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It Is What It Is Cast: One last look at the AFC title game

Jan 24, 2013|

In the latest edition of the It Is What It Is Cast, Chris Price and Mike Petraglia break down the Patriots' loss in the AFC title game to the Ravens. They also take a quick look at the start of the offseason for New England and give a look ahead to Super Bowl XLVII.

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Are you ready for some football football. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All told WEEI. -- Hey everyone welcome back this week we are proud to be joined by Mike Petroleos. Might put -- -- and it's good to be here Chris too bad we're not heading to New Orleans but that's the way the cookie crumbles. A week in New Orleans would have been look last year in -- was great it would cost on an Indy did it right in Indian we've talked about that before. They're great weather everything was walking distance but in my mind there should be only three series ovals to super. New Orleans Southern California San Diego or -- Florida Miami. Amen to that night and all three and all three are very. Great at this time of the year especially get a way if you're in northern climate but -- section was -- to be the case for these patriots -- was. A shocking loss. A surprising loss especially the way things went down in the second half and we're gonna focus this week. -- Matt -- gonna talk a little bit about the season but we're gonna focus on that team particularly in in the coming weeks we're gonna look affordable what you need to do in the offseason in the draft and regional apple let's talk about. That game in the way things went down and they didn't particularly in the second half offensively the thing that stands out for me was one for for the red -- I don't care who you're playing I don't care if -- player in Cleveland in September you go on for for the red zone chances are pretty good you're not gonna put in a football. Really Chris what troubled me if I'm a patriot fan and in really stuck out to me watching the game in the first half. Five times the ravens have the ball in the first half. Five times they had it. In. You know inside around fifteen yard line. And the patriots could not take advantage of the flipping the field on them -- position incredible field position and the patriots twice if you recall. Got inside the ravens forty yard line and punted both times -- to me those type of trips in the post season are as bad as turnout. In not just the red area and not just an inability to punch it in not just an inability to finish off drives but like you said. They weren't able to stop the -- from making those long drives themselves the ravens had a -- -- the I think three drive from more than sixty of the at a ninety something yard drive. The -- eighty something yard drive. In just an ability to march up and down on the field against the patriots. We really in in retrospect was a little bit troubling but after a -- toll went down. Maybe not all that surprising no way and I think what we saw with Aqib Talib going down Chris was the fact that the ravens could work the field much. Differently and much more comfortably for them. They didn't have to focus on just giving it to Ray Rice for instance they felt a little more comfortable going on the edges going on the perimeter of the Patriots defense where -- where so many teams. That's success early in the year the we started to see that we didn't seem necessarily the deep bomb Joseph Flacco went deep a couple of times and I thought Kyle Arrington. Comported himself very very well I thought he did very well filling in for keep toll but as you told me immediately after the game it wasn't. Kyle Arrington filling in for keyed to -- it was a domino effect -- I think that domino effect allowed Joseph Flacco to spread the ball around. The intermediate parts of the Patriots defense -- it. Linebacker area and in between the linebacker area in the secondary and I think that's where the ravens started to really make K and they had that 190 yard drive. The led to their only touchdown in the first half and they started to build momentum there. It was really -- amazing to see. The way things started to break down in the secondary because again we talked about the four looked to -- is not a pro bowler. But the trickle down effect. Was really felt in that game me and really in the deems that he missed toward the end of the season because of the BB because of injuries -- Yeah I had to put. Arrington out there on an island -- in -- he struggled at times he comported himself -- he -- he played pretty -- they did pretty well -- -- that we don't want Harriet Cole in and you had in -- struggled at times in but -- -- they were exposed -- -- -- that secondary was exposed. -- on Anquan Boldin to meet changed the whole game yet because normally that's airing ten on -- At current you know you were a dominant subject theory so you replace. Kyle Arrington in the money or the star position on the slot receiver in this case and -- -- and and you put -- -- -- who had his moments this year I thought he was pretty serviceable but not on Sunday and if you go back and look at that film and I have a couple of times. It was bold and on -- they isolated that match up a little bit -- first half but really in the second half and that's where I thought the ravens really started to make sure. The other point of emphasis for the Baltimore offense and -- -- there's a number of defendants were really the one of the things after re watching it and number of times it's that a -- was effectively really dominated Vince Wilfork and -- data point of emphasis. Not that they didn't do it before. But they were able