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Pedro Martinez: I'm here to help out the Red Sox in any way they need me.

Jan 24, 2013|

Pedro is back, here in the capacity to help out in the GM office. We speak with the good will ambassador himself right here on the Big Show.

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Flash is brought to by -- wiper blades Celtics are coming back to the garden tonight can help battle for losing a fifth straight game. Could be a tough tasks though facing the next New York as loss for the last six bought it will be interesting to see what happens if anything between Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony. Our governor to begin at 730 game broadcast with -- united -- right here audit WEEI Celtics radio networker in Boston but can't get to the radio you can stream the game over and WEEI dot com. It's brought you by UMass online what -- world class education or one under programs in 15100 courses to choose from. Quicken are better to get started orbits a UMass online done that Pedro Martinez who's been hired by the Red Sox and the special assistant to general manager. He's slated to join the big show and just a few minutes. Today the lawyer Ron and -- -- we as a soap bush telling the New York Daily News. It was his client pretending to be the woman on the able align it with thousands of phone conversations with Notre Dame linebacker -- -- pretending to be a woman. Who tale followed with his girlfriend we now know that woman -- make it to a never really existed just made up on the Internet sponsor wants you to change your wiper blades this season a -- prayer group. For extreme weather hits it exclusive bars beam technology for superior all of our performance boss -- -- clear the way. At a -- all the Boston sports scene of the followed WEEI on Twitter and WEEI to your Twitter feed instantly gives double Boston sports news and opinion check it out at. WE yeah. Pedro is a big showed acts that jumps I'll see that's sports slash. -- -- There's a good or maybe the big show was a catfish and government Tobago two point. Very well they collected the when you know. Which changes here in the studio and I don't know of anything in life anymore you know life. Are your real. I don't know people think -- having -- somebody out there is calling you. Their boyfriend right now. Maybe somebody considers you some big person had and return my boyfriend right now. That's 2 o'clock this race that's where portrait group there at the -- I just can't give. Looking at the story and not just laughing and saying I'm naive can a human being. I. Mean you wanna. This guy -- an athlete. -- -- naively trusting. Do you think strongly do you think you might have some opportunities on campus probably meets the beautiful estimates include them -- cliche. Football player goes to -- you know pocket big man on campus football star captain. Of the undefeated. For a while Notre Dame football team. Any -- goes after the campus at any moment. He's on the cliche a certain movie -- different more than that tomorrow I still -- movie. I lights are a lot of movies. Books. It's not like -- different. People keep on bringing up and doing over and over the text and for the game aspect of it was if that's the case. -- -- has to do this. If he does this one rose to -- focused on football. I saw it in the story by one of our favorite guests all time it's always great to have them on the on the program and -- late great that he's -- spent some more time here in Boston. Pedro Martinez game today as a Red Sox special assistant to general manager bench Eric and and he joins us in the AT&T hotline. -- -- Great political. I'm okay long wait a minute limit what did you expect -- the deal at this time around you know that. I remember it being a local local local. I'll get used to -- -- -- -- usually -- right this is an extreme even for -- for New England now this does come about Pedro Martinez special assistant to the general manager. Does tell us about the process of of leading up to this moment. What do you all hail our whole way deep found a good relationship with the Red Sox and although straight forward to the political ball and then then. And not all the award and -- But I -- I've been doing with the Red Sox actually led me to. I continue the conversation ended the relationship with the threats -- And that. You know it started talking about different things so we could do I sold out that he needed a little bit of -- Better chemistry. Between you know all appreciate that the players and consult someone that -- to be a mediator in. So long that they can relate to and it didn't let that happen in the field goal off the field. Or whatever and I he also I'm still fresh from baseball so I can I cannot -- a lot of knowledge in and felt put him in whatever aspect indicated my needs. Also monitoring can rely on me because we keep that good relationship enough. Actually. I mean you know you -- So more reliable that they can Preston and and so -- and into the approached the players. You work most of the I love pitching coach in that particular goats. -- needs me to do something. It will be a great automotive food to work with some of them and helped them. Or or or they'd they'd be -- something I'll be more than happy to welcome my knowledge. It's and that not that specifically when I'm going to do I'm going to try to help NATO. They're younger players and and and now. Also you know it is we have to see I'm minority something that NATO somewhere idea that I have to. Improvement and and also alone. Actually. You know help out in any in any other way that they need me. When you talk about chemistry team chemistry we know it's it's also an important. But you have to window shouldn't have great chemistry. Yes you have to win but at the same time. Oh lead you to winning it's it's having a good communication and independent religious it's been every. In every single aspect will be organization. It has the count from the outfits. -- -- -- -- the hand and everything. I think I think if you. Everything clicking together it's easier for you -- involving certain remedies -- long group in front side and the other one on the other side. You talk about have