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Danny Ainge: Fatigue and Effort are two separate issues for the Celtics

Jan 24, 2013|

We check in with Danny Ainge.. last week we spoke after a winning streak, this week we speak amidst a tough losing streak. Danny tells us what has to happen for the C's to turn it around.

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-- back here at the back shelf things have not loyal to the Celtics over the last oh week yourself tonight picture. Turn it around Madison. Madison Square Garden. The next -- a couple of weeks ago and we know what happened there with Carmelo Anthony. While leaving the game with that KG tonight Carmelo Anthony. And the next invade. The TD garden joining us live right now on the eighteenth tee up what -- brought you Biden -- of the bank and trust. MIR. And a pretty well my doorman. I thought watching that Cleveland game I missed the Detroit game but I read all about it -- docs a post game comments obviously. But I thought that Cleveland game your team would come out be fired up and we would see some great basketball. We did not did that game concern you in the way they approached it. Not at all I thought -- the Detroit game did -- the Cleveland game on our guys did play well. Ostensibly. In the third and fourth quarter we struggled we could make -- shot I think our. Our other big -- scores were really struggled making shots yet many open opportunities and it was it's one of those nights that nothing could go right but as far as effort and approach to the game. I don't think that was a factor in the in our -- -- -- I'm I'm kind of surprised you say that because like I just didn't see him again I'll watch ability that he may be it was a different their personal but. When you get beaten up 46 to 248 I believe in the paint against the team that doesn't have Andersen version -- that I mean. I was kind of surprised at that. Right so you know that the paint or that was the Detroit game you talked about. I thought it was that it was Cleveland -- -- no I don't think that was Cleveland but you know we did we did not do a great job against I read that also. Look I read -- some very difficult shots. Or pick up player we did a good job shut down most of the rest of the players. I thought don't stop sensibly. You know we just we we -- struggle and that's that's been a pattern for us. But you know earlier in the year and the Detroit -- our defense was really -- atmosphere on we've got to twentieth or. You -- eight from the defense -- defense -- climbing up and getting a little bit more consistent. You know again minus the Detroit game by. Ostensibly is where our struggles have been pretty consistent. Or ask you about dogs comments after that Detroit game where he. Hinted that things if things don't change there will be changes some guys will have to go. -- did that affect you and in did you get a lot of phone calls from. From general managers the next day. Think you know maybe I get a discount maybe I can. Did Danny -- into an emotional deal because obviously. They've got some problems there embossed. Well. You know fortunately. Most of the general managers. Are. Have coaches on their stab them in the -- and have been in the business aren't enough that that's the nature of our sport is there's a lot of the -- And did not get any calls the next day in the and it didn't expect bikini. I think that I thought was that have frustrated point to meet -- was very very disappointed with the efforts. And the commitment to winning. And that that was disappointing game and we've had those every year and unfortunately will probably have a few more vote for the years out. But. You know what they've stopped kicked stepped back after we felt like we were over the hump with that kind of an effort. Why do you think is happening -- -- -- is expressed his frustrations. Several times there was the one after the Brooklyn gamely called the team's soft. And then after the after the Detroit game we said we wanted to easy. And it's not going to be easy so after forty games he's he's saying these things is it. If there is that a lack of effort is it not the right group paired you have to switch and. Well didn't you know the only thing -- -- and Mike is what we -- said the last three or four weeks is that. This is not new this is not you know we were 27 point 72 years ago went to the final do we keep harping on this -- These things are not news saints that -- going through right now. And so I guess that time will -- But I'm hoping that we can turn it around and we have three very difficult games now we have had a lighter part of our schedule it seems like our players -- -- Doesn't mean we win all the big games that are our effort level and our commitment level seems to. They're shine a little bit more win a team like New York has come into the Boston Garden on national TV so. We'll see and we had a back to back with the Atlanta tomorrow and then Miami and almost Sunday afternoon and so. Our schedule is packed in hand. We'll see -- our guys just aren't. You're you're looking back obviously last year and are you seeing similarities because last year you had a condensed season. You had guys veterans who -- in good shape early on and once. They did get in good shape you made that run -- seem like KG or appear -- -- a conditioning problem. You know blend that's what everybody says about last year or so because it's set so much everybody thinks it's back. And that there was a commitment. Lack of commitment focus. And you know maybe condition with a little bit of -- -- you know I think that we make excuses for players. But ultimately the players need to step up and it's not one player it's not new to players and it's not new players. It's all of the players. You know they need to get together -- -- and so the question about out about thirteen minutes is you know they believe that they can and they believe in each other not. To go up there compete and and -- the results. When things don't go right to even when you're trying. Even when you're playing really hard