to get to a three Gaza on Wilfork on a consistent basis and render him a non factor in that game. They really dead and you know when when you look back -- -- last year's game is a lot of people will know compare -- what happened you know last Sunday at Gillette Stadium. I think the health of the ravens' offensive line certainly Matt -- was not as healthy as he was -- Last year as he was on Sunday in -- like you said that made a big big difference on Vince Wilfork. Still think Wilfork took up doubled. Teams quite a bit in the middle of that line but the ravens out worker the patriots were not able to break down the middle that page ravens' offensive line and get as much pressure on the quarterback. And again we saw that really rear its ugly head in the second half. Do really struggled to get consistent pressure really over the over the course the second half of the season in and we could talk about that going forward but they really struggled to get good consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks the second half the season. Whether that was Chandler Jones going down -- that are playing I think was two snaps on on the against the ravens won was in the red yeah that the goal -- -- clearly wasn't himself for a and it would be of the ankle injury the rookie wall personnel old coaches finding -- don't stop whatever I don't know what was but he was an insult of the -- -- I think what we're. Wound up happening is. A lot of coaches decided to put extra protection on the edge and force him back inside where. He was not as strong opinions more physical. Bigger but tackles and guards and that's where I think you know it -- a lot more difficulty. Getting to the quarterback because with a guy like Chandler Jones what you like to do is really really spread a mile wide. Well if you give extra protection -- wide -- them back inside him that's where I that's you know just him watching film that's one of the adjustments I'm sure. Offensive coordinators and offensive line coaches made against Chandler Jones it's kind of thing. Bill ballot -- sit down with Chandler Jones in the off season and say hey look. This is where you have to improve next year but in that game. He really wasn't a factor because he was hurt he has to ankle injuries one of which. The left ankle might require surgery is gonna sit down with the patriots medical staff can decide whether or not -- you know he needs to get something addressed there. He's an intriguing guy because they think is at one point two at least suffered through -- no starting items possibly -- rookie defense of record you're well it has yet phenomenal numbers but again -- kind of fell off a little bit but let's. But -- let's -- to flip it to the other side of the ball here for a few minutes and let's look at the Patriots offense against the Baltimore defense. And the fact that. The patriots. Weren't able to get any sort of offensive consistency there in the second half when we talked a little bit about four star of the show. -- and run the ball albeit did they try to run the ball they couldn't run it effectively. How much of that is at the feet of the running game Steven Ridley into wooded gene green how much of that is at the -- -- play calling how much of that is. Really a bit of a Baltimore defense that was really it -- -- -- at least again going back -- to -- almost inviting them to run. Well I don't think Josh McDaniels has finest hour on Sunday I just put it out there bluntly when you consider. Especially watching. The last two offensive drives in the first half and go on going back from watching the film room looking at the success Steven Ridley had. Are running between the tackles. The patriots were dictating the tempo at the line of scrimmage and that's why you run the ball and that's why -- for whatever reason they gave up on it. And I don't know if they lost confidence just because Ridley got stopped third and -- or second and goal I believe it was with a Welker touchdown. Pass from Tom Brady. Whatever reason they lost confidence -- it and yes Ridley got hurt. When he got hit by Bernard Pollard in in the fourth quarter leading to the final touchdown but eighteen carry seventy yards a three point nine average. They just they keep you need to be running the ball more. You know and you break down the offense and we all do this when we look at an offensive game plan they ran the ball -- -- times they threw the ball. 54 times and yes they were behind in the fourth quarter but still that's not the kind of breakdown I think Tom Brady wants to stay in the. It's not the kind of offensive balance we've seen from mr. we saw from this team -- to speak to him and put in the past tense. Another kind of balance that we saw from this team all over the course of the year one of the things -- really for me. Stood out most about this team and about this offense was the fact that they really had true offensive balance I think. For the first time maybe since 2004 when cordial and was here and was able to carry the ball 340 something times and there was able to take a lot of heat off Tom Brady they found in Ridley. For the first time in my eyes and a long time they found a real consistent back was able to hit four yards to Carrie was able to be dependable enough to approach to 300 Terry mark. And was able to be the kind of guy who could get to ED 200 yards a game in in hit that for a -- marquis it really move those chains. They weren't able to do it consistently over the course this season there were few you know there were some peaks and valleys there but for the most part he was a guy you could depend on. I don't understand why -- didn't do more of that against the reviewer you look at the line. -- had eighteen carries