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The Manti Te'o story keeps getting weirder and weirder

Jan 24, 2013|

John and Gerry discuss the latest developments in the Manti Te'o saga, including the report that he spent hundreds of hours on the phone with a man impersonating a moment. As a special bonus, you can hear Dino's falsetto.

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Seven degrees. At my house this morning seven. -- And the tropics one point eight -- -- at my house and I I tweeted this was one point eight and they tweets actresses. It's dry cold feels like to -- a point eight inch wheels and teach me the -- -- digital I had 21 hopes that it's always have like a degree warmer up this gas heat rise yet. Weekly get and and then go. To his its its. We live here yeah. Line mean when you -- -- -- San Diego with bill and pay tax know about Arizona Arizona or Florida or Texas and Louisiana has ruled down that I explain it to a thermometer upstairs read one point seven here outside the window yet. It's digital -- wire and -- it's how they were highs due to that number -- see if I had number one. -- in the trash it's true -- -- -- -- -- all I threw my Mercury went away from the trash why not supposed to. -- the neighbor's cat has two heads. Let's just deal like could you elect a Dino Tuiasosopo Broderick. He wrote a like a crispy that's. That's the next shoe to drop and get a receipt from Tuiasosopo that he -- rounds it is even more devastating for my girlfriend who had. Wrote a note this. With a couple of dozen of yellow came out like orange. White roses you went mad -- we are so romantic this. Touch. Buried as deep in the -- that -- can. Got to vote -- jumping off statement and your auspices specifics of this. It's seems to me -- that far away in this country or internationally. Of creating social media police forces. I don't think anybody expected. A bunch -- -- weird bad criminal things would happen. When you and base it invented Twitter and FaceBook and MySpace to bill Belichick's Mike -- my face or whether the case may be. I mean every single day there's something new and get to the man typing in just a second. That the Washington Redskins a bunch of Washington Redskins were duped by a woman on Twitter. She said the pictures of a problem of a porn star claiming. To be her. And end up getting all of their direct message access. And was trying to -- a bunch Redskins and their director of security had to step in and say stay away from an alternate. Red red riding hood. Mean at Torrey Smith says patriot fans talk to him about his brother's death at the AFC championship game so -- the way you guys are. Where he tweeted that note that he eats like between any of them. Because sometimes you have to do that when -- under -- yes you know to say you have these people saying -- I mean if someone really taunting him talk to him about his -- is certain that these despicable obviously. -- In the EU Africa to make stuff up like. Like ports tourists -- Torii Hunter made up that people yelled the N word Adam in the bleachers and no one else heard that no one. -- said it just made it up but. Torrey Smith that he re -- and they know what he said. Was at Torrey Smith WR as -- wide receiver play a lot of games since my brother's death and I never received as many rude tweets after a wind and Sunday. Yet New England cries about what -- fans cry about class. So there's no. That -- talked to him about it -- what Erik based on what you see every single day. If you doubt it now Al Arab budget their budget and not a right but what is what is the problem and we went through this with the with the Bruins in -- Bruins fans tweeted. Was black player the the -- about. Now know with the capitals. And. -- game winning goal. Bill Simmons on the which went anyway I think it's -- the world and we we tracked the and we actually reached out some of the people and they were from Canada from Philadelphia. Boston Bruins effect -- the -- we had and it'll work. That were from Boston proper that the commitment from the best and that's -- the house of a kid who was in the suburbs was a Rhode Island hockey player -- robot soldiers anywhere and it when he was fifteen you know it's -- Oh -- for a typical Boston fans races while I was convinced we do have to be careful but I agree it's. I don't think when they invented Twitter and FaceBook page and they expected such. Vitriol. It's just such. Hate and we get an everyday that we re tweet some of them do that today it. Once we're done get in the temperatures from all of in the wing that -- it was front Tupperware it minus. -- Vermont that's minus fifteen impressed Kyle. It's cold everywhere but. That you jumping off point yes this is I was gonna introduce by suggestions buried in the pilot stores yes but Tuiasosopo. And it's the best story it's the best story we've had on this and people are saying they're tired of meant that world and he talks with his family suggested that and absolutely especially -- -- -- -- watching the day they released a couple of clips. And he goes into the old you know that Hillary go Hillary said what would you do you know what difference does it make of the defense of more examples of his lies. He was just covered his -- you know he was a -- you could hear the word embarrassed humiliated about a hundred times. Today with Katie and he will cry -- It looks like the big fat father never stop slobbering just in the clips he he looks like he's a puddle here's here's a brief -- Oh meant no it was when I went there was room. You know the feelings the pain and sorrow about -- ballroom. -- -- -- -- You light a number of times after December's it was clear it was a hoax and you -- Heisman. And you leopard dramatically it wasn't like it does matter of factly trying to get through the day. He was. Enjoying the attention it was part of the narrative. And