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Bruins start season the right track

Jan 24, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Bruins start to the season and the emergence of Dougie Hamilton.

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I show of hands. Who did the dirty last night by the dirty. Stop. Big egos get -- the code word for that were still inside six weeks so we're not quite there. Can't wait to get naughty and play the dirty last night was during the bruins' game and they're. About really good effort to come back and rid of -- -- -- did DVR or commercial -- periods. Went in there enough who was the fourth fourth and one play I saw that play. You know the direct and up to what had run it down -- such talk a little bit the sidelines yep for the most part I was kind of -- Bruins DVR it. Game was over went back and looked a little bit but. Not enough not enough of just reluctant apiece idea let between periods like the NBC you still kind of -- or because. Him down 2813. Welker it's a big played on the left side next play bad and a year pick them basically season's over. And it it did sort of help police for me -- a lot of people. Watch the Bruins team come back and do what they did because as disappointing as the patriots season ending one's. You know you do Levy team here in town playing right now at least one. It's gonna give you good effort it's going to wedding making a good run in the regular season a good run in the post season of things going certain way right. And they did last night down to nothing on the road at amnesty to -- desperate ranger team. They come back -- the thing third period they salvage a point what I would call it even at a loss. A good effort for the Bruins last. It was -- good time last night and he was terrific the effort was terrific. Doug Hamilton terrific doc Emmerich terrific way. It was -- last night with that help even the game -- -- get me out of my patriots -- doctor every is the last. Ellis -- very good the year actually loved the guys from men and that's obvious regarding -- over this many many times but. Early on a decade -- talk about that the range and what. And it all went three for the first time it's obvious that the cross that was fourteen years support thirteenth fourteenth season -- to restart the year. In the way they came out while this could get ugly and you goody -- very talented team. A good team in the New York Rangers. Backs against the wall already in a shortened season going to an opponent abroad at their place that they've already lost. Not the first few minutes you start looking at Atlanta Nash Gabbert in -- like OK. There we go this one's gonna be a blow law will to see the end of the game. You call a timeout. You regroup. And you take a point. I think that was impressive. Locks for the Boston broke when I agree is a look like it if you don't look at a seven a one game. Right doping gets its first look at a third period. Instead they came right back into your blood equated -- -- a lot to do with a two sparkle begins dating a boy and -- I did I thought it was a good game in NNL took its now a two when Warren. But yet but he had some unbelievable moments of his best ball with the season last night in net loss you brought up in four star of the show which -- big enough for school for the Rangers. That was one of the the prettiest goals. Plays I've ever -- right it was a place at playwright forget about the finish Gabbert that was just sick that what your patience and wait for. Arrest that the beat down his back in the that shot -- top shelf. It was a touch pass from Richards it's at a rice wasn't it. The way they showed the play in a developing of the play and the pastor -- to control it and flip between two defensemen and Nash streaking down the left side now. He knew -- was it was almost like a no look touch pass it just was perfect between two guys and Bruins. It was it was beautiful it was beautiful picture perfect I'd I'm so glad they showed that the three or four times because I want to go back and watch a three or four times. And -- all down to zip they fight back in the game. And they do so with that typical. You know everyone's sort of a ball for the Bruins in eagle through that roster you go through the Quaid getting in a fight go to raskin is saved to go through. Meanwhile which -- run around and look at the jokes about -- part of the year were were great we all after the Bruins beat writers in disguise maybe a little -- You went into last night's game leading the league in hits and he ran around last night it just in people. They've actually gets that goal late but he's at right now at everything that it's a three game sample size again it. But -- thing you want out of me La Lucci -- around him people -- important it's the first goal. Not in the course of a year plus. After score last year in the ninety. And two days later season basically being over. And again. Let's factor in the degree of difficulty. You're playing the Rangers starting a lot like a forty million dollar fine for a fifth of Richards -- brick Nash -- -- ridiculous why they're gonna be worth it to Bay Area -- -- -- the they have Lundqvist and that. They have order role behind their bench. They are desperate for a winning 48 game season they can't all -- -- three they're trying to show. Some sort of prides Bruins -- what they aren't locked a couple of Eastern Conference teams aren't Easter conference games. And you fight to get back in ninety and you do with -- effort and you'd do with. To me the thing that people fell low bullet with this Bruins team. The last couple years which of that effort from across the Borden which is that ability to be physical. And any ad and some of the skill they -- late and it was. It was it was the perfect sort of opposite to watch