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Can you stomach two weeks of Ray Lewis praising the Lord? Get ready for it.

Jan 22, 2013|

We discuss the Ray Lewis phenomena... how some people want to completely forget about his past, and how some tend to harp on it too much. Regardless, get ready for some bible quoting the next two weeks out of Ray.

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Words man if you only knew. The way we do we that we build. We build a certain way. And we got into this. The world and last year when we -- the body. And told them they will be back. -- is now because we got some famous. And -- we'll dwell on the injuries and to all the things we've been through decision. Every day I came out and tilted the tumor in his motivation. Because we won a Super Bowl to give and to see him -- fine no weapon formed against his teams across from. And to see a -- today holding this trophy god is absolutely amazing. -- people realize he's not talking about OJ Simpson Jessica's that's right because that little bail us that little clip could be used. In a different -- life it's. It's experience and inspiring story no court by the way that's great story OJ -- yes Ray Lewis was found not guilty that's different from this -- all means is that the court didn't have enough Evanston. Her without a doubt he did it -- done you just get away that you may be right. That first Dolly was he was. Found not guilty. The he plea bargain turned on his two. Co defendants. And basically we bargained for in obstruction of justice. I don't understand this you know text her -- in our wish we can. Taught you a little bit I guess. Its exit from 774. Was going on and on about what I Donte' Stallworth we were all open to him because he's a pay go we didn't well. -- he used to play for the patriots and he played for the patriots. Then when that happened he was no longer he wasn't playing for Israelis. What it was in Miami -- that he wasn't playing for the dolphins that he was playing. -- for another team Washington Cleveland won them. -- medically. So. It wasn't that he he he wasn't criticized he was criticized if he had been a patriot. He was criticized when talking about these types of issues you talked about killing people. Because you're drunk and that's one of things I'm totally against -- always critical and had arguments people on this station. For years you -- -- -- Simon had arguments with people for years and years. About drunk driving. How is not an accident. So no you can't you talk to the wrong. Saddam absolutely was critical counties so we're not a patriot and I'll tell you just the opposite what we were doing at the time and I remember it. Was we couldn't believe the way people were letting dumping Stallworth off on the steel. And all over Michael Vick for the killing of the dogs that became. A far bigger offense that what Donte' Stallworth hit and that came to the conclusion that. Too many people have been in this position before themselves. There's nobody kills -- to it but you about the position would you -- too much to drink. And you've got behind the wheel of the cards -- like thank you look at and say -- what could happen to me. It's not gonna happen to me that I'm killing a dog and I thought that was wrong Stallworth what you did was far worst them. Michael and if like I love football love. And I'll I'll be depressed when the Super Bowl is over I'll look forward to it looked training camp all of the draft -- all this stuff but reviewer at the point. Where you're saying. Well -- guy -- somebody put Michael look at what's your idea that you'll like football too much. A little too wrapped up in football if you -- look at murders. It's well but he didn't he he's not he's my guy. He's my guy so he's okay but your guy did the murder and I don't like your team so that's worse it's all bad developments step away from -- a little bit crazy. -- usually -- -- from Brockton serious. Were his name is schism border iceman yeah. I meant. Was that ice maybe doesn't go by that name anymore. No. -- -- To about ten other -- as a Stallworth took full responsibility for what he did that's the difference. I didn't I was -- day went on and on and he was contrite and or just he went on and on say what he did in and how what happened. -- took responsibilities to me it's still kill somebody doesn't bring the persons -- something you still yields a body whereas in this in this situation. Well Ray Lewis knows what happened. But is not sharing of the information is -- Florida and a picture aren't lower. I -- and while I really kind of outlet Welker and anti should've caught that app. -- lot of change the game and all I want to -- -- -- -- each Avery. Made this beeper when he pot like with it pat down -- within the act. Did see big big Agilent stand back. He's got a pessimist and that it got to pass -- -- your industry some -- early it gets passed his game. Now. But in any sort. I try he had adrenaline got dropped around the well that was a that was the -- drop the scream that I thought -- one. Before they had one love before that as well. And now they didn't have you off I was. They don't know no I didn't say the use them along because now he's but they used the board and that's why. Last week holiday got hurt on the first