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Breaking down Terry Francona's new book

Jan 23, 2013|

D&C react to some of the meatiest excerpts from Terry Francona's new book on his time as Red Sox manager, including his interaction with ownership. Francona describes an ownership group focused on sexiness and TV ratings and details how that impacted his management of the team.

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As the way business is done at Fenway Park becomes more and more in focus based on. Things we've heard. Apocryphal or real Terry Francona book certainly. You imagine what the mood in the tone and tenor. Must be in the ownership offices with Warner and Henry and look you know this morning to decide how they are going to respond to some of the stuff if they are going to -- at some of the stuff. Because we know above all else. They are image conscious is that fair to say that is fair to say they hired a marketing firm and spent six figures. But the marketing firm to tell them. What they needed to do to be more appealing to raise the numbers the ratings on nests and what kind of feed a kind of team they needed to field what kind of players they needed to be in here it's part of what. Sent them down this road to perdition so I can only assume that if they were so concerned with something like that. Would they not be doubly concerned terribly concerned about what people think about them individually. Yes or it's it's it's set a number tangible with trying to be. Relevant in his role tried to appear relevant in his role as we call it looks the worst Eminem. Read at all in the last couple chip is the first after he looks the worse because I didn't know that was a -- dynamic they were dealing and most people didn't know now. When the team is bland and they're gonna say -- Tom Warner must be pissed when the team has some sizzle this old Tom's -- yes and and that their ratings are more important. In the standings. At least one guy in the and you know we suspect that he's the TV guys not a baseball guy. I'm but they all look bad in my opinion they'll look bad you know Henry not Colin I mean literally not. Call him back to this -- and and then Larry I mean Larry I'm not surprised Larry at least speaks his mind Larry at least confronts issues doesn't hide from them. That's why and I said yesterday. We gotta get him -- -- we got to get them and we're Tryon -- because. I would if you're Larry and I we're Larry I'd be pissed and I mean there are certain things you say. That was not necessarily on the record and that was a commerce that was a private conversation. And everybody likes -- owner Roman likes. No loan this kind of stuff from enjoying as much as anyone. But is is nothing. Off the record well I think this speaks to the level of anger and disappointment and embarrassment and frustration and just abject. Incensed. About how he left town. How he was portrayed the ball polar story with a source was and they go to great lengths to talk about that we can read that segment from mobile in just a little bit. The Terry Francona out was and he is is bombing. The place in certain aspects here's Terry Francona on leaving Boston and how it's portrayed in the. The way my tenure there ended was very public. And and hurtful and I'd think probably some of that comes out from. If you read the whole book I think it's mostly meant to be kind of a lot of funny. Touching stories about the eight years there we also have dual the end because it was it was very like this over Republican encounter her full. And I'll just point and on a lot of fronts but. Then if it's not meant to be just a pocono ownership by I think actually set in their their good owners they are good only also said they don't. The next question you don't want it was a -- -- and you know it talks about getting interviewed in Saint Louis but he points out that it was a done deal that wanted to guy inside the organization -- he was gonna get the job right. They asked them what went wrong in September he doesn't that you know they don't say. He says they didn't ask me about the chicken in the beer but the first thing that brought up was September and well why wouldn't huge -- Made history with this a collapse in September. And they're talking about. -- you immediately for the next season. What the hell happened how did you -- team -- thought they asked I thought the cardinals I don't know who reported who. Mentioned that back and then I thought the cardinal sin you know he's still on on pills right -- you you know still. Out to lunch I mean he they just so what happened in September and they had and Metheny in monologue so wasn't as egregious as I thought. Which is I guess in defense of the owners -- you think and if he can't get another job is because he has been maligned right as. Well he got a great TV job now he's got good managing job he's back on his feet the one thing. -- come. When we first turned that he was -- I didn't think he'd do this -- didn't think you would as a burned bridges