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Thursday, January 23rd Whiner Line

Jan 23, 2013|

You're not such a good man Charlie Brown

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Views excusing views expressed and expressed. The wind in my knees aren't buying ETT. Proceed with caution and this discretion advised. When Morris and now those -- weren't -- realize. John was the overall effort what you needed that level of effort. -- and now did you just saw it during the seemed to. Faulting him back up strong Cogent and WEEI. Who Maureen airlines who have fought before death. Right for -- Johnson who don't know a lot of challenging you -- dial 6177793535. The problem beautiful bus stop most of the times. We have a great representative of the city and we'll let you do it just -- stand somewhere else notably no. Why airline did have another question I would and they're pretty good movement 20. Ball but we got up and now you're trying you ask me questions and yeah me into language. -- it's been just six with you you try and use my good some box into a corner all the time WEEI. -- if I want to explain it to it. He -- three I guess. We're doing here yeah -- -- -- line. I do love John -- jacket and those guys gonna try to put together all Brooks -- and daughter -- Content Carlisle is old. -- -- be great tonight I love watching them of the mentioned that -- you'll you'll be on the -- and he will be out if they lose the Rangers lose this game tonight. Post game press coverage we will bring out a lockout vote yeah I -- -- lock out -- in in game one most impressed are awesome -- was that he was slightly annoyed game one when there was a delay. -- -- the delay as yeah you know he keeps you seem kind of rolled his eyes there. -- first I think I can only had a -- hundred plus day lockout and now it's time to play you can get it right but I'm telling they lose this game tonight don't acts we're gonna happen no wider line open. He's had a house almighty. Was it microphone. And got the wrong markets are my sorry Mike Fisher is this your first job of Italy's they have these position here too much from a comedian I checked out Michael's pop tarts and costly to exit number. Once over the you take -- one microphone -- -- high -- -- -- -- it's pretty formed thoughts on that note says. It is is definitely yeah -- -- -- powered by -- TW I live it's available to rival Iran android and Blackberry device. Brought to you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was ten times fast -- -- have fresh off of what language would you like rival Russian seriously yeah. Michael Romeo in Russia after they aren't I go to that African click which you know the clicks on the creek community speculative. Now I got to prep for giving some wild -- and books on the clicks. A much Russian Michael told was just the Hitler or the roads are here as a resident doctors say somebody catches. Up two years tickets they were mute. Yes that's yes and the opposite dot. That's but that's what Time Warner told to. And it's. Possible candidates. The islanders went very well. It felt I know is our ability. That. And that I was very rude to the Rhode Island just that was for actually made a mistake that was Vermont there was that we get to know why did you do -- conversation -- -- don't -- station and we usually gets clearly and it's a lot yeah. Yes. Roger Williams just think of him next time you're in -- bad enough room and. Of course I would go quietly. Now let them kind of -- but -- And an important and important partners and government. I'd -- -- I love it so I live on the border city over him well again that's some places like the please -- -- -- -- Monroe dimensions except is that what you're one of those boys -- talk a little old don't know what they -- -- port the Newport -- yes I love won't suck it it's on my Cat Stevens now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's -- -- -- I just had the most horrible dream that -- -- lost but it. Cavaliers. -- and and that it was early but that third quarter Danny -- tomorrow we'll talk dimple and. -- -- -- walking through that door. Couple as a walk through that door and Ray Allen when you walk. Through that -- And -- Sunday. To walk in the door and a -- Domingo and. They're all. Called me and about debate they have beer there all of they've they've been -- data available no offense could be it could be a big out they look full. Hour. What that felt good on all our regular his own game. That they went to speed it up. And staffs that do Tennessee ten times faster in Russian we got a right. Now he tells Italians Italians and as well it. All but kicked inaugurated we did get a good -- the larger array of put on regular uniform. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How else. It. -- Once upon a time -- the actual. -- If they -- my -- every day but I still going to beat them anyway. So obviously Tennessee he's a much funnier guys and Twitter is it's stupid home choosing. To -- bust a real guy. It is that we ought to know that -- you know join the north then yeah sure that's Erica. Obscure stuff I don't know imaginary hero -- -- you don't know half -- Michael. -- And and. -- -- command brother come off for the real thing you know here's a radio hug here given your radio a difference. Your arms wide -- carelessness. I'm tired of that it had tomorrow -- the -- -- yeah. We're upward turn to borrow we will get over this tomorrow. Double checked the calendar blockbuster. They wanted it needs to focus. Than -- that game it won't happen that. It was awesome. I. Caught out of apple -- Bob and I. Are on flat. And -- not gonna do brother. Sorry -- -- Yeah oh yeah you'll be surprised. You're campaigning -- good but what about and. -- out -- that I had and Beckett went. Christiane and -- what. -- That -- being. I don't since -- spot current I don't -- we're a little bit and knocked out there. -- yeah. I don't think that I'm on the -- Bet that I haven't I'm low on fuel and yeah Bob yeah I'm not. But -- that clip. She got no Shia resident Roger did you defy stories. He's got a motion plus -- change. -- -- -- -- -- -- But these little feisty. I think she's I tell -- a