in the patriots over the NFL network -- -- this way at the look for -- patriots are done. Offseason awaits but this routine even down to nothing on the road. Finding a way to win I think it's even more impressive I -- what it's like you say protected but I would get a point on Friday and got a point -- lost so he still stuck appointment given. Season that is a 48 games and -- factor into playing more games week in week -- NBA season shortened season. It seemed like if you're down ten at halftime it was our -- that's not -- night. Let's go give tomorrow. Right on let's pull everybody that's conserve our energy here we get a lot of games in a lot of days. The games out of reach. Were done. Let's get ready for the next one you know why play Paul Pierce and KG and Ray Allen all these minutes of fourth quarter down fifteen. Do or die yeah we can come back and win but it if we fall short gonna hurt us the next night that's what I thought was impressive with that team last night. Because it is a short season you played more games week in week out habit so easy to be down to -- that and a hungry team looking to get their first win of the season. And at the -- set an absolute monster superstar -- That's pretty much to what they want -- so easy. Just conserve writing knock down -- minutes of some of these guys in and just as the eighteen take that mentality of about tonight's not our night. We get two wins in the book let's go get a -- been lit up. Marchand back finally last night us Seidenberg misses another game it's again elevate Doug -- -- talk about he plays upon minutes last night. And think about the beginning you played with at the end of that game the end of that overtime loss in the point you get New York. You've now played a sixty your season just to give an idea of how short the season's going to be that is 160 the year is wrapped up you put the Rangers twice. You -- play seven of your next eight. Against teams that missed the playoffs a year ago seek out get a breather well at the Rangers again got to be careful there. Let me put -- -- careful got to be careful me out. Playing bad teams means absolutely nothing. Smashing season like this when teams kind of locked in a prepared. You know Montreal all it is is an opportunity to go while there may be up play your best and still get w.s. But I haven't we seen this before especially baseball season. We blocked the plate teams are better than you lose the -- it and we a seven game stretch we -- reprieve for now really in trouble now look at our schedule. Now we've got you know all these other team's playoff teams you're talking about we got to walk again though. It's an opportunity but in this type of sees nothing take anything for granted. Because right now -- everyone's cut its. Even playing field of kind of get their legs underneath them -- to -- play the Rangers went into the best team Easter copper public but the range slices of in the first three games. Night l.'s seed effort there eight to forty king's legacy -- copper teams a lot and again an eight game stretch without them in the playoff people -- based in the doubles. The split up the -- not -- went seven of eight. As pointed out the rearrange your schedule to start this year I've -- we -- -- by the -- twice during the first three games they -- -- at the penguins in between that -- 63. Now they got tomorrow night the got to go to Philly played Philadelphia and got the Maple Leafs. -- and they had the flyers again to have Pittsburgh. Again if Tampa Bay in New Jersey. And an eagle island there's lightning Bruins. It for the love of god I mean if first ten games Toronto. A pretty good. Get flyers Pittsburgh the Bruins and it doubles basically. -- -- -- -- That's tough stretch should get Terrelle fired up that's toughest out by that -- -- -- -- like daughter -- when he yells and he screams we get that sound that's a good thing. But we can all admit right they lose in overtime -- Rangers are trying to get their first you know. Get on -- stretch year. Another record's not great to start the year we all think they're gonna be there at the end after what you saw last night although you there at the end of that first at times very very good very -- goaltender. It's a Washington it's like watching a -- Really I mean just the way they go about their tough they grind it out goaltending good coaching. Although they have a monster line. In April he blocked a little bit more shots -- that is just Ryan Callahan last night dive an affront to shop with the team you're expected to be there. So we do this you start with the Bruins when your thoughts on the start for this team and all your phone call 617. 77979837. The phone number 61777979837. You can text the show many times the -- TT -- line. It's there for you with 37937. In ninety seconds one of the biggest questions. About this Bruins team into this year was the play in nineteen year old Doug Hamilton and not one but two people including his coach. Could not. Say enough about Hamilton's effort here that next. It's -- -- yet again it's Hamilton tough to get across heavily hasn't there give them. Okay. We're talking about a kid it's gonna be a superstar in his sleep. That was Pierre McGuire part of the NBC sports broadcast last night -- -- 93 point seven WEEI and there's some things people I slob over over some slobbering idea of guys like Adam -- that -- the fights -- slob program a little bit. Other -- lover over. A guy the way ol' chicken Pierre McGuire slumber over Doug Hamilton last night in his effort mean there was this 56 minute stretch their after that goal. -- latest kept a one back and forth the poise. The steadiness. Only nineteen going to be a star. I'm -- die at the coming out party nationally for -- the last senate NBC's. A day it's fun to watch and -- nineteen year old kid giving