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Donny Marshall, CSNNE, on the Celtics struggles

Jan 23, 2013|

Donny Marshall joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Doc Rivers' frustration with the team, the recent struggles, and what moves need to be made.

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-- courses -- -- -- -- was turmoil and you know who have fallen under the baskets under the best. And he's capable there was no one to -- Know what was that. And -- us. No -- no more mentally you just did not hear from fortieth minutes today it was very individual. -- of the puzzle offensively. Rather game plan. We did we didn't score. Happened and we -- so those approaches you present. Dockers after a dollar loss for the Boston Celtics model OpenId three point seven. WEP guys in studio last night breaking this thing down with Tommy and Gary -- went Comcast sports. UConn grab that means we get them on as much as possible he is Donny Marshal on talk while the Celtics team Donny how Oreo. I'm doing well doing well because doing today. Doing all right Donny and talk about this -- of the day and it just -- confirm given all the -- I tale story -- have you seen much wife viewer at the wedding what's the real wedding. You were there right. Yeah yeah it was a real wedding and a lot of bad dancing going on. -- -- okay only a couple of drinks only had to offer. But I would have I would rather him -- in and steady -- about tendering its he would be Sandra if you saw in law. A cycle life side -- -- signed that waiver when you left that Lieberman he can't talk about guys want to make sure there was an actual wedding given everything is going to -- call me anti tea. I will go with you for. You watch a lot more basketball that I have -- tell me if I'm seeing something that's not there I see in the middle January. A Celtic team that is playing -- like they just met like a week ago and the chemistry and the feel. Is just not there are at this team -- make an out operas that they are right now. No I don't think you're making up the you know I've I've been on. I've been on second and third date that have been more in sync and the earth right now seriously coming -- guys. It's it's that it's an amazing thing because you understand what's in it together it. If you go back 2008. Okay it's gonna take our per KG in all grade. A younger Rondo dependent. Got to get on the same page you understood that as being selfish. They might have been waiting for the other -- and take over wherever that may abandon this team it just seemed like OK Kevin Garnett. And Paul Pierce or so let me I have nothing bad about those that I'll never. I think that the Bryant's caliber and her to -- it is bad -- it -- -- -- you know never say anything bad about rockets from wonder. And -- -- it's someone in a cart texting and get we will have. Excuse why it happened it would -- Ronald -- I'm gonna gonna take that approach -- -- of law I think he's got a look at their careers and a negative and a -- But if you look at those crackers and especially Kevin and at what he's doing I mean we got like 47000. Minutes. In a career. Up people to say KG needs is that he didn't have the spirit. I IQ and I can't disagree anymore I think he's the that was carried them throughout. The first part of of this season. -- to make him carry his team at this point and they pay eighteen years only. You should be carried it I think it's unclear partners and being the -- -- was with the team when they were really really bad at twenty what went into at all. He's even been to the point where it's a Dockett said -- our leader. Meanwhile -- not -- -- mr. -- thought that might have been a little bit of Lebanon based but without that being said I think that the struggle is. -- that the actual political leader whoever that is just to support -- OK guys you know what. I'm not at a point fingers I'm not gonna say these guys behind you -- about each is that that leader whoever that may be I don't know -- and maybe they don't know what is. Need to look in the mirror and say okay. I'm gonna take control. And I'm wanted it to do my part first and and hopefully everyone out wallet just looked like -- -- each -- noticed it into the forefront straight. This is unacceptable I know what they're waiting for. -- -- do you -- the ultimate leader Doc Rivers right -- head coach of this team I don't think it's a much more than what he did on Sunday -- fully expected this team to come out. Against this cavalier team and not just wind up an impressive performance but what I -- Cleveland. I thought the effort it would be effort right defensively make them -- -- almost 60% in the first quarter and I -- expected defensively. That's right see the big response. It did not happen and the one being that when coaches at least in my experience. No -- player. -- -- When coaches come out make added -- -- -- to -- in the media and say that. They -- you you know OK he's been telling us on them again. But for some reason we're not picking it up and Reid didn't like they are you hear from what you -- next -- -- whoever -- beat. Did you say OK it is a reality check -- and if nothing else you may make shots. You you may not shoot the ball well which could still be of that effort and that's that's probably what surprised you most on I don't Doc -- gonna change soon. After last night's game -- -- it was better than indeed strike. The effort that -- You can do that for 48 minutes you're not gonna play great for 48 straight -- along see and understand about the. But the effort -- -- don't use that I think that would not where -- until. I've told you got behind closed doors. You have to do now I'm I'm just gonna make -- happened. Elect Eric you know an embarrassed in front your friend he would step up what that even didn't didn't really work. Does the first second time to Andy -- early they're soft last the couple days ago the column about the effort -- and and my focal point has been about the offense loose talk about the rebounding defense and offensively to me. Rajon Rondo running the point yet the players around in the should be eight. Up pretty good offensive team they struggle in the final four and a half minutes they -- for Garnett free throws and meaningless Courtney -- three they have. Scored a hundred points five times in the last month. Why is this offense looks so out of sync from a consistency basis and -- tough offense to run from doc no. I think doc has done a good job of kind of you know for lack of a better way to put it dumbing it down may be sitting -- out a little bit that maybe not running when he said. Cutting net app running ten and I mean you have a team that has talent like the Celtics. The least on paper you won't have to run twenty different things you know you don't have to try to over think it or try to be like -- that mad scientist he had so many options and