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Winter's World: Breaking down the AFC Championship with WNST's Nestor Aparicio

Jan 23, 2013|

Nestor Aparicio of WNST in Baltimore came on D&C and had to listen to the entire crew tell him the Ravens would lose. Now Nestor gets to come back and make Kevin Winter eat a little crow. They'll also look ahead to the Super Bowl.

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Kids yeah. When there's world we went there featuring all the things that shoot injuries fuel in the world of sports hero on WEEI. Welcome everybody to another edition of -- world. On the WBD Baghdad cal audio on demand. Aides are excited Kevin oyster from the Dennis Kelly at morning -- here portrait and added you point seven. WEEI. -- man you know one thing that we watch this match Sunday night. Great patriots did not make it -- Super Bowl we all know that they follow the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC championship game and very on patriot like fashion. We could city -- got a recaps and breakdown. What what wrong. It's been done an awful lot this may hurt even more. But we're gonna look ahead this your ball got to get a little bit of the Baltimore Ravens perspective some of you you may not like he wanted to lot. It's football you should like it it's got hurt. Eight. I'll watch the game is which you probably it would be a bitter taste in my mouth I get a little bit also Avaya a let's of payback can happen because last week I DNC. NASA -- rapper ratio from La radio host doubted Baltimore WN -- ST check them out at WONST. Dot net very popular. -- the road Baltimore radio. Hosts in that area. -- -- DNC -- a little bit of a I'm Brady's gonna play against the ravens how -- the ravens are. Now paying did quite didn't work out so all eyes that we get set to closed down the NFL season affect football season in general no games. After this after next weekend. After February 3 there were no games until. Next September hits on the college of the pro level and that it's a really tough pill to swallow for some like me so without any part -- bill. Ravens. Niners our first -- At symbol 47 a welcoming nasty best rap reach yell from W -- -- ST dot net I guess are still. Yeah you are now with my guys in the morning John -- Sheri cal and they were Robin and the patriots would win -- and so on the wanna get the c'mon take the beaten. How is how are things in Baltimore now that the ravens are headed back to the Super Bowl after twelve years. Well it is very hectic for me were -- -- trips and parties and all -- you -- each others have been doing for the last couple years whether it's you know Celtics and Bruins -- the the pictures are certainly the Red Sox you know Baltimore we had a baseball team that's been. Abysmal for a decade national here's know what -- -- last year kind of felt a little bit of but the ravens have always been near. You know the centerpiece of what's going on his generation sports and here so close so many times -- menial -- lakers' go to playoffs five years in a row. -- championship games. Well all -- on the road ultimately that played on the road now and equipment and in January and their losses and and that at least here is -- for it. Excited for it and are trying to get their way to new Marlins in. Treat this thing it because you only have one other time in this generation that app and that was captured bought out and want. Also Maryland lecture to final -- in a row record record time Minneapolis and Atlanta. But China Mobile search and -- get a better New Orleans and shall look at time is up pretty much what my. You know and you guys -- a lot of the Internet were certainly huge social media and FaceBook and Twitter WNS -- So you know we're trying to people how to throw parties discharge sure because time. Nestor let before you look ahead to the game against the niners that slicked back at you mentioned Joseph Flacco is named I find it funny vials of I'll be honest that I myself in this camp. It seems like sometimes I get the we get a analysts. Former players or whoever wanna try to tell us about Joseph Flacco. Being a late leading that next level right behind Brady and Manning in what he wanted to Rogers that -- -- find it no problem with data. But there's a lot of fan base is particularly here in New England but even cars the NFL yours excluded. Who wanna listen but don't say that about Flacco which -- righty has been the playoffs every year. As wanna game every year now he's finally taken his team to the civil what is it about Joseph Flacco that doesn't allow people. To sometimes like them so to speak. -- -- -- I you know I don't show really well I remembered that he was stressed that. She never had a sense of being. Up in the EE eight and deletes it. I mean it's it's New Jersey -- -- very nice guy I mean I've you know I've seen