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Lou Merloni on the young Patriots fan

Jan 23, 2013|

Merloni thinks the younger generation of Patriots fans are too spoiled after all the winning over the past 10+ years.

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Now ready. I am not ready to move on from the patriots season. For the AFC championship game I know many people are the audio like -- season comes to that -- issue wanna pick through. You wanna go through every single morsel every nook and creating about what the hell happened or not and a half point favorite. He can't get it on at some other stuff today but. It reopens the -- for me when I read Greg Bedard -- Greg Bedard in the Boston Globe with the NC. On just how many mistakes the patriots made. And how this thing really was set up we fought during the year. If they got to applaud what they did Sunday they could win a game like that right physical team -- on the football you can Rhonda. And it worked out that way down and you ready to move on. I know I'm now actually getting there I mean -- on getting ready for the next year and I think that there's a lot to look forward to. But down. If -- just lost the game. Right but I think the way they've lost it is probably the most disappointing and maybe raises the most questions even though. I'm not his only concern because that they just they played awful. On Sunday is no two ways about it they played awful -- -- all the things we spent sixteen regular season games. Not talking about that game we talk about that game but we talk about what each and every one of these games means. For the playoffs. No what did we see that it's gonna help this team win in January. What is -- we see in week four in weeks six that's when make this team different in January and maybe the past defeats in post season. You do that all yearlong. You know that's why would people say why why you bitching about wins all the time because we we always look forward to how this how this look in the post season. And the running game I agree was a huge part of the correct I mean it would solve the smash mouth with a couple Steven -- the drive the driver of the year against Miami. Right have having the ball eight minutes to go -- here it is Steven Ridley Miami defense it was embarrassing to -- the same play over and over again. Gay it was disrespectful. To the wrong orbit what Paris. They ran the ball they need to. In the end on Sunday on 32 on many occasions couldn't do it taught third and eight many occasions. And patriot like -- deputy weapons like the 56 yard pass to Hernandez all Welker. And you'll -- gates stopped its fourth and three on the 32 maybe gulf war. Well maybe they break one tackle in the get the first down you didn't see those you saw a low percentage passes. Just -- -- disappointed because it does. You gotta give the credit theory correct don't much of that was lack of execution for the patriots how much it was what the ravens did. But -- NE CT in the -- watch week in week out not look like they normally do what you expect. You look at your own team and say well it's an excuse. We have a conversation about how look at the season for me yesterday I thought the headaches setup of similar game types that's why Sunday for me it was more frustrating than a lot of patriot losses. Because it wasn't like they did something. The completely caught you off guard when you look back at the patriot playoff losses -- at home jets and ravens back to back years. The giants in the Super Bowl all of altogether teens did something similar. They dared you to run the football -- -- -- way to create pressure with our group upfront. We're gonna drop back and fill up the passing lanes for Brady and take away what he likes to do specifically -- the football field. -- got the BS weigh on the outside at the BS with the running game. That's exactly what happened. In that game on Sunday now. Get the -- go back to Bill Belichick and coach than in the patriots he joins. The big show every single patriots money did that wrap up the year I thought that. About the Michael Holley asked the very interesting question about the ravens deep. When you look at how that game played out and think about your practices during the week. Did you think. That Baltimore word approach is especially offensively do you think that they would do on defense what they want -- doing you think the previous physical you think they would. Try to suppress the receivers I mean what was that the game you expect to see the game yesterday. Well -- all or small on defense that they to a number different things and and they did that yesterday. And they mixed -- up they'd -- you know that is so it won't be canceled and so I would say that. For the most part -- the things we worked on were similar with Dave in what they did and you can't predict how pleased are gonna matchup. It with defense if you call for it would defense are gonna get against -- -- but you know he's that type of things they do and those type things it and. Inevitably they didn't just do one thing -- game. But they mixed it up and maybe at some level they did but the basics of absolutely say the same in the dark points that out today. It is must read midweek report. It made it even worse Bedard writes the Baltimore absolutely dared the patriots to run and they couldn't and wouldn't. The ravens played just three snaps a base defense and their nickel which includes by defensive backs the