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Rajon Rondo Postgame Press Conference

Jan 25, 2013|

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media after the Celtics' 89-86 loss at the hands of the Knicks. The Celtics have lost five straight.

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The team's execution down. Kind of feeling good. What kind of feeling you have. Break after this game. I mean you guys played better but it's still him -- -- -- -- Quick turnaround -- arrest. Flight. -- in my excellent. Would you think I'll. Perspective when things. It just not a stretch there was an early in the game. And it was game -- importantly. Fighting back tough golf course. Then it was an accident. Victories. And vote with returns to form which. Which is due in the school so. There is made of over the last few -- it seems that. Things play. So that's yeah. Discussed. John is a positive sign that new guys on the gas probably energy's still there at the end of the game. Considering where you are right now that can make up to ten point deficit. We have a real and -- But a certain situations so. And a lot. Charities -- -- program. -- again. It will move forward and move what does this mean anything you'd get a triple double for his work. They're working. -- before you can point to those who -- Diaz went through this last year couple five game losing streaks as a matter of fact went. Maintain your confidence it's gonna turnaround. -- group. Listen this. Can -- like nine days were six erode. We click on all cylinders denounce. It was not doesn't want to throw -- -- and what it means you go through stretches where. -- made an announcement about -- -- his life as well so you got to pick it up like this team. And it's it was. Is -- is basically shots just not hitting earnest stretch that goes through rate or is that the kind of gets there. Do you know what it just means that looks. Convergence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Excuse to aggressively into -- city. Do you think -- and send you an. We'll know where they're living in the moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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