him out so many times with fans and interacting with fans. Keep incredibly normal incredibly grounded she's not demonstrative because. We first came in. People first what you want to its burden they would let him play he went up -- Delaware so he's been hobbled at every turn from a pretty blue collar background. I don't think anyone is fairly ever thought he'd be a guy -- about the angle for hunger million dollar contract. And yes for the first part of the one thing about being -- much of it she says it's IQ anything at Michael attic like an idiot and feel my Brothers and sisters and -- He's the Big Brother -- -- -- and it's just strange view which -- act but that's just. She's just not a false speicher. Yell her head anger. Is go to not always played the same pace -- -- that was the mightily baseball player. And it -- has a real patient for coaching and outsourcing leadership. And I think she's just wired. To be sort of robotic about how he -- it because he realizes the emotional part of it can take over when you run into the stadium or Super Bowl Sunday. And played -- to gain a lot of people it'll it'll -- treat her like ignore this guy actually never -- back at certain mistakes she's been right. -- messed up and get a -- every -- that asks. But I hope that he's been confrontational what I think -- and -- that. There are doubters and you know like any great athlete. You know Michael Jordan wanted the number one pick in other guys -- Yet to show them earlier I asked yeah. Everybody has that ship and music oracle and such and -- Chip rather not I'm like sure I like Joseph guy like -- as my quarterback. And I think it being understated. While ray Lewis and Suggs and -- and even to some degree rice and now this week it's gonna go Harbaugh are all that spotlight. -- challenger until extra. Does that cavalier attitude part of that that's -- what you saint. Well I don't know if you wish to -- that you hate him for that right in -- you know others what you we all have you know personality trait and you know much tight base of people attacking people. Like that they've been meek shall inherit -- I don't know mean. Joe's Joseph and a topic is any pretext that -- That's why I think school back jokes cursing somebody actually exchange rate also -- Darnell was seventeen years ago and mr. Meyer you know. -- how much is Jim Caldwell. Meant to be changing all of this offense into the Rhonda at the ravens have had noticeable 47. Completely secret -- up camera was not. You know well received by a lot to -- in the offense and was relatively -- And you know all cultures and for whatever reason that wasn't working and that it was pretty colors keep shoddy. -- -- He was gonna -- camera back but he clearly was you have to bring Joseph Flacco back right in the you know your uncle Joseph Flacco walk out you're gonna pay him cookies are replaced by year's -- what -- so editor Condit team ignited Jewish starting fault current. I think it was a it was a corporate decision made by the shot is much of what anybody that. We're not going to suitable -- right now let's busted -- if we don't win the Super Bowl fine will go find another offense coordinator by. This it's gonna be our quarterback let's at least give -- a search coordinator. Enjoys working within enjoys coming to work wished and you know he's the star and you pick either gonna get 1540 million dollars to so it'll I. I think from a tactical standpoint it was crazy to which Christmas secured at. I don't know that I worked on it I don't think which are all wanted to do blood. It's worked out in and we're going into Arnold in the offense looks to be okay again. You -- Elena I think they're going to support it frankly and meet the light she's stupid backwards idol. Know why you'd walk the 49ers and that's I think it's more of -- -- you know it's our reporter on the on. On -- -- put it on even -- -- all the money were on full honors but. It's great playing great right now I mean if they want to be slapped -- US weakened. I went out to Denver and inch by -- percent -- the way to win the game actually -- -- in. And it -- Andrew Luck so you know -- our car was -- at this point. It is it is hard argue and I I I think it's I'm with you in terms of a dead even match up and of course rooting for but a lot of she agrees Super Bowl. A part of the issue analysts discussed at eight is part of it. Yeah their -- it in this is the disrespect. And Scarlett and everything they're doing that. Well it's funny what you are merely you know I don't. Care if you -- -- is it. Are you there are players I hate what you want a lot of the players that when I say that master of the kind of players if you want eighteen you. It sucks rob might team it's my outside linebacker to street for my defensive bettered a 43. I'd absolutely love -- it if the patriots drafted back and they'd