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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 22, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Cavs in Cleveland, 95-90.

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Please well -- local insurgents who owns -- so long before it was cool especially when driven into the grass. We didn't even more important. And the first -- -- -- corner are. Probably -- it. The Democrats -- back. It's horrible things calm in the important and we didn't do much girl wrestling career. Yeah. If -- in -- Portland that was. Thirteen. And missed those shots you know on the week. Murder we just offensively it's -- appearance and win or good morning and his partners we get stops and right now we're knock -- -- -- him. The lakers' hopes. It went into the game and -- -- our own business and our platform so important you know we wanted to. Warns. That. Number no he wasn't as soon as you're moving lower. But overall home it's good news in the second I was more all its problems Ramallah on the ground at my generals. At halftime losses in its world music. We'll turn you know wherever units in the past you know those killed us although it's just that Bloomberg show them. -- time powerful -- runs don't want and a man Mario. Transition you know for me most was back in defense. Even Rondo scored in the balance you don't throw the ball to curry the courses are too yeah. Good morning. You know -- have thrown under the baskets on the best. And he's capable there was no need to statement. Know what was that. And -- -- Right now we're mentally which is not hear from -- to do better than that you are different houses offensively. Rather than planned. What we did we didn't score but do we can do stuff so those groups you person. You have a vote this country deserves to be yes absolutely absolutely. Hard it's amazing. Home where they're -- You know there are continuing our government. It's hard and you. But he's just playing so world. He's gonna close and then do miracles. Support him you know. I don't you have -- to -- In -- -- So you didn't yes. Don't like it was enough of them won't listen to our earlier on you. Is America it's it's it's ourselves. Our current market -- home -- in the third quarter and I took him away from poverty slice of the group. Shoot around us in the fourth quarter just rejected open tomorrow he would go to. Aren't good enough. You know we should never wanted to be -- the lawyer were injured restaurants where Carl. Was the region you know -- partisans and return home. He's crap you know you're not gonna -- the most part it's also it was very isn't he wouldn't be career. -- she's 88 ball should which goes on and I also play a little. Listen. Good life here -- molybdenum -- and but I still out towards our guys didn't -- -- current mission in two other guys are nonetheless it. And we when. -- -- -- Jonathan Baldwin guy catches it and that's. You gotta make or break and then work to make errors. Yeah it was a -- -- -- it was great knows who's really gets more foul trouble everything. Home. Lou we're just right now and just like my -- He plays hard he's aggressive. Just like everybody else subtle performance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And out back usually he makes it I didn't carry out of the game that you are okay I'll go over him. We'll concentration here struggles -- Even though Jason what's going to run as far as the loans -- as you keep problem. Just Gerald Ford when he gets broad.

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