put. You know he. He. Took some people -- he did and I didn't think -- do that and glad he did it's a good reads a fun read and look forward to Larry's response. I don't think Henry in -- -- will ever really respond in kind but Larry well. Here is that Tito on losing the team at the end of the season maybe this had something to do what he said to the cardinals when they interviewed about that. I thought maybe I have lost to the inability to get to some people and my voice wasn't didn't quite have the same. As you have before I would no I don't think ever lost control -- club house we didn't play very well. And when you when you have a record of what seven point three in a month mostly September as a manager your wide open for criticism which I understand the issue by. I I was probably critical myself. I thought it was probably time I think we all what would you have done it differently I don't know I don't know what Tom. If I was to have our pitchers pitch better but that's too -- I think. A Major League Baseball how you handle adversity goes along way towards defining your season and I don't think as a team we handled. Adversity very well and I thought that fell on me. Do you think -- thinks the whole -- article the prescription drugs the divorce the phone in the in the dugout. The distractions. That were portrayed as part of his problem in September. Had something to do with -- not really being considered by the St. Louis Cardinals. He thinks the whole article did damage to him. Well you know the peace. It's so he went to the home. Of Saint Louis owner billed the win. Interview for the managerial position after. -- Russa retired journalist who -- it was a formality the cardinals wanted to stay in house. And hire Mike Metheny. Francona hadn't expected to get the job but it bothered him when they started the interview by asking if if he could ease their apprehension about the events of September quote they started by asking me given what happened in September explain why we should hire you and what happened from that that's the latest that's latest evidence -- wanna say. Boy you are awesome in 2004. And tell us what it was like that break picked Paris. Worried if he it is. Awesome that -- just lost that has its luster as a manager does still have politics. So they asked what happened it's they didn't ask me about the chicken in the beard says. But the first thing they did was bring -- September. Oh what do you expect that it was historical it just happened. It was history that's the reason by the way you are available if he didn't collapse in September you don't get fired. And -- apart -- probably packed him off the most and probably had much to do about why this book was written. Was the reference of the push -- -- drugs in the Bob -- piece in the Boston Globe. -- to what extent. Did you use of prescription drugs affect your ability to do your job and what was that like to have that but -- public how did that happen. You have that -- hurtful again because the way came out it was pretty obvious somebody was trying to hurt me. -- Auto well I may overwhelm all nor wise probably ever try to find out just. Probably not healthy go through life like that. Mean I don't think I'm ever gonna change my opinion on what happened but also don't wake up in the morning -- vindictive or anything like that. I just -- again it was it was seven months and or seven years and fight muscle probably the -- -- -- in my life. The last month was really hard and then when you when you lose your job you're trying to kind of beaten sift through your emotions. And figure out how you feel -- didn't really have a chance to do that because two days later almost on who we are. We're kind of we all -- things are are being written and said some true some exaggerated some not true but just off the answer to a. I totally if you think that Larry will be upset at this. They try to get to come back from a hundred and -- hundred year anniversary try to get him to join the other 9000 guys. On the field not to be singled out walk on the field with the uniform -- and then -- and boy he wavered on this Andy you know it Shaughnessy and and Franco again in the great detail put too much detail on this. But he says -- -- -- ask him is Larry's job to try to persuade him. He says. Larry you know my answer -- don't chew Larry says yet you're not ready to hug everybody I read all about it. That's right Larry says Francona I said the same thing that John I told I don't wanna be included in anything to do with the Red Sox. Until he gives me a decent answer on who after me in the newspaper. Lucchino response it was an F than me and it wasn't F and John. That's quote that's direct quote like like they like -- -- to get they put it this is Francona is version sure. And they according it like it actually that's exactly the Francona and what Larry said which we hope this Larry off to begin with but he'll also think. That was private. That says that's fine Larry snapped Francona I believe you I'm just on how I feel I don't want