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NESN's Jack Edwards with the Big Show

Jan 24, 2013|

We check in with Jack after a hot start for the Bruins and rookie Dougie Hamilton... we ask Jack if he's surprised by any of this, and what comes next for the B's in this shortened season.

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Well anybody who watched the game tonight and to see this guy that it was outstanding. My current outstanding. A key was so poise and confidence and if anybody thinks -- complain nicely. They should just take some time it wants just came I really really like to scheme I think his teammates in her mercy and the Doug Hamilton that everybody's projecting and right now we've got to keep going and where lots of confidence because that's what he's shown and it's paying off a. -- talking about Doug Hamilton nineteen year old Doug Hamilton who they had no fear putting -- a power play last night. In Madison Square Garden tremendous game after -- school -- start. By the Bruins and Jack Edwards back to work joins us a live right now on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT eight. Are you surprised by. How good -- hockey is -- to the first. Few games that Jack. Yeah actually I have thought it was going to be a lot spider that thought that. We're gonna see long stretches that are just the dots not connecting but. Players who stayed in really good fitness and skill level of these guys is pretty a couple times -- has pointed out. Little things that players notice that while fans probably don't. Where like on cross site the guy like you'll want cyber instead of getting in the middle blading getting all that shot -- Really those kinds of things have been relatively. Minor compared to what we're expecting does a pretty good. -- -- what hasn't been relatively minor the performance. Doug Hamilton and and I'm I'm just obsessed with this story because it felt like there was a gap there somewhere I don't know if it was a lockout. I missed the stage of his development I thought he was a year away you're half season away. What happened wasn't he supposed to take a little more time before it got to the point. Well a pleasant surprise he's been so far. Like. You know they knew they knew they had in this skit. That's about it classes I've ever seen -- surely -- that he was in shape and are hurt but -- if you. When -- When they saw and Hamilton was available at number nine overall. Surely early ram. To the podium to selective in 2011. This is the guy who. What I'm sure. Impact or -- others -- two time Olympic -- is moderate is an Olympic basketball player -- represented Canada. He is a very Smart kid is average his senior year. In high school in a physics and chemistry were -- 97%. So it's not a -- made any assumptions you know. -- a super jock at age twelve I don't have to work hard I don't have to do any of that and he would sit home more sake I'll. He wants the war and get better every day she's 6511990. Elegant and Oprah Puget -- twenty. And nineties he's got the attitude in the brain to the body to be a real star in this league and yeah you know we spoke to take longer or that equity plan to launch sites they don't Chara. Effort to be your first three and a short games -- look a little better than and you should be your conferences are pretty high but. What the -- we'll take it. Now I wanna ask you about that part you know at 199 now in the ceiling is 215 to two money. Well that look like on the nicely right now. Is his game being held back a bit because he's. He's he hasn't filled out yet and we does a lot of does he become a different player -- and I -- it's speculation but what do you think. Not much different but a courtside he's -- -- the quarter against big winners and he's bounced off the check yet necessarily lost the battle but. It's been kind of you know that executive desk toward polish and you know or does that sort ball bounce off each other. But. I think you're gonna see when he's. 34 years into his career and he's really gotten what they called man of strong in the dressing room. You're gonna see guys just go flying because. There that the leverage -- his body he checkered white shoulder such horrific frame. And he's very well proportionately. Put on net that trunk and upper body strength that NHL defensemen do that you're gonna see a lot more leverage working in its favor. And he he I doubt he'll lose any skating speed it is still maturing. Physically. And and you're gonna get stronger and and much stronger throughout his body. And it's not gonna get better Q which is. Great thanks. Our partner in on that Porter last night that. You know he has a real short take back on its on a slap shot which means he gets it off in a hurry and still get. About 90% of the maximum speed on it you know you don't have to hear it back scratching slap shot. And by having short take back you you price cut about a half a second -- your preparation time so. Go out policy on for nineteen year old -- I said talked about the shape that these guys were in the one guided didn't look like he was in. Hockey shaped more like sports talk show shape was Milan Lucic. And yet in the three games he's used his body effectively. And last night planting himself in the crease. I came up with a big on that goal so. Is the extra weight that he's carrying. Is that actually a plus for. You know. -- real economy you'll steered -- And I can remember. But. Jerry extra weight right Jack I what is the vehicle -- epic you know what the guys driving the net right now. You know whatever works for -- exit and you know maybe he's one of those guys that if he gets all the leaks are. That's not exactly where he wants to be you know maybe he's maybe he's a better athlete. If he's got a little bit extra on there and you know I'm not saying he's got to say I don't think he looked real slow I don't think you look