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January 24th Hot Stove Show

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This week on the show, Kirk, Rob and Alex talk about Mike Napoli's defensive abilities at first base and how the Red Sox might manage his playing time. They also talk about Terry Francona's book which details his time with the Red Sox and how it reflects upon the organization. They also talk about some of the Red Sox other signings, such as Stephen Drew.

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-- off as we head into. So it's pretty give the Celtics game with brandy Max Celtics Knicks big game for them. Tell that it's baseball we're gonna take some calls here tonight -- agreement be scheduled yet again so. -- and interaction six point 77797937. Is that number guys what's going on. Well we just go back over from the baseball writers' dinner media availability and that was electric. Beat Johnny Jones Daniel Nava Andrew Miller. Terry Francona -- him. Publish this I guess I don't. 175. Dollars -- a while there. There is at 75 bucks and negotiate Jonny Gomes and Andrew Miller. And Tito may be maybe Pedro regular -- -- those -- are there to talk to you. And there is an autograph signing session that recruited mad dog that's that is included -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- Kansas State dinner. She's fun and you're used to door in smoke cigars this. What anything noteworthy at all newsworthy coming out nominee reduce. Our -- the Pedro stuff he's always interesting -- I know use this on the big show right John Farrell use curry gave up dates and what's going on which is. He's making kind of the rounds of a lot of players and all over the place looking at these guys and doctrinal Tom talked -- little bit we have the sound -- this suggest. Him talking about Napoli and -- him playing at first base which is -- I know this was referenced in their conference call by. That Napoli when he gets to spring training it's dark can be like K here's the catchers maybe it's going to be here's a first baseman glove and don't think about it now are. You'll start I guess is Napoli because you know in the last week -- they signed him -- -- learned in his -- are dying which we didn't know a week ago. His hips are rotting away and he just starting first baseman for the Boston Red Sox is that about right. The Astro Ferrell did say that there is no when he went to see him there's no symptoms is nothing that you could tell by it. But that doesn't mean anything you can get how how is discovered guy gonna react in June July August September and beyond well we. Tell you said he talked to Ferrell -- asked about that series. We've got some -- at -- which. No restrictions Slorc was pretty easy driving the ball best cage work. And that just eliminated the -- -- the pound. Defensive. Yeah first yeah. I mean I you have to say okay 39 million okay did work out fine. Actually the award here for the Red Sox it's five million dollars I understand so. This is that guys can be your -- that's the five million dollars doesn't make difference at this point why they pay him 500 don't know policy but a ploy is the discussion is should be right now. Is can this guy produced in beat the Red -- first day I think is obviously legitimate fear you're getting from. Five million for year there's a reason why sure absolutely I mean obviously it's incentive -- but the Red Sox are insulating themselves from the possibility. Of him playing not at all which neither party -- expects. They both seemed to expected LB in all likelihood all right and when he thirteen because he isn't showing symptoms players I think here's the thing behalf they insulating selves. And if something happens in terms a contractual. By it and we all think they're gonna get another first baseman here weathered a Kotchman whether it's over -- whatever. By. How important is Mike Napoli to the middle disorder it I think that's where they if they don't really have an answer it is and especially with. You have to say well what's -- Ortiz is gonna show up in terms it is his heart is potentially -- and I think that makes these two guys -- are -- to me are tremendously -- that's right that's the thing out I mean he can bring in overpay but it Napoli to assert over stinks I mean you're going to be here and he patrol. I I get what you're saying I think that's an exaggeration of of overbay is abilities since. He was actually quite good up until he got injured and all hits two home runs a year right out so has today's I don't know if you look at is if you look at the if you look at the game logs from last year he was hitting quite well up until he got injured mid July. But now I mean -- right look it's not the middle of the order. Guy who they -- they circled Mike Napoli as being their answer and really when you remove Napoli so if you do removed Napoli. And let's -- you have an alternate who's a league average first baseman. No nothing exceptional. Then who -- -- getting back kind of that kind of hitter may be back -- be middle Brooks but you don't know. Maybe that can be -- buried but you don't know. -- so that there is a lot of uncertainty there in terms of the overall pick of the lineup because in the past let's say in 2011 if they had to. Kevin Youkilis go down they still had David Ortiz made -- Gonzales and a lot of guys. In the lineup could deliver some pop and that's not to here's here's the question -- and oh by the way overbay slugged 397 last year at 360 again you're you're looking every like there was like it's a pretty 25 after he was traded but he was released -- -- -- flattered to hear -- to -- if you could just -- I am not saying his -- -- saying that he's a pretty decent hitter Lou Gehrig now Serena got me right now. There -- -- -- what why what happened year after after it fell through initially now there's was there any. Why would nobody else jump in the middle that -- the team. Well am I reasonable evidently the Texas Rangers were willing to offer more money Barbara guarantee -- guarantee I was so. At that point in the offseason looked like he you've had some news Seattle get some players. Among the teams who might have to mean -- Rory -- in this spot but. To go back to what you have a Napoli. There is a reason. There was it was pretty understandable why they would target this -- we've set a time and time again how is a rare player a guy who takes many pitches is Kevin Youkilis. Who hates it was as much power per plate appearances almost anyone. And so that's why they got up by. But that's why they also had the prioritize them because they need a player like that and if you take -- tomorrow. Whether it's Lyle Overbay witness it Casey Kotchman all of a sudden to your point now it's you're going to be leaning on you know -- chameleon like Kevin Youkilis who are going to be leading on J. D. Drew wherever they have in the past. You'll be -- on will -- Brooks who. To be honest you shouldn't be leaning on him at this. Point in his career right in there may come a point where you can lean on him but again you know adjustment