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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Jan 25, 2013|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics' 89-86 loss at the hands of the Knicks. The Celtics have lost five straight.

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-- -- balance we lost all. What happened. Quite a broken up until last it. -- What they'll do a couple plays before that with few injuries that silent as this just -- it was a poor execution. So we'll find room. The book is again this time. Kids under normal. You know unless we do that Mr. Bush -- defense was good -- the world you know and it's score a lot of points this. My performance that was. She looks over into -- room. It was just an excuse and ouster was. You're thinking do you think guys. There -- certain it was us or execution for the most part we did this. Lot of them layoffs bottoms up there enough on the. Your tires. This of course conditions this works in the world turnovers in the -- -- -- this -- we've got to do things order. Can't turn the ball over especially. Always second. Big league in different. First previous. I don't really think they're very -- -- different don't you know. Small world what we do. Offers -- -- you know blown -- a lot of article. You know pick and -- players. The only -- you're really going to get him. Desist those went wrong with the way we play offense and only sure the ball equal opportunity -- you touches. So -- -- mostly -- You know global. -- -- -- We're homeowners. Like fertilized we competed tonight we gotta do it night in night out. Look at singers are often you have to get you know those guys officers remembers -- we -- this other penalty cases. Any doubt in your mind -- -- my guests left in this tank only on an individual basis for the team basis of give this kind of energy for the rest of the season. We're a very often so who knows a lot of positive things. Office right now because of what our defense will be a whole lot better you know we've improved throughout the year defensively it's -- we'll -- An office as he drove it into five straight losses two games under 500 where the Celtics right now. Some games on the it's. We got things off these last few guys for all star break. Forty but not forty. Still a lot of season well so we believe we can contact him as the -- -- -- and then when your first time in America the very first time. You know whether it was this morning. Fortunately it's not normal golf. Where instant quality is also has anything there and that's a look at. You -- -- that there was no competent you know a lot of you know great players and obviously this -- step up this year and Karl well deserved.

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