anything to do with the Red Sox until you care enough. To find out who set -- call me when you get a better answer click. And hangs up and then you know legal in baton. Why they can't find out Larry said for causes and never asked them to publicly identify the person. I just wanted to know who it was and Larry told me if he found out. It was a fireball offense and that he would call me back but he never did -- Larry Johnson did get back to me. After their attempts at discovery. And neither one of them ever did I think that's what bothered me the most. Now. Why does Larry what do you think Larry knows but Francona doesn't. Like I should say whoa would be effective. Now I'm I have my theories who do you think you know this person as well as I do or better person soft things that it that I wasn't privy to. If you let Terry sounds like Francona does want to name coming out of Larry's mouth and Larry won't get in the name just like yelled to signaling it's such stuff. You ought to once names and he will give them but mr. points a good one wouldn't Terry have a better idea that Larry who did this. I think the answer -- that is without question and what if he said all right I Terry it's. It's real or have a good everything's cool idea let's let's be friends would work that way. And if if you know Francona thinks it's the -- if he doesn't lead on lately on the of that in this in the book that that up that I have written -- certainly in the one over from them in the last year. We don't know. We don't get the sense that that Tito thinks it's the right and a lot of people do. And some people do and you know. That's Larry's fault like he BO on his way out the door and it. Tells all the stuff the hole and he knows as much as anyone Biden knows much dirt on the -- and and Tito to deflect blame from them is listen you know. It was -- was struggling with the marriage. Up on the pills -- in his way. -- runs with a it protects the sources of course which is one of the big whopper is that Henry told Hendricks told people that caller told people. It wasn't him. That was not true -- -- would never ever do ready to publicly Henry publicly said. Poehler said it wasn't me it didn't happen that not the way and apple did not say. But you take port publicly out that it becomes a more records statement well and that's and that's that's an important that's an important difference there was. Don't have to ask yourself over this but it took place. Who stood to gain. By besmirching their friend called his reputation. A lot of people that's what and that's why people make this leap of faith that it was -- The -- and an effort to deflect blame from what happened in September. Makes it look like it was the manager's fault and not it is that's generally the thesis from the theme I should say the white people think Theo was the guy. And there was a funny ending to the will you go back to Fenway portion of the of the book. Where he was going back and forth and he wasn't gonna come. And -- -- one of the one of the minority owners to a gas for whatever reason was very close with Terry Francona wrote a letter. Said please come back and -- and and if you don't come back I'm not going to be part of the celebration. And for whatever reason that really touched Terry Francona and began to vacillate in terms of the world should I go for Phil -- and I'd just stay away. And he calls his father Terry Francona calls his father the real Tito Francona seven years of age injury the -- -- yeah he says dad. I I don't know what to do I'm confused here what do you think I should do out what should I tell the Boston Red Sox about coming back for the 100 year anniversary and racist to vote. -- -- Shove it up their ass and he goes Terry says thanks that I just needed to hear what you had this day. And that leads to the letter and we come back and that's a classy move against McNamee. And gives this year to some and is very uncomfortable in and got out of there in no time but he still pushes the you know like can't you find out still wants -- know and Larry says. That would entail a special prosecutor. And literally calling people and I've never done this. That that is I've been in the past that people come -- -- -- -- -- -- a bit frustrated enough about leaks that have been damaging to me in the organization of bandwidth. And other people in the organization I know how hard it is to try to identify that person. Lucchino believe the primary source is someone who'd already left the organization quote the people who actually do know arts say. I'm not sure the responsibility falls on those of us who don't know. Quote from Franco that's interesting. Come one from coming from someone who promised to find out maybe this will help people understand my frustration. -- at least two things Francona. I don't know if Pete knows. -- thinks he's right or suspects and I guess maybe Michael and going to have to. You don't do so would you know I that was out there and there hasn't ever mystery on on to formulate theories and us and didn't