you wanna do so much. I think EP ER -- think maybe we send it out a little bit I will believe it starts at decent man because. He did he was always very good with Rondo even if they didn't they are going to break next he. They were very good in transition and and and almost abolished you know obviously Tommy Hanson will probably. Probably disagree. Mostly you run off of misses it's hard nowadays to run -- may shot the deep she can't do it consistently you can do -- but not consistently recorded music game but. To me it's -- -- -- -- -- you know you get stops. Now you get out and and you have numbers but that's been a problem I've always. You know believe that great teams great teams that win championships. They're great on offense because their defense is is very very good and I think that that hole should the Celtics. And and just the opposite when your offense is struggling you have to look at the -- incident when you're not getting stops and you constantly having to walk the ball up for kick the ball out of Brown's. We can't get into cooperatively. Yeah I'm with -- with Paul Pierce record that still the keys to go to guy late I still think QB their late. But when you start talking about changes there's some guys he can't pick out -- can be replaced now think Paul necessarily can be as far as everything is meant to what he could possibly be but. Doesn't know that the sit there and decide what Jeff green is -- if they believe in him wouldn't that be the bold move of saying well we get Jeff -- -- of Paul he's our future if they believe in him. Yeah I think that's -- the problem and at least and in my sport of basketball I don't think. General managers and -- ownership. And it's easy for me to sit on the outside. But just you know from experience. The player. I don't think teens management -- they -- really commit a hundred and personnel committed to a player say okay here's a lot of money. We believe in eagle but they won't commit in a -- that says we're gonna trade Paul Pierce and give this team more or less. Well -- agreed to be the next guy in that position you know there's there's always that either. We're still a good team or -- total rebuild mow -- it's hard to be in between me and I think that's what we're catching Celtic in between wanting what appears. And hopefully he pulled Jeff -- along but a lot of people out there a look at green up followed MI a cover him in college sports count and it won't point. He and Rudy Gay were big east freshman of the year I mean that was the kind of level he was obviously Rudy Gay has in his career it really flourished. Green has had you know he's at some bumps -- road especially with this health issues alas he's in but you know what I saw that side. We you know if you're gonna if you're going to be -- rebuild rebuild. You know if you're not that -- bring in the pieces -- and and really put the pressure on a guy like their greens they look. You're gonna play if you -- you know we gave -- money okay. But if you really want to beat next -- here circles to it. You have to going into the paint and play the way we expect you to play and I I you know I just think -- and of course -- you don't Ray Allen. K Ian Poulter got there they were pushing the other report -- along a priest Peter Brown. Obviously was helping that it is Posey they just don't have backcourt that holes without a lot so then -- -- -- -- management. With -- you know we we call this works out in and hope guys in the NBA it just it just. -- that's the question you said rebuild you said push and police and motivation. If cured if your Danny Ainge what are you doing here you fighting throughout this group or you have to make some sort of moved to improve the team. You know. I got -- did -- a lot of credit you know at least this you never know with -- he's always I think. He's very very intelligent. Knows this game obviously inside out from every angle a mini note from the media remember it was in the media won't point. Obviously from a player coached. Now management. -- the top spot you know do you do you keep all yours because you understand that Paul Pierce is. Is that Boston Celtics and he has what Bob Cousy was excellent today Paul -- is gone. It's just maybe -- a lot of people just another NBA team. So I I can't even start to mention what any -- going on and -- but I wouldn't not -- -- -- position. You know restarted and it goes. He's got to be thinking hey if there's symbol on the table. Could make this team better I don't care what have you done but I do not think you mentioned before. It anyone who anyone. That did not have a no trade called on the team I think is fair game. Now -- I -- real quick because Gary Washburn on Monday talked about this clubhouse and missing ray Allen's professionalism and seriousness in that locker room and I know. I know if you bought them and replace committee that side of it as well as at 3.3 point shot threat that -- brought. Yeah. You know I think every every year every team is obviously different so you don't -- compared to the one orbit. What we don't know is that as outlaws in 2008. -- on and night and getting back in the final -- and you try to piece together why what had to work. Yeah maybe you do miss that side of the culture change in the NBA it really hasn't it's young it's the tip. The old joke about it but doesn't Wear and that it wearing. As spandex pants underneath their uniform support that it will only Cleveland if I had put on. Arab spandex underneath my about what sort of went on the blog about -- we -- last offer that team -- or risky genes. There wearing glasses with no -- culture has really changed nowadays so maybe this serious reality tackle. Of -- structure that we see in the NBA. The Kobe Bryant even as well he's up their -- -- powered and out you know -- like -- is this is one of the biggest -- in the league maybe that's changing but. If it is changing it's it's not changing for the better because you'd see what's happening you know I've heard. You know -- this is not happy with this we'll -- locker and who knows what that reason maybe it's not that serious. Maybe KG and Paul Pierce and we're we're getting into retirement mode these young guys start taking over -- than you know being more serious about what they're doing. But whatever it is the culture -- had to change and then and only I think that can -- -- difficult it is Doc Rivers right now but he didn't -- Seems like he does not have the answers. Still a couple of months of the golf season so we see Donny Marshal on Comcast announced Celtics basketball. -- -- One of the best Donny Marshall joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible. Our quick break we come back the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders are involved in one of the more bizarre sport story I have heard in years that's next.

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