of -- league second time around etc. right. It's it's interesting. It is interesting trying to pass -- -- -- you'd -- give the -- article on the spot of -- talking about. Napoli today can you find that the -- and over the next minute thanks. When you look at when you look at Napoli here and I guess you know. Again it's -- five which does matter of its five million bucks for a year I think it's a risk worth taking over. Does and I don't I think it's a good college or else you could do this if you the Red Sox that that it's two different arguments that part matters absolutely but. The other part is what are you gonna do if you think that this team can contend in your hoping that they're gonna. Do something this year have nobody but nobody else -- you know I mean there's a reason why you go out that the organization to add an. Yeah well we knew we could talk to save it why I want it in -- and I know we've talked about this before but why the -- trade for Julian what they do. Because they feel like to have to deal -- the -- a certain amount of a because it's hard you don't you don't spend you know you don't -- seven million dollars on a closer in order to play when you're telling all offseason out there might as. It's okay all season what now. The money matter well welcome to tell if she does her -- because of the money doesn't matter at thirty ninth to 39 they don't go to Joseph ball players they want in the same way that the you don't tell a player that you just don't -- it. -- if if you don't know if we are Napoli with. With with Dempster doesn't matter now match no doubt they have money to spend on the players that they want what I'm saying -- told you all offseason -- that. Is that the the idea of those guys being thirteen million dollar players is. You know with the within their arena with. In their view. By virtue of the holes that they address their team they're valuable as such when you acquire a closer like Joel Hanrahan. You declared that those sixty innings are valuable enough difference making enough that you're willing even one that's not an obvious area of need. The right there's a marginal upgrade in -- spend seven million dollars to address it. And into fine if you know this perfect there's a legitimate conversation -- had an opinion be at say this team is knocked and contend. This nobody thinks it can go wrong. -- The fact is is that. The Red Sox are going into this thinking that they at least have a chance -- dynamic of the wildcard. Because of all the things that you know we we've already talked about so let's go back to the original argument which was Mike Napoli. Why is he important this team well you know what. If he does not produce if he's not there that you have a -- hole than usual Phil I think this is the problem with this team. Is that there -- so little room for error. They have Napoli who is an injury history if he gets hurt middle Brooks what is his back up plan Ortiz Ortiz -- right there ever goes right short -- to contend but there's also so many things he. Can go wrong and that's part of the problem I think out and you look at it is is that you know that's the thing I mean like you said. Two years ago three years ago it's different if Pedroia -- forty games if Napoli is hurt. This is a team it's not gonna go from 94 wins to 91 answer 89 Wednesday 88 wins are gonna go from 83 wins to 79 I think it's just different world. Again I think that the parameters that you're setting up a 79 to 83. That's that's your interpretation of it -- -- did you think it -- gonna win this year everything goes right. If everything goes pressure I -- within reason. I mean I I think that I don't have the range that ice the honestly for them is anywhere between I would say 81 and 93 to 94. I think if they have if they have guys. Being healthy. And you know and performing essentially to. Career norms with maybe a couple of guys Al performing those were in their primes. You know the so called something going -- -- then I think Rivera ninety plus win team they could get into the into the low ninety's and surprise people because. If you look at the shape of their roster the number of players who are average to above average on their roster. There's a lot of I mean I realized it like that that's not a very high standard -- But when you have a ton of guys were average to slightly above average even with a couple of Al liars who were all star to MVP type caliber guys. Then you have a really damn good team if you don't have. Obvious glaring holes so in the everything goes right scenario there -- play well and. Is the thing that I kept saying last year is there ever was or what's the problem why aren't they -- well you know you look at the top ten guys in terms of payroll and what they were producing. Eight and a half from you get to August and eight and a half of them. Where basically not doing what you expected them to do what you're being your paid them to do. I think in this case you need to top that the top five or top 56 guys to really really be good. The guys who. -- who are just hey you know what we get a lead on you and if they are good that they don't have a chance in this comes back to -- not a lot of room for -- not nearly as much has been. -- did you look at it's -- talked about offseason talk about all spring training starts at those two guys obviously Lester buckles they have to be good music games to one bad year one as a bad year that -- trouble. But you're right it trickles down -- has to get Ortiz has to be -- Pedroia has to be healthy in the bullpen has to be as good as we think it's going to be. And and I think you're in the mix but I think every single one of those things as Albert Pujols a -- Kinda the bullpen is the one area this team I think they have a little little leeway. Where they can get guys some guys can have down years make it might be able fill in with the other -- as a group but pretty good I've read that but that is basically it because you mentioned Lester and Buchholz I mean I think that. Those are top of the rotation -- those are the guys are leading on to be top of the rotation guys. You -- -- killers disguise who you know you feel like you start opening day or -- kill losing streak. And Lackey can give you innings Dempster can give you innings viewed abroad is we don't know really know what he is yet but I those of the two guys have to step up. Anyways maybe not valued. Defense at first base enough over here is that I think yeah I think you know there's a real possibility we're gonna find out why here. This year with now I think that's something you know you just. I'll think about it much in the Red Sox are pretty good first base and obviously defensively here by and large for the last dictators and they have Napoli who. You know not a good defensive player who's gonna go over to first base he's got some injuries and that's the kind of thing where you don't think about it but the cost of some games. -- the lead the place where I learned that lesson was with John Olerud who in back to back years was with the Mets in the in the Mariner's and teams to basically