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Jason Kidd postgame press conference

Jan 25, 2013|

Jason Kidd met with the media after the Knicks beat the Celtics in Boston tonight, 89-86.

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And I mean I thought the ball movement -- One of the keys are ones. No votes after the double teams -- -- wide open looks to make romance you know those little right place and we might got away from that a little bit. But tonight and big game like this. -- made great plays. Except in the double team. -- victory. And then you know. At the end Mo comes over the pictures. The security game but you know defensively we got some stops. I mean good attempt -- at -- shot. And so that's you know the other side of the corners so we have to play defense. As we -- normally on those two things that we were doing early on in the season pac -- that source. -- -- means it's pretty hard to guard because if you don't double team he gets that basket or gets a free throw line and then. If you do double team he trusts his teammates are here shooters around make the right plays and in that knockdown shot and again stats go out the window with -- less than two minutes in the game because. You know there are found in our conference -- was on not to mention -- And -- He's a professional and you know he's played and hostile environments in college and stuff like so you know. I think he handled that -- your way I mean he's going out there and had twenty points and you know to see him do one. Send them in this country. No no he ate so motivated and yeah. -- and you were when I saw him last time ones reeling coming into the room and at this moment tonight in the it was really important kind of keep them down it's time. We won't worry about if there was stroke going now we've we have found we went on the road -- -- chemistry and so. We came out got off to a good start and again. Was six minutes left you just wanna have a chance to win.

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