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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington says the top priority has always been winning, not "sizzle"

Jan 24, 2013|

Ben Cherington joined D&C to respond to some of the more publicized excerpts from Terry Francona's new book. While the GM says there have been conversations about improving the team's marketability, they never impacted roster decisions. Cherington also feels very good about Mike Napoli's potential this coming season.

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Joining us on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT the Sox general manager Ben Jerry Ben good morning how are yeah. Or don't fine opt out the top at the Fred total -- made the rounds at the office at Fenway Park and if so. Are people generally upset about what was written or 08 with what was written. I have this is to look at other than you know excerpt that I'm sure most of -- -- We actually just come off -- -- it is. Orton initially also isn't. And industry -- your roster -- it's -- entire. It's obsessing about some -- person in so. -- that's been created. But you know I think it's -- general take on it is that. -- to me that the best sisters that are written a little bit more. It's never been there and it's someplace. People out. The period in 2004. And 2011. It's gonna go to the you know in the greatest. -- -- period rest our sister in and the but for players. You know they're Texans -- and shelling them -- -- the world. There are people that had more to do that anywhere else our our our great -- video and it's so. You know those are people. Who well he's seen and you realize that. All the answers to support here. The culture of the owners as described by Francona during that time pop Warner mainly. And this is something that you could address because you're up to this and in in your in your to your -- was was mandating. The desire to improve -- and trading by getting sexier players -- Carl Crawford see Egon. And winning in more exciting fashion is that accurate. The first priority and there are actually. Prior it's our group right -- that perspective. The first priority the first absolute first priority. All that but that's including. Is to win and that's that's sort of on the mental. Hill now so that's throughout this and when you're trying to win every year. There was like -- You know it requires us to be aggressive and -- is. A lot where players and of course -- that are successes and failures over the years -- -- player players. That's where personal assistants. Are also trying to be aggressive. With the business because that. You know that drives. Revenue and that and Colts. You know reinvested our baseball team in our system and all -- -- this operation so. Have to work the other. The first priority at all all. Winning and being aggressive toward winning. The in this spot -- -- You know it. Shortly make that decision and -- it was it was there are certain states that. -- -- -- -- That's in the you know I think any and businesses trying to be as good as it possibly can in every. Q -- and so are out there are certain things in sports minister. Understand in the -- -- than what they're too important and there's things we can do. It isn't what they want it you know who argued out what we know what they really wanted it as the -- and not that was you know guys that are. Decisions. More than anything over the years and I know that's letters. Well then I feel flat out says in the book on page 272. They told us we didn't have any marketable players. The teams not exciting enough we need some sizzle we need some sexy guys. He says I was laughing to myself talk about the tail wagging the dog this is like an absurd just comedy. You were there for that. Did you -- you'd laugh and and -- -- as it changed -- I mean is it different now or they still demanding. That you have some sizzle. Well I think you have read the book I'm I'm pretty sure. What is referring to there as a as a needing that happened. You know as a result. Marketing study that was. It was. You know in large part and essence and Dennis -- and that. You know. A lot of a lot of sports organizations. And certainty networks do that are understand their houses that doesn't mean that. But does that -- In translated in player personnel decisions and he's. But he says that he says he's the next line he says that type of bleed. Contributed to the decision in the we -- to go for more of a quick fix signing Crawford trading for Adrian Gonzales was in direct. Response to that shame on me for giving into it says Theo but at some point the landscape is what it is I didn't handle it well. That kind of explains the arc what we were doing so he says flat out that that mandate. Was in place and he -- or come to. -- -- important -- they're number warm. At all on how to read the book and all of my my understanding is your first meeting. Where a group of consultants. Over it -- you're over in setting. I was not -- -- our -- is our problem Larry -- you know I was I was information gathering. It's it is in the anyway and it turned into four baseball decisions and so they are all agreed to desert -- on. But there anyways did contribute. And that are out there that it's appropriate spot in -- talks on. Ownership group to work together and managed. Demands of Boston errors the pressure to where and there are only a allowed us as a success on the field year after year and we all know that we. Are sort of last year certainly in. You know it's it's not that the we ask our players to be accountable. All the time. I think there's certain notion. Blaming. I'm from marketing study out of players sisters is folly assistants just -- the -- happened. -- and your offseason acquisitions might prove the point or make the case that you're not going after sexy sizzle guys tell us why the team you are in the process of assembling. Is going to be a better team without some stars in it in the opposition's. All the where -- are as you know we have guys are here that has been. Prevents you know star level players. You know leave when we talk about building a team. -- Cardinals milling about in the -- and -- you know as many players are responsible. To search goes through. That that works are at an early -- the hours they were little guys that. In -- when it is it is. Is as much as possible