set records for -- -- fewest unearned runs in Major League history are they about if they were. They were both back to back. He he helped to transform them into week run prevention teams because he had that like twelve foot wingspan or whatever that was ridiculous. And I agree I I think that there is out and then there is a lot to be said for outstanding first base defense and they don't have a Napoli. -- -- to -- Dennis and Callahan today they asked about nepalese commitment to improving his defense at first base. Well he's very he's different pitches so working hard stretch their -- -- are still that'll be hard to coach this year our best in the business and I hope he. -- they worked on a lot so if the Fort Myers but. You know -- we may try to. -- compliments and or with someone else do. -- -- that or experiences that position -- we'll see that is something we're trying to figure out spring training. You know obviously you know what would like to have. -- -- overlook Albert he's sensory. And their response it'll end earlier offense. Where are the workflow and you know whatever well so you know about what that was just a lot of sense and we know that. In the early minutes -- you know best defender yeah. Is Doug Mientkiewicz still available could be this is giving hitters while over this is the yeah so anyway what do things when you look at that Napoli when you go to spring training. -- touched on one of them earlier today which was. His ability to it to judge how far he has to go over to second base you remember Kevin Youkilis when he went to first base. This was one of the huge problems he had he would -- way over it way out of position and and find himself in a bad spot. That and also just his hands because. You hear a lot of these guys who go from one position to first base and typically even to Victor Martinez who came up as a shortstop. And they have really good hands Michael -- really really good hands amazing so so you wanna -- does this guy does this catcher. Have good hands and they think he does but you know I think it's a -- and believe type situation. Again it is situation -- Napoli where now they notice now he's not heavy investment. Is it gonna be the kind of thing where it is a play as much as you might anticipated initially -- -- a player 150 games 120 games the other guys in the coming to be a legitimate back -- play forty games. I I think that you they're certainly going to have to plan on measuring his playing time both because his career track record suggest as much I think that he's only played. More than a hundred I think that he's basically plateaued at about a 120 games. Throughout his career in part because he's that it naturally yeah but also because. You know you you don't -- grind him down to bits -- for when you have deteriorating bone. It's eventually going to die but is it trusting because the dynamic you certainly changed because of the contract in that respect. You look at. If you said hey Mike Napoli is plan against these type of pitchers -- he's playing under and ten games he say well okay he makes five million dollars a year. If he was locked into that three years 39 million people we -- -- first year of the contract how -- not played this as a day off an off day yeah yankees after I came back and stuff I think now people -- be OK with the situation yeah and for its been a while now that the Red Sox have anticipated that they would need more than just a guy on the bench who can play first. They need to have an alternative. Who would be viable as an everyday player if needed for a couple three weeks at a time if he ends up on the DO. 6177797937. As the number Texas 37937. All three of us I believe I -- -- as I have. -- you finish the Francona -- -- cliff notes off -- have read the Francona -- or -- doesn't two books that's true I read I read most. Injury. I read most of what you were all part of -- Parts of I didn't read Doherty a chance to get your reaction we talk about it there's differing opinions on the -- I get calls we talked with the Francona book was shot -- get back. I don't think so I think the real -- -- -- said that while the way he wouldn't have written a script the way it -- I would have the talent for me personally. That doesn't mean they're not good owners to actually think a really good owners. You oil like I just again I was disappointed. In some of the things of my communication with them I was very disappointed that doesn't mean they're not good people more than at all. Probably not I mean I'd I'd John. Stopping answered my emails and stuff like a long time -- goal. -- I would say probably not what you know again I'm not really sure why that happened but. It did so you move on. -- Indians manager. And having very soon to be bestselling author Terry Francona. RO but I guess he would be right -- Shaughnessy I guess so waters cooperative yep both of the pitch in the back on the big show yesterday talking about that Alex. -- wrote about it I thought very well yesterday yesterday. -- so. Of days ago -- now we've been we've yeah I do what do you mean to a well representative of the media availability for the -- writers dinner tonight. That true Francona and Mike feels -- while -- -- not to mention affected John -- is of course yes on time Indians this. I read the book. -- most of the book I think you know. What Francona saying it's strange we were talking McGregor in the break him in and Michael Owen is a sense that Francona is kind of backtracking. From what he wrote in the book but. If you read the book and ice I would suggest he should read it's good for sports book is good. It's funny though the real juicy stuff I feel the stuff it's kind of headline stuff. What is much comes from the deal as those from Francona and I had no anticipation of that coming in reading the book I didn't know that deal was gonna be that large care. I've I agree entirely I think that he has voice is very strong and when the accusations are made it quote unquote the monster and what it did. Kind of mess and ratings guiding. By the Red Sox towards this so called cliff did you know that was Adrian Gonzales. In Carl Crawford that is all from TO the only stuff that Francona is critical of the owners make no mistake -- agent -- hates the team. It's Lucchino critical of their of the personalities of all of them talks about John -- this -- guy who left him waiting. An hour for a ten minute interview if Francona assumes Hendry would think it it was terrible. It intact Hendry was telling people but it was the greatness and you undergrad. But does so he he from a personality standpoint. They weren't. Perfectly harmonious. In Franklin is also critical affected marketing was getting in the way of being a good baseball team when it came to things like trips to Japan. And exhibition season trips to Arizona that were unnecessary in left the team out of whack. But it's Figo was critical of the owners essentially when it comes to the matter personnel Theo presented as. That's as much on me as anyone I failed to manage the monster but -- was really mention right right but clearly he's