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Tuesday, January 22nd Whiner Line

Jan 22, 2013|

Hey! Hooters girls have social consciences too ya know!

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My view -- an excuse views expressed and expressed. The wind -- this -- is likely to proceed with caution. -- -- discretion is advised. Only Morris and now you know you weren't here alive. This -- disaster. I have never seen. Our defensive tackles this back and now they're spicy and other defense to tackle. On the University of Miami and sit around looking for girls and it stands and not running to the football important hat on someone's -- you'll aren't going to be the director of wall WEEI. Warning airlines I am good -- And terrorism the next time I see somebody. Somebody sort of bug patches of -- dial 6177793535. When a quarterback standing there when he doesn't quarterback sneak. I want someone -- -- not a bottom and just don't. Designs. And -- east balls -- this -- -- fighting whiner line some day. The city of Miami. Virginia high yield and now onto the talent is 82 points and up yards two weeks she. Don't you -- ninths. -- whiner line don't. Both you guys after watching. The game on its host more useless on the pre game show Jim roll with the tree. Clothes that you that. -- the -- I know it's about sponsors it's about -- promoting general whose new show. On the radio network doctor about the general and TV property and it's about -- you know giving the sponsors. Free average -- -- -- paying big bucks for giving trade how do you expect to have series is there in the middle of me I thought. Semi serious discussion about the game. And stuff Bill Powers talking about you know how the game is gonna go and before you go James brown and her out before you go with your pick. Let's hear from the E*Trade baby. -- -- great for us in others maybe that these people that still find these trees. It's it's it's accurate it's not in other -- not real very good you when you figure that -- -- that I even bring back. I frank Kelly it was it. Doesn't get it up getting candidate is not yet but you're right. It's got away from football time of Omar and noted. It's it's with the rats are actually doing right now with a -- you know -- legally as the comedian. But still you want to vote of a football game I'll. Make a market six hours before the the kick off its receivables and they usually the last part by AT&T. W highlights available to upload your black ice brought Cuba AT&T AT&T forgy. LTE was. Deep fly. The French speaking different a lot of French law. -- nice -- that AT&T them rethink policy. Not sure we know cultural. What's Austin fear was absolutely right -- who lived in Paris ten years called direct programs that -- while it is live now. -- hit it right yet to make in my outlook. Heinous that. Is that what your Brothers and get their fifteen to speak practice in and it's him Obama. And it showed -- it. But the bad football -- -- patriot. Bat Olympics. War we need to be accountability. In leadership. You cannot get the -- could be gotten by guilt at the black gold world. But you don't need to act whether they'll. Not that I'm good yeah. -- Yeah. What I think safety. Why didn't the Obama and not an eleven. Well I. You know. -- yeah. It's just getting it. Yeah. Yes I did that create the and. And that dual suspension broke him again. Well the off season is here and I'm thinking about the patriots are good at what changes started. But you don't pick up -- -- it's sort of like. Girlfriend. Now where we've been talking about it always heard is where people around every time. That big guys that you were looking for two quarters back yeah. And then they had that apartment in the I am. So called the bank arm them have come out right by now that probably equate myself and go out there and then. Paper ballots back on behalf of all of five killing one state. Do your job start to feel like an Atlanta brave man didn't play division title meaning -- doing -- Our end -- message every -- Job. What and went on how well the I. Ended. Tom Brady Brett -- at a bottom and data Brazil then waited on the public had a note about. And then also where it -- an apartment now and now and a valid reviewing whether he. While fly. Without even seeing the flag -- I have to say he probably did -- And wait for the first video out of the -- -- -- the jubilee who went up to an area where he's dancing we should go to that someday I'll elements audio there are great because it's beautiful. Do you think it was. What does that adventure that and marched that's great that. -- -- -- -- Rocker and it should fire and I. Didn't want and -- It. All eyes. Yeah. We have got to be very thankful. Better -- We all could you imagine what it has won the ballot had Brothers. The death of Nevada is a very good I wouldn't want to have this product has an. -- I have stated that this group spoiled all of between really have to put up to recuperate what would. You really going to be OK and God's plan for and who obstructed justice of the double homicide poster with the Super -- -- retirement here. Do we go let's go. Let's go. And most people around here will be heard from some out of the country though. I'm not -- around the country our other -- get a lot of support good story. -- what