rest of the time. This is when the patriots -- to punish the opponent for doing that. They ran 22 times as the ravens nickel and averaged three point six yards per carry to -- Greg Bedard that's fairly pathetic. And that is depressing if -- patriots fan because the jets did this in BenJarvus green Ellis got nine carries that day. It was became a Danny -- -- game for whatever reason. -- the ravens did this before the giants did this before and whether it is coaching whether it is lack of commitment. I guess that's for -- aside as a fan. They averaged three point six yards per carry they couldn't run when there were supposed to be all the Ron and I thought we thought. That they'd shown over the course of the year they could one of those situations and that becomes to me the most disappointing thing about the law and. This team I do think it more talent than last year's team but I NA Ganassi seemed at the Super Bowl. But I don't think that and that's this sort surprised me that that this team was. The more battle tested I could say they came on the wrong end of all these tough defense but at least they faced him. -- when you lose a game right to Arizona because their physical. You'll hopefully learned from you we will lose a game the Seattle Seahawks hopefully you learn from it. I wouldn't say that you know the Baltimore Ravens and at first matchup was a great defense. Pitchers put up thirty points and Dick you know they just failed the last ten minutes of the game that could put up even more that -- did -- index acute bent. Yeah but I thought that there -- belt testing -- Denver Broncos they beat that team Italy -- those test with Houston. And you can see what you want about Houston gave bad matchup versed in New England Patriots I think that's obvious. Aussie bad matchup. Baltimore Ravens put into England patriots get they'll match a -- them at Houston Texans. -- steely good team where -- paper champions but it tomato cans I guess if you want to -- the best team UFC but they're still a good team. Sampras Siskel wrong end of that one. But when you come out of these games he's physical games you would think you'd you would learn something about yourself. An open what you learn is we can't win these self scout what you what you should learn is this is what we need to do next time to win these type of games. That team last year topic was tested at all down the stretch the first test came against Baltimore and it could of almost dead even though they won -- lost decade. -- at the giant smashed him in the mile. That's that the disappointment. This team is that you talk about how bad -- you know that the that the schedule was and -- was they were. They better opponents this year evenly. And should have learned why they lost those games last year the. It notes where there right as if if the Sunday at this test was Sunday the final test. -- this year they had every single opportunity. To self scout and diagnose and follow through with a game plan now again a lot of this is how Baltimore played they played a hell of a game. -- date they tackle very well. Not always a beast up front and breaking down -- somewhat the patriots want to do Ray Lewis gets credit he diagnosed him but I'll I'll go back to running game for 12. The dark points out the for the first time all year the patriots did not Brody of recording single explosive -- of more than ten yards. -- longest run on Sunday was a nine yard run. During the season they averaged over three of those game. The ads here and their biggest by the year that is huge. We solve greatly when he first got an opportunity as the raiders last year will hold the macro look at this guy. He's picking up chunks of yardage on the ground that Ridley does he's good for one of those a game what ahead. Occasionally good of of one of those local would be -- what -- shotgun draws at times explosive running plays the longest one was nine yards. They had zero explosive running plays. A ten or more yards that disappointing right because you you learn to count on that it became the counterbalance that Tom Brady finally. Pat that is part of your offensive attack -- what you didn't show up on sound. Much that you put into Rob Gronkowski. Being hurt. And I don't they had some games it was Miami a jet -- in the -- ball pretty effectively without Rob Gronkowski. But under racist Arnold back to the beginning of the year you watched a few of the games in -- How would you defend the New England Patriots. Because in what looks like a Jumbo package running the football they can audible out. And spread guys out and still throw the ball because Hernandez and rock -- to typical tight ends. You can do so much things so many things deception. You when you see team going nickel or dime -- because it thrown a football he can then bring them in and pound the football because -- also -- great. -- So it's the versatility in what things that that Tom Brady can audible out of at the line of scrimmage by looking at the defense because there's so many Mitch mismatch with these tight ends. And let's face it when whom and is in there. They're giving the defense is really worried about him in the secondary. Into defense really where read about him go out down the seam deep down it seemed Miller feel no. So I I do think that changes a lot unfortunate for them the last two years when it matters the most that's not a field. Disappointing disappointing couldn't do what we thought they could do and Greg Bedard doesn't awesome job today. Boston Globe Boston -- on the mile street in a must read all your breaking down. This game itself all do so -- 6177797. 