talking about an organizational culture. It was created ends. You know and led to bad personnel decisions. I feel like rob when you read it sort of the stereotype it's out there about each one of those three owners. These kind of what you get. You get sort of you know Lucchino -- evil guy. He's angry you know he's always quick to go after Francona didn't Henry is kind of a nice guy but he outs he's kind of aloof he's sort of Spacey. The floats in and out of the ball Q he -- get out. And -- a guy who is trying every week and -- his way into the mix was sort of obsessed with NASA and that what Francona says. Is sort of a narrative has been -- of these guys you over the last 345 years. Yeah I think that when he's talking -- -- the emotions are still raw I mean probably even more -- they are now. You go back through this this season we go back the hundredth anniversary thing which he wasn't the comeback for. He talks about the book. But even after that it's they owe me something mail me something in and week he we never found out really boy what they Odom. By he there's a lot of bidders studios -- comes out in the book clearly but. I think that. Other than that other than Francona kind of taking his jabs at the owners the more powerful stuff -- that is exactly what you said that Theo stuff. And what but what makes the book entertaining if Francona and the anecdotes and really that's the way it is that that's how we is he likes tell those stories and AL involve his bathroom he yes but it was you know but that's what it. Got it helps the book move along it's just not this angry rant to the owners. As you guys said he almost let Theo do that to a certain degree -- No he doesn't I didn't realize you know I heard stuff people -- -- -- that Theo Francona relation may not have been as strong as was. Presented in that book you know it seems like there's a pretty united front here. In that all of this is -- chance he goes out. Is still looking at his look at this my one chance to get shots in the owners and I can hide behind Frankel whose name Franco's title and say everything I wanna say about this ownership. Put it this way I don't anticipate that Theo Epstein is going to be writing a book anytime soon and you know certainly. He has he's had a message that he's been articulating. About the Red Sox organization. Starting with this June when you know when he was in Chicago in the Red Sox were getting ready to come to town. I sat down with him Johnson -- sat down with him from Boston Herald he talked to this station on the air and started talking about the monster and you know in this idea that there was a perversion of the principles decreed a successful. In healthy franchise for the long term there was too much of a focus on the short term in here that's unmatched further when you have things like that mess in. I've -- -- and ratings meetings and the marketing guy who says you need more of sexy Pedroia. We are and really when we we look at the of the two guys in terms of how they're viewing the ownership and how they come across -- attacking the ownership group. It is beyond us and we've said this before Francona. The manager of the team doesn't really matter if they spend money what the motivation is to spend money. The motivation was all ought to whack we understand that but as the managerial and David -- we do we give me a month to month. For Theo made it matters a whole lot more and that's almost the more important conversation between. The -- in the ownership what ES stick with Francona I think it's just okay you know I'm gonna hit him with some jabs because the relationship is fractured this is my chance to do. 6177797937. -- your phone number I look at that we talked about little bit last week. If I'm John Henry. And I see this book. Pissed off. I mean I gave you you know basically plucked you out of obscurity. To some degree. He gave you. One of the -- plum jobs in baseball the 2003 time that's why are not power -- -- out of three. The 2003 team won 95 games at right should be the World Series were not for whatever you know I agree -- Mystic Francona says he might have done the same -- rookie says that and a number of managers -- -- -- right they add a really good closer. -- the best big game pitcher a bit of his generation. Still you know a really good pitcher for our zone and Schilling. I mean managers are gonna do a good job of that. I mean it's very insofar as Grady Little almost had the previous year's team in the -- here I -- the same player Democrat won the World Series and he was really good at managing and pleasing a lot of different because it's Francies for a number of anyone's but I mean. Let's be honest John Henry does give that job. You know those returns but this let's put this in perspective though and you're talking all the things you're saying legitimate that he should be grateful for John Henry. But give the opportunity all the -- -- -- subjects -- help you get to 2011 you're talking about an eight the eight year span. And in any business this is how worked up you can you can I'm sure most of -- At least perspective let's say from Frankel this prospective saint Henry's perspective sixteen months later after October 2011 in his book comes out. I can see why you deal pissed off. No that's but that's my point is that it's -- step back and say this guy should be appreciative that I should be appreciative. But the fact is eight years later in relationships. Hit bombs than road are fractured for. Various reason and in this case it was fractured because at the end of the day it was 2000 all of. But that -- -- missing is that he then wrote a book about it. You know spilled the secrets in his going out and promoting it and making money that's a little different and still be upset now you profit. Yeah but -- this level how much here upset. It to be 878 wouldn't wouldn't when you get riled up about something you're gonna hate someone in even though they help you out down the line 88 years before seven years before six years before. You get to that point and they feel hey you know what you really ruin my life. It's not like I it's proportionate in terms of how he's gonna rip. You got to take every avenue he's got a can be offered your thoughts one is that kind of fascinating that John Henry declined to be interviewed for the book of all of the principles of all -- and his bosses. He was the only one who was. Whose voice. Is not in the book -- which right and I'd notified by way I know lawyers has not been in anything since the season. I'd know if that's if that's more respectable or if it's less so because it's interesting that you know -- a lot of people are trying to preserve their legacies. Or at least you know their their record of accomplishment. Or at least try to balance that with this book he says Henry just stays out well it was my credit which by the way isn't typically is demo. You know he he's typically very reactionary to a whole lot of things right well yeah you everything from. You know Wednesday knocking his wife war or the Manny stuff for whatever. I think you could say the way