for seventy yards. But no one else really was heard from at all there is a 220 cures for a hundred yards the go below that four yards to carry mark it and that's the thing that they're gonna look at. When you go back union the union trying to assign agreed to this -- EO position by position not hitting -- four yards to -- market think ultimately hurt them. Well that and you know on Bill Belichick was asked by the big show. On Monday right after the game and the ravens are in the nickel defense meaning five defensive backs sometimes the dime with six defense -- backs for most of the time. Their base defense with their nickel defense in fighting the patriots to run. Where was the run and that's falls on Josh McDaniels obviously that's his main job to assess. What's the defense of look he's getting what are the tendencies of the defense over the course of -- game and try to attack the weaknesses and for whatever reason. The stats show they just didn't attack. The ravens' defense and attack that nickel defense either enough or successfully. In history tells us when you play the ravens when Tom Brady plays the ravens. He needs some help. He used he is not the kind of guide look she's been a fantastic quarterback -- the -- -- our members -- not arguing that exactly exactly but when you look at his splits against the ravens he has the worst. Numbers. Of I don't know of any other team that he goes up against on a regular basis in eight games and beat the ravens more often enough but to what some would say that he's five and the -- is purgatory with. But he has the worst touchdown to interception ratio is the worst completion percentage in he has the worst quarterback rating when you stack it up against the other 33. As the -- I cannot tell you how much after of their last three playoff losses. I have under the following. Why don't they stick with Iran war it is I know it sounds like we're beating a dead horse but I think they need to beat the running game into the ground. And become more balance to be Saturday after the Super Bowl loss to the giants. We're saying and again now we said it you know back a couple of years ago when they you know loss to the jets. They don't stick to the running game and I'm telling you right now. That is much is the patriots love to pass the ball I think teams. The very good defense of teams I should say that the playoff caliber teams invite the patriots. To pass the ball because I think when you invite them to pass the ball as opposed to running the ball it takes away an aspect of the defense that you have to be concerned about at the lines -- You've got to run it in you got to be more consistent in your approach to the Ron particularly the post season the patriots have that opportunity this year. And Belichick talked about it we were there at the season ending press conference that the game was all about missed opportunities and I think when you go back and re watch this game. That is going to be remembered as a missed opportunity for the -- don't wanna look at the passing junior too and I think the only guy who consistently move the chains on Sunday. -- to the passing game we're gonna talk about the drop the fuel the guy who moved the chains was Wes Welker you're the only guy who really. In my mind you don't use the -- -- to play but the only guy who really had an offensive impact on Sunday was well. Well and I thought. Another guy that was going to have a huge impact based on his first quarter was Brandon -- you -- on his -- coupled he had three catches in four targets. In the first ten minutes of the game. Am like well this is going to be a big day for Brandon Lloyd especially if they get the running game going. -- especially when you consider the work that he did in that first game against Baltimore there were able to expose some matchups in you looked very good I know wasn't statistically his best game of the year. But it it with his most complete performance earlier in the -- against three. And and to your point. The ravens have a great job putting more pressure. More emphasis on I'm getting a man on Brandon Lloyd on the perimeter. Taking that part of the game away from Tom Brady. And Brady took what the in terms of the passing game took what the ravens were giving them and that is -- there was Wes Welker. Just wonder. In the game like that how much west wears down towards the end of the -- I know he is a superior athlete is incredible shape but even a guy like that. Mentally and physically there's that whole playing a game like that when. You're being asked to perform snap after snap after snap against the very physical team. And I think it it took its soul and that's why we saw the drop towards the end but still -- you need more than Wes Welker and I know we'll talk about this going down the road but. I think the patriots need to get bigger and more to the point more physical with their wide outs. Are there it's are there occasions where as I believe that Wes Welker -- -- better team walkers on the field I'm not arguing net. But I think that there are times where Wes Welker needs to be saved from himself. There are times where you can -- that welcome because -- -- times in it to difference I know it's it's of -- he does it signal but in into what this get humans or pets but when you look at the other side of the ball and look at Wilfork. -- inevitably takes a series ball. During the game relatively early in the game. Will be on the side and so just you know it's not a injury thing it's just a week for him did you know get a get a break in a series on the sidelines. You need to start ringing union Wes Welker and I know that the questions whether he's going to be your next year but. A guy -- over thirty guy you -- so