shot to as a Leah. Tailgate at the -- -- you wanna Ali doctor good but now she was picked them on. What it is it helpful because we've all picked Polycom. -- -- -- -- operative. They got. But but what was -- -- Bryant caught robbing Alex -- -- level of three Super Bowl has always been allowed his reputation as she can't. But they haven't played. -- -- Bob -- a bunch of talk about football just a bunch of body of. Preterm and you keep -- not -- who helped pass or play over Monica critics pushed -- target -- All of -- -- -- -- and -- what you want -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- taxes that they'd rather lose most people would rather lose right now that forehand volley make a difference and you want pars I think you guys -- -- be cute he's chart the textures that govern the that's understandable -- announced he'll find a related. -- the way to hurt Brady impractical. Michael you don't missed it you'll bring -- here he doesn't hold your players -- players. You want a guy like that team sure ya really -- -- -- nobody not a popular talk about what you hate if I had -- years yeah hey we're presenting an Ochocinco and your team I hated them so I'll leave it up cab drivers. You have a female for you little details on the uniform. You're gonna heat Youkilis this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of the the -- said that. You know -- we're -- -- becoming a bunch of Johnny most -- mostly about Michael Jordan did. Eleven make it. Yeah. Yeah yeah -- and -- the study didn't think he was to play any defense -- Johnny and I get into an argument. -- -- -- At the time that was the last time that gently chastised him in the broadcast was over Christmas after two stroke before at all this was yeah this let them after him but he was that -- was just -- Little -- three years. Glad you don't want it back about my side -- but okay. -- -- -- And that message and other government. So I decide linebacker we'll go east to college it. From Bridgewater and come up from Fall River and -- twenty minute period. Come -- it's bad not bad enough. And even just when I'm real estate. Apologizing. With the -- As well it's mostly and it's that is -- individuals apologizing that we weren't Smart enough to understand these concepts -- -- got to stay in your apps apple all goes he -- -- -- Haven't heard from and a week if you did that -- statement on the Bob Bob did. I've heard some positive god. Today it has got to be I glory days that we get. I have wanted dead yet more -- Love -- that bold yes that the value -- what actually. It. The days go back up the quality to have Italian. -- -- Attack and I. Accurate view screw them you were supposed there's still these questions Tito didn't do all -- first base coach leading you know I thought through town we have we have the time. I was I was told not to have my back pocket that's a question in your back fine backed -- yes. Right. Now. Maybe -- waited -- After that. Obama and I would vote was to come out when you which. You'll be hearing about that football that you -- About starting web site. And I understand what Jerry Rice went along with shifting gene Michael along Glenn. Using Jerry Rice and TV right. -- and there was an endorsement money. Why he went along with it saves that kept it really was a great great receiver with the best the privacy. But the best television I don't do everything but a great receiver. -- I don't doubt that you know we're gonna go. That is correct our nation back you know. But of that is we have a database always have quite a bit and -- crap -- -- governor everybody out what Claudia. -- And a wedding now exposing everybody's ass in the book I don't know why does. Guys thanks -- you know it's it's funny -- -- -- it's funny you mentioned over the text him and what you're doing an interview him 50% of the people -- -- -- asking tough and -- -- -- right the other 50% would come through and you can you can justice -- they were all pissed -- that we weren't thinking -- For Bradley -- bringing all of -- -- 07. World Series championship why you guys miss out on an opportunity why are you guys don't know. I gotta give John Valentin credit for this we had remember -- talk radio everywhere else is there folk on the -- that was -- idea what I'm starting to what they deal to the day off John balance in the co host. And all -- open right up to talented wise. As valid since it before he's asked one question that first or keep this is in July of 2005. Well up the World Series first talking. Thank you for the World Series. You Corey thank you think that no one the World Series. Folks at you know what -- you -- -- -- Like these shots from birthdays. You know what you're talking about tiger. For a dale -- thanks for any annoyed that I didn't realize. You think people. To be thank Nomar when you just want to get up thanks a truck and. Good lord. The -- -- Charlie Brown arrested for stalking bill -- only that project yet -- abroad and not the ball. About. No more urgency that admiral did make the -- He happened to be with Nomar Garciaparra that. Over and he has to be with a body was doling out things. And and then he -- Mormon mr. Charlie Brown the voice of Charlie Brown. A fifty years of plaster. No just read -- I know he did that thing with the future Brown's voice late in the guy's 57 when he was young man army and back in 1960 so that the Christmas I'll be able want to considering Charles -- has been dead for twenty years -- it's asking me in other words you can't hold Charlie Brown on apprentice. Don't talk it don't talk about Jerry Rice -- you puke. -- -- -- I don't know and. Popped. Up. And that message. Comfortable on his own skin Charlie -- balls he was like because I love you just have enough donor area I'd say led to a July essential to watch that like it's a that'd be great -- the -- -- -- -- -- stunt double for the -- The -- -- try to ground that there was girlfriend if you pull that football away one more. I'm not gonna break it. You're gonna want a lot of power but it I think it's eight AT&T forgy LTE speeds up -- drugs faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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