it -- minutes he's given the last few nights. Plame with Seidenberg before you say while -- getting it again with -- experienced guy last night -- more experience but still. Everybody talked about the poised to vote in nineteen of the threats and put neck -- -- minutes and one thing you can. -- -- criticized sometimes he wanders away from the front of the net too much which indicated that second goal Connecticut's -- no man's land but rebound yeah out of the net. You want a puck handling puck moving defenseman now put a dollar in the jar. I mean Wright is now with a surge Koppel reliance and put a dollar got a charge out of talent there sure. We would -- well we spent two years of but the running joke has been go get a puck moving defenseman. We just we said over and over and over again every time we capital dollar in the jar you out so well -- he just got one in the seventh sit on 910 years all all all. The way runs that that the point with a power play. Which was outstanding last night one for five. Are you kidding right 20%. As better than 0% know -- -- must admit I pray that appeared 20% all year that's a huge upgrade of the esteem. Good to do one for fourteen on the year but still not -- nice is very impressive it's fun to watch because he's ninety year old kid and and and again got a guy like -- -- get to be able to hear what she's young kids sort of to develop over the years these exciting the Bruins fans should be it's exciting for the head coach now these coaches with young players usually don't get it on like dot -- Julian. You know bent over backwards last night to say -- good Doug Hamilton has been these. First three games while anybody who watched the game tonight it's time to see this guy that I was outstanding. But not good outstanding. A key was so poise and confidence and if anybody thinks he can play this week. They should just take some time it wants just came I really really like this game I think his teammates in her -- see him. The Doug Hamilton that everybody's projecting and right now we've got to keep going and where lots of confidence because that's what he's shown and it's paying off. Is anybody out there -- seen as a belong HO. I've heard and with that now. Sound like a -- was kind of going after somebody of some people. You know he was just good today's outstanding if you didn't watch is -- to watch his game tonight new doping and playing NHL you're crazy like. And I started a -- who's he talking to elect him just wonder and is there somebody out there estimates are that miss a story about it doesn't belong in NHL shouldn't be there. I think most people are thought he would start or she would the way the pairings worked out and the way this roster -- such -- -- make a common sense would keep on this roster. -- the play with two really good players right Chara Seidenberg -- help the and you mentioned earlier the minutes he's logging you know the open -- played with only play be played thirteen minutes. 23 minutes on -- on Monday. Backs up -- eighteen more minutes last night and dust on the power play gets its first point as a pro at nineteen years old. If the assists in the tip in by Brad Marchand and up got a text her. Made a point that a lot of people made about Doug Hamilton amazing the poised Diaz at nineteen indication of how good the Bruins. Think he is is the trust Julian showing him only three games and absolutely. 23 minutes eighteen minutes almost ninety minutes and back to back games. Getting paired up on that that the pairing you with the injury SI number a mere talking about a guy at nineteen when the sky's the limit. And you're probably just sort of scratching the surface right in terms of what this guy can be and what he can add to this Bruins team. Elliott talk about your question you had coming in so far sixteenth the season. You feel good if -- Bruins fan because he has played a very good Rangers team a couple of times. And come away pretty. Goodyear is actually a -- in the first three games it's three for three games. To pump the brakes I mean maybe the more you watch immediate ABC some other things. Let's just talk about three games that's all we've really seen from this -- -- Mean I don't know I can't be impressed you compare that to what you saw from exit -- -- in his first year right. Inconsistent there were things and you want to game there -- things fight for the puck. You know it's like he's playing instilling juniors against guys so much more talented than in and faster than the struggle by three guys who wants. Not fight for the pocket. In the quarter of the physical style play in the NHL you can tell he wasn't there. You've shot you saw sparks these are got -- could still finish if you get him an open space on the ice. It could take off he was electric. But I don't think you saw the consistency elect said the one thing you want to nitpick on Hamilton's -- -- -- caught in front of the net in little bit too far away wandering around a little bit by the net. Physical play is there the poison is there. He's just he's shown so much in just three games were nineteen year old kid. And the coach are showing atomic trusted him and his he always done that unity go back and look at the way they they work Sagan did they think is much a payment trust him as much. They seem to trust -- with 23 minutes and nineteen minutes. In back to back games here 6177797937. Your phone number Johnston Rhode Island he joins the -- as we open Bruins with the huge. On what's going on a good morning guys supported John -- got the Bruins on direct talks -- deal that would be called -- -- -- seminary years. -- That that's that's that's actually some cadets. But it proved correct but that's okay. Yeah then the report it to grow and Doug Hamilton. You know. He's a perfect example the new -- New York Rangers and