the Bible. I'd be -- all of them really though. Textures guys -- Wednesday's six. Trying to. Guess which Obama tech all -- particularly we should count records of Connecticut just hours. That's not true bright outlook on the people's republic of Vermont -- of those people there. Hey god -- -- connection outcome they got burned. Yeah I want to collaborate and are fewer people look like. And the -- Didn't watch that show by the -- it -- people build bunkers and a basement office -- I misty from -- one time did you did you -- -- I made an appearance on the BJ's stores was down an island -- I don't do we always down in Providence you know -- -- -- and here -- Steve -- made -- -- when -- -- -- Just a little -- -- small gallery to talk well I'll tell about sharpening your not a shortage of which are done. You know nice -- well dressed as well -- happy mood even there -- you well reluctant to bet would be Egypt's. The what crop AM. Nick. That the -- opt. -- -- And that message that. Dutch couple Eagles. After going well and how -- run. On Sunday I got the bank and I was faster and authority Eric dash Brady Jordan got well from the biggest here and that -- up. And that message. Elvis was sweaty blob by 76. Sweaty blob never danced on the stage just walked slowly went mopping his sweat. -- says nephew Randy gadget it was a joke people reflects. I don't think it was Joseph could only talk about Rhode Island all the time off tear in his right ripple all the time you know I think you said earlier today why we will three point seven. -- site its greats that. And the captain obvious moment on the talk mark felt good morning. I'd called them. That they have brain damage is quite good football -- whole lot of thought out column. And that message. After that kicked him ahead by strippers and have high school football and -- governments are taught by their helmets and other. Paul I don't. When he went -- what I don't know what got flag in -- -- well Google. But I haven't gotten but I had a bit of fuel and then got the ball -- we want. I -- -- -- well you know except that well. I can't believe -- the blue dogs out well you know about it and I didn't got good part it's not that I've. Yeah -- have been -- at least I don't. -- I think -- fifty to forty. It's a good thing that Michael -- a love -- for most people probably. Decade ago it would welcome quiet had to apologize for like comment on great though it. Yes -- -- -- -- you know how to not have put them out and out of line and become a good football you like it. And went -- to pick up you can get that when going they had they such -- we having a problem. Yeah it's are. On line thing or something I'm getting all of these text here today -- the -- for awhile here why are we blocking the big show. In Texas. We're not it's not just in -- -- have a couple of technical problems and also would you want to Wear black and and every 100 jobs and -- this -- -- for some reason they think we're just. Kicking them out -- Texas him blocking them out yet -- I think Texas. Is Texas is part of New England right. Now. Great -- programs to. Please -- -- goes it goes again. I don't know. If -- Greinke and yeah and he. What am convicted. He was convicted. For my home. Probably. He got out okay and that 250000. I'm so why don't you accept that -- And cabinet voted to -- -- kettle black. This quarter's. -- -- Who has been suitors she is -- -- -- let's throw it well. Currently our -- I brought some chicken mole series upsetting that I just any doubt Bemis who had put up that right road is awesome isn't likely away. -- And it is well. -- he's got caught up and that it needed a moment but -- A lot did. -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob what the little white and not buying it but don't cry and little aren't good but you know I want to give you have a -- -- -- but the what you know that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Copilot but -- -- Hey Andy -- a hall. The patriots opponents day at the west did in Providence you'd. Government indicates it. I don't know against -- -- Mentions that all's well yes I think that's part of the problem and he doesn't like innings he's still upset that they took 38 studios went from us. Might have some. They are stepping up I have got a bad call. But now I think about it and then picked up and by the white. They are fed -- -- Jordan and Kevin and I want prepared. And I'll explain it other sort of more -- of that video and of course the how you can hear news outlet Morgan's -- every bill -- do you confused he's got I just got out a light hat with a great step. Did you deliberate and increase our mortgage. Bill sale or I miss Andy. All you do is just lay out and in the -- Italian display out just waited like two more seconds complete corrected pretty fast. Question -- -- -- the sort of somebody innocent in his ear -- Well that's what they did right in him for what else I don't know Russell. This what's called basket case. Two Luka is their guy. Got him. -- but these people have -- it seems. Reading about their -- they. I think kids happy. Walk free throws then. If you want -- powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LDE speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible.

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