a good relationship. A bridge between the players in management players and ownership. Numbers and this organization realty is. And that is the balance between. You know old fashioned scouting and looking at some of the new numbers and being with statistics driven will you be working with numbers at all. I doubted them on the old school kind of slowed -- and pictures and a I I can tell you -- like can break apart a picture I can break apart. -- -- -- -- Well Leo the people being cute and because obviously I -- the one that salt. It was an actual little -- again and hopefully I can relate that to some of the kids and and and give them -- food. 222. But what I used to do to improve every day. And you know I'll I act upon altered the Red Sox and help in every aspect that they mean it's it's talking to some players exit. Actually exchanging with some of and they want me to move ill -- -- go see players something like. I'm open to all that I I. If I want it to be a pitching -- -- on the -- -- -- -- -- -- that's not what I want. I want to be monitored either because like I actually wasn't home because I want it to parliament on the Vietnam not enough of that in jeopardy -- Community. And including baseball -- don't even know -- -- for me we'll we'll try to do a cup. I'm can be a silent a bit too much on the about the same time. Probably the rockets from the field I just to be our system learn different things -- your -- -- of. So ultimately what are you wanted to. Well now what do a little bit -- everything I learned from my management. Some of the things that I don't know I wanna I wanna help. Make. Then a job a little beauties here and and and and more secure grip on the acute on this patients and our hearts you know. It's all related stops. And if you want you might suggestion. I'll be more than happy to help Ramallah -- -- -- a lot. We're at it where does that lead to the witty ultimately. Wanna do this is obviously something you can do I don't know how many hours you'll have to put into it. But but ultimately you're you're relatively young man you've had a phenomenal career. And yet you get your whole life ahead of where he -- them. Lot I'm gonna learn that looked like -- to get my feet wet beside this that it -- -- what's that rolled by like. But I am uncertain. Uncertain I'm not in the stands are full it will probably like I used to look player. So eradicate out of likely probably being monitored. I'll probably be the pitching coach. That. Everything you know play our community I'd like being in office a little band out of the united it. And it tight like being around the keen on learning some of the things that the -- of -- The president said in an all I. I'd get -- not something to do an end and also learn different things. I on the the -- the game and and I hopefully. We'll learn different things can blow in all its. It Pedro what -- a person and do on the job which are after this press conference here at a press conference today after this interview what's the first thing you do when your new role. Flaw I'll probably go visit the academy because. That direct over the -- -- move. To me like we afford time to think like the -- pit -- to -- and and and talk to them out by them about. Saluting that they're going to be chasing once they get to this state and once they get to a higher level while they get to the big big. Date date date is -- wants me to really let them know. What -- about what they're going to be seeing him and and and which relate to -- it into the right. A lot of our techsters in people on Twitter want us to ask you about ruby Della Rosa. Now what do you think of this kid and do you plan to work with him. Of course -- I -- -- people won't put put me to. Actually help the modernity. Remote the proving -- extremely. Extremely talented. -- and a blessed with a great art. Unarmed you'll see every day saw. Album not a local -- -- who worked with them and and and I'm pretty sure you go because things apply only to the to do something within them and that. Popular popular do it honestly and I think they read talks about a very good prospects in -- At page ourselves what you wanna do a lot with this job with a big name players in the past the different teams who have been asked to come back to their they're old team. -- many times because the team needed a little marketing -- they needed to have an attachment to the old players that were great. We were suspicious about this when you first approached you about this. Now I'm not though because. One run run -- -- that makes me feel more comfortable is the fact that it's not only. But that colonial poke that coming gate America. What the captain partying and and that -- in mind. Eight the brilliant mind in -- baseline. And someone's very very capable of not doing anything in baseball. So. -- engaged overnight together. Approaches that they cute stuff approaches. Monitor and approaches every single aspect that you want my men. A war course and and and also. So London amid edit as a human being underneath that a lot of the players. So. I'm makes me feel comfortable also looks like that we've still got David in the team. Makes the real world actually hanging out together. At the same time like it was looking -- And then tumbled the other guys like Lester and and buckles and intellectual guys. It needs to be kidding it would mean and and that and a and and engagement and and data. Where you played here was there anybody like to view. In in this role now that the Red Sox have anybody like this or is this this is. New ground altogether you're you're pretty much defining the role that hasn't been done before. Well I I so I always you know and I told human rights always coming up and not dole you have always been around. Ayatollah. It's a lot of the players got to doing that you know give it to perfection. While doing anything they want him to build whatever pesky. It's great. Johnny Pesky is the name that you have to go and you wanna he is someone meant to you seem to ground balls. Gold Roxio in the field goal parking lot that he'll go -- in -- would you admit he needed to -- that you'll feel so. -- -- yes yes so look to be so and so on take copy of Johnny Pesky and annual. Along the