behind the play. And again that anything. He's played like all that China shop in all the guys on the right to the net and people can't stop them from getting there. After a couple of games here's among the league leaders in hits that you want leading the league and and you know he's he's looking like the kind of robust player that is the brand name of the Boston Globe and so wherever you go they keep -- -- before I get my next question a text there was really fascinated by use of the phrase man strong. The -- says -- baker cola this man strong. -- -- -- -- If if if the CJ you -- you Jarrett Jack not Jack the advice I would not -- -- I don't Bart -- where's the woman ideas don't. I didn't have anything to do all summer so what an act of -- on the suspect list. A word got into the broadcaster 500000. Hours matured now and asked did you did you view last night's game I know it was a big deal in New York this is a must win for the Rangers to look at it that wakes up having a hard time even with the shortened schedules shortened season. Having a hard time developing a sense of urgency after it reported well before the game just yes. Or -- you think Jack. Well. So we've learned about the NHL is that. You can get in streets and you can get in Iraq. And when you believe in yourself as a team. Teams start winning games you know all sorts of ways and we saw that with the Bruins in that ridiculous 212. On one stretch that they were unsure. But it -- walk into a camera or what but. They you know they they were just open and one cannot -- that's after another on teams and it seemed that nothing anybody can you can stop them. And then so then snapped the spell over that short Christmas break and they just started playing lackadaisical hockey. And it took them almost until the end of this season to get back to that style of robots play. And then Washington he wrote the book by playing negative in the playoffs so. Any time he lost to her role in the NHL you're worried. It was a legitimate worry on the part of the Rangers. More people around the NHL expected the Rangers to come out exactly the way they did. They executed beautifully they literally were more prepared team played mentally in the first. Six or seven minutes and quote timeout reset it for the broad in the broad -- a lot of a lot of gumption to come back and they get a point other game but if if they think they can get away with playing Italy team 53 out of the first sixty minutes -- wrong there I don't think it through. How much do you think -- going after. Brian -- how much do you think that that won't come up. A look at look in fact I think what I treated -- you know it is Brian Boyle. Dot org or double fault because there was clearly after the whistle and -- and the take back in the need to go with -- like the fort. With a shot and you know for me. I I was a little disappointed in the excruciating because. It would likely to shop that's far after the whistle and it's an opponent on the floor. -- or imports also cute smile on an interstate -- you know there must not heard that whistle. Everything that is our status and kicked it -- addicted and guy's career certainly industry and by doing that there are so many. Cases of broken bones on the part defensemen out glad -- took matters into his own and and I tweeted that it was worth the extra Q and yeah it didn't help to wake up because this is help. To continue to show or what kind of robust style liberal and -- and it -- 99% of the time the Rangers play that way you know there aren't there are too many incidents that you see that are like that would senior. I go to to the season the biggest question was going to beat Tuukka Rask and probably still has been through three games -- He's been exceptional. Especially at the end of regulation and it came last night Nash and then. -- both had opportunities and he just the -- don't. Talk about his size and weight. Okay that he's a pretty thin guy and that. We've seen the past Jack where he's been great for 2530 games that he gets beyond that is that an issue -- -- -- -- couldn't think of guys that are. That are smaller guys smaller framed guys that if -- had the the door ability to it to do over a longer period time. Yeah and you know that the question is going to linger with sugar -- I think maybe the solution is which is -- -- you know. That'll work but. I yeah. There are. There are players who Wear down especially younger ones and there are guys. Who have had. To this type of frame move move those kind of issues in the past and were really -- -- real answer that question and so we. Get into. Mid April it starts winding down in the last couple weeks of the season and and we see if you look -- -- -- -- -- -- for surrogates but in the first three games. That's been everything that that everybody expected to see -- so technically sound. I know what that sequence flat but it warriors actually using his three orbit the pressed against the back of the goal is great keep. The impetus of the charging Rangers then. -- falling Bruins defenseman from watching the clock across a lot. Is the ability to stay level headed. In that time of crisis is really beautiful site. You were you were fearful when we're gonna find some angle at which the thing slips throw but he was unbelievable. On the other hand I'm hearing left -- really was in such good position that I think she would rule that she had blown it dead before the park across a wide anyway because you reached so. Clearing his signal that it was no goal so I felt pretty confident that even if they saw part over the line everywhere so our look at that. -- great start to the season's first three games playoff atmosphere allies that we look -- targeting everywhere it we'll do it again next week have a -- -- What import -- -- but are jacked Edward's right you're out of action.

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