why so Vereen backs him up so that's why you got an opportunity apply so this week you don't just take because. Marine played Houston game we don't just translate that singled and use him and his game. Why not me either I read about. In there and I carry out. In not mean -- -- outlook don't hurt so I don't know why don't. He was not hurt he was fun that's why they played him in the game and I think they probably get back to Michael's point here about half an hour ago you gotta worry about ball security and they probably felt more comfortable. -- ward had holding onto the ball than they did with her. Doubt I would thank you won't. -- -- -- -- -- -- using a lot of the backfield yes I think we're looking Adam as a receiver because of the play he had against the Texans but I think he he he's not a he's -- he's a running back with good hands. But he's not a he's not a receiver -- What I thought about what when he was -- because -- kidney I mean outfield are -- fever I don't know why they didn't try. That. That's not I accuracy and lower amount bend it. Denver. A year -- chambers chamber an excuse me -- his candidacy -- the second cousin or uncle. I Shane Vereen had two receptions 22 yards hit a thirteen yard catch which is Saudi -- drop one ball. He had four carries as a rusher for sixteen York. So that he did run at Dick arm are -- effect he rushed the ball up more. Than one that any car. More than what did I gotta I gotta say this I've started that way I'm so glad we have a break coming up here because now I'm just really. -- worried about. I'm as worried about some certain people 860 final two texture worried about you more about this text. Are you really such poor losers. That you have to drag a thirteen year old case up. Out of the mud as it suddenly pertinent. Pats lost deal with it. This has nothing to do what the patriots losing. Game. Before the patriots play the game. The Ray Lewis case illustrates it's always -- -- it. People added it's an unsolved murder. All its parts and it's not about right so if you're. Your sacred Baltimore Ravens this is not about it hall of fame career I don't hear all they have only played war. It was big double murder and it's an unsolved. Case. It happens every day every week across America guess what it's a tragedy at every case that's the tragedy even know what -- Thirteen years ago where -- -- people go to the worst part was Plaxico Bora spent the most time in jail and shot himself. This this is -- my mum on the Ray Lewis. Some of the text. Are you guys series. Or is this the -- -- my being hailed here. That you don't really believe. What you which yours today which are writing. It's just wanna. He's going to be pissed off. Is working US federal open door for three years but but but his work here right now. So. There's people keep bringing it back with sports context of that August exports about. Do you feel. That an unsolved murder. And I hate to be the simplistic but okay that's what I do well so simplistic. If it's a friend of -- Who has been murdered and it's been thirteen years in in the family still doesn't have answers. You feel like it is relevant to bring it up forty just forget about that person who was murdered or is it always relevant. Is always relevant. Appear to have a twenty years ago if it does not solved is not solved. So if ray Lewis and an innocent. My approach will be completely different people brought up to USA today asked Ray Lewis about it he tell you wanted to talk about something happened thirteen years ago. I'm sorry it inconvenient -- you before you're right in before you put the AFC championship games aren't inconvenienced you with the question. At that. In a question about a story that involves you in some way. A czar. But Barbara Lewis I would say. Yes bring it up because it's important. It's important to find out. Who did this. So the family can have a little bit of. It just the way he acts Michael I think it pisses a lot of people laughed and he's out there are telling us that god -- a Baltimore Ravens -- And so every weekend and he stake in the lord because the what is helping him knock off teams because the lord didn't like what the patriots did was spy -- or whatever they usually and a so were supposed to believe that the -- really cares about that put the lord is not concerned about the two people. That perished that night down there that little microbe -- -- and the magazine about. Procurement and anybody -- You eat anything going is entertaining. -- anti in the that is a great signals -- it that much but it's a part of this story. It's always relevant for the rest of this why. Underestimate. Got Dante stalwart patriot always a -- it's a part of his life to reach ravens cowboys Steelers. BS well here's everybody that would put out OK it's good -- it. They're gonna upright -- activity but here's bill because people were texting earlier he was not guilty in a court of law though he was not guilty which charged with our. Because there was not enough evidence by the prosecution. That. They gave him -- okay it was a plea bargain. You rat on your two other defendants here you rat him out by the way -- -- -- get off their right out. You rat them out and we'll let you plead to a lower. Our charge and that will be just obstruction of justice you'll