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From bad to good to worse... what's wrong with the Boston Celtics

Jan 23, 2013|

After suffering what many consider the worst loss of the season to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Glenn and Michael try and make sense of why the once surging Celtics have gone colder than cold... ice cold.

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Back to back shelf. In Hollywood to open up the phone like your couple minutes for -- 6177797937. Would get and a that's will get into the latest with a victory -- aboard the -- like yours. And we'll get an obviously more football and I'm not over I don't think anybody else's over as well. I should go watch last night's Celtics you know really. Interested in seeing. How they play specially right off the bat right from the opening tap because of what Doc Rivers said the other day I think that. Doc Rivers. Has had an unbelievable -- shelf life. With this team. And to be able to get these guys to do on most nights he really hasn't -- in the players obviously. Kevin Garnett came back because he knew Doc Rivers was going to be -- so -- made the move. I'm putting this team together based on -- yet in the past. And trying to bolster up the bench so that we can limit the minutes of KG and Paul Pierce and therefore may be winning formula maybe something that we were absent. So dark. -- out with these guys. After the Detroit game which none of -- watched. Her at a -- Aren't so I don't know what a lot of I had to go on to a CS and Eddie don't count on line to go listen to the purpose of vibrant about it. The it would -- said after the game he lashed out at at these guys to -- where he's. You know they don't get a little some of these guys are going to be out here to me. That's not something doc does on a regular basis. But he said but you know what -- did to -- he said some of these guys are going to be out here any continue earnings said I don't think. I don't think that's gonna have or don't want that to happen. But if you know this is the reality production you know lose the business -- -- -- Publicly strong comment for archaic but then but be kind of couched it too -- a couch with -- was -- grainy like original religion he -- it originally to when he said is -- gonna go. Then came back later and said. If if they don't turn things. So you're you play like like -- your coach calls you out maybe he did couch -- a little -- you wanna (%expletive) everybody off you -- Pointless team has just blown up with with her show out for the season with a blood -- that make the that the trade down with with Memphis. In the left with a bunch of guys and Kyra Irving who is to -- traffic just bash special and just attack. And fun to watch. So you watch a game last. And right out of the gate first quarter that -- these guys dead. Beat these guys right now or playing as if they didn't hear a word that -- that they're not concerned at the wave that they're playing right now. We don't -- fix the problem. Nobody did anything. Out. Well there are few things here one you talk -- Cleveland blown up the team and a half of them before they book team even before they knew about the news found out the news about. A very job. They're bad team -- -- -- -- there then and aren't as bad -- terrible terrible they're terrible team in so. Even if they didn't get the message. That team is so bad that if if you're not playing basketball the right way and you've got decent talent you should win the whole war on -- great effort less -- that so now. He shouldn't be and -- the Cleveland Cavaliers shouldn't. They -- carrier ring and nothing else right now nothing else nothing else that you really care care about -- -- and I love to have a guy my team. Let's just what some hustle guys practice so that's one to think -- talking about. Because he has taken the he he did have strong comments the strong comets of eight guys got to go. But you don't make will make the -- even stronger. Is if he'd started giving in to. Individual. They'd go on the nice route of saying we need to do this guy is wanted easy. -- question and specifically. -- -- -- Here's. Rondo. Bradley. Jeff Green. A piercing KG looked tired -- safe descent they -- time. They look old. Yeah they do yeah real cool yeah now may -- they're forced and they haven't and they haven't all season they have not. And -- maybe they're asked to do too much. Maybe they're not getting the support of the bench we all know what happens when KG leaves the floor this team is in serious trouble in -- -- the one guy. Who's given it is all up there unfortunately he gets the overflow audience of -- out the soldier. Soldier to me is giving you today and everything end he's becoming a better player 'cause he's figuring this -- got Iraq he's at -- to figure out the NBA. You see Netflix interview with him I would that last night and at the gave credit what is his biggest asset. No pun intended. -- backside in the city gets it gives up prop -- was -- and that is all man. -- that's a secure woman who. I'll take your baggage area of society as adversaries trouble or your present I got a big but I think the public -- that probably -- put the -- on a lot of people but you're right. -- -- Is a nice line was a good draft pick. It gives the Celtics at the -- and they haven't had a long time he actually gets an offensive rebound he's a position for rebounds and he's not -- sleeper he just knows how to anticipate. And he knows how to box people out use that big but that he was talking about so you're right. That that's one thing. -- what. -- would -- referring to when he says week. I and I. I got to start at one guy I wonder if he's trying to face on that