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Herm Edwards, ESPN, on the Patriots loss and the Super Bowl

Jan 24, 2013|

Herm Edwards joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Patriots AFC Championship loss, the legacy of Brady and Belichick, and the Tim Brown accusations.

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Our too much and -- ID three point seven WEEI a lot of our favorites last week last year in Indianapolis. Have the opportunity talked to the coach Herm Edwards -- a person patriots all be there we won't be thereby guesses. He will be for ESPN. -- national coach Herm Edwards say her -- Lou here Boston Dario. -- -- this Levy on let Fiat album over the file that you guys like go to radio world right. We really appreciate that -- It's really tough week force. Well you're feeling you look at the swing and I mean if it didn't turn out like everyone wanted to do a lot of it. I'll put that to -- that's what's so great about this league guys seek out. There were in the situation trying to go action -- and people with very good old mill that. They got you know they pretty good -- and Baltimore -- release. We look at the last time they played them in the playoffs as they struggle they -- that Baltimore for some reason. And different things of that game obviously Brooke about these people on the wing. The way they handled you know the critical moment in game two minutes Weathers in the red -- because they weren't about. And with that being that in -- in the quarter gave -- maybe a lot people -- which went. -- -- we look at the recent loss for the patriots you know we go back to chip chip year's team was. Identified with the Bruschi and a brave bulls in the Harrison's in Seymour and now it's. Brady woke McGraw Kuerten and this and it seemed that they struggle against the top teams -- Is that the biggest difference that it went from that defensive line -- play making now it's all about the office. Well I think you can make a good point but I think I gave -- you gotta make. Business critical stops you have to make in game. The ravens were able to do that. You think about how they play the game and because some big play where you often. We're actually did not dropped some balls. It's been done characteristic of who they are. In the NBA -- that where you don't look at all day it seems like a game ball close our competitive. And Whitewater physically and emotionally. When big about the ravens -- -- -- strictly toward -- say what you want but in most -- played a lot of football. You say that it seemed like the patriots couldn't match that emotion and I thought it was about the -- the Cali from a that is -- game but overall importance term. How much do you put on a guy like you Bernard Pollard a guy who is going to scare receivers that if they get hit earlier big rattle around. -- Wes Welker third -- all the studies looking over shoulder worrying where that hit comes from how important is that for team. Well let all the importance of -- musicality -- the -- upside play if you actually use their. A couple things you need to do get -- ball away and got -- got to get the ball run with the football mark Pollard. Conduct our player if you -- where our draft out of duke. Did you -- coming out. Had a little bit. Attitude where he played and distribution. When he got the ball carrier and obviously if you grow up a lot matured and he's a tackle football player. It's India Ray Lewis toward getting segments put together -- going to be joining -- next year and studio Herm Edwards in Ray Lewis noticed yet that be something. Well -- tell you what the honorable and it all without -- doubt that there's not already personally and now you know why he did in his career I think it is here tonight. I'm not equating it did not got to go try to win the Super Bowl but all that he -- and I think right now we're we're -- when you do that the rate -- -- talk about you know two choices -- made he would become the player. In people he associated himself with Arctic. You take a lot of young guys under his way to look at residential it's element of -- sources are important in this industry you choose them -- you mortal. Is it when you watch him play. Is it more about the way he's playing as a football player right now harbors more about the that emotional leadership and what he's bringing. I -- off the field from Metallica coaching standpoint we talked Logan Mankins about this he said ray was just. Diagnosing every play defense the -- obvious passes he was before but he knew was common for the Patriots offense. That's exactly right -- the quarterback of the defense he's got going pretty well Rutgers. And -- get more tackled in the polls he's video player. We all understand that but a lot of -- -- download you don't get yards down field. But he still can't -- -- -- your emotions and what he'd bring that knowledge wise in big type games than you. He gets up at hard at -- that hard to quantify it but they'll be in that respect we got young guys. You let them know -- formations. Of personnel groups what about the -- -- of -- -- -- and sabotaging the super ball from Tim Brown the black course as as a head coaching NFL common would have beat if it even happened that you would change a game plan on Friday leading into a game let alone a suitable. Well you know and I -- -- them and it's kind of it's bad but until they can just point out players are are used to. You know schedule. Players are used to the world can you wouldn't have a certainty about how you go about doing -- work. And all the sudden the biggest game you're about to play your change things. Players question that they really do a young guys don't get it at all look at bigger -- it would what are we do we are we. We do some different now why we do what we -- prepared all -- these are different in new homes that are compiler that what they report any it was really. Make it lighter -- And obviously -- got a little bit -- -- and talk about that dugout for any coach would would. Let another cold winter games because there's a global game board game -- the parking lot that -- Did you work with a guy Jerry Rice that that basic backed up at least to some extent that point for -- and my question would be you know is this just. This coming out now coach because you're Tim Brown's upset about the hall of fame is it. It's is that it's a slow week between that the championship -- Super Bowl but the timing seems crazy to -- little on the story. Well. I think -- go back. Haven't met in that earlier. I mean you know earlier. A copy your farm acted yet so I don't think that -- -- just got -- came out of nowhere but you're right that's got a problem of went into which it was played suitable. It's kind of if you're winning football -- you don't know what you gonna watch on that you'll look -- -- -- the flag football game or not. All these stories are coming up the players -- -- question. I act -- the good guys it is it bad and you guys wanna go around here. The wall -- I gotta go back recovered it won't be doing outlaw I ultimately. I don't feel -- completely come out or auto like of ready and able. I love the suitable it was out of liked to have seen pictures of the two best teams in their bit. More -- it's not just about Harbaugh Brothers to vote to coaches who made extremely bold moves throughout the season. Right cap -- quarterback and firing Cam Cameron after what week nine week ten they give what they thought was right. And it paid out in a ball there right now. Yeah they are in the maple group a decisions that they felt. Would really ignite their football team and you think about the cabinet situation. I anticipate -- -- bold -- -- -- play healed he met this young man he and that he had to keep accurate word. He could make -- -- -- -- whether it was one of the ball over or hold the ball in -- government because of the armed with a lot I can go to ball. Got to pick -- we can't can't reveal what goes decide they were -- him directly about this. All of war with some of the -- down stretch a bit we're seeing that struggle. But you can't say enough not only be made the move. What really helped old black. Joseph Flacco have been pretty good guys as well looking at record right now. He called the Denver and these great men and kept score in a row become great send voters just yet as well. Is the grip on the ball downfield is Herm Edwards ESPN joining us let's go back to captain nick for second he said he fought hard ball play and you were defensive back in the league play that's Super Bowl as you said New Orleans you coached at a very high level. Us a pretty good defense is how do you slowdown coach how do you stop Colin -- predict how would you do. Well it's very difficult obviously it starts with him with two rustling one of your legal effect and could never. Another word look one by you because you do that -- You actually open up a -- between. Because they ended the tackle all -- -- -- got a final number other would you look forward to go to one that is kind of in the middle all you can get it back inside. Know a lot of people on the edges of the authority it yak you've got issues. We have only that you got this guy he had a lot of dialogue splattered over ground. -- a pop alarms so that becomes a problem obviously when they run the option. I thought you looked at the way it'll you know in the Atlanta played them they played a pretty good it's hard -- know that were forced Kimberly. It got -- the football. And not allowed him to the big numbers the runners allowed to be and that -- popular in the top. Yet disciplined on defense in November or call -- -- the air comes about it limits of the call will be good. Because it's a real tight as we pick -- the option. Yet these two weeks prepare for -- to abort the realise how difficult it is to get there. But the bottom line is Tzipi failure geek criticized that we get that a lot of here in New England. You it's difficult to get to the Super Bowl and winning yet people still you know Bill Belichick is -- games past that buys up the same guy Tom Brady can't win the big game. Kyra sounds silly when you set that about difficult it is to get there. Where are you make a great. Yeah I've been in the league with thirty years since. Play also pretty good teams called some pretty good football team and the return that totaled thirty. We've been to three championship games only once back with -- we got the final days. If you think about newspapers. They've won a bunch of Super Bowl already. Yeah obviously you degree -- to collect the forty that would that would not make her run and also they went brought along. I -- I -- -- there's -- what's called -- and now they're back in it but it took awhile to get back into it. It can't get that that uniqueness of this week. Because -- -- skeptical when you win and that the right of the New England Patriots when that you like it would it appears every -- you pick up to what is your next organs are you kind of replacement orders it. -- Not good enough anymore is it not know what's important had a bad year at stopgap. That -- but not all that. The Super Bowl you've played it was a two week time for -- to the championship games are you get the same two week timeframe here deal like the two weeks does that affect the game when you're off for an extra week your coach. Well if you're an old ideological you get to rest you get to deal with the distractions and the ticket and people want to come -- -- -- you're you're -- are. But it nobody I think about it that would result should. But the anticipation is that you just keep weight and -- our -- of the game that we can bring because you don't a lot of energy. But not probably got Gordon NetSuite. You gotta slow down department still vocal got a ball and all the wall. -- I don't what are lot of pride you gotta slow it down you've got to make sure -- just say that there are people doing that. On the lowly radio host your boss and he ought to take my advice of my advice for you her when he gets into worlds do not mention any patriot fan. That you were the guided drafted Bernard Pollard because politics. He took out Brady. He just got gronkowski he was there when walker went down and he almost -- set off to all so -- opened with a Japanese at often pulled down their -- okay. I don't know what to back at the end you know what he's not a dirty play every. The younger players. Pleas -- are at -- don't -- patriot band that what you say it was somebody else say it was a if somebody else that ESPN that firm. Banks are. Herm Edwards ESPN joining us on the ATP. AT&T fourteen LT he. With speed that the ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible we just talk. That drafted Bernard Pollard after he's done I had no idea to accept it did you. We is that bad karma for us all we did seven years about when asked what Ramallah that it's not like apartment was to entrap appalled that he would immediately. All things happen -- Yeah that things what -- -- -- -- different team and somehow it's on the chiefs when Brady goes down to that what what it is on the Texans and -- great ironies it did -- draft again set off a chain reaction. What's that movie goes back and changes I think Africa would become a better in the AFC east jet age he gets dealt dealt a problem long time ago. Like it's your money is -- breaking down these games. Up to the big game on next Sunday in new world 61777979837. Your phone number Texas on the AT&T text -- 37937. The league coming down on Tom Brady for kicking and read it and the jets. Are still laments we get to those stories --

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