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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on the Celtics struggles

Jan 24, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Celtics losing streak, Doc calling out the team, and what trades they can potentially make.

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Celtics coach Doc Rivers yesterday on pardon the eruption great show on ESPN -- Lou 93 point seven. WEEI Celtics Thursday when a huge game tonight against the knicks setting up a huge weekend for the Celtics. And Jack McMullen joins us Jacqui brought to you by town fair tire by HSA insurance. And by Newton Wellesley dental partners and I'm thinking back to work conversations. This year Jackie like the Celtics they've been roller coasters because you have a stretch for the play really well. A stretch they don't play well and for veteran team I guess of surprises the midway point -- such a Yo-Yo this year up and out. I think that's fair. You know -- yet Avery Bradley came back game a little you know -- -- defense humanity seems to be contagious -- -- games. And that we are not hindsight from doc. There was really only half of that winning streak dead you would even happy itself. But not a great -- not a great sign with the kind of firepower you have on that team in terms of. Years and experience. They're not happy with half Bowman how much are sure but going to a tough stretch from the started at six game streak. You -- beat Indiana Atlanta New York you know that you look at three of its last fourteen they lost to the -- another tough streak is in the case of just. -- will get ready for the good teams and will play better against them the other team to show opened be adamant it's not the case. Cattle fell a little bit doesn't it I think -- it happens Lou is when you get young athletic teams like didn't want Warner's current and the bottom. Kyra here everybody is incompetent bother you and and you should know that by now. And you know it you know really it really take to put it on the veterans at least I do. You know that Cleveland game pierce and Garnett they both looked at me like they were really that deadly. Certainly Pierce's shot curl flat short and guy that he didn't have the same speed and Pittsburgh area you know energy that usually has now. But you know what they're not supposed to be arrogant and that's not what it was decided do -- that is supposed to be better. You know important player but not -- guide to the young guys. Rondo. You know Jeff Green and the -- -- is supposed to. Taking over the game you know what this helped to try to do here guys. Is rebuilt on the fly and it was gonna work with the young guys really stepped up in. And and did their part by. I would consider. The pilot doc had considered you know all the Popovich and sitting Garnett out for a game or two here and there and I know he won't like that. And I did that it would -- because. He finalized later concerned those guys it is it there you have to be awakened my and it's not dot -- is because the other guys are our involvement there. You bet that Cleveland game we surprised at -- brilliant carrier ring. A little bit. I -- a little bit surprised but I don't know LP Adrian you know he came back and any right away I had some in my arm injury problem I don't know that was a factor or not. A little I'm not really sure. You mentioned bringing Kevin Garnett and sitting him down what you say and think for pierce. You would bring those two guys up. I would I would I would find it to do it and I would -- just concede. Not a game -- just concede damage and give them some -- I think probably at the right idea. But you know. I'm sure they'll they'll like that and that's I think that's a good sign it and at this time is that it's a good time that they want to play India out there but. You know that the chemistry just the right would it -- minute. And it couldn't -- how late they're got you know. What's the midway point and and the other night it'll look like. They had just met like a week ago Jack in a Cleveland game and offensively. They seem so lot of sink in for a veteran team. At at this point is there. Is there any chance in your mind that they just don't get like this group for whatever reason doesn't fit that they're going to struggle offensively not just for the first half of the year but the entire year. You ought to get the possibility. Listen you you're coach called you out with stock rarely -- He called you out I'm pretty pretty clear terms. You go to Cleveland a team that had I think only -- home went up to that point or five home went up -- -- point. And there are about that day that -- into the various the most important player was out for the year. And then you come in and -- that. I mean that adds it's not a good sign it's not a good sign and you know he wanted to get -- right out of and he got knocked and I bet -- they look at a flat it would it insisted that looked tired. And and let the defense is effort we talk about time but offensive effort you expect effort to do the right thing to get to the right place. Set the -- a waste of code duke it takes effort to go out transition. And into transition basket. And I did in the united -- it. Kill westerners reports you know at this this locker room sort of we get where the Celtics jerseys and go out there and just when -- kind of exclude. Pierce Garnett Rondo every time it's mentioned but I look around -- -- while. Got to go to the list thinking OK we'll soldier don't think you're upset about his play your. Avery nuts sir -- considered about his play and Kerry's old guy kind of knows what it takes to win championships and -- and it was it is guys like -- -- Courtney Lee made the consistency Jeff Green that dot that doc is really kind of getting on here. Well I don't think it's fair to just say those guys I think it all and I don't know why you. Ron Diller and KG and pierce should be. Exempt from some criticism and I'm sure they would agree with me on that. You know I thought it was that spirit I think with the word that -- used in the recently due describing. That they -- and it's not a doesn't have that spirit every night. And and that's understandable. Again and you hate to talk when we talk about a date but it relevant here. I -- so you've got to figure out a way to do that care except that aspect has to understand that. Yeah isn't the man anymore and you know can't be taking. All the shots every night. Especially on the night when when those shots -- flat. And -- supposed to be the leader of the steam and he's the one that could be lighting a fire under these guys so I don't I don't exempt