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Tom E Curran, CSNNE, on the AFC Championship defeat

Jan 23, 2013|

Curran joins the show to talk about the Patriots loss, the future of the team, and what will happen with Talib.

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And that. Then. And. -- And you know I'm dying here now and rather push. -- It terms used to ask our control immunity -- are protesting -- lockup series where. Upgraded from Havoc in the back real Portugal where it was you know it just worked but it wasn't no. -- ghostly spirit. You know we they're being marked just -- -- On you know I've been going to the game they can mean different they're not doing for the hearing Markel and their economic -- at all. Which are needed to go to market -- I'll do it privately that they went there. -- -- fear about where there are a look at this afternoon. -- comfort triggered a part of who you want some plays that -- portables for a you'd think. -- -- -- -- -- -- that is Vince Wilfork talking about the patriots loss. They prepare for next year the ravens their for the Super Bowl but Lou -- three point seven. WEEI joining us on the AT&T hotline is Tommy current Comcast sports he's brought to you like Tom and Wes Welker haired doctor doctor Robert -- call 1800. Get hair -- going into this thing mr. -- you're. A big proponent that the patriots were going to win a win convincingly. Outlaws the biggest reason they did not get it done on Sunday in your mind. Bullet penetrated. Fifty outlined in Baltimore territory. Six consecutive drives success cylinder types. And they didn't come away with 113 points. That's it akin to that they that they -- twelve possessions my government to Baltimore territory. And thirteen courts so it doesn't have a lot to do to leave and it doesn't have a lot to do it. A lack of abstraction has to do it and inability or aren't. Second and short and then third and short to convert its it's it's on the -- it's on the offense. -- we're talking. With our are surprised maybe it's -- maybe the building goal for you on fourth down a couple of occasions and that 14 -- one and they could probably go back to each of those -- we questioned it and look at the third down place. And say you know -- and that read in fourth and it couldn't have been may be the fourth and 24 and one over the quick -- -- welcome breaks attack on its first downs and a date. It just seems like on third down third to lose it just didn't see what you maybe would normally she -- team especially going -- wind. Or what was even more. Maddening with how they often got eight yards on first and second until. In the ladies throwing complete or they would. What it would be stopped in the Libyan 32 and an -- you know -- somewhat more limited because thinking very reluctant to run the ball. Inside or outside I think it was. I think -- Greenpeace -- a great job and I think that. -- the patriots -- not all the rent levers offensively and and I think it was completely. That's the scale but I mean when you look at decade. And I know the final Bluetooth two point victory. For the ravens but. It should have been twenty to seven at halftime. And -- the ravens would stop the patriots are positioned to drive the sort of picked up another first down. The next game should have been could have been would have been in their back pocket they execute this -- -- like this and Francisco game where they. And stuff away loose for the Wakefield the giants The -- global. -- -- 2007 where they overwhelm the patriots up front and in Iowa in the I'm just physical -- -- this was that this was. Outlet so called death by a thousand paper cuts. That they administer themselves. You mentioned the running game Tom and I I -- date they seem reluctant to one or on the football was that -- in your mind something that the ravens did to sort of you keep them out of there was this just them getting unbalanced at the wrong time. I think that they felt that it they had. Better opportunity to throw against the ravens linebacker which had hoped they would -- I felt they they would have beaten and athletic mismatches. Against the ravens put it again. Too often the ravens seem to shop -- exactly what was gonna happen. -- get pretty -- little bit off kilter make them double clutch on some of this. It throws you know in the end. And imprecise and I think that that was more general concern. Were assuming they couldn't run the ball was picked -- -- mismatches with severe. Against linebackers in and corners like I think the pets. More than anything what meat and so reluctant. To go ahead and just on the ball -- they had gone to a much more conservative approach. Instantly change moving approach I think that it could have served them that a police so. You know on third down and couldn't record ever great article today just like -- perfectly in his analysis local. You don't -- at nickel defense on the on the field. Majority of the time in all you want Tom Brady can run at that and I think that fell in love with the notion that they were going to be overrun at what excuse me throw that will. On the ravens in and the ravens showed up to cover it up. Yet he said it wasn't because of Talib -- thought he -- huge affect you were wondering who we was gonna Coburn. Those first few drives use on Smith he was on -- -- mixing things up and when he left. All of a sudden -- -- Arrington not in the slot the covering one of these guys in coal covering one of these guys. And eventually Flacco and call well finally realized that shotgun and just whip up and down the field they can do anything about it. Well I guess we received it didn't have a big effect. You know he went on the outlook second drive -- and that the ravens had seven points until the second -- for the second. So that -- more than whether it. -- to keep to leave during the period those guys defensively. It is Palestinians. Keeping the patriots in the game was more than enough time -- the offense to kick him in the office that protected they'll eventually incorporate -- I do agree with you. In that. Yeah I go back to that next drive after Talib and and that was it like -- two worst passes missed a wide open pit and a wide open Dixon it's three and off the field those guys for wide open. And and an -- exploded first and. Paula -- stated score was saying is fully -- field. They still at seven point simply to the third quarter. So. This is not -- -- like -- we've got a bit what that if you would about there yes definitely but they weathered the storm. As long -- they needed to. And the offense but now there's these games when he's either side -- to -- Was let us pick the other up if they lose somebody. And I think losing to leave the -- you to pick things up -- you can't put up thirteen point you have to put up your your standard. 