to be real. Yep well it's not just that that's true but it's such -- setting the -- Side of me you know we we had the text messages he talked about in the interviewee quote that the transcript where he had people. Who you know. Confirmed for him you know that she's really you know you. You know I've talked with -- dealt with very you know that was early in the relationship like 2010. Before again. He's says the intensified. In those. Alleviated his doubts now. -- do I think that there were still moments. When. You probably -- himself. You know what's going on here I do but I don't think that those moments took place between September 12. In December 6 when he was telling this story ESPN and sports field trip to New York Times CBS evening news. Now in the other keeping year but again. -- I'm not an advocate at this college yet if you really dig deep in this thing. And you consistent with the you're thinking on it you can only get to this conclusion if you think you behind it hope. Again I think -- people think that now that may be beefed up right. Didn't necessarily. Believe that on September 12 seed in the Notre Dame -- He gets a phone call earlier in the days that is that grandmothers that woman he's extremely close to -- community family means everything. He grew up with this woman dead stayed. If we believe that he's behind the hoax and we go to his grandmother did I found out that day but a few hours later he orchestrates. He didn't Notre Dame locker room he'd eat -- that -- seeking garbage. You know very emotional I think -- crying. You know. If people -- what's wrong with my girlfriend also guys yet console by Brian Kelly. Peeking into his office speaking at the players let get away from everybody else. So if you believe that he perpetrated -- he was behind it from the beginning. Then you'd think that this guy. On the day that you find that grandmother -- also orchestrates this seat. All -- that's that is really hard to believe German but. Not sure it's any hard to believe then an old man -- yes this Opel and his cousin. Tino. Ronnie and Tino Tuiasosopo spent a thousand hours on the phone with the guy. But we don't put them then all the hours on the phone. Yeah but what if they you know it was justice -- Brandon on their friends and there were talking and they said look I mean and I got scammed I mean. I our if the -- of global 500 dollars with -- imaginary girlfriend is no easier to lead you to believe with a -- paid for it. I mean for me a girl you've never seen or touched. Well that's what you on the photo. -- it hey hey. This this is. I I never thought we'd be talking about. You know what. I've got to try to beat that this is great debate but we didn't like going back. To me it you know I've talked about this with my colleagues at work and the people that work for you know it's always seemed like the fly in the ointment. In it for people who say that he had to create that they'll try to get exactly why you know to get I. Well it why can't come up what motive here his his motive of makes more sense than to yes assault his motive. -- -- Heisman pick will not the -- Heisman but just a better to have higher profile I mean this is a guy who it it was so marketable and Richard Armey he's he's the most famous -- called football and part of the story is the dead girlfriend. -- and I understand but if what -- -- though is that you know he doesn't start telling people about this and it till after Brian Kelly -- Okay after the September 12 incident in the locker. Brian Kelly the first person to tell the public it's partly to tell. Think he's got the one out there first disseminate it is you create -- CNET -- thing in the locker room. Because he wants to garner sympathy he's like are my grandmother died today how -- -- make it's really good I'm gonna throw Mike. I I will give me that his motive his -- Grass court what will gimme gimme Ron Hornaday give me running at -- two -- opens -- of well. I mean we know a lot of people do that phenomenon because it would have meant was people -- about 4000 I'll worse. Certainly this is what happened I -- go look at the documentary people have nothing here there are people who have nothing better to do lives. It seems like Tuiasosopo. Frustrated. You know reality star and reality shows singer -- He you know somebody according to at least six other people I think we now know is done lifted them. It's not like it was the only guys just the guy who would most gullible and political on the long distance but I I'd be wrong maybe the biggest city in the world. You're probably right just both both scenarios -- just so hard to believe what Telus Telus does Jeremy you argue are the best that this -- the best you know sit down Q&A guy. Out there do you think you will you do you have a shot at Tuiasosopo I know you were economic. I'm going to be totally -- to the right now I I've got no I've got no waves reaching him I've I've had no contact you know I know I figured -- -- happens I think down. Actually that is better positions he worked in the west West Coast angle I have not been able to get in touch with him. You know I've seen the numbers that anti -- from and obviously there's no answer there. In. I I hope so I hope so it. Well his girlfriend Communist cousin he know who now and we now think is the voice. She's in Congo Congo so you might have to get on a plane that Americans. Mall I need to miles. It's just that's -- accumulate. Jeremy Sepracor religion go to -- -- my feeling that he is in addition to finding out today about Tino Tuiasosopo and they're still and another huge blockbuster or two to land on her head before this thing plays itself completely out. Well you know it if we believe would have told me it was three people cited -- that qualified. Lot like him I think. I don't know what I know how much more surprising stuff can happen and I think that the capacity to really marble at this is wearing state. You know. The whole thing is yes you know I think it's