this team is being put together this soft he good or bad everything I mean I don't think it's would be very good team bought. You could say that this is not a team is driven by us. It's not sexy no I mean that it it maybe they learned their lesson I mean Gaby was it may -- tickets for a couple years but they are clearly. I think I've learned from their mistakes at least soulful. Why did Josh Hamilton was yeah he's the -- dad absolutely and you say okay you know what he comes Sosa three years rate and because they caught that that -- that Josh Hamilton signed. Now they caught some heat in Dallas Dallas predicted didn't and understandable. But I think that was kind of what everybody you know important both in the an outside organizational waiting for how would the owners react to the Josh Hamilton situation. Back to the Francona that real fast is that you know I agree Alex I actually you can -- credit he stayed away. Every chance here in the book and it seems like that's sort of the MO the book. Is you know Theo or Francona or somebody. Reps on the three guys and then child she talks that -- -- you wait and pages if that happens again over over you try to talk to Henry. Every decline I give credit he. I look at this guy from Henry I say okay yet we do a good job at the end -- -- stuff we did a bad -- -- -- this -- tens of millions of dollars. Every check cleared to my knowledge. We gave him every fight -- sub at every player every one we gave them for eight years. And I writes this book which is basically what it's whether it's negative or not was certainly promoted. As being anti ownership. Well certainly that excerpt was was made -- that was front and if you're aren't you just I think sure I in that wouldn't be surprised by that I did find it so I do -- -- -- Francona described how. Think the Red Sox me announcements. For seven years in five months of the greatest in the hardest job that he could ever imagine obviously. The one thing that's fascinating about the book is that. Did that one month. That he's it's kind of -- -- bracketed. Ends up having -- -- casting a shadow over the rest of it. And really you know obviously colors the tone because that's the most recent one month that he's talking about -- but he didn't intend for it to overshadow the -- the other seven years and five months. Even though all of us like. -- everyone has been waiting by the when you open that book when they get the book they are open are open it drags out establish for 2004 they delicate for 2000 -- I great stuff I know -- and that's the thing rob right. Out of the things when I picked up the book I did the same thing. Is I thought OK you know I wanna get to juicy stuff to get which you get into it chavis' -- -- Francona -- in the match the Red Sox stuff. The baseball -- that it that's actually pretty much better follows. Agree totally six was 77797937. And number I see Mike Matt will get to the rest the culture after break on the hot stove show W me. Just wanna I wanna -- before. I think I don't -- That was Terry Francona caught off camera not aware talking to John Ferrell and pretty explosive he's -- a. By asking every camera Bavaria where while Mike trolley. Like on the full count blog you can see the video via that he got over their WBI dot com full count blog take a look at that -- gets it now she's everything he does he stay there at the beginning let's get to the phone calls -- Mike and -- down. What's up like you already have Mike puts up. Good but my point -- That recall has every right to do this and I do feel bad and -- it -- and but his administration. Will break holder under the bus when he left. Francona probably want to get another coaching job. Which is pretty difficult to do. What is and the guys pop couldn't build any -- drug addict like they'll -- record that he's done that I let the business that I worked out for eight years. And then when I went out to do it made it possible to -- in next job everything's pregame. Mike let me ask you this though I mean break a jury the vote -- now. -- able Francona details in the book a pretty serious. Usage of pills or at least he had stored up. And I understand the -- a bad job of holder but I also ask this do you know. Who -- leaks or Ted Poehler that story. Although I'm not into it and I'm seeing it Hendry administration will be who was who suddenly look you know. -- -- get it like that you had to get a few -- -- ridiculous. I think is a million guys Mike I really do mean that that's part of the probably get into that. Guys into the book in. In the Q so I think gives a decent listen. All things people likeable -- this. But the Q -- a pretty fair answer. To get a lineup every single person in the organization and ask them and it and it is gonna definitely get the -- person it's. I think that also what were forgetting here is -- he obviously had problems with the owners doubles throughout his tanyon. And it came to a head when he was like go party quit or whatever. But I think where the ownership where he has legitimate beef with the ownership in my opinion is limited pick up his option August. IR before the season yeah yeah I mean address his contract in the in the past you know they signed him to his extension when he had. More than a year yet it used to it -- you know obviously we -- -- but that's that's bizarre thing if you go into that season. He's a -- Francona is not going to be the manager after CC it's crazy -- note could ever think that. But you get to August and it's my opinion that if you do that with Francona. If you pick up his option. Then they that doesn't happen they would at least a couple of more games there in the playoffs because he beat you with consumed. But he said it himself while a -- of the was on here at the was on the big show which is. Hey you know what right we are committed agreement not to talk about my option but believe me I mean he was consumed by I don't think that again I don't know if Jon Lester pitches that -- September mr. Francona and I just I think I think nobody -- lead -- -- the one thing that -- the one interesting part though is that Beckett. Tuned him out whereas in past years you've been responsive where he had had the kind of meet your tock of -- Josh in -- leader of the pitching staff and you know there were at these notions that. Beckett went off Orioles in terms of his conditioning that Lester kind of followed him down the dark pat. Down the I don't ratifies it to about -- I don't there's no proof that this will work but you look that same year I think Lee went to his option picked up. -- it is something that helps. Well I guess I'm sorry I didn't have jumped into -- just finished out a season when he didn't have any sector job security beyond it got to the world I think you go in without the -- got -- and after I got hired I asked it to their guys get their options picked up millions stinks no absolutely it's right to know I've slowly but you're talking about what you think is good for the team for that team at that moment. I would say hey you know what that would be something to help but it didn't matter. Because