31 and and they couldn't. Under their lack of depth in the secondary. Come back to bite them if you like connect game. I just didn't see them getting exploited out in the field the way they were earlier in the year and I saw the mic point by the united -- -- -- Torrey -- but look at the forty plus -- -- we saw earlier this season and also go in over. People on Wilson and ball will go and all are Oprah Patrick -- it wasn't the same thing that slows. Being out competed by physical receiver being portable and yet they would have that are up there -- more -- secretary. Yesterday it -- like let's go back to that that's why should bass when mark Kris Cole is getting beat up Bible in the slot to the patriots will be slow to react to make an adjustment to put. Whether Dennett Denham was late I guess they put on him maybe Patrick Chung they slow and that reaction to it did defend Bolden slot. Yeah I guess that we can say anything after the after the game mark Q school that relocate -- return currencies and -- borderline well is it a missed that support yet coupled going to be the key to the ravens up and go to an end. So you you put the guy out there who's next Malcolm and -- percent. Look at the poll -- on the corner route. Paul -- for awhile and then you know got stuck up what can watch the balloon fly over -- Simple made a play but I think and they keep keeping. They didn't go up and down the field was so many people would say this reminds me earlier in the year it didn't they were seven point capital of the third quarter they get to 28. After a fumble -- -- get you know blitzkrieg on the middle feel on what plays that -- looked like earlier in the year. The first majority of the game with these senseless was fine this was an offer to fill. Are dumb and -- -- three names you tell me what happens next year Sebastian Vollmer Wes Welker keep delete. That's all we know we got the actual -- is not -- -- -- -- what should the patriots do what you think it will. I think that I think they'll work to resign Ballmer and Allen met in the league. To leave is going to beat a retreat this is the business proposition. And I'm not sure he's gonna have the same. Notions of loyalty that may be a player like. Dylan might are bought my look at. Who came to the patriots says. It create that and the -- will make. To -- say you know what enjoy it but I do when you're. Be its first bigger contract yet and find out for sure that he's not gonna get a big deal someplace else we're sort of the but shall we deal with the patriots. And bill the more I think about it the more I think that. The west well there will be -- -- shop himself. And that could take awhile because. The longer look at. His role going forward the patriots have always been of the mind. That they wanna get away from where you too early as opposed to a year to wait. And I think next year's going to be here actually with Wes Welker he could still go out there and internship. I think -- ball and -- a thousand yards. But as the centerpiece of the offense and that's the kind of is right now. It's. It's he's ill suited for it because there are limitations to his game which we've seen in the last couple of years and again I think -- to keep it at the end of is. Not the end of his usefulness since we're not the end of his ability to compete on -- -- basis. But I think it's. It would be better for the patriots and I think just judging from the fallout you're watching him over the years and we are they cute things this would be. The year which I think that would move away from him. The last one for me in free agency starts march 12 so it's too early to go specific but -- feel like there is a position -- specific need to. Honesty and can be addressed either through a guy and created using the draft what you look at first and foremost. Well the interesting thing is when you look at. Media coverage linebacker. I think excuse but you have been electrical -- back there you -- electorate about season. Got hurt so little -- -- really feel a little deeply you know -- Ras I Dowling a player who complete quarterback field. Or do you want it -- find someone else you know they speak generally don't show up at the top of the free agent market ever since details on the spurned them. I think that is still a -- -- pure safety out there. Could that might be some day when the chase after and I think the excuse of physical wide receiver. As opposed to. So little more flights fast guys I think that's the one compliment that they don't have they obviously have a good guy outside the numbers a little. The third -- -- patients in -- with groups like tag Welker he returned. But he has limitations. I -- have their own unique skill what they don't have here's. An unfortunate it couldn't watch the cumulative music and to -- example but. All that a guy who can. Certainly complete -- to compete pro football. -- -- that field. Tom great stuff earlier about great stuff is always your play and hurt we can tell your voice how we hope you've while we hope you feel better to look forty year -- From the Super -- next week. Or are you got this job Tommy -- joining us any -- you as always by Tom and Wes Welker Seri doctor. Doctor Robert -- call 1800. Get air. We come back weir for president of -- week talking about what the patriots need -- what can they use what they need Tom just said it safety guy like. Rodney Harrison was sound from Rodney Harrison but the patriots loss what they need to do going forward here from that next.

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