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Carmelo Anthony postgame press conference

Jan 25, 2013|

Melo met with the media after the Knicks beat the Celtics in Boston tonight, 89-86.

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And this one. -- We just had a wanna go out there when. More so. Coming into this one we did. -- state of course we -- was going to be runs in the game like this. Noble supposing you vote. So we stay the course and we've we've we've won the game with the way possible and -- -- have to kind of this you know just take much. You know they don't thing you know made a right pastor made the right players. You know the guys on the team made sense that there may be please. You know when it was my turn -- term do do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whether it was a double -- you know I was don't mormons. -- it was it was easy they seated over same swing swing you know system guys -- assessment. Georgia made -- Big Three. Which he sent an action and it was cool it was cool. You know we -- on -- -- you know for me it was just so manages. -- everything religious lines and -- -- you know from a basketball standpoint. On -- worry about you know the crowd and being on the road and things right just a matter of just. Do what I have to do don't we have to do you know when his game. Because there's no rises with so cute well whatever happened happened. There's no way we we spoke about that -- -- with don't hold grudges. And things -- and minorities fairly can help tomorrow. I'll handle this. Well me and you know it was the whole night with her assessment and just to win in his build. You know has been a long comment you know -- game that this -- win here. You know when -- aggressive -- wasn't really looking forward to. Any one on one match of tomorrow so well. You know display in the of the game the base was so for me you know -- Was it difficult. And women eligible PC. I made tonight coming into the game before we step on the quote we knew. You know the -- we we knew coming games will be. And you know. From office -- about those great Houston. When you both have played itself. That's -- games. This. -- -- -- Then and the man. Who. No not at all. A gospel. That you know -- -- with no clear minded. And it's and I was just about -- is trying to. Go -- I have -- -- make plays. When you here here here. -- always eagle on every. To. Most of them. He knows how to quiet today well for the most part you know respect and none of these pools. -- Marvin and I but it was -- -- quote. -- -- And did have veteran Tim and they get it together -- Susan -- go to a stretch like this -- Then dropping games losing games if figured out. -- are made guided mom happy about that he deserve it. In my mind as of right now he's definitely. No I think you'd be physically -- so far and you know he's proven himself by his play we've been able to do and he deserves. You know just blew it up for no reason. No they was -- just wait to see what was won't happen but -- sports. That's what -- sports. Well yeah. And amended. And I really don't matter. You know and in some situations like that we've. So -- the -- You know and I know a lot of things. This into Gaza meeting you know just try to get the ball in my hands on and in transition and fast break I think -- just occupy some. They economies miles is over not we have a chance. Has grown and.

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