dependent on. I almost think the Celtics I was I was -- doc -- to mean it's the minutes of guys like TG in and and Paul it is -- -- situation there with -- where you need to. Over the -- -- It looked -- sit down for answers. Well yes and I think that's a great point considering the number of weapons and options that the patriots have in addition to west or had. In addition to west this season. But remember Chris what happened when. The patriots tried to do that at the beginning of their nearly all lost our minds right exactly exactly so that's what you know the patriots were probably try to do with the being in the season. To your point though maybe it would be better served. At certain crucial parts later in the year when your you know in other sports you taper an athlete you try to save the repetitions and whatnot saved his best bullets. For the times that matters the most and maybe that's what the patriots need to do more but. When you go from Wes Welker to Julian element in terms of route running there is a huge huge difference. Fans are gonna go well we've got Wes Welker lighten Julian Edelman and elements of free agent but he's not gonna cost nearly the money. The Wes Welker is you might as well give it to Julian let him be Wes Welker. We saw at different times this year when Julian element was in the game for Wes Welker. Brady doesn't have the same type of confident that's not -- and that's not elements fall. He just doesn't have the the chemistry with them on the DeLia and he's just he's not repeat not there yet -- he's going to get their but yeah okay completely here's the deal. I know we're getting however -- looking ahead to next year if you're gonna commit to Julian element that you have to. Except the fact that Welker I mean Brady and elements are gonna have games for their often looked terrible and they're trying to get on the same page you have to accept that. I don't think that's the case I think Walker's gonna be back but Woolsey. The other thing too in I was guilty of this is going into the game. We kind of in it's it's almost ridiculous now in retrospect to say this but it week kind of soft pedal the factor Gradkowski wasn't going to be out there. -- -- no I said several times go to figure must have looked you know. They have so many other offensive options around -- you know they have Welker or Hernandez and Lloyd in the running game and you for reunion would -- in so many other possible guys who could step up and make an impact. Lose lingering counts he shouldn't -- all that much will you know what he did hurdle well I'm not only in the passing human in the running game of. Number what we said last week and that is don't forget the impact that Rob Gronkowski has on the running game because he's physical and he wasn't able to do that. In the Miami game he was tentative like he said. Clearly. Not having Rob Gronkowski in two run block against. A team like the ravens kills you and it really hurt the running game I think you're right -- they're not as physical team. The patriots are a lot of people blame the secondary and Aqib Talib going down for losing that game that is not why they lost the AFC championship. They lost the AFC championship prime primarily because their strength their offense. There incredibly varied offense failed them why did it -- them Rob Gronkowski got hurt he wasn't available for the game they didn't stick to the running game. And when when it showed signs of dominating the ravens. And Tom Brady you know fell apart in the second half those of the three reasons they lost that game and yes. There was a factor involved in terms of the passing game being weakened the passing defense being weakened without toll. But if you look at this game you talked -- we as we did Bill Belichick on Monday they were there were missed opportunities not -- are not on defense but. On offer it it. One of the things I think when you look back at this game and you look at the patriots and their ability to go against physical teams. There their struggles against physical teams in teams that really give them problems typically physical defenses. The pistols front seven teams that really hammer the patriots time and again. In you look at a -- -- -- tells you brings that physical presence I think. The impact is even greater when you're going against those physical teams that you can't match that physically or you don't have some electric -- look. -- -- -- I they performed for admirable. Over the course here they are who BR they're not Gradkowski but you know they were able to bring a different dynamic to the field and were able to kind of you know -- -- doubtful but ultimate department. But you've got to have Gradkowski especially when you. Build so much of your offense around these two young tight -- and I think that's one of the re one of places where they feel there's a team over the course here. Being built so much of this offense in the off season around those two young tight ends in those two young -- and struggled with the injury at various points this season. I think gronkowski had the fewest that have to go back and look this up a grip Gradkowski had one of the lowest now totals of his three year career. You know he just wasn't -- Hernandez struggled with the ankle struggled with a neat. And the lack of depth at the other skill positions. I think ultimately into the technical. You're gonna hear a lot about Jake Ballard going forward next year he'll be available to the patriots and I think that'll be a big boost. But again in this game to me it comes down to the excuse -- -- in the second half was not there and if you're the patriots you've got to be like you said be more physical. And adjust to a team that's dropping back. A lot of