team. Actually gonna spent some solid sometime this summer here in Boston. That idea I'm hoping not that I would do that it's a little warmer as you know summer. He had not the if these. What does know and I don't know what -- so cute guy. Well I hated to arm which yet I've lived here for majority of my life advocates in the winter right. You know I imagine Pedro you'll be in Cooperstown when they -- what you think of the statement from the baseball writers this past year. Well he just a few weeks ago where -- end of elect anybody into the hall of fame particularly know Roger Clemens. -- Barry Bonds. I know Sammy Sosa and -- and I know Curt Schilling for different reasons -- what did you think of that. Well you know -- -- -- you actually sat. Concede that that put me in in baseball. Did not get affected the way they shoot -- -- -- an issue that. Because of different situations that they've faced -- in their careers. You know what the people that I admired that I respect that I. That I competed against and then and it's sad that they couldn't. Quite see their career. What does have that the end of their career. Finish out the way believe me but that everybody expected. The same time. Everybody has to carry. The response -- they have been directly possible. And everybody's going to be able to probable about you know -- that thing that we do shall we you know. I respect the -- the riders go about their business. Mind my daughter who also performed. Especially possible. I'd -- that the Victorian. I'm not saying anybody did it because I didn't even that obviously. Writers. That got the likable. Most are legal reasons why they didn't vote. It's it's it's actually stopped -- well we'll see. -- that it does. The some of the biggest players ever and that man that is sort of the game. Could not get elected because of something that -- did wrong. Out of it at first strange thing though Pedro in the you'd get two guys we know of the tested positive one being. A -- while they were in the league we get two guys did dealt with perjury trials and there was a lot of information that came out during those we have a lot of -- guys. That for some reason people are tagging them putting the perception. That they believe they were steroid -- I believe you're gonna be aided tremendously. And people do not believe you're one of those guys and body type probably Schilling. It always always carrying extra pounds I don't like it but it looks at Schilling it's that's a body building body. He's got to be helped I think in the long run he gets and because of it is it fair. Do it -- to perceived it may speed these guys did it because of their body type whatever even though. They never failed drug test in in Major League Baseball. -- -- -- -- -- In about of course Bob -- -- that -- little these different between that and I that he'd be a QB not make it. You know and and and it only because the numbers -- -- -- -- the level that they. For a short while the old -- That they Alabama like. A certain level. Oh well a little later borrowed or -- numbers. They expect from a players' vote for him to be certain about all the -- They're probably not saying that they're not gonna go to those old saint. And that includes -- That they're saying you're not a first volatile and told the saint. I don't think it's fair amount that you Ontario that because I'm not in that position to make a judgment. But. They can bet that they -- -- or someone is based on the assumption I I'm hoping that they don't. Let. It'll I -- the respectively they've painted and what they've taken you guys for more information that would normally do. I I'm not fully aware YE. For the reason why you lose it being just a function. I that the Olympic spirit when you. Out loans that so on it's it's doing something before you you'll actually be for information useful -- Spurred tobacco I think. Two going at it and made it difficult to understand. But at the same time not the player. I say I'm hoping. Even if they didn't make it mature outlook that someday they'll. Also I think that would is what makes you so special and why you rule will fly again and that is that nobody believes that you didn't. And on top of that you were pitching against a lot of these guys that we now know world Rory did I mean you're facing guys that we're. Constantly. You know with a little something something special working in their -- There. He -- let you know it makes me try other. And they had did. And and and out there because he might -- there would be a good look me in any aspect to anybody. At that -- that beer now. Why am -- a little -- although. You know my body was starting to be -- -- did -- feel like I know you -- becoming difficult on the you do it. Well we'll get slapped admittedly a normal person would hope that you've got a couple of miles to get some -- did I know. I'm looking for resources to get out but that it it will it will -- you know it will -- wage -- also happen. Not that I aged 3740. I'm going I'm going to become a part of the 99 again you know. It's you -- -- the right time to do. My body up and change. But that it does change my body has always been the same and not only people don't perceive me out if I didn't do it. I did not do. There's the big east is not the people perceive me is that I did not believe it. I'm never put to a human body in the net -- and don't get so everybody has to do. And feel completely myself obviously got person and I'm pleased with myself enough. Alienate I played a gay -- and integrity -- -- for the game. -- poppy that I didn't -- somebody put it may get idea. At Mississippi you know non don't know and I showed that -- the way what to possibly -- and I bit. The old school -- I did it. It's always great talking with him so happy that your back here with the organization and we look forward to haven't. Other opportunities to sit down at -- can do this for an hour hour and a half which. A great job great doctor and you again. All right you guys you think you got that -- You are afraid you know I do YouTube Pedro Martinez. According to. Who are you could benefit from that front that's they don't want kids are food players who have continued.

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