we find out yes we had a leak. And we went through this process of ruling in in people who do when do you know how they knew it was -- serve and we figured it out yeah. And you know going forward in a week we do. Have a ways of figure who's who's talking and who's not but he has to have an an idea of you know what I think he knows it's not Larry. And I think he knows but he enjoys the fact or appreciate the fact that look at our text machine look at that calls people. Want Larry to be the bad guy and he just he just fits the profile sure -- that every time we talked about you know what's happened Larry. I think you're wrong about that. People because. Larry had to know that when the story can money's going to -- and it was too obviously smarter than that if he was gonna leaks -- that it would be much more subtle. This was just. Now that Franken Francona was on pills marriages break -- company lost control and you'll remember we -- the day we read it's we said Larry is going to take the heat for this right. And I think this more than anything else if if Tito doesn't suspected is -- -- in fact pick a step further knows it's not. Speaks to the level of their relationship when he was here it was toxic to be sure right I mean he never called and -- never called -- we'll always called him. Francona and that's not necessarily in and of itself a big deal. He's been around a lot of managers and he makes him more uncomfortable than that any of them out and that's not said -- get from other people Francona doesn't generally. Make people and cuffed in effect on players and coaches they say he may just the opposite very comfortable Larry was uncomfortable. And and what makes them out to seem kind of liked the you know the captain -- yeah with the with the sweat shirts and you can't you know where evidence switchers who -- -- -- -- -- are your sources right and and Francona as a rebel war Arizona -- instead of a Red Sox have little protest to edit Aetna but the torture thing I say what Francona has really succeeded. In his revenge revenge yes and his repairing the the damage to him he's got a good job. You know he's bounced back nicely he's -- really. Popular figure you know book is gonna sell it and and we forget that he was the captain of the ship on went into the budget expert -- and he lost control that clubhouse is guys. The ones eaten that chicken and beer in the and and and land down. And you say. Hit an eight year run it was that damn good run he's a great manager. But if that whole story never came out if you never heard anything about drugs -- -- -- anything about. -- marriage wouldn't you say it was time. It was eight years could write Ron you have got time and the other thing that really serves Francona well in the eyes of history in the eyes of the public is. -- time I mean they replaced them with them -- an incompetent boom right and that's obviously in the book. You know Francona did a lot of things well and you still looking for one thing anything that Valentine did well and frank. Cold insist that he did not lose control the clock while inspectors say you know back and forth right with Warner Warner says he said it -- that I never said that there were just some people like could not reach. Well I isn't that a definition of -- in the clubhouse maybe not all play five guys have to be lost for -- lost the clubhouse that talks about in the book. JD to become obsessed with playing hunting video game practical Red Sox the chicken and the beer obviously that we don't need to get into again also the pitchers had a habit. During the games when they were going on. Being up in the clubhouse watching football in September right after losing the glove off even -- only 45 guys even it's only Beckett Lester and and and buckle those are important bolster support and guidance and you know that is so -- say -- -- the club -- all he wants. But I think his definition at least in his mind must beat all five guys at the bail on me from his sale lost I don't. Get -- -- spent a lot of time on this from the book why they didn't just fire and now we talked about it a lot of the time obviously. It was there they had to pick up the option two years for half million a year. If you're ready to move on and Henry clearly was just move on right. Mean that's an example of -- being so like NPR can't houses can play and they went back and forth for a couple of days and and and -- goes into great detail. It released statements in the refused to these -- were fired. While I mean he did a wonderful job was a great manager but isn't all the great ones in and get fired it means part of the deal it's part of that I. Think they felt that Terri was so beloved that there will be some sort of blowback but that doesn't make -- -- that in fact Terry tells John Henry is that not only is the York. Right to fire me if I'm not the right manager it is obligation. To find the right manager for the based -- right -- -- he was he was ready for he was definitely the black people out in front of the fire -- clot