its. People -- front -- in coverage and allowing huge lanes to run and and you don't take advantage of that and that's where I think the patriots lost the game. They were trying to out the -- A physical team and that just doesn't work and we've seen it over the last several years in the playoffs that and why the patriots can't generate turnovers. Those two reasons in the playoffs to me those two common factors really say a lot down enemies. Me too and we'll do we'll get there right now wedge about that a special teams I don't think we need to talk about special -- -- -- performance right Masco discounts. I think that the hope of great field position do they get a pass in this one for me is at least you know when the window when you look back at it. In their ability to -- the field consistently I think Baltimore's first five offensive possession started inside the -- fifteen. But he did their part. You wonder when the when your when you go looking for blame in this scheme. Now how -- did their part there's no argument they improved a 1000% from the Texans playoff game and there's no. There's no if ands or buts about their special -- for the and the turnover battle which you wrote about this week. The fact that they have been a completely different team in the regular season. Taking advantage of the weak sisters of the poor if you wanna put it that way creating. Turnovers against non disciplined teams come playoff times tables are flipped and bill ball -- has to figure out why. It's amazing and I got the stats from not people who have our our friend our friend Jerry. Who came up with the fact that since 2010 the patriots lead the league in takeaways. They're plus seven in the regular season takeaways phenomenal number -- -- it it speaks to their level of success and we talked about this though. Over the course of the year I don't know how sustainable it is but you'll be -- work over the last three regular seasons they force takeaways but in the mean neither team will win it. In that seems stretched 20102002012. Last three post seasons the patriots are minus seven when it comes to takeaways that's a huge differential. In I think that speaks to some of their struggles in the postseason. No question and you've got to figure out. How to generate them I mean whether or not it's changing defense is having linebackers who blitz more. Generating more pressure on the court whatever it is you've got to come up. -- these key turnovers they didn't do it the Super Bowl against the giants and they weren't able to do it on Sunday against the ravens and there were opportunities there to be had. Other opportunities in the server role like we were talking about off. Before the show. The recover couple fumbles in the Super Bowl and they didn't do it so they've got to create those turnovers. Where did they go from here and in what will get into this later in the offseason but bullets just such -- -- -- open up a little bit I think the three things that they need to do. No one is if you're if they're looking for guys in free agency free agency starts march 12 of the draft to the following months. If you're targeting guys you need to going to itself a big physical wide receiver not so much guy and we've heard -- -- -- not to the top of the defense arena most sound enough to what -- need to get a physical wide receiver. Someone who grow and compete for the ball in May be -- the field a little bit the need to get more help in the passing game in the need to. You get more depth they're they're annoyed and in terms of pass rush and then they need to go on and get themselves I think. A safety who can. They need to get a safety you gals heads off in the middle of the field and it's funny people are talking and you don't need. We need Bernard Pollard yet they Dale Senior Bernard Powell is under contract through 2014. Yet but it's -- -- need that I got navy needed guy who can rule the middle of the field and just. Put the -- -- got into opposing wide receivers about you know their -- ago. Ed Reed is going to be available I don't know you know at his age him what he provides he's not the physical presence Bernard Pollard is no way no how often but he is certainly an option if if the ravens decide he's too rich after the Super Bowl. To bring back for you know one final run with the ravens though he's an option. I haven't taken a close look at the free agents and in terms of the safeties out there they need. He Rodney Harrison -- that's really what they need in the secondary to really command. That unit. I thought early on Patrick Chung might turn into that but he hasn't and that's been disappointing and I unit that was found is gone. I do think -- recording. Is a huge bright spot in the secondary he will I can't imagine them moving them moving him back. The quarterback he is a safety he is a free safety and I think they'll leave them there. And so that you're talking about strong safety that's with all due respect Steve Gregory who. Showed. In signs of being really good ball hawk this year him and he has that in this past. But I think they need to upgrade at the safety position they need a quarterback back there are hard hitter like you said somebody who can impose his will. Physically mentally and and those are hard to find the dots to main priority number one. Exactly area I grew at an -- was -- let's also look at for a few seconds before wrap things up. Jimmy your take on the Super Bowl. We're we're looking at a breakdown of in aids is I want to throw from -- mouth -- -- the horrible we're gonna get -- as a Marty sickness and we're still more than a week away. The 49ers in the ravens I think it's it has a possibility to be a really good matchup because you're looking at two wildly