rather have Baltimore he's not. I hate I hate is now think David stuffy said the other day after the game about you know arrogantly -- I think is. He's accurate it would even be so many times by one team. Got a light. -- would have some -- on the local the San Diego Chargers back you know six tech crap for. Happens it's it when you win you're allowed to do. But there you you say you hate him because he's hit hard player to play against. Baltimore beats the snot out of the patriots and I say that in physical nature. That's the kind of team -- don't apply and guess what you wanna look into so it's the were. 49ers were playing. -- yeah. MS -- go what I wonder if people aren't you what you -- The -- and this is the unfortunate part. Manning was awful remaining had a bad meaning Brady was not Brady are people looking at this and -- loving the niners saying. Wait till they get a quarterback who actually does play well like Powell and -- predict could it has banned although they're gonna be beat you think it's almost been looked -- Think I I'm not gonna say it rates you know can't lose -- react I think it's an -- came at just Alexia I think. Could be good Super Bowl can be good match up I think matchup favors 49ers in the offer to -- the quarterback think what a little -- -- to pick the regional -- -- that. -- really I mean who doesn't mean who received some symbol to the option in the NFL in that no one really wants to run it because -- -- recorder. -- -- -- big race -- seventy years ago at the U. So -- it's going to create some issues in. The rate is actually taking you -- and they also in the beginning like prepared from Monday night game they're gonna practice Thursday Friday Saturday to -- Monday for the Super -- their whole game plan will be installed. And then when they they get down -- -- in the walk around -- -- down they're doing all the media obligations. They're social all game and your -- I'll also try to keep switch -- gonna keep focused and -- brother -- brother saying it's cool it's neat. -- to be part of it and they're almost all and I don't they are just wait for spring training so. -- idea -- yachts they don't like spring training -- were glad the parks dropping. Because given what the Red Sox did last year even though this new skipper and down there's not a lot of names that impress anybody. Now it's okay Shelby improved me and I'll come back right now it's more counting on media on -- to carry us through all the latest at the drafting and -- training camp. A did you out of this out. Are you as a raven fan would you be more if you look at it the scheme for X is it knows however you want to look at it. Would you be more concerned that matters often to the niners defense against the other other the flip of the ravens. Can't -- -- more concerned with the niners offense produce a little report curve ball -- the ravens do defensively and Nadia predicated on -- -- -- I think it's gonna hurt create pollution containment issues and the ravens are built more for the wrong note that -- -- -- -- a little bit more for. You know coverage would stand a quarterback and get after the quarterback so luggage -- Africa to a mediocre chip that started six games in the -- -- -- -- Super -- Mike got great. He noted to -- the last candidate dat even the mark or injured. You know Kurt Warner's thank you Tom Brady can't walked Andre was probably good news great apple already came in but it wasn't at least seeking advice injury not I have. Well this chicken more suitable formula which you are -- Nasr appreciate the time enjoy New Orleans and and better yet enjoy the super ball man and now it's been awhile for you guys and a and and I despray here's -- the want that you -- to what I hate. Hate the ravens I I I respect Ray Lewis on the Derek Jeter level where it's -- -- it's like he's earned it. Just for the loving god get CBS cameras off him -- he's crying at the beginning of the game stopped the cry that's what we need now. There. Are crying -- football theater and got -- good week. I think it -- appreciate it -- CS Iraq ratio from WIN ST in Baltimore there's a little bit of the ravens perspective. Yes pats fans I know it hurts it stinks. But we added do it the Baltimore Ravens will take on separate Cisco 49ers obviously Super Bowl forty -- coming up next week on the winters world podcast. As we continue we'll have more on Super Bowl 47. Why I love football. It's football it's our last football game. Till next September. And it's a tough ones -- is -- the last several gonna talk football for about a month and a half -- ramped up our -- coverage for everybody RWE EI don't forget. Check me out on Twitter. Kevin. Odds were pretty united -- point seven W media expects to log on to the WEEI unabated page for what actors world. Podcast. -- next week.

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