I think at the end of the day exactly what you said before I think I think for the whole thing for them to triple a sore but I did not is in the -- I just a real didinger it was right -- and he saw that so that maybe that leads to exactly why didn't pick up the option they want to get credible one way everything changed during the year they start looking at the sentencing was a -- maybe but then you have to ask the question is. If they do make the playoffs obviously if they make the playoffs the whole story isn't it. I don't think. And if they make the playoffs the stuff of the the come up to Francona returned for the other area with them understanding everything is going on to Tibet is an Ontario wants to talk about the Red Sox camera the season's gone -- that. They get -- is built around their love your show. And I agree without letting the -- not to really go on under the radar I think. Last year I'm not trying to blame everything on Bobby Valentine but he was some talk that that that he. And just not happening in there with a negative net I think it as like that like the flexibility of the team that they have three switch hitters they have the power they have -- He stepped than they -- in the ball and then I think rotation will be better I think they're a lot better than people think I expect ninety plus win. I think their upside is considerable but you know I think that the baseline for expectations. Until they've proven that they can be a winning team the burden of proof is -- against them. I do think that they have more potential talent assembled the most people give them credit for. But at the same time you know how that translates as an open -- although you know again you can go up and down every contender the American League east and find. -- their health concerns however doc I don't remember a team like this where you couldn't make a case so far to one side or the other side they're going to be good are they gonna be bad the problem is is that it's a lot easier to make the case why is not gonna work out. Because of all the things we -- the beginning to show all the things that could fall through doll off pat takes his. 234 things and hope you'll have the people to fill in those gas. 6177797937. Is number 6177797937. In Texas at 37937. You could tweet us at Brad foe at Alex -- mr. And at -- men and you'll respond to those and -- your phone calls we get back putts so show where you're till. 730 Celtics pre game big game tonight here vs Knicks at the Sox can -- all year it's three games coming up. Radium acts on the call for you here on WEEI. Yesterday making a -- -- signing is it just bringing any guy. A ceremonial guy -- job spring training can sign choked away science and stuff forces say. In actual you know baseball move by -- I'd say a little of both this is -- this is obviously he has cash Davis as a sexy name this is the sexiest name of the off season. To be added by the Boston Red Sox at the same time. His impact could be considerable because I would say that I've never seen a guy who's so good at breaking down. Precisely the pitching or hitting mechanics of the game as Pedro Martinez while a game is unfolding that's why that's one of the reasons why it was such an unbelievable pitcher. People always talk about how he could see things in a hitter the know what else could see immediately. And so that's good to be helpful in terms of kind of -- in terms of kind of helping educate. Some had to go to the Major League level below and he's a great recruiting -- right in the Dominican for the sixteen year old kids are trying to decide between two organizations. -- work with Pedro that's pretty good selling point he had -- ruby Della Rosa when he was talking and he he took great amount of pride not only worked -- paid nobody's brother Ramon by. You know I think that this is what Pedro was going to be in they asked him and big so what are you wanna do -- line. Easy as he said -- think you want to spend the time that X gonna take to be a coach or manager front office guy. He didn't learn about it but what he's gonna learn as it those guys have long long hours is probably not something he's gonna do guy secondly guys right bosses. Here for me. No -- already been putting send. Me an 8 AM to 2 AM today at the office right. Value that's an amazing it is a patient -- Schweigert it was more than -- is a different dancing -- I guess I think certainly thinks so I do it because I think that Varitek is more interested. In experiencing. More of the game more of the nuts and bolts that of the front office side of it as well I agree I agree in the sense that Varitek all the things they said the Pedro is not going to be. I could see Varitek being. And I think I don't know if you want to ride the buses but I can see him being a coach I could see him being a manager could see him. Actually even being in the front office where again Pedro lights and do what he wants to do which is fine. But it's not say hey you know while also is going to be pitching coach if he's not. 6177797937. As the phone number of -- back to the calls Allison is in Cambridge she. Good -- yeah I'd much rather have a good feeling that the people who I think it kind of surprised a lot of people but I think a lot of problems that happens the rest. It happens to present him with the superintendent. -- one of the times. Guys look up and nationally that all the injuries and we -- companies that came after the trade deadline there's no way in the net was incredible that we -- -- it's -- And that's never going to be great confidence and other. I was very shocked to learn particularly Atlanta -- -- the coordinate the that there are people in the front office the assumption made postseason. And that fact is that led to a lot of personnel decisions and also without without that would let this particular tennis definitely has had. Else I would ask this though you know you talk with 2010. I was wondering this because they were five million games over 500. In August of 2011 did suddenly one day everybody woke up and said you know. Two injuries of 2000 tender now. I think that led to the personnel decisions and maybe need a team that could have very good chemistry. Unlike other than perhaps I haven't capacity up so -- the contact and. The option yeah Robert RO RI and -- I do think that you know we talked about this and with a Francona thinks about what the motivation was for them opening up the piggy bank. It heading into 2011 while -- is any doubt. That it was the sexy was an estimate we understand that but who cares. -- you basically went from we can't afford guys to hear you can go sign guys it's just a matter of picking the right guy. Thought that's you know I understand they had that meeting they had space and a 100000 dollars and all that they said they wanted sexy players and Theo says he event it at some extent. But it's not like they signed to some random guy -- sexy they treated -- No but Carl Crawford -- -- the clintons causes -- -- -- it's relevant dollar now but the Carl Crawford thing it means is. You went from kind of counting your