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Thursday, January 24th Whiner Line

Jan 24, 2013|

She walks like a woman but talks like a man... no, not Lola, it's Lennay!

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View is excusing views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying ETT. Proceed with caution and -- discretion music box to. -- Morris and now -- Laura your time. -- you guys. I'm getting sick of hearing you guys. Hot hot hot -- -- and you've got to get we have got running get a bad business and then get back doing the job and then again they've got -- money. An area. I got a guy yet had I don't let that bit about football hockey and I kept notes back. But WEEI. One -- lives. All of a guy doesn't like like -- -- the world in important clay -- Does not play a big deal about the hot weather -- that army worried. Dial 7793535. -- hang up but once they got all but hey you know but the women got enough of the good we don't get out that what sort of gone. Okay. -- -- -- What I'm -- probably Beckett got -- about it. They've got so bad it was a good crap I'm getting an old guy and now I don't this crap I need back. Not. WE I want here has gotten. As Donald -- Advised Kirk is that a woman was on the wrong guy to ask why as adults only times and the stuff -- -- -- -- With that stuff we get guys pretend -- chicks on the phone other that call I mean do you the other non. It doesn't. I would say over apple doesn't what you just you suspend reality now babies. I am so bored I wait to see I think some people wanna be full to just I just think that maybe mental -- just. This was good for him -- -- felt like this I think it's going to be tough for him to walk -- -- here. We hear the voice always different then Miller wrote -- -- -- Efforts -- better rest up you're a terrorist to worst. I often. Hot stove show coming up thoughts of children -- don't stuff in third in the artwork 7 December 30. We were told. By the powers that be prefer quote. Prefer it on her. The other guys like. Delegation. That it's sort it. The powers that be talked yes. Stuff that I wanted to. The powers told me they want instantly feel instead of heard it yet. Adequately -- John -- and hopefully. -- -- Is there for hours in the studio we all male employee at the flow of the address to Heidi want it kept kept. -- -- -- -- There are so look Turkish writer from 7 NEWS that terrorism fields I believe it was still don't know it's like a -- on the robot. Be myself rob Bradford house your X and oh yeah still should -- Now and and -- and for his confidence on default on. Its Lexus. Please please. Asia kind of there's a lot of marred by AT&T W I live it's available your Ivo and -- graduate Blackberry device brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy. LTE was speeds up tell -- that ten times faster the GAT and T. Rethink possible art and that's. Hey -- I'm glad you Rhode Island the great -- -- out. That attic yet but yeah. -- -- Got bad. And that's -- block and the -- Not that can block that but that I don't know a lot. Wrote I and he used to argue this -- to oppose any different. -- few hundred miles away it's different so my argument always know the difference is different -- that lobsters different down. But the difference between Rhode Island Maine -- You don't see brought them lobster market countries. -- in their arrogant. At a Rhode Island -- smoke cigarette right. Go way back at a very good tactic and you know what that. They attacked and you will be calling why am I -- got a question bottled in New England will be pop the top. No pun intended. And that. Male female but -- definitely get a little -- -- definitely if he's been awhile since they're outside agent. Well I think that caught the political life very what seemed like an inserted at this. -- dirt and National Hockey League walked out and I can't think about how. Bit like. Call good call it. You. The because it was. Periods these. I hope I don't what -- builder isn't there -- nobody is also good quality photo. I don't need or don't you radical big. I had to vote for a rather that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No ordinary. Watergate no idol has been. -- -- -- Million dollar -- are -- to -- way people. So I did what he thought I'd been commentator of the -- our country would do I could talk that he. I putted well when they cut below because these pollen pollen went you know don't hit an attack. We do well. There -- element. And a little law I'll say this all along I like your drink yet may I ask you how I'm how many minutes ago. It's how many seconds long however however 11824. Cents on one key distinction here what it was not the course he's got this donors. My point is though I think these guys. I think if you got. Really good callers who worked men pretending to be women to get right. And he gets us to force to be -- you're right I agree. That's the problem -- I -- double edged up what you got sick and that way you do not believe that it's an impersonator you really believe these women are calling -- -- we have -- all right. Claiming they were limited it to. They established but they