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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 25, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics' 89-86 loss at the hands of the Knicks. The Celtics have lost five straight.

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It was about what was -- -- went to Egypt. EO -- for law. You know try to get a quick two. -- in the corner and then -- or or -- -- in the and you know I actually thought we have you know Paula -- one -- -- so. In the immediate replacement -- and we -- you know being down three with no time. Now. Overall Gaza you know listen we we lost -- game in the I thought both teams currently Liguori. But it departs on an effort -- Either. We missed a lot of open shots you know but I don't think it's pressing charges that were missed shots you know. What was his -- terms of overall. Look at that hole total -- well terminal. Preston that the -- of force -- house. More to support. You. And Paul come at all and they got. So I have my three best shooters -- -- Paul and Kevin involved. Just. It. Yeah because they're trying to go on there and -- -- the pixel low ground it's out at the elbow or Tim -- And so we gonna do wanted to -- -- Which -- no. Our coverage was average. When bad they would hear put it that way that we I thought we should have been there. Jack Connelly inside whenever. He's just got a little piece. And we could get. You know we saw -- dorm we anticipated. And we just didn't deterrent and you know give to our credit card in the next session. You know he's gonna keep shoot and that's that should it means that bush. Yeah yeah I mean eleven -- 28. Carmelo to determine that before the game. I would've taken it having said that I thought the one stretch where you gotta go on Curtis you know I want McEnroe stretch right before. The fourth quarter it meant a mature. And then you know I had -- wasted timeout. Which he -- Two in the middle of the fourth to adjust in the speaker that's the only time that's where when they got -- two and a thing. No that shouldn't have been a time -- situation and I just had to use it. But it of that that that. Yeah this. Did you see me the other night. OK because I'm talking about. Though it -- it's frustrating to lose when you give effort. Because you gotta keep commissioner guys if you play that way every night you're gonna make more shots. And you can win a lot of games. Right now there's sadness that we -- you know so. They know it you know they know that at -- after -- most nights. I hope so. You know and passable couple -- at one of big shock and tied the score. Elbow actually to -- -- -- right at the free throw line and threw it out for three Avery and take in the polls show. You know and then later this openers. One over that elbow. You know he deterrent and Kevin Garnett one -- you know where. One in the shoot in the mixed success so. -- autumn movement evolved you know it's our approach. -- on the guy for moving the ball. Yeah it is it is and wouldn't get any you know for the most part they got some. And no other. So part of majora certain. Our record had a lot to do it. I think he played well enough to make that listen you're two games in the 500 and we already have two guys in the are searching. I think to coaching by losses kept with three guys on. So that's from the -- Let you know I still think that you know all of -- has been great. But no office there's hardly getting -- -- playoff. That change you know baskets were hard combined are flying out of each other mean this is the the way to play ultimate. And or you hope it is that you make open shots. And we just did you know. Jets' struggling right now authorities had what in this 16. But for more point point wide open notes Paul had a couple -- Kevin this couple right at the basket. That's just where it goes -- to make miss league. -- effort this -- honestly can you play great effort every night in the game will come down to make. -- -- Well tonight we did we just one day you know tomorrow's our. Knew that when -- -- schedule. You know how to -- about what we're about to do. So -- then changed. That intention. It's an older and small most of the time and I just dollars these would be a factor. You know we went with LB -- one -- the second quarter actually increased the -- with -- group. And I thought we'd lost opportunities actually you know we recently. We got -- so spaced out of which are selling for jumpers instead of just attack in the yeah it was divorce. That's we have to. I -- that's accurate arm that's as we have to. We've got to guard with teams are gonna you concede that Simpson did it look like at the basket just to the student running or. And when you have that you've got -- get a -- best and you know more. You know but -- -- the first ever thought that the rich are just running for that's who wouldn't -- smaller. Let's just.

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