and allies look at already. You know in Australia and sort who has -- you -- you know it. Lester who knows when he's right that are that are. This off season our approach has been. -- as much -- as many parts of the rosters possible. You know I don't know -- maybe we didn't make the -- had to guard Adam bounces for a I think a lot of our regular thing is probably aren't -- people we've added strength through a lot of different areas of roster including some. Liars we really need yet holder. I think in aggregate. You know we feel pretty good over a strong -- With a chance. You know -- Eat eat a lot of areas and you know the chances matchup of their regular are part of winning rarely citizens. Avoiding having. Avoiding having a whole roster it is black hole or positions. -- you -- getting anything out of that position. And registered for Peter out people are out -- and I have. People -- -- starting depth. And he missed that that thing. And you put these pockets are old their roster or -- aren't getting much. It gives you a chance to avoid. You know you're in the future -- I -- straight. And and we can do you know that's such an apple actually had semi ultimate roster on the east. So longer losing streaks it's just. Or here or here he's and so we have. Know that we have star level players our our -- tennis articles that we can't and that's where. We really try to addresses many our roster there. -- would you concur that there is a potential for a black hole at a particular position that being first base the fifteen days that it took you to go from 39 million dollars guaranteed to Mike Napoli to five million dollars is -- five million dollar bet the -- and the medical staff in your baseball -- people think his hip condition will not be an issue and did you not consider just washing your hands of this whole thing when you got the reports. That we did not considers our chance. This is that this is the situation that. You know player I don't -- we really like happily. You know as something -- -- about including Mike Napoli. And our physical part of our physical it is MRI revealed this. And then you're -- you know have an obligation to do. Addressed and we talked to -- -- You know over the course several weeks. You do a lot of information gathering we have a lot of information. At no point -- that time did -- say we are trying you know it is simply a matter of getting about what this really matter. I think the important thing is -- doing -- orders. You know they are all the information we have from our from our medical staff from. Independent medical opinion. We're very optimistic about. You know him being a force Carolina when his thirteenth. -- courses you know the government that citizens as Serbia we are at bats are there no matter who birdied the players analysis -- Asian -- -- But there's a lot of optimism about. It is is Billy packer report their school and he's doing right now it is work now. That he normally would be doing. It's just going Nazis and our girls are on last Friday. You know they look great. So. You know we're we're very optimistic is there anything here is that America rotator cup where others. Thousands of. It's or anything you know they have certain -- -- huge. Samples. You know different you know different -- rotator cuff repairs are -- -- You know all the information and so you CC or. In Paris Paris. The entire back. That is determined on the Paris it is. In this case. We don't have that we don't have that. Sample -- the mission is much more than usual cases so really we don't we don't have a real warehouses are and I expect. -- all the guys that just it and they -- this is used to have that and so we have to go off the expert opinion of the medical people. And mostly Al Mike and right now my younger so. You know where were hoping -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of things and our primary person. That's some great defensive first base was over the years before them first baseman. You know from you coolest thing Adrian Gonzales. In -- JG. BJT snow and Mientkiewicz and are you worried that he won't be able to do the job with the glove you may you -- young third baseman you may have a young shortstop don't they need some help over there. What he's very he's different pitches -- working hard stretch that -- border still. That'll yards of course this year because that's the business and the some and they -- A lot so -- Fort Myers but. You know -- we may try to greater compliment and it was somewhere else. Handle that or experiences that position local city that that is something we try and figure out spring training. You know obviously you know what we like to have. -- -- we'll look out Ortiz centenary at every spot and it'll end earlier offense. Where are the workflow and -- -- -- -- so you know about what that was just a lap then and we noted. In the early -- you know in the best defender and then you know we've had. -- -- defenders at first base of the senate -- and without that spot but you know where. You know that's adequate -- sensor. And then we get it up others others say this to the level again so. -- and then. A world where I'll let let -- they are. When you look at -- I give aboard in your office like on the board all the names and forty man roster on the wall when you looked up at that to use think it's a team that can win ninety. We think it is you know there are going to be very competitive -- -- and and not let him at least. Yeah and the start that -- so I don't know because I think. I think this is the first time in Italy and we are seeing you know you -- It's sort of character ninetieth and I -- because. It's -- and so there is some power insists it's important is that. That's a topic it's anymore as aliases so flat and -- it. That I think that -- -- sort of you know. You know or popular or are nurses. It is I don't know much in the middle class. Now that for Australia middle class but overall -- -- that it is. Get a -- not perfect -- everything that it flopped everything that is as strong as. You know in the outside -- like that. Where there's a coach -- the outs. I think the win total and some -- shrink into each other. I think it is very very competitive division and it comes down to -- itself is -- -- it about some serious about that you. Who makes the best and -- those you know make the best decisions during the