vote they were going and claims about the dilution. AM just noticing them sports energy -- and that's obviously really. Base. Although got booed loudly that I don't like the Saturday Night Live bury it. Patriot Act and vote could break out bad I had organized -- I thought I'm afraid that it bought. They owe it to. It. Speech on Sunday. -- they go patriot season is over at our hero war. And what is all about. And -- any time but episode attend. Take it down on not there anymore it's hanging out number one let the circus or stay here. It was called the formidable couldn't -- problem would cut twenty -- And it -- it. Part of the insulin it. It's carpet -- I'd say yeah I can't get very good. Ever -- out that back out Matt I don't bad -- -- excess. Crap. And message. September currently. I went all the way today. Looked it up on the -- and I think you know my landlord -- draft but they'd pick his position. You probably have to. And how people can be -- we could -- -- was excellent. It would help it not being content how about. -- No I actually went along with them Michael -- that you may be a -- Mike's right. -- -- -- -- -- I'll listen. I would say that you know that's part did you talk when -- without really good. Is -- if you give me be really good looking transvestite sexually -- That you can figure out yes. Yes yes and that's the scale. That's the content its effect on it across. Are coming up on the train challenged. John very confident -- -- wherever. Or had a digital contest put out there on Twitter and I'm not the worst part about it Bradford just -- hallway look at this out. If you -- -- Monaco army. He's able to deal that. Could kick your poll watchers are saying it. Snow and now we are the guardians of information. -- -- I can't ride. Ball and -- you know people -- I don't -- do. You didn't -- I. Glad that it doesn't buy it that -- woman's life. A lot older -- in -- cannot you know. The public events. Today and and. Not it's now do. Yeah. I'd hate and that -- Excellent game. It. I think it happened I think. I think not so. And at that age but he putted through the years the voicemail message does it just before 2 o'clock. I don't think that -- and god well. With the Redskins and anti situation NCAA. Here is going to happen. We're all there are political requirements and -- And that message. I'd go and -- yeah. You're right that's what do you think could help that out but I believe I want. This is why I don't calculate. That at. That accurate off the -- a bit what I got out. I think got back but I buoyed by that I lost -- -- App. And that message it's. -- You're probably asking residents whether they are. Video voice mail. That hey you know what went down right now that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Participants are about Notre Dame and I don't -- -- -- bad credit -- describe that element in the development. Of the to go really well. Absolutely. And -- been a little. When bill -- at the movies about how to watch a little for the committee. Followed up but it will be. Look at their hearts go pick -- guys -- it is. A big -- I would be incredible bubble boy when you board member of the Internet -- And just let it -- a haircut. A still -- Thing. Bicycle but could he could call you -- know right now on the message where -- got a black woman I believe -- popped up towards the mad talented. After they can help out my -- every day. And just -- a bad. About it. Then cola has been backed them up to. And that -- -- about her potential. You're right to anchor this poor kids ages -- and -- everywhere he goes in the National Football League I mean you know torture it just turns out he's the dumbest guy and -- the dumbest guy that can -- just dumb he's -- when he trusting. Kirk doesn't just trusts tonight he talked that guy. So we're just story so apparently she broke put them into -- you -- Render them. He -- them -- voicemail. Civics -- -- a story and error and he died did have come. -- Even well guess what it does -- little -- I answer this phone. And and the imaginary girlfriend you know like that you know what I think you're making his life a little bit lower interest in dollars like is damage like that -- -- which -- -- Get cute and I can -- a -- about. I got a lot of tablets I'm. Eddie happened in a lot different. Golf club and the media. Because the economic political and I could not. Obama is definitely -- to act like critical item -- did not -- -- I call not stopped traffic it decorated combat. Hey I know this isn't that the debate but I think it would probably that the competitiveness. Yeah I -- the market -- Creating I had I'd keep it quiet I. Gigabyte aided by the talk about. I'd probably would at a critical but apparently not and I'm really not critical of -- -- Jurors -- also like would obviously traveling down to the Super Bowl like of theaters duet with him. These apparently Escondido at the obvious from the lead every month it's all about the librarian orders and apparently bear -- Is quite large -- by AT&T AT&T forgy LT east except -- ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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