actually they have all defensive minded stay home and India else all and. Girardi and all these. Great defensive defenseman but they don't have a probably general. And the Bruins have been lacking in the open man neat idea which his vision in his hands -- great shot. He's looking like that offensive minded -- -- expansion that the prone to promote an awful like five years I was in Sergei Gonchar out here. Now if they needed it you know it is look good in your right John they needed that on that roster it was a piece that was missing and if he can improve. The power play one iota and give them some sort of live with that shot. It's going to be huge improvement and clearly the trust is there with the head coach and what he's nineteen what we're seeing now is probably scratching in the surface and so far. I know it's only three games what you gotta be impressed with the poise you gotta be impressed with his ability and if there's a -- it it's all been there in the first three. An immediate results are called -- an -- about the power play and you saw first it last night. What an effective Oakley can do you know you got to not and you get a -- clearly in second pop on and you re back we. And it it's not even just that the gold outlet as all of you being put pressure. The -- that that momentum carries on the rest of the game and. -- not as great -- he's from the Bruins. Political fault that last night you know beat out to -- -- comedy that first period. I really think he has a -- -- around your voice and that. That they're set up to do that the other set up from a talent stand point -- the other part of this is you know we haven't talked about yet but to grass. Talk about Doug Hamilton the other big question maybe the biggest question was the place to rest as so far after three games. Everything you want about him you know a couple of goals in the first two last night. You know the the first goal was just ridiculous in terms of the skill by New York second goal will be -- open opposition rebound. The final goal in -- the initial save on that break -- right makes the initial save and and couldn't get that but is that -- doubles here. But with 55 seconds ago when he -- want one. He makes a one seed -- dives across and shut the door on the other. He -- buddy played as well as the play in the losses last night and the winds last night and if he's gonna give you that and -- is gonna play 101215 games whatever it is. Gonna feel pretty good about the steam. Hulu -- leading regional like war you. Brides in Pittsburgh talking about last night's game is gauger Bruins phone calls Brian Oreo. -- expert central mass beautiful. Yet state you know and it's as he'll be it's. Yeah upper school last night doubt she's there you gotta say that would -- outlook fox. Didn't -- who wanted to bet that you never hit op EC and Nash. What they're right packed and then the second save them I got out pretty healthy through last night guys. Yeah that was like that was probably his. One moment so far this year right three games -- save -- the minute the only game. -- yeah it did urging Libya -- like -- right so but last night you don't sit down chewed up and they got punched in the mouth they got knocked solo. The patriots. They got back. And they -- Barack. And that they got it that gave the point where where did I ever scored in the brake late though you really mad but you practice -- our shots were gimmick. I'll put up by comfortable like Gilbert glad. You what it used to play in the last article that states fights so far in the season. Complaining about age fights are ever excited complaining about the girl with the -- -- -- -- -- I do not. That say I. I grew up -- central mass Pittsburgh brings it Joey that's the best analogy are gonna get on tugboats age thank you for those the other day we came in -- I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with less than point oh with fights -- -- you're a fighter in there as John boy that's the schedule. And you got to camp. You know laid up and get to a fight by public Bobby -- want to -- edit them in an exhibition black and gold game. You look at the first game against the Rangers know that that that you're going ahead with Mike route. Everybody else up their practice in the -- affecting their skill. Right there and during the off season and -- a week of camp it practice in the power play practice in shoot and due to mistaken shots. Everyone's working -- things. As much as the Shawn Thornton. It works out and boxes and bars and everything I've talked to before body since it helps tells -- -- won't anything but on the ice is completely different. -- first game of the year. -- -- We -- drop in the -- you wanna get value system yet to bogus this guy. I loved it took a little left jab open them up with the writes absolutely beautiful mature Gregory Campbell it is odd seconds both surprised right give it. D'souza somebody else the Pentagon at Windham Connecticut they're the tough -- it was a pickles as name and a gambles like art school let's go. But just take it like the fighters like a gala -- -- born. New staged fights ever staged fight. Early on -- you know you gotta get it would a little bit seasons -- this what you do oh this is our job. You gotta drop the gloves. 6177797937. Your phone number text that's on the ATP text like 37937. You can tweak the show agree with indirect there boomer -- At -- and UT. WEE a -- senator earlier. But this team has a chance this year. Look at the roster of the Bruins quick look at the way that the setup. Not just this year but there's a window this team has and a very good roster set up well talk about that -- your phone calls. Complaining about staged fights and hockey. Ever try to complaining about a girl with the lists important.

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