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Matt Chatham, former Patriots LB, recaps the AFC Championship game

Jan 23, 2013|

Matt Chatham joins Mut and Merloni to recap the AFC Championship and what went wrong. Chatham discusses the Patriots toughness factor.

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Our tier -- -- 93 point seven WE DI and your calls all day and the patriots season success failure. Individual stuff from the game the other day 617779798371. Of our great. Conversations every week during the year happens two exits at this time Matt Chatham were patriot -- the Chapman report. The Boston Herald Tuesdays and Fridays a year with with Austin on NFL Sundays and he joins us. You wrote today Matt Chatham about. The trash bag day and how the season sort of comes to an -- and -- people read it. But that's the patriots had yesterday trash bag day in a locker room time to go home regroup the off season. In your mind off a Sunday's game what are the 123. Biggest reasons. It's trash bag gay and not a work day in terms of prepping for a Super Bowl matchup with -- -- -- 49ers in a couple of weeks. I'll be honest with you. I'm not there yet selected. That would kick it give you -- -- so the -- that the coaches tape just came out yesterday and -- you know I think it was early this morning. Norm right now about midway through the third quarter. And to be honest with you to make sweeping kind of -- statement -- just like that. Are my run through the second time that a lot more in there just in the sort of -- symbol of what. What I expected you know doing the protest of the BBC -- this as a reformer also. Am I might brought captains of the game was much different than mine my coaches they've you know I've read. Of the people say and maybe at -- -- and thought about. You know oh loss leaving physical play and third down offense and a lot of those things. Some thread of truth and that bought. Tiny part of the actual real story I think there's just a lot of well I've -- -- -- -- a lot of bad football. You know this I was surprised to find a handful Miller in the first half by the offense where you know -- talk more about. I heard -- talked more about you know. Miserable all the things and actually -- physical first a lot of really great movement on the environment though Ryan Wendell to it was a quote you'll have a lot of instances. And I thought you know -- lot of mistakes -- designed. There -- screened for breast and boy did he didn't run. For whatever reason. There were just you know I give my heart broke with twelve things but there were a lot of non teachers principals and that I was surprised to. Much of that was the physical play you think of a Baltimore defense I mean -- We see this often struggle has because of that or is it in what you've seen so far because it was just missed opportunities. You know the patriots in the ravens' -- not red zone but to side of the field stalls. Drive stalling at the 34 the forty yard line. The end of the first half just uncharacteristic things but how much. Was that the physical style because that's what everybody's talking about the came in to be tomorrow. -- never withdraw. The people of good arms and that'll pick up even slightly accurate but that's. You know especially the first three of those stressful -- believe in the first half and the like is that I'm not I'm not through -- -- -- -- course in particular that. Wide thing but the physical play and my mind one out in the fourth when actually read more for pitchers -- -- too much more physical. In that first half. Literally into the third. They had Russell because of mistakes they've made dropped passes. You know screwed up routes. Armed going downfield but the ball. It's horrible out of bounds of second hand with an aggressive like owners can be anyone had. Uncovered five or secure and I'm not just take it easy where and I think could be. The that the way things that means is that the court to require effort with the -- -- -- yet. Now maybe there's you know I know a lot of people put the -- of stock in the big hit the Pollard hit. And you know sort of transpose that over the entire name. What it it's hard to sort of you know endorsement story or overseas where it looked departure receipt Eric and him actually from which actually. With the with the Suggs down earlier. Exact -- to the idea that they were somehow being bullied. By this big physical ravens went up and. It's about you saw a lot of mistakes then rolls forget the physical part per second and look 44 breakdown I hope on Friday in The Herald. The mistakes that you've seen so far are they team mistakes with the individual mistakes -- the mistakes that. Were -- basic that you didn't see them make a lot during the year. Yeah I think that's probably the frustrating part a lot of them it's very fix the -- often in this time when you see people mistake make mistakes and you -- the last game of the year you can certainly an okay. We need to -- different player for that but some of them they can stop stop posting these guys do well over the course the -- so I think that's probably you know part of the frustration. Aqib Talib before he got hurt I think he was one of the chronic quiet -- -- he's done extremely well premieres on punt return. And as part of a group was great that they can just actually one -- the more productive you know to have on the team. And you get penalty early you know you don't seem devalues Dominique is not going to medalist here there's you know. A city. Mental -- mom -- one of the very first series. Look what stood guard pulled in Brussels on what the other direction it just seemed very -- on patriot way. -- dismantle our little stuff that you don't expect. Kind of not taking you play when he put it was available if you I'd never call the play with. Paul Kruger has sort of jumped up in the air and they were doing a throwback player. To you through I -- an open. Right you -- yeah and I mean the bad that he was just you know production it was a heck I drew it up great -- that's a really good -- complaints from that time there was no pressure means you. I think he could buy the pump -- -- up until that time to dump the ball into the off. What Hernandez have had fifteen yards of open space is probable and that kind of served as -- drive to look at that don't get me in the run in the next foreigners certain sense of it's simple stuff like that if you just don't view them you know not execute the -- Too much prep football is it yet open marketplace put -- in is it felt like the patriots what Apollo Apollo was up. Yeah I think you know we -- both physical and a Pollard -- -- -- out and you would look you know you look at that they Haiti put on Welker two plays later the bad miss Welker kind of taken his eye off probably looking for the next here that they roughed up. Brandon -- couple good hits they -- so it it seem to me and immediate -- mourn the trenches as far as the physical play Detroit tucked but that yesterday but in the secondary. It looked like they came out hit and and kind of enforce these wide receivers do some things you don't really see from them. Yeah I guess what you look for a -- if if if there's some accuracy to the whole you know the simple effective thing. Still being sort of alligator army you know on plays after that. There are somehow not. You know not doing with the department has happened and I don't see that so. I don't know I just think it is at the end of the day dean did and I just think he's across the way of the road sort of change you know what they were doing that the -- -- a lot of a lot of ball in the red zone and apparently what are the -- injured over effect from them again. Although I've dive deeper into that later put on the other credible defensively our election kind of shocked to -- that you know the patriots -- In a lot of -- squalls are likely to reward hospitable and catch a ball after ball in the slot. And was surprised you know aren't into the great job in the game Portsmouth when I didn't realize admit that I just looked in the -- So there were some -- was the stuff that didn't work was just sort among -- it was frustrating you know of the mental block the deal for the -- How much was the loss of a -- to lead that change in what you saw. What they did in the secondary I'm according doesn't go to corn stays at safety Gregory just look like you to step behind on the -- best game. Yeah I think that's I think that's the good call and you know I've been I've been public view earlier I think he's had a great season and to be fair I think has -- presented him that this was. His best stuff on the part of it was packed in part of it was sort of Somalia. Angle he took the cut off stuff there was one big the Portsmouth and cut about point five yards. Earlier than it was very early in the third quarter late in the second that as a result of point for those guys. It was carried him out that leverage and he squeezed them back and they have the the safety down much like. Gregory pick in the first it. You know -- -- intersection of the Baltimore game we came down rather than encourage. It took about it looked eerily similar to that place. What do you was. Maybe affected by the shoulders with a quarterback on -- but he was so slow and not getting there in the open. You know the divorcing but what part of the play in in the and the turn over the direction of have a -- a lot of value look at. -- screenplay you know that about. Ugly losses document and then in the -- you know an extended play with a can negatively -- -- -- that. You know missed tackle with poor game I think but by Justin Francis a lot of things that commute on the edge and fell down quite intimately and missed tackle. And you haven't betting on them while also. Again just missed you know there were young players making mistakes and high power had a little rough game a couple instances didn't keep yet on the goal line. Lost it's a few times when they've moved -- for a supplement for. So why against stuff that I probably haven't you ever been mentioned over the last 72 weeks -- the popped up in the scheme and you know obviously in -- the biggest ones. -- -- wanted the entire thing but you mentioned tackling now twice in the last conversation rice in the touchdown pierce -- huge third down there in the second half. Which they the patriots tackling overall. Ski -- -- crept back can't and that and you know it's something we talked about maybe in the late late November early December that was the gamers so there were the conference and it was a little shoddy. Actually the first first Baltimore game -- was -- that we mentioned as well but think about the