it's it's it's added. And it's it's amazing to -- that. You know everybody you'd still fascinated that they are they are there it is so open about this story. That. People like compel. And -- you have any reason the Tuiasosopo would want any dipped by killing her off the data grandmother died. Bet that's the thing that I mean they have to be. You know do that to him on daily suffering so much they got to be really sick yeah you know the only supposition is that you know. Who knows they were getting -- had a -- -- it they're just they couldn't maintain hours on the phone. You know we UB you know -- get it demanded in person meeting eventually. You know district that set him up you know enough months before I don't know you know eventually -- Talk about motivation -- -- used to admit I said they never asked for money. He didn't have any money. The because apparently didn't have a dime you know you know do you want to say that because you know he's very sensitive about the image of the families that group but I don't execute as. -- disposable income like most college kids but that does that mean they warned that -- money what he's trying to deal. Well if they decided to end it for whatever reason that they were tired of it had run its course. Why would they then resurface and called and apologized would you say what we got away with -- we're we're we're -- -- got great let's let it die. -- In two days before I can trophy ceremony at USC theory holds here you know. You know it also the other reason is this according to say oh this is important and that's our -- track edition and so much swirling. What makes sense that -- over the few months from September to December. You know they'd -- team this emotional hole but and he was on the phone constantly with the people we thought were forcibly cut. And then they find out he's got another girlfriend. This girl Alex the PR did today. Indy get angry. And they're hounding him you know how you're betraying -- Monday and he. Read each stop the train -- -- she just you know -- you for this city you know in undermining her. In I think they were feeling like. -- got that sense that the USC week and in late November. Indeed was -- him possibly then again it does that theory. To keep him under their -- Fascinating stuff. I'm sure you'd ever have and never will cover story quite as layered and bizarre as this would Jeremy. I certainly hope and Jeremy stepped thanks so much for the title talk to down the road what Jeremy -- -- and the Tennessee Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T for less money LTE. I wanted to ask about his and that fills the nickname you know kind of player what -- drop and but it just -- public. Solar relevant data were on this this incredible once in -- lifetime. -- RO holocaust -- or yeah. And now who wasn't wet and slipped to 31 slipping past the patriots. In the draft which shocked me no way to take -- won't grab discount count you know. But it will blow his story be revived and on draft day -- -- won't be the most interesting guy. On draft day but it does help every time somebody comes in contact with him it will be reply -- -- in the green room because he originally was -- top ten guy man. And just sit in the NFL without him there. Would he bring clinic with the -- green room did you have to get invited by the NFL ahead with the NFL what that distract -- city action what a great store traction picture room. Gronkowski analysts brother Susan's parents yeah he could have LeMay and make it like holder and -- here and and and exit impediment layer and then we distressed to think you give him. -- -- -- I -- Elvis and I don't mean to help you out is is this -- thing is part of the beat the the unraveling as it is part of whole ploy. Get credit for at the order to get away Scott free. Is there is there a satisfaction. To do what they did it again and make this thing the Republicans are you gotta be like like Ashton -- assurances human part of pop yes thank you do have to say human and except. There's nothing but the prize -- -- for your you know your theory. But two weeks ago was that he was there and talk and the phone one Brandon and mrs. -- yeah. There's nothing although if the girls involved is the -- she's American Somalis she's in some. They're coordinating this effort -- the girl now we know keynote Tuiasosopo. Answer I have no doubt and the post is right the daily news is wrong that's a girl. I seem to agree yes so she can't beat. It -- on this planet she just maybe she felt with the the united and that's kind of normal -- could -- Plus she was a 66 number which is California so they -- church down on. All right and -- pop pop up. That was -- a 616 so. I don't there is an economic -- Jeremy Shelley Smith someone. This is not famous he's not Justin Bieber. Can't catch him coming out of the Jimmer coming out of lunch you know sub shoppers are holed up in somebody's house well he's got to come out at some point he probably has the addition -- the voice that he's got to go on that. AGT's effort a lot into question -- a record cat fishing and and when it's on MTV or seen it. Basically it is one person whose last attractively on attractive one trying to attract get a hold of the track the one pretend to have the relationship. Bottom line is one person shows up disappointed and the other -- shows up in basic eight in the other person shows up and he's just rushed that it's not the person you thought. -- -- Not the not the person that you know he thought and a wise and that everyone -- the the the -- we house's most side. They're just happened -- get their exit they're giggles over rallied somewhat up and thinking they've got the relationship auto world what -- world quick timeout doesn't Callahan still to com. Come oh we get honestly honestly I still think you might command and as you -- a melodic metal and -- job. Catch up policy hasn't given -- -- pasture we sure hasn't.

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