and trigger what. Is -- lot of money denigrate Ron. You know you you move on that's it's as if he if you were to guess when he was hired along -- -- should say 34 years. He had a great run a great time he was a great manager. I don't understand and you stone you don't even quite grasp reading this why they had the -- Drag this and wrong Pia you know the PR releasing statement after statement what time should we do with who should be here. That is an overly sensitive and a group of people over that should just said. -- great job thank you buy will move and on next. That sound like an organization that would you list your research team -- -- and tell them how they should hire their players what players they should do what can they -- -- they win. Any more exciting fashion got numbers on NASA will be up at this. And you know what. If they had done a good job and hot -- the next guy. This wouldn't be nearly you don't have nearly impact people -- yet Terry was the problem and -- bloody Valentine or somebody else still swing document here and and and want -- -- And -- they don't -- to win the -- -- just win 88 in -- ninety -- and be in the hunt right terrorists like to ask if you know one -- Francona looked better and Bobby bill that's -- but you Graham and you went 69 game. And go through all nonsense he went through -- and make it look like it was a mistake a mistake. Just a -- mistake that to replace them yeah it was a mistake to bring in -- Bring in Valentine and Larry will always always have got -- to blame for the out. By the way Terry Francona is going to join the big show at 5 o'clock this afternoon that the good going to be interest I mean I've. That's my question Michael and gland that is my question. You'd you say don't know and I understand you don't know ultimately quiz do you suspect. Someone is if you don't. I don't believe if you don't you have to write like you said. In this organization. Right here this radio station we've had leaker is -- and we of ruled guys out -- narrowed -- down one -- -- we always suspected. -- the leaker was and certainly Terry Francona has ended and some -- was very close some in the -- -- -- that you know but the pills and placed him -- -- -- race. And about the phone in the and that movement in the runway. -- stuff like that personal stuff that person was close to him he has this is the very. Knows -- whom he shares and divorce stories in Philly marriage stories with and my guess is it worked he wasn't that many people right. You didn't sit down with you know. What a five man roster they by the way guys fall apart -- -- hotel hotel -- own -- get -- or she wants alimony and I'm sure he told. Very very few people -- to JP in north province for a ticket break -- good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- Understand where we're sizzling you know when he came out and said we need most is that is right about the time that put us on -- throw on Essen where you put -- would do together. And a bullet and move the clock obviously don't support there and your parents or whatever you want -- did anything about it and then at some point that. So there's always been going on it to separate I mean I -- that's it was like to win every once. Was -- -- it like a winner in Reno and all of a sudden they're gonna yet. I think -- goes back -- ownership. And the most insists it's worse than that because not only you know when Terry stood up to Manny Ramirez. Ownership insisted. He publicly apologized to many band Perry didn't do it it at all it was -- was the Malkin had. The most respectable thing. About that most missed. -- story about John Henry in this book to me that is the worst that he stanza is no goods bomb. And the owner wants him to apologize. Publicly. For -- out of play off for punishing a player who deserved who clearly it was -- steam. And -- you know fake an injury divisive loaf and Aaron. In and in and mail and in sky making twenty million bucks a year. And and he -- and he called he wants to. Publicly apologize that tells you. More than anything about what Henry is he's a fan -- right yes he's a fan boys and he was in guys like headsets and -- -- that. Is not good in the in the big picture that is not good if I think it's good that he's distracted. You know if you're if you're the manager whether it's not a fan room hour. You're glad if you -- quote aren't you glad when Henry goes to. England or goes to yes some NASCAR -- not becomes do you -- -- says we want to publicly apologize and we're not sure about it and David Ortiz against left handers like. There are 61777. -- 7937. Will take a break Greg Bedard -- is an -- by the talks -- patriot football tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock man type tale goes on we have. -- -- This morning that this is a huge deal but the woman. Whose picture. Was used by the awesome so Opel and and is Diane O'Meara went on The Today Show ahead of some comments will play those four. Brief winter blast we can act.

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