he went with it. Capers is so much as it is just girl my commanders and myself -- -- on sentiments of now I get a phone call on December 6. -- MS is alive and then I wanna be put on national TV two days later and ask you what the same question. Know what would you do. Which he's going to be the opposite Lance Armstrong Lance was very cold. As can be very warm. They're human yeah sympathetic he's gonna try and you know what he's pulled that off so far here everybody is convinced he was just -- US the question of stupid or evil goal -- He's going gullible and it's working and and and what we need to do here from two yes so that's that's the idea. -- I I I tweeted yesterday that the best from the room media if I'm Katie cork the bomb Oprah I'm Jeremy ship. I want the girl. I want a girl the girl is to keep all this and now a revelation now according to Tuiasosopo lawyer who. I think. I'm not -- -- mature. But I -- idea. The motive of the lawyer L a detriment demoted to -- the lawyer came out and said there is no girl. Yes it's you heard me right yeah there is no girl so yesterday we had to revelations. The phone records which cannot be verified. Which had him on the phone. For 610 calls. I call a thousand calls. Over a hundred calls over an hour each more than an hour each. Minutes long. There's no girl there's just to that place. One is -- yes -- -- Who pretended. To BA girl in a falsetto. Voice does that become more believable -- you or less believable because I know where I come down on this. You cannot tell me for anybody could stay on the phone that will. I can't picture you deal even if this is the hottest chick in the world -- for over an hour. Dean is not one of these three not one of these. -- done it about five minutes. It's okay what do we -- that we can meet their it would get that bubble or imply you know you know one of these. Long yeah conversation. On the phone at that point have you ever but the doubtful anyone in your life. And I don't I don't like it on that it you know maybe in high school once -- twice the -- -- in college you know he's an adult. And there's a hundred at least hundred calls over an hour. And eaten is not even a girl on the other and god pretend to be girl defeat even. For my girlfriend who -- if he wants us to believe he's gullible. And he pulls the soft god bless them because this is the single most global human being an honor this is that the biggest. Duped the biggest chump. In the history of mankind all right. What the attorney is saying. That it was run I had to we -- so -- ball on the line for two hours three hours all night long of the case may be over. Files in all calls and it was indeed Tuiasosopo. What we then think about two -- -- -- we have seen or heard no motive in this. Met tiger has not said they were asking me for money they wanted this -- one of that there were there was no extortion plan here. So this guy at the other into the fall if indeed he was the person and he was the voice. Is is this not not now into the realm of at least mentally deal. He's. A brilliant. And mentally ill and he may be it would take one step further maybe Tuiasosopo. A tennis. A crush on me yes I agree I can't come up with a better explanation. He -- full well it -- all the parties involved so far and in two -- Sobel has not spoken. But. Is -- meant tie -- today's father and everybody got to -- god knows the Notre Dame community. Is backing this version of the story completely. In on the athletic director latest jobless this reputation on the line for meant tight -- meant I was. Was fooled for what I've been saying for weeks as we got to see the girl getting what kind of girl. Woman could get. And which sign up for this would would be recruited may be paid. To talk on the phone for what's the total number of hours to we have the total number of hours. Like hundreds and hundreds of hours including an eight hour phone call allegedly or you know. I'll call them live on hours and see you tell me my question what -- tell me a woman just. To Tuiasosopo. We know we hit his curl up this mayor -- yes for her pictures he he he folders and we need these pictures for the wounded -- in front of so we get the pictures that now what he goes finds a girl says they need to demand and pretend -- -- That didn't happen that was horrible that's right this started to believe he pretended to be a girl. Here -- 500. -- you're there here's the. Report the soul -- chats between the star linebacker and the man posing as his phantom girlfriend with a linchpin of their fairy tale romance. But -- apparently never realized it was doing us this -- himself. Disguising his voice to assume the -- on up. Of the stunning sassy Stanford coed -- -- that's the bizarre man -- -- fake girlfriend frenzy reached a new low. With a high pitched confession -- mastermind. Were an idea. Ronnie Tuiasosopo. Posing as a mysterious -- -- up. Was the false several voice on the other end of the all my phone calls with the Notre Dame star the spammers lawyer said. Heisman Trophy finalist quote thought it was a female. He was talking with according to the lawyer. It was when I had as limiting. And miss if it was so easy for -- we also -- to south elected girl that might lead to the fact that had a crush on man -- an idiotic thing to actually hear his voice at some guests when he sits down. I don't care about this this this this. A 23 year old Linda McClain I don't necessarily care about the Diana -- and O'Meara sorry I don't necessarily care about man cycles and nobody's going to say we've -- Just so slow is that is the -- I wanna see how we don't wanna see a fight back and detect that he's he's mentally ill but somehow whacked out here do you think physical. Boys you're you're good voice guys you degrade pretty good imitated a girl woman thinks -- OK you did I knew you could. A kick -- tour for 500. Hours. When