them at all. -- do you think what ails this team can be fixed with the current roster -- Danny -- have to make a move or moves to get them to where they really need to be. Well -- tell all along I think they need to they need another big body and that easy for me to say in answer that with any sort shortly BLO great county where I can get on and -- -- affair but affairs think. You know you have a couple choices here. You can tweak it. We can blow it up now to blow it up is not one there's only one -- you're gonna throw -- I would you have to move Rondo and I don't think -- to that point. Am not sure that should be -- and frankly. So you wait a little longer. Why are people like mud -- had its other pretty high impact players that. You know if you believe the reports are available including Paul Millsap. You know big young guys because they've got their favorite there's a good Jefferson can't can't pay all of them. There's some you know. Pete is out there are just a question of he pulled the trigger and if you pull the trigger on a guy like he's trying to get a guy apostolic roster around. Look at Jeff Green now midway through this season and when you you look at his plate throughout the thinking consistent ethic is as safe way to put it -- but. Is it Doc Rivers -- -- -- not putting them maybe not playing him as much or is it more. -- Jeff Green when he's out there for example the other night 27 minutes one for three from the floor not asserting himself when he does get those opportunities. I you know I I think down there what it did a couple of games this year. Aren't -- Noriega that you're the bigger game this year and I can't remember which one it would work. Greenwood playing great men and had a really nice stretch and then went back you know to the -- because that appears to time in the fourth quarter and it. There's been a game or -- where I thought. They not let Mike Green quote this one out. And agreeing to. Like you know what -- -- -- that and he hadn't he just hadn't you have to be consistent he's not a a second or third year player here. He he should be more consistent government. Are you you can't come and go like that. They need more from him and again I think we you and I had a conversation what they laid back and preceded. I wouldn't expect -- fifteen point tonight I don't think that's it. But you got to rebound the ball better you -- did you gotta make yourself a factor more defensively and you do that to score. And you have to be aggressive you know he's got his best when he really goes hard at all. So I don't think he's earned the right to have those next two minutes in and you you have to or if you don't then as a coaching a youth he Gloucester credibility. Double -- Sandra has -- that console to play doctor -- for a second Jack you show up tonight the garden. And sellinger starts over Brandon Bass without such a bad thing for the Celtic team right now. I I would love it I would love to -- to act that earned it he's earned every minute. And then some and you know he would bring -- energy you bring in everything he's young he's not super athletic but he gets things done. And I I you know again -- that -- about to me is one of the biggest disappointment of. All what happened it was basketball IQ and that's that he gets the ball two feet from the basket -- he gets in this 345 pump fake thing works on jerk. He's tip it and ball near The Who -- get the basket goes right up with a I love the way -- placed on the open like 88. Bass is doing that right now. And that's really been a disappointment. And you know I. I don't know -- what what's going on inside his head back. He you gotta look at themselves in the air and you know you can say he got the content and relaxed he doesn't strike me back -- and I did. But I -- you got to find his -- on our. Let's go ought to LA for second mules and I I you have seen in the Dwight Howard stopped the last 48 hours you know we sat here we we agreed -- one night as is Great -- and Tony get solved they're gonna as -- they're going to be great together one out -- -- come off the bench. And Dwight Howard is known -- agent apparently while product every signers of the wanna trade me they can trade -- what the hell's going on and LA right now. -- did actors you know it -- it's. It started with the -- I guess. And you know to argue that he's in debt that clear to me he's not right I was talking at one idea personnel guys in LA just the other day in. He said he doesn't think it out of a percent by the end of the year came back to and from that back surgery oppression you do that is so many pro athletes do. And and you know but aside from. My goodness to -- he would the other day you're looking at advice and -- -- -- -- possible for you not to get ten points just by walking on the court you know. So clearly can't -- don't match very well together. So it's Italy -- what do you do. He you know if in fact he's not gonna come back and I I'm that much -- -- -- a 100% to be honest with you but it is in fact it comes to that. You know you make a move you gonna that need unity deal could the other possibility is you know do you want this solved. But if you do that and it like -- walked. You you went from 27 callers and seven players. So they got some real there -- a lot you know take heart Celtics fans to the lakers are in a much bigger -- than the New York. To be great atmosphere tonight Celtics and knicks stretch of a Big Three games here Celtics and the knicks talks in Miami all between now. And global on Sunday -- great stuff we appreciate your as always love you stuff but he has been a boston.com we'll talk next week. Jacqui McMullen from ESPN boston.com. Joining us and brought to you by town fair tire by eight -- insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners about -- -- doesn't fit on a natural fit right Brandon Bass. It's a roll it's jump shots and and kind of fills in with those other starting four for the Boston Celtics but. Is this soldier out plain and right now they seem like such. Is such more energetic basketball team he gives them so much that I would much rather see sellinger start and bass off the bench and -- weaken my bench but Salinger. 3032 minutes a game. -- -- -- -- -- -- came over here he was a role player any bench player a -- that come off the bench and give you some points. Because the situation at that team last year in the -- he was playing is put nets' starting lineup. And because of the way he's playing this year he should be taken out of that starting -- in a -- soldier as he should be pitches to waiters and Brandon Bass is not.

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