Nickels and dimes with the Adrian Beltre and -- resigning -- Marti is an. Everything else. To a certain extent to dramatically overpaying for Carl Crawford out of nowhere and I don't know when that decision was made maybe it was -- -- early on the Nazis. One of the interesting things in the book is that Francona describes the recruiting trips that -- made consecutively. To both Carl Crawford in Jason Ward or -- point in the world it's it's kind of amazing because they make this series in concerted sales pitch to Crawford. In Houston. And then they go they meet up with Werth are as a lot of talent on the go ahead. Thanks rob I appreciate your deference they've never gives up Martha -- to us and Jayson Werth in the Chicago O'Hare airport. It apparently Theo and Tito both got pretty -- for a ball that's because they knew that they are going to extend part of it was a great time yeah worth worth wrote them later and said yeah. But the beer thing now in the chicken stuff which I think is over rated. But it's funny you know you'd think about the drinking culture of the game there's a lot of stories or -- a drink with the two I mean these guys kinda the joke drinking every night in the middle of the 2004 postseason which read heard before that in that it's just seems that it's big part of that culture. I am a holidays and that's why that hole decide above no drinking in the clubhouse and we understand you don't wanna drink and drive when your home and everything else. By even. I think the motivation behind that was more yards than the concern that -- gonna get an accident going home I mean this silly that you look at when you step by that OK there was still a still it's silly that these guys during the year clubhouse after that is -- artists it's well it's really -- -- get rid of the day it's still it's silly that these guys go -- have to have tobacco -- -- -- -- every time ago to the plate right now it's it's but that's. You know it is what culture is what I mean if John Henry said tomorrow -- at tomorrow there's going to be ups and drinking this club house there would be no drinking club that's what happened by aspirin right you just could you could just -- -- Well they did it. I don't -- saying what does that really matter at this over for Francona it wasn't it just didn't matter enough to prohibit it right because it was a part of the culture of -- -- is exploited that's that's my point it doesn't matter it doesn't matter one way or the other I don't think. And that's why you're going along you won using these rules in this environment everything else before. The motivation behind doing that was PR -- -- because -- sit quite right this is affecting the play on the field yet now. Now that's a thing again we're doing it in August they are way or 500 is doing in the winning championships right. It's a PR move public of the fact that you think Paul Warner is Red Sox organization what kind of voiced this. I actually think -- it depends on the player they all have voices at the table. But the book -- it makes very clear that John Henry is the ultimate voice I'm not from from the ownership perspective. On all of these issues in so I do think that Warner gets to Werner is involved in all of these discussions he can influence film. But I don't think that he has final say ultimately -- You know for instance I'm sure that he was involved in in consulting about you know how far do we go with that John Lackey. You know how far we go with the Carl Crawford. Well you get the sense you get the sense John Henry leans on Tom -- right. And that -- big John Henry also made this like any business deep -- guy at the top is gonna make the ultimate decision. But he go back to that offseason leading into 2011. Remember being at the GM meetings I think it was. When Warner went on this radio station and said. Hey you know what we're gonna make what he -- and make two significant moves. And at that point people like what he talked about everyone to know and soul. You know he he was on he was he was in this kind of group that was say hey you know what this open up the -- back. But it's just a bad time this book the way people feel about this ownership right now and listen if a good year this year bigger deal last year the spoke with the -- and that's I mean that's history Elliott. If they're good next year it won't matter as much but the way people feel but this group right now fair or unfair it's just -- was feeling all it. -- the -- first came out it was I think if you said who you would side you want every I think though. Vast majority would be on the side of tired for a. Still are the Mets that that hasn't changed at all I think way more people than not. -- Francona said it's it's an easy argument is an easy side take its the easiest side to take its a guy. West -- ever ever think everything the Red Sox it does right now is met with skepticism. Which is I'm like it is really interesting to think about how far it's come because I remember sitting on the field in the dugout with the general manager of another team. May be like 34 years ago. And he was just from his perspective singing the praises of the Red Sox -- Is talking about how when he wants to get money to sign guys for over slot bonuses in the draft yes to beg and plead and try to explain with his ownership group. He pointed to the Red Sox ownership box and he was he just that these guys understand the red Theo doesn't have to explain any of that -- He they just say how much do you need and they put the money forward. And you know there's a lot that this ownership group does understand about baseball. In is actually done very well about baseball including to my mind deferential behavior when it comes to guys like Carl Crawford. Even when you know John Henry said it and I decide reservations of. -- -- still -- data and that's the things a little disingenuous in terms of the all this criticism is because. You allowed to get the money signed the right guys that we understand it's not he is not a slam dunk no matter what you do but yet take ownership reading on the right guys. But you know I think that we hear all these ad campaigns come out with a Red Sox now you -- here and trickle out more and more. In a very self deprecating they're like you don't we understand that we have to win back your trust a little there was a little bit of that last year. By. They hit it really going overboard with it out. None of that matters none of it matters what all that matters is if they win in April. Good as they went in April this it's still do that as the law is as little Maloney says it's still going to be the longest month and -- history month 2000 allow. And took -- six or so of the upstart and now I'm still at the same Kennedy didn't like might suggest him bringing sexy back it was worth 6177797937. I'm sure -- back and hot stove show W yeah. Texas coming in here at 379378. You know it just doesn't matter he's -- -- always advertise that they want it and the guy that we your voice talking about these. Pretty veterans they can talk about. 