937 your phone a beacon text that's on the eighteenth tee decks -- 37937. It's tough to thank every individual listener to the -- right he can't go around and thanked everybody can -- other names. In some cases -- they called a date they tax the eight weeks. Beat all every listeners they want in ninety seconds. Thank the -- by name good I know for a fact it was listen to the show yesterday at next. They get their ass kicked. On Sunday by more physical team a better team. But I think overall you make it to the AFC championship as successful season if not the favorite the cult favorite to get there in your mind I -- winning getting to a Super Bowl and they -- the favorite Vegas yes they were heavy favorite in the AFC. Denver Houston Pittsburgh. Behind him at some -- -- -- yes in the pre season they were the favorite -- out the conference as date. Got there last year in the Super Bowl and were a very similar team than they wore the F there with a for next year that means same damn group. They're gonna be one of fourteens that come on the AFC. It is hard to call a season that results in the AFC championship game a failure but it's more like a failure than it is a success for me. That our conversation yesterday off the top generate a lot of your response was the season a success or failure -- -- 937 -- gets a pursuit WEEI. To quality generation. But you did you are one family one -- something yesterday yeah. Are you right at the defense clearly you know and just a marvels one of those still it's that it -- kind. Trust fund baby -- generation when it comes has been at all it's you've seen nothing but success in it for you you've lived a beautiful life. But now you just expected it's you know it's. All of a sudden that the trust fund is gone and it's a Mike gotta gotta work for a living it's not always like this I don't take private jets and I don't travel around the world all the time the hell's going on the Sox don't -- some very tough loss. Yeah and then you regroup with the Bruins Stanley Cup. All -- -- You know joy for the record I am finally twenty year old I'm not as angry as -- is over there and forget black Lou it's an idea I am not angry and just and just. State -- fact and I don't let them next how we do a nice public appearance or out drink with the guys please come by -- in your twenties and tell -- He's an a hole for -- -- you guys black white black right there. And a lot of people responded that -- -- yesterday right after failure. Anyone writer in town one Ron Borges who I've grown to really admire because. He is willing to take a different stance that a lot of people when it comes than England patriots and I I I like differing opinions I've grown to respect. Those give your differing opinion and I'll read the beginning of Iran's piece that while respect them. I'm disappointed with his lead today. In the opposite of success in sports is not necessary necessarily failure as one local radio talk show hosts argued yesterday. That is only to a you don't truly understand success and failure. I disappointment Barry's. People mining and there you what's love YK just put my name there you want a Whitewater account I need more Twitter followers and trying to catch you here at some point. What is the Twitter just -- it's what with technology Twitter account it's up Mott and UT WEEI Diego. -- -- Don't want to thank or how the next time wrong when you like respond to something I say why can't put my name there or my Twitter account because he writes an entire column today. Responding to our conversation and completely agreeing with -- I'm sure you loved I thought it was well written. I thought he did a great job researching it I just think that. It was one run boards better pieces go to great it was great. -- He talks about the generational thing the spoilt child does -- -- generational jets ran it up yesterday. This if you if you. If you say fifteen and 2001 EB 27 today in that time -- -- -- -- seven championship games five Super -- You've go to pick and chip birth right at the patriot told the Lombardi trophy even though spent eight years since it lasted. It's outstanding piece. What kind of bring that -- -- -- And I and I understand -- for respective points -- argue about for hours yesterday guys said the same opinion. I stand by what I said yesterday that -- given the way the things set up and given the fact that we talked about this. -- is sort of had the crib notes this year and it would build up to a crescendo of team's made of Tennessee certain way we built a team. To succeed Dallas certainly got a counterbalance to Brady. And the fact that that failed overall because you can get there. I still think it's a failure I agree with you about next year by the way. They're set up for long term success doesn't change my opinion about this one singular season there -- a lot of individual successes. The younger players. You know pick through individually guys who had successful years this year. Albany team my stick by the up I don't you know what is really anatomy could appoint an act on its export to -- 24 years old which means that grew up. In the ninety's. Boston sports sucked in the ninety's. So it actually took 99 he was was eleven. Greg -- really count NC star school were on a -- -- he grew up in the -- Oxford and at that point nine or ten years -- -- -- -- four years old and and it's called the 90s1995. His big -- at seven. 