season. You know many violator to. So over the courses -- out. Minutes and pointed out again and again that your acquisitions represent guys who are good character guys good clubhouse guys. It was this a bonafide attempt to change or at least tinker with an altered the culture of the clubhouse. I understand like that that's the part of the story is this is that is how I look at them and just. The citizens. Has -- additionally it is so we talked about Paramount. It would mean we acquire player the first thing where he -- he. You know and that's and that's got to help us -- gains voted out of field because. If you don't have that everything else is sort of new York and you get a Portuguese guys in the clubhouse facility at spring training there on in the match has -- mayor. Scoring thirty. That -- I think you get it out and celebrate and so. You know at the start with our and that all of our approach. That said I think it's there you know we recognized that look think bottomed out last year and then you know we are so supportive of that. But in the opposite you know that and building. The next. Brits are seen them. Building back toward the periods so long term. You know we were not we're doing and at a place where. There's going to be attention our -- can be scrutiny and we've earned that certainly deserve that scrutiny. What I'm making is -- you know if we lose two in Guerrero it's ever happened let's say. Or April. You know there's going to be attention on that moved out effort that goes three era. Of course I'm -- but it's. Just picture you'd do you know -- -- to make sure you do it kind of sucks yes sexy to lose sexy blues would sizzle. But I couldn't detect the EU that we are built this thing and they're quiet they're over here some places so. Support being a we're gonna out. You know it isn't that isn't there -- at -- is. Need to feel like. As a group of people are -- process sentences or not to get a get back after the next day and -- -- -- our goals are. -- -- physical or more attention -- about there's but as. -- -- just between us how his stuff is Larry. I wouldn't part ownership obviously you know a lot this offseason about every aspect of what we're in the aftermath of -- book. We talked a lot more about players who talked about you know what will you were training you know. So XYZ. It's that are out there and what was the conversation. I don't know I -- -- -- -- I don't and our perspective is it's different but I think this. I think this book. You know they take you -- huge part of our success or I'm understand people's interest in the book but I. Immediately -- -- At Fort Myers. Without. When they're Internet that the that it. Restaurant maybe to get. In the middle of it you know we just come off these meetings baker street it's always been talking about his. Scoring thirteen or we go about how we move forward. We Pedro Martinez back. Back in the -- -- -- workforce and he was there are about. There is Eric -- on the floor talking about you know those like the winners and go forward with what he did as a -- that are that are that. That's the conversations internally. Understand why you know there's such fascination -- as well -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- I think people are surprised to -- do you feel like it's a weasel move for got to do this. Do you feel like a lot of the conversations you guys had or off the record were private or confidential. And now they're in a book for all the world to read. I don't Arctic -- I think luck as a guess as -- -- -- certainly -- silent people look back and it looked at its best period. There'll be no dispute -- that what it is -- it was -- is that it's not that the greatest. The greatest. For prior ownership group Red Sox history -- -- performance side. Yeah there hazard and then they're our sisters and obviously a lot of good players from Oliver do into the fire at principal in the thick thick. Aside from players that are principles in the period success. Are out are Larry you know Leo knows but he should sit here and currently on our credit. So hopefully charter I don't error it and come close the door. You -- this together and I don't doubt parlors. And for a long arms so I go out there and justice just is maybe more committed than ever. -- threatened to actually because you know we know we know -- selective process you went. And -- and you're not winning. This is you know not -- and and frankly. If we wanted to race against us here. You know I'm I'm not sure who could go to the book. You know -- is it is it's partly it's -- where we are the most important processor. You move forward and focus on -- in this city it's -- contract and we're doing. Semi final question as my last look at the rear view -- and history do you feel in any way vindicated about Bobby Valentine not being your first choice of manager and it didn't work out that well. Now our -- -- a lot of their time. We -- -- as a group decision. And you know make these decisions the other end and and -- -- out for justice. You know -- Howell first player decisions that sort out. -- -- held over every other decision. There are are. Our wins and losses last year or not because about it out. A lot of other. Things that we did it for years ago let. What happened last year at the end of the day we felt like. Notre really move forward and get it back into the to building something that has -- chance to -- This is this since the success over the lockers currently we need to make change in leadership to truly not to talk about it fresh start but. But actually you know let it. Who made a change but it's not. You know it's unfair that. To the court last year -- -- is just the combination of things that those are. He worked itself that was our effort. You know but we we we really we have the right center in place -- great coaching staff since. A lot of the a lot of things that you'll hear about it here outside and let. You know all that matters knows what we do some things. It's April on. And we know that and a little work our work on on the. -- look forward to seeing you in three weeks in Fort Myers were pretty sure it will not be seven degrees thanks for the title talk do we see in Fort Myers. -- Jerry to Red Sox general manager were bouncing Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTD.

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