different teams. It could pose some problems for each other on both sides of the boy I'd like. Steve -- -- I was under our -- show about six weeks ago now in its members has moved into the civil war I love cap predict I'd love what they do defensively. I just wonder if this magic carpet ride to the ravens Iran and it is gonna sweep them you know through this game in an intimacy for -- that. I would guess it's going to be very high scoring first of all I think he ravens can pass against San Francisco. We saw that from the falcons are going on Gloria now we've I mean they got up seventeen nothing at home and couldn't hold the lead. But I love the 49ers toughness on defense who love their front four -- front seven. I like to 49ers in this game as well I just think calling -- predict brings to an element to the F. Offence that the ravens did not see in the patriots the ravens got a you know really pressure Brady and you didn't have to worry about Brady running him when he did he looked incredibly awkward doing so mob but calling catheters. -- capita is not going to look awkward -- ball he's gonna flush out and then when he. Does run he has a gun of an arm. Very accurate too for his younger quarterback is he has -- like the 49ers I think the ravens. Great story inspirational story but I think it ends in New Orleans. I'm fascinated by the read option in what San Francisco does it. Whether it can be stopped and is it sustainable. Community it is it. They we we talked about the sort of falls under a little bit is it this year's version of the wildcat. Did in that it's going to be sniffed out and it's going to be forgotten within a year or are we looking acts. An offensive wrinkle -- could potentially be. You know and -- in the in this serve spread offenses and is distant is this going to be the new thing or go to our team's going to be going out looking for Colin cap and it's now in trying to run this pistol offense -- the NFL level. I don't think they're going to be going out to look for it but if there is a talent like cap predict who's able to go out and run it and heats up by the way. People are comparing. -- -- RG three. In terms of you're gonna get yourself killed him RG three is much smaller than Colin capita in Holland capitalism is no big dude. He is almost a linebacker running with the ball with the arm of John Elway and that's which talking about capital. And he is that reason an exceptional talent in a rare tell somebody who can run the read option. If that. If NFL talent evaluated received -- Connick guy out there and they have the ability to implement it in their system I think fine but they're not gonna go out of their way. To find it. Read option type of quarterback that would be my guest. But still I think. Teams like the patriots struggle against the read option. The quarterback like that because they don't see it in practice it's really hard to prepare for something you can't crack you can't really. Simulate in practice and I think that you know was also true with the ravens I mean there's a lot of things ravens do the patriots can't simulate so for that reason. You know I think you know the read option is here to stay if that's the court. I'm looking at the rim look at the 49ers and saying they have the edge. In most of the areas -- opened up and down you know you look at -- you look at defense you look at the bill you look at -- who were you know special all that across the board. In in looking at the deserters -- you're you're you're really you look at the niners and your your head is going with -- niners. And you know regardless of what happened last week different football and I think if your hearts for the ravens in that you know you want those guys to. If this is indeed the last roundup you know we know that ray lewis' riding off into the sunset after the scheme of this the last round for agreed in. For as much as Joseph Flacco has been killed over the course of his career and you know you you want to root for some of those guys on that team you know I know the feeling in New England is what it is when you talk about the ravens in -- talk about Suggs and Pollard and -- the rest of them but you have to respect. A lot of famous football players and particularly what Joseph Flacco was gone through the last couple years. It be nice to see Flacco win a ring for as much as he's been killed over the last 345 years you know. What he's been a little conflict with a team is really impressive. Well a lot I just think that is going to be the 49ers I I think they're better team. I think they're more dynamic team and they are a -- team you know what I mean by that is we saw what the again what happened in Atlanta they were down seventeen nothing. On the road did not blank -- and came right back and I came and as soon as they got the two touchdowns before halftime that told me all I knew San I have. Anyway have a -- San -- is gonna win that game when they won the game. I think they're they're very very confident they're and one simple. Mike thank you very much for joining us this week -- a personal note it's been a lot of fun current patriots will be -- you're a regular basis in the part of me you know and I can't wait until next July. We're back here in the tense. And drink in free opera seen and now we are the -- where their binoculars watching your trended trying to decide who wins the individual battles in the early dominance is just red mile. My mind who who you gonna take you gonna take the individual battles on the defensive line I'll take the seven on some alternate persona so all right sounds good deal like again I really appreciate it. We'll talk to -- determined sounds concurrence.

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