1000 as the patriots won receivables for yours but see that's -- thing windows fan outlet -- -- Woodstock -- me it was. -- Larry Bird. It was mid -- of -- thirteen fourteen years old that's when it's you're in you're into your fourteen years old but he set seventh eighth grade high school. Nice start against can't be into nine or ten agree if if the team is good Macon -- absolutely can -- can be you know -- -- a preacher now these three minute try to count yourself as big fan at that point I understand it. At three care about a couple of things you know it's food sleep and -- still open. That's about it -- cleaned up over here. When your daughter tagging -- -- sports fan -- does like you did address that and I think it's a it's a good rebuttal -- a good rebuttal yesterday I just. We agree to disagree I look at it as a failure as a team per season but individually. Some very good successes over the course of the season. 61777979837. Your phone number -- and a car he joins the conversation they would not Lou I joke. Hey guys -- have been -- great show. Everybody seems to be talking about everybody has an opinion about all of the last few days about. You know the game on Sunday and there's only will you know one bottom line in my opinion that is. They lost the game to a better football team that is peaking at the right time although the last few games. -- The best team. In the playoff situations and couples and we toppled over. They all the better team always win no matter what ever is bad plays dropped passes the -- he won't work. There's a -- patriots team. Every time somebody smacked them in the -- And plays physical ball with bomb and like Rex Ryan -- adults they're would not -- -- Belichick's rings. Every time a team comes -- -- confidence. They beat this team. And the -- they don't they realize that it's not gonna be a walk over -- -- -- -- to be an exhibition that spot could be. People just -- portal are laid out a problem. And that just seems to be what's been going on lately it'll last couple years and Tom. They just have to get a lot more physical. I -- -- -- visit Kelly -- when he lost Gradkowski let's be honest huge most physical offensive player. Defense of lead they need to address that the offseason they need to find a an enforcer that at that -- let's -- specific specific here. Where they need to be more physical there's other not physical enough that linebacker. I just -- safety. And that defensive tackles they need to be more -- as a defensive back group yep ever and it their offense in my opinion Lawson is the calorie. When gronkowski went out to most physical receiver lights good. Welker is good beyond beyond. Wouldn't call any of those guys physical receivers that are gonna go up and fight for football and Thabeet. They're not going to be as aggressive as gronkowski one gronkowski is out to -- -- out. You really lose a lot of that aggressiveness I thought that hurt -- and so you know when I look at that physical players. You know if if Anquan Boldin was help for the ravens to see that wide receiving -- physical. Torrey Smith Jacoby Jones. Did -- tight end in at a YouTube you lose Rob Gronkowski -- put a blanket on the say they're not physical team. A team Jamaica fits every single player up in downtown Baltimore on the council meeting is not you take all that up physical gronkowski offensively but -- -- -- -- the point gronkowski is physical in two different ways one as a receiver who was a blocker. It probably sets the home -- from the blocking and I don't give enough credit for. But the big guys who really chart every play considered gronkowski. One of the if not the best one blocking tight end in the AFC when he's out and you lose that in the receiving aspect that's a huge party is how -- listen. I agree at a percent that's front saying Q so they had a guy injured. -- the most physical. Defensive back on this team Aqib Talib on no doubt five minutes ago in the first quarter. No where they can improve in the future to -- said is off I think it's safety no question. Because Gregory -- according are very similar you know and you -- Gregory for a couple years. You know maybe he can kind of slide in -- -- the Patrick Chung Dave Baum Wilson type of role model that's what that physical. Safety would be. And if you lose to lead you bring back to leave picketing at the leaving -- -- felt pretty good physical -- It was OK but there was times when he was pretty physical Torrey Smith a couple drives. But he just was easy grade -- the number one guy stop when he -- bold and no he's not there yet so safety no question about it. -- -- -- Go right along with Vince Wilfork and the Vince -- physical guy at Coachella Jones Rob Ninkovich -- -- I mean nick eviction and don't let the team it's Jack's tailor Jones got hurt -- -- only a physical team and I think Stephen release of physical runner. You bring a ball and run him much he's a physical runner Arenas speed. It only label them as a finesse team. They lose to physical teams it's an ethic this team here they have to get their butt kicked. But -- two most physical players -- -- on field we continue with your phone call 61777979837. You can text us. On the eight TT tech slide at 3798371. Hour from now Comcast sports net Donny Marshall. Will join -- Los Kim what's crawl the Celtics that's at 1130.

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