defense. You know there's there are moments of gains now where you can't stop somebody -- -- -- -- make shots -- -- take away everything. You know do you have the resolve to just. Can make a commitment again at halftime and the beginning of the fourth quarter again and you know to keep fighting trying to stay together and that's what this team has shown. To meet in the playoffs. But they have not shown it to mean consistently in regular season. So do you think it's a matter of they know that there's no sense of urgency right now. Because we've done this before we get our act together we play well down the stretch -- two months of the season. We know -- seasoned veterans should weaken -- even if we get a a week exceed. And have to play at a road in the playoffs that would it is. You know I I I hope not and the need to think that they would learn after. You know pollutants that game sevens -- back to back years to -- the potential NBA champions. That you know regular season games -- matter more it has worked at the -- by. You know our -- duplicate set. You know it's hard to find guys can play as capable as our guys who played in the playoffs last -- years. But we have not we have not played as consistently and as passionately as doc would lie can. You know it's a dark as frustrated has been frustrated but it you know -- so resilient and has so much resolve and he bounces back quick. -- and down I know he believes in in these individual players. But I know that you'll make some changes probably in. Try new things. And I know that he -- brings a lot of time in the film room to sort of make. On the back to the Cleveland game. Just from this angle. You had the game at Detroit on Sunday. He had an off day on Monday you play Cleveland on Tuesday. Very Giles out for the season they made a big trade. Fair to say that given given the dynamics -- being given the situation. The Boston Celtics and rapidly losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers -- So I I didn't and I'm pressured the Boston Celtics. Should not be losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers and you had an off day. Cleveland made a big trade they're not a good basketball team he he said effort wasn't a problem but I should be -- into the cavaliers. Under those circumstances should. Well I think that the game that we would win most times Mike I think that we got a guy that was you know. Really in the moment I'm playing unbelievable basketball and we're being -- each one of the top -- point guards in the game today. And you know their post editor hungry. And they're playing and in -- playing with freedom and they have nothing to lose and I think sometimes our guys put a little pressure on themselves but but again. You know that wasn't the effort. And I'm not saying and I'm happy that we lost by any stretch I'm not happy about that game at all. I'm saying and that we got to make shots we got to get better shots and there's things that we have to do offensively if we have any chance in the Cleveland game is not. You know a make or break game for the year but it is sort of where we are right now we've got to do a better job defending pick and rolls and we got -- secure options better. Yeah Arby's we -- -- much differently than you did and I interstate carrier ring as a tremendous player and so a lot of fun -- and and trying to -- that ended the fourth quarter he was he was unbelievable. The approach in the first quarter I thought was -- and it just did look it up -- Cleveland. Outscored 4628. An opponent that game. And without a very show that kind of surprised me I thought they would do a lot of damage inside -- Irving did take over the game in the fourth quarter. I'm surprised I've really surprised to hear you say that you thought the effort was there because I almost get the feeling in watching it I thought the KG looked tired. That Paul Pierce looked tired I was kind of surprised I thought Salinger. Looked like he was the one guy that really wanted to beat -- play that night but. Well I'm not saying I'm you know so we're talking about two different things here we're not opted I'm talking about effort I'm not saying -- that there were guys that were tired. I'm saying that the guys look like they were trying -- mean there's a big difference when when the KG got beat up the troubled times by Tristan Thompson. And it did look like he was tired. But I did not think that he wasn't putting forth an effort. And you know Paul looked like he was a little bit dead leg -- fourth quarter yet small -- structure really low and lack. But I know that he was -- I know that he was putting forth the effort. Like this mix. Because docket docket has been talking about it in he was asked by grandy during the pregame show a couple of days ago and he said he did like the -- which is they play. Better at times but he likes this group probably beauty is this. Is this the team that can get you where you need to -- -- make a couple of changes. Well so the big. You know it's always world it's looking improve the team might. Mean I noted that some trichet -- You don't need to make changes that's like the most used word in our society that doesn't make sense we're we're we've got to make progress. So we don't wanna make change for change sake. We wanted to do what. We'll make our team better. And we'll always look to do that. Are you played enough of these games you've coached you've been a GM and these games before word has been and it's in the previous game. Do you expect anything here tonight other than just your normal clean basketball game. I think you'd be -- an exciting game and there's a lot of hype around the incident in New York. My I think that that -- like -- most over investigated incidents in NBA history but. I think that it will be a good basketball game. Its -- in the buses for tonight's game. I did -- grow it from your locker room that Carmelo away from your locker room all right have a good week -- -- you know actually Gary and I are Danny Danny -- rated public.

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