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Mike Lupica, New York Daily News, talks "bone death," Terry Francona's book and the end of the Patriots season

Jan 23, 2013|

Mike Lupica makes an unannounced appearance to give his take on all the latest topics in Boston sports. In addition to the current state of the Red Sox, Terry Francona's new book and the Patriots loss in the AFC Championship, he's also got a take on Rex Ryan's headline-making car accident.

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It probably didn't take Kevin Youkilis and Joba Chamberlain very long. To realize there could be an uncomfortable moment or two. After Kevin Youkilis signed with the New York Yankees win spring training rolls around in Tampa in about three weeks. But all we are on a path for that as most of you know. Tribalism and you -- clashed. Quite a bit when Youkilis was a member of the Red Sox -- was suspended for two games for throwing consecutive 98 mile an hour fastballs. Over Youkilis is headed a 2000 game 2007 game. The next the season 2008 Chamberlain threw behind Youkilis legs. Prompting you close to take several steps toward the mound several members of the Red Sox bench to start screaming at Chamberlain. Well. They are now teammates on the New York Yankees and a great leap of faith in eight in a high end and welcome wagon type adjuster Jerry. Joba Chamberlain called Kevin Youkilis to welcome him. The New York Yankees he also said that he -- America. Might have been a problem that might (%expletive) them off. But the problem is you did not pick up the -- went to voice message. -- leaves a message that he said was a welcome. To the New York Yankees in a way to kind of break the ice and sort of you know get -- out of the way before they roll around the spring training in February. Well Youkilis didn't call him back. We probably won't know until there is the link to the question was put the vocalist of sorry to which Agilent. If the lingering bad blood or was this just bad full service we probably won't know until the new teammates or is -- enemies. Credibility. Actually talked to each other in Florida quote this is Chamberlain I did everything I can do. I can't control what Kevin Youkilis does I can only control what I do and you know what will go on from there. Asked to -- was surprised Youkilis did not respond to his phone message Trimble says don't. Not really a bound to run and -- at some point sooner rather later we'll see what happens that. You know what. Even when -- -- spend time again and hate each other that they did Youkilis because there that Dole's third baseman has like that hip yet. Who would Lawrence looks at her and insurance for their first baseman was -- too bad it got. Bone death. And I love that -- death. Abbott vascular -- crosses yeah Jerry's dog bone death or own death and it could join us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Or GL TT pal Mike Lupica Mike you'd -- need to be down there referee in this Joba Chamberlain Kevin Youkilis thing in Tampa. I'm calling into my. Radio program they've got -- Our -- -- -- how much pot pot secured it. I'm -- congratulate him happy birthday. -- -- The it's something I brought it to be ideal -- it ensure it but like -- -- -- the Yankees and I think we ought to look like a pop. You know compared to the other key is that site. An imaginary. Hours to. Onto its gonna be an imaginary friend a bit -- Back to work because it. Was a. But quite a hundred -- out. -- -- the good points a one way deal you know what did you goes -- him when he looked at him funny Oregon it. It's a one way deal pitcher throws that they hadn't had a -- -- and think about it too slow the whole run -- system off something like that. -- -- and I got to act but it sure -- -- About it ought to get it on on. -- It tore op Joba Chamberlain who away it's not like shining -- debate Bob Herbert. At this point in his career but they did that and -- -- -- all guys I think it but it that you guys dot. In the sports world where you eat -- -- Look at it shouldn't get -- and surprised them at Ike Leggett. We got Jim Brown -- right yeah go out just -- all. The big city like -- collision job together. When they become best bugs I think it's probably unlikely go bird dog and -- together. -- -- -- -- In his red mustang -- you're driving right now look what are you in their red mustang are your Corvette. Yeah yeah. -- at. Cart records were getting. Up in. Quite quite. -- -- -- -- -- My uncle uncle red -- -- -- or so a guy like a -- Cliche. Is at war it now you don't get quite a protector. I get sick with a mirrored sunglasses but with a baseball hat on backwards. Tank top Mike if you -- daughter your wife with a tattoo rather put the number six Jersey or any other number -- to put a number ten on it indicated you'd think she's attendant wouldn't be the way to go if you're gonna go that down that road. Pretty -- I think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think but the. It up -- I have faith in him I think it's gonna wash off. These temporary what do you think. What about that that. I -- you're at it again like with double -- They have them everywhere and I -- to kids like Brooke that idea tattoos -- -- I think even Rex isn't that insane to get. Sanchez I mean maybe if -- were -- name -- Tom Brady but Sanchez. Hey Mike are you argue I think you are buying woody Johnson's thing that they foisted Tebow up on him how. How does anybody foist anything on the owner of a football team I mean I didn't. I took the fact that he didn't -- they convinced him do whatever the case may be or do you defer to the football people. But if he absolutely positively wanted no part of Tim Tebow you tell me how the owner gets -- -- -- and do NS. I thought that it was an example of congress. Everybody at the white vote split it or. OK I. Think that that quick stop now. The guy. Like him are quick to -- at some sort of on on market. It -- can opt for it. GMT. On the the apology it all accurate. It hit it helpful up all trying to act up once -- -- -- up for