foot of the -- the direction literally really good quality for the -- Especially in the first playoff games so. They came back you know I think there were several guys who missed tackles with him and pursue multiple off central front people and this can happen at this time here I mean I think it's it's hard that the print and what were -- Russia's. We talked about games like this what it is boring to just say competition put butter. But usually it's easier to say that if you've seen them make the -- -- of course the season. Exactly what compliment just showed that went away in the fixed quickly for one reason the worst possible time -- came back. I get stuck -- Gregory but baca a -- to leave because. It earlier McCain he's humbled and once snap he's an endorsement the next look at their Kenneth usenet maybe -- You know black and know who he was gonna be on how big an impact is he what's he left. Yeah I think. You know what we had talked about this. Through peer through April summit -- this stuff I do about it was pretty good talking about how they're reasonably. In our you know at Torrey Smith had a game we -- ever want attention that we are in Denver with a vertical stuff. And I think a lot of people have assumed that they'd go to him -- these are -- -- hopefully Obama and I'm public. Not surprised they didn't really do with that went. I still think the league's best contributions size match. Not that he's not there not born chorus animal commute is just he's he's they're bigger -- And then in the event that they have a good matchup like that. The matchup with -- month old and who hasn't been terribly productive this year I think he's he's moved in the sort of the more possession Brittany kind of what about the great -- -- it was a good idea to put him on him blues number what hurt because an action here is the other injured argument as well as news. Iran with a we run down field. Wimbledon which doesn't look like he has the export of downfield stuff anymore so that's. A good match differently and they have a nice pass break up on the crossroads of what have been changed. Was the disappearance and that the recorder in the diminished basically stated. Generally with what -- met but -- -- grew more people in the plot. And this is the tough part that you get into you know an injury in game. -- publicly deserve best this and that or anything but he is the bigger bodies continued bigger voice recorder -- the departed receiver in the slot. It was curious to me that the continued hello mark he's capable sort of -- -- had. He's had tight coverage just didn't appear to deal with the players receivers so the the decision maybe not to switch to a bigger nickel and try to match. If I'm Wilson there may -- Possibly would have them and other options they did try to double as possible with a couple times. Action one of those touchdowns globally but again I think Gregory was maybe it's so slow. Not sure that was the exact. Responsibility but the look like a trip to -- -- though what. The issue here is just not have in the body type match in the world on the roster limit on the part of the computers that they chose beautiful. A lot of little things that you saw on Sunday that look forty breakdown of this on Friday it wouldn't wouldn't be fair to not ask you have a big picture question that you hate. In your final conversation -- here during the season. Was this patriots season a success. Or a failure 2012. This is semantics and ultra of their term and pasta. And -- I think it was. Did I it did not meet their goal. It is they feel that their goal and we know what their goals always stick you know -- -- way. I would say it was a success and that it was successful these -- our games and when people I think what you really get into the final four. It's kind of anyone -- I think the frustration of the carry with them and that I think this team to me having you know covered him in depth policies and really felt like they have a lot more random than what they got out of it but if you look at last year's season and still within. You know the -- of having done more in the rule equals that went in the championship and as well but you felt like they had Roy -- themselves out of certain capacities on the on the defensive side of the ball and and -- -- and so -- -- kind of production. And that stretch so I felt like this team. Have more than they left out on the field. And it'll be frustrating that you don't you know the the great group of guys are great team and they they didn't really maximize insult of the biggest moments of Oakland -- the frustration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been great break -- down his gave the hearing on NFL Sunday read every Tuesday and Friday in the -- report I hope that continues to -- conversation continue Matt. Enjoy the off season -- -- talking on the road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That'll be it about shall be in Google Rutland on the future. Plans and. Mack great stuff thank you -- -- artery Matt Chatham joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTT. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible in addition to your phone calls we come back. Patriots players house got robbed during the AFC championship game played that laws don't want.

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