the what I have to use one hand all the 500 hours. Mean everyone can imitate somebody. -- to keep it up and -- there are there are drag queens -- there are transvestites there are transgender. People. -- for all the world like a woman this. Yes widened since I was about like four. And I started my therapy and hormone therapy and -- team. -- there's little there's little baritone in that voice you know yes I would say after five hours of listing that. Now you have a little husky not widely seen under your voice have to you have to. You just did a voice okay now you have to be a girl be a female yes you have to say things like you know it's that time of the month or. You know you know I had. 500. Hours. This guy is the most fast I don't know when what does Barbara lied about it almost ten most fast whatever it is fascinating people at the end of the year right yes top of the list brought Naia. Tuiasosopo. This is one of those evil geniuses may it was easy for him as my point maybe it came easily for people here know he opens his mouth with. With what ever interview were you strict on the scam. And -- again I don't know what the end game is was the end game. To get money to -- -- blackmail him when he signed the contract just enjoyed his time with time. This judge suggesting it's it's as good a theory is anything here is back to the daily news story that says there is no girl about away. Is there anyone less interest in the dying and O'Meara Amaechi is hot. But do you have any trouble believe in the Diane O'Meara was -- him. Just like. Touching got to get -- O'Meara and miss South Carolina I think they're the same person yeah we'll do that because the south Carolina's always fun. But -- O'Meara. Is as. Dumb as a rock and he piece together to give their pictures and it was for the -- but but it to -- -- is just the opposite he's brilliant. -- is -- and brilliant master. He's going to be somebody now I have a friend of mine -- as a kid it was -- -- the kids. Very Smart but kind of evil since he's going to be somebody's going to be famous for something good or bad we don't know. It might be good might be bad because it might works in Australia is but he was -- -- very mature very Smart but. Diabolical. That this guy is gonna be great at some them the most heated and ends up in prison if he ends up in prison and be run on the whole wing it probably have a good time. Tuiasosopo was -- -- people -- numbers the -- with -- suspect the daily news to justice opens resume. Includes a vocal and dramatic training. He was president of his high school drama club. Performs -- -- Christian band and auditioned. Last year for the TB talent show the voice he auditioned for the voice and then cried that it was unfair and get. He got robbed. The the lawyer said. This wasn't a prank to make fun it was establishing communications with someone it was a person with -- deep trouble existence. Troubled existence trying to reach out and communicate. And have a relationship. Grimes the lawyer declined to answer when asked to elaborate on his client's intentions. Or what type of relationship he wanted with a college football star quote. I wouldn't describe his issues at this time. So you're right I matters right in Britain absolutely that that the men and Richard was victim does this to justice -- it's from a big football family. Yeah sure big football fan one of those uncles was come here on the raiders team that -- the Super -- yes and and and who in the world. For somebody from -- Samoan family. Would be your best mark who do you think admired that and you and god am absolutely -- him to -- it was probably his evil quest to see that it's somehow ingratiate himself with him. And it probably from a distance it -- yet every man. TMZ has a picture I don't know how literally -- -- -- exports. Of the two hugging you know -- supplement at the SE game you know some hugs -- little awkward -- one of the him participants once -- are commercially as being what what they can get it. Once the hugged more than the other one note. To mrs. Opel employees Amos and is a -- just one knows -- a little bit wants him a little man hug. Tuiasosopo does not want to let go up until a photo. It it's a video to video. Again it might get just get it's a DMZ sport again. Any second time -- we play for you to just a -- was singing voice and legitimately we have a recording of his. -- this is religious singing group ones is not speaking but it's a singing we'll see if we think that he might have the quality sound like a female for 500. -- I wanna see of Dina could keep what you try to do the whole show -- horse yet as what would deals female name being mean summary slow but he -- Connecticut -- -- and analysts. Not milk that's -- call you wouldn't you know when where. Alone. Oh this is radio deal. Yeah would you be fewer TV chick you guys must have Cisco's vision -- on channel seven when you put Jamaica -- what would be good be it could TV -- -- Which NASCAR techsters in what they. -- brandy had Channing -- a -- Sabrina -- Dakota Sierra baby crystal Smith autumn ruby -- its arts Emmy. -- are shelling should tell Courtney misty Jenny Christen me you know well Shelby trainer -- Cassandra. Rich and tell shouldn't go -- and act like. Okay Sabrina you've got three and a half. We're in -- half hours he grew up is what you get three and a half I was in the book to only be 497. More -- do Ellsbury. And to do that the -- of -- Tuiasosopo forget. Katie Couric. All the shows all the voices in American idols and AGT's. Talk about America's Got Talent that I did well at. Shell. I hit looked lovely in a 186177797937. Bent charitable join us in the 8 o'clock hour we'll talk about -- Tiger's new phone sex interest at some point. All of that Tom -- bowl they hit them hard wallet. Your phone calls nine seconds.

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