a. Although. If football people wanted them and he said I defer to my football people it is it's plausible that regard I mean Tebow. It would be at this school. It is the girl -- there are courtroom but it. The ability you know. About the is a ballot object. -- not -- -- the -- Ultimately all. Hey I've I hope you're not gonna tell us that you have like Larry Lucchino joining you on your little radio show today are you. Because. Or it may -- Outlined on the invite. Why it is Larry I got up. Yeah I guess letters laid low which is not very Larry liked because he does not look good in this Terry Francona book. I haven't read the book but what -- Jerry -- about the months. -- -- have -- out of town well you know the big finish of the book the last couple -- loses the the on this story in the globe that. Details his personal life his drug use is marriage -- And that he still wants to know the source of that story was. And he wants the Red Sox to find out he demands that Lucchino and Henry. Have a investigation conduct an investigation and get to the bottom of it. And they'd and they haven't as yet they have not gotten he is not satisfied. With the answers you get so -- he is he does make all the owners order Henry and and Larry look bad. But -- Mike let it bring -- did you have watched the last few years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great ball team. With the bulk I'll look rich guys with what it took off our. At it and an adult I think that -- under two million dollars that they're great pick it up corporate thing. And an aunt and -- and critical apt to be at. -- -- this that it -- I don't get it as an -- -- court. I'm -- guys locked up the plot but actually chirp on it darker. They quickly if they remember what it was like it got. I think the way the last two years of unfolded has. Done away with all the good will on the cachet in the Jews that they had I think this might be a classic case. Mike. Of of them coming in and do something no one had done for decades and decades and decades and accomplished it and were plotted Ford and loved and adored and all of that. But what's to say that at that point -- for after 2007 you get somehow lose your baseball way. That happened to all sports yes it. A lot hit it like a cult like decade decade. It could help lock all the odd -- in LA. Where it all right now subject -- -- -- it an electric. It can happen that -- -- They'll the last thirty years at at a much greater level at -- look at that. They put what I thought it acted to -- the clock that you lately it's opt out let's not get dirt on it. Mike I think there's another layer to the onion here and I think it's the the the impression. That the players from the chicken and beer incidents last year and all of this. Just don't care and I think that is the unpardonable scene in people's eyes probably all over the world but certainly here in New England. I think they look at this team -- a team that's at eight. You know we got 151820. Million dollar contract we a couple of World Series were all set we're gonna take it easy we don't care we're not gonna try the Celtics are bordering on that at this point Paul Ayers said last night part of the game there aren't nights that we just don't try hard and that is what sets people off but but I think. I I agree would you lupica of that in in a way it's weird how fast to turn the owners. They're not in all conquering heroes anymore Bob Kraft. He has he is -- -- god around here Ernie hasn't won a Super Bowl in eight year correct -- all of these guys 115 years -- is local they are not. That's one part of that is crafted and by the Liverpool reds and he didn't a goal and candidate Edwards. Get into bed with LeBron Jane I was racing and Roush racing and and they they're viewed as guys now at least Henry has a guy who's. Top priority is not the baseball team. You don't hear it hit it gently is that your interest to add an -- Everywhere I mean I'd Jack -- elbow that caught up a copy of the. At that but at the. But that's another tactic and act like I don't think. Or outlet shot and hit it about Red Sox honored that they. As quickly. After that we're here to there. Not there at bat to eight -- is there at -- -- it came. Let out after chapter. -- Like lock and -- are everybody. Making it a lot of thought it was a bit they're -- it about right. Right. -- the worst thing in the book about the owners about the principal owner John Henry is the story where Terry Francona. Semblance somehow disciplines many American benches and yells Adam because he didn't run out of ground ball or fake to hamstring injury John Henry. Demands that his manager Terry Francona apologize. Publicly. The Manny Ramirez because he hurt -- feelings I mean all that's all you need to know the guy. At his core is a fan boy and he looks at the players in the you know it looks up to me and all of them that that doesn't help when you when you're trying to manage these guys. What do Larry at the -- -- -- I'd I'd I'd I'd say it's. Straight up and and and I thought that you guys like I had the guys that you're all out with I hired him to write anything. Thought it -- I've Bobby hired him Iraq other kinds -- Henry hi Larry. I think well -- Larry's probably. The bad guy in a lot of people's minds. More -- type personalities more direct he's more he's more. Operational gratification right in your face -- -- bike before I let you go a simple question man -- gullible or evil. I'm not people not evil but but I think it are not -- a I don't think create it pathology I keep Alan Lockwood itself flight but it is Ike is -- that gullible. Do we really want him calling anarchy. -- If we try to get some invisible running back. Patch up that you when -- Marco. That the court order ticket outlet. -- -- -- At that you had a few imaginary girlfriends -- up there in Nashua. Like they only doing enough to -- and -- -- -- get Japanese have a great day with your dad -- happy birthday for us weekly's. Mike -- but doesn't talent on the AT&T AT&T orgy LTD.

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