162 chances the fans right now until they start winning games and not panic -- big east Texas sort of you know. The last three matters. Because this guy is the good guys being Francona got the shaft the entire human cases sympathy for that the one above a tall order should have no say other than market. There are from the team Tom this ownership and you know basically go F themselves. Blue Jays fans totally sold the team. And I'm with you stink. That last six all of the ownership sucks Pedro Martinez back million people. Right now for. You know you grow up around. And you say to somebody you know this group is in the coming in -- -- championships. And in three years later fours later you going to -- them it's hard to believe ticket office people and he Tim Thomas right now that's how it. Is today but as you said before they win that's the only way you can turn this whole thing around. It is a quick start -- that's different than last last year quick start I think you could be good this year in that if -- sixteen yeah I think I I think fit in April if they win this still going to be some skepticism that helps their cause certainly. By Ian it was me collapsed to mean they had the most historic collapse ever so people are going to be -- 6090 -- -- and and really even last year. You your kind and it and then you collapse in the -- is wholly different -- and one half game out at the trade deadline of the wild cat yeah and that some believed it and we go back to how what was perceived how this team was perceived last year at this time. Emotions were still raw from the from September but there was a little bit of people being blinded I think by the hole Bobby down time. Prancing around everywhere in the offseason there was skepticism -- but yeah -- -- yeah whether or kind of distracted Cabrera they felt like other still did very little. Are still seemed like it was such a force so we didn't think Buchholz and Lester were going to be like that -- -- and Gonzales of the -- turn into a singles hitter who ever walked or -- very means of pressure etc. -- send -- we talked about -- to start the show and it's not overwhelming I think by any measure. Classic free agents that they brought -- to be fair I mean it -- -- some guys that some people like some people don't. When you look at these guys though I guess Alex is there anybody who jumps out as being born arresting somebody else to be maybe is sort of -- big daddy you're looking ahead of the group that came in the. Yeah I think that there's a large emphasis on the -- -- -- they didn't bring in star caliber guys but I do think that they brought in one who has that potential in Stephen Drew. And he's really interesting because Washington Nationals general manager. Mike Rizzo was with the Red Sox is -- scout -- he started he he contributed to this got a good Nomar Garciaparra when he was in college up for the Red Sox. And that he was the guy who scouted and drafted Stephen Drew he talked about those two guys. Like he curable. Oh lead you to be here are outstanding defensive shortstop for the range and footwork. And arm strength. Erica -- light. They have this is this or even with the guys that that -- ever eager to move Lee again yeah and very routine. -- Nomar Nomar got here I picked. More are quick -- First step quickness and these people are much the most smoother. -- -- at shortstop. Nomar had just kept. He followed that they're really came into result when you ever -- where Steve an objective that we look at it flew it looked at it shall bet there. It could produce a lot of doubles -- lot of -- the end surprise surprisingly yeah helped direct hit for -- Apollo. People went when he's healthy so. I think it all although they're different -- Update people -- out to the whatever shortstop should I'm Major League here that are contenders and now. -- normal and Albert illustrious career long term career in relief. Where there is to look in the play or where. It can shift and there are part of portion of his career. You know we talked about -- with the beginning in sort of how can go one way or the other way with him -- clearly won those guys -- we can -- 35 games in the hurt. -- given yearly to give -- three years ago where he's you know one of the better shortstop based. Anderson was talking about that he said that he really side in 2010 a guy who has kind of having our just a tremendous season and seemed like he was coming into his own. As one of the better short stops in the game he's an upside guy you know he has a chance to beat you know maybe not as good as Adrian Beltre because you know. Adrian Beltre honestly played himself in a hall of fame consideration right to a different level player there's no more mean. That's yeah it's not a fair -- -- -- you or more in terms of no probably not in terms not in terms of overall value what Nomar became but. He saw a similar of a player who had. Eight who had similar overall talent in the aggregate as an amateur. In so he might not hit the same plateau that Nomar did. If the peak of his career but. He's pretty damn good relative to what the field -- so when you talk about things that need to go right for the Red Sox and can go right through his Monday queasy in you know I wrote about this today drew is one of five guys who are gonna become free agents are eligible become free agents. After the year. And obviously would this call flying off for error that we're in now it becomes interesting -- Barry drew those two guys represented by Boris. And you keep feel pretty safe about giving him a qualifying offer if they have any kind a year because Boris is dot com -- take that puts the judge on our -- here before we have to do when the Celtics a job. Hey I expected. To all community if you told me and I'll be at a steady build as if they want. I'd -- game. And I I can -- yes soccer probably if you told me that if England win. Eight or 85 games. Bet that they stayed healthy that they came out of the gate and they established themselves again and guys who. Played -- game the right way. Start right finish right. We -- that -- could it seemed like equipped early and they never got out of the box to and and so they would just do that. And expectations pretty well. I feel like that would be. A building block for next. Get an expert -- I think director writing expertise rob Arnott and you know like they were two years obviously I think he's he would be in the minority and Jacobs I I think that people still wanna win did 86 and 76 season he missed the playoffs but played hard. The of people like this team that are really real quick are made him -- feel over the baseball writers' dinner said Francona and Lucchino on opposite sides of the room. At the cocktail hour -- did not interact at all. Uga wants him that is there any chance later on the rights and drinks will be fight that's why it's gonna -- are going -- -- restaurants are out here are guys you appreciate that rob -- -- next week and I we couldn't wait now Celtics Knicks big game -- Max about before you got you -- Speaking of fights you never know there up next -- next.

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