it. -- Because. In the NBA with the -- defensive teams and it's gotten worse lately. If you think the Pro Bowl voting is based on reputation. Alt defensive teams or worse. A coaches -- these. What these votes and sometimes they're they are mailing and and not paying attention. They just slap it down -- -- yet but -- got to put this guy competence and a that put Coby on the list and Kobe hasn't played good defense. Like first team all league defense a long time. -- put Rondo on the list when Rondo was on the list -- the first team -- shouldn't have been their first team we never. The elite defender that that they'll all league teams said he was. But now he's gone the other way. This defense this year's been that the services they call it just it can't be in bad. It's nonexistent so he puts him last night on carrier. Was that by design or was that a request by Rondo but here's what I don't and this is a tweet from Avery Bradley. -- is please stop saying he gave me forty. Nobody will ever score forty on me unless they take forty shots in which I would say. Avery your member of the team this is not a -- There's some people up -- -- obviously didn't realize. That Rondo was the one guarding -- and again chew on a freaking game. You just don't respond to it. If people are saying that that but it -- Bradley's defense got lit up by Irving and -- -- and for most of the night Norah. That tells me deleted -- yet you don't let it when you don't quite get somebody got to go out there somebody got to. Can't do much warning amount but I'm wondering Michael. After all play in general individual game. They're not going to get the Doc Rivers said an interest in thing with the gradient pre game show last. Talked about a conversation he had Terry Francona during the 2011 season. Little team was winning and best team member. You don't told him we got problems this team is pregnant we got issues. Well -- going it was a spring training -- for entering right kind of knew that team. Was not going anywhere even though everybody was I don't know what I'm saying right -- 150 -- about it. Docs tennis in the same exact thing right while he said he said you don't autumn that but he says I don't I don't think we're there with this team like this group why does why does he -- That's what he's yet to see the ducks play it both ways with doctors doing is he's throwing that out there right now and you're right. He's not totally committed he's going into the shallow into the pool is not go to the deep bankers and you don't want. You can still waiting for these guys get it right if I keep on getting to that -- deeper end of the pull maybe finally. These guys are gonna figure out but I think he's right in that I don't think you play together as a unit has talked about the game was over three guys don't want to doesn't do us a totally different. And rotating on defense they're not playing the way they're supposed to but you know this is what they're going under the pick and -- that do that taking the easiest way out. And I'll say that I understand it they are not. Whether it's pierce Rondo Garnett -- any. Owners are not here. To give us. On the outside the they're not here to give us play by play of what they mean. I'm like we're talking about so big they're approaching it the right -- like keep it all together. You don't want all hell would break loose you say we're not doing it the right way just make it a collective thing. But behind the scenes I hope. Paul Pierce doesn't say three guys to win this two guys doing that hope we sit behind the scene you know what. KG this what I need from you. Rondo you've got to do this. Together long enough call each other route the core of the team. I hope they're doing that and they know -- you mentioned grandes pregame and it was great. Grandy I got into some interest -- property -- and doc went there with them you know one of things he said was. We're not we're not playing the right way. Doctor that you -- that we can I like these guys but we're not we're not playing the right like tempers are so is that. I don't know if I don't think it's one guy I I really you got to sort -- he said it and not only that docs that were not being honest with -- -- So I hope that honesty happens behind the scenes where you can. You're one of the leaders of the team in all three of the guys we we see if the court members of the team. KG pierce Rondo they're all leaders I hope they are called on each other out and calling out bench players coaches whatever it takes. -- what worries me is that. Veteran players when they finally come to the realization. That these other guys that we picked up maybe they just can't get it done the -- Abdul we need them to do. When you come to that realization you can go to different ways. You can yell you can -- you can try to get them on at the same page and he can take it to the next level we can just accept. Reality. And that's what worries me right now. That's why that between now and the trading deadline which would be a -- -- a month from now. Gonna be very -- and see how they play they have a very difficult schedule Leo over the next week beginning with the knicks coming here Carmelo Anthony coming here tomorrow night. They have to start doing it if they don't Michael -- again he's gonna have any other choice. But to seriously. Reassess this and say this right now is clearly. Not work and force -- just not working we thought it was go to work -- these older guys here and building a strong bench it's just not work. Are we got a phone calls we'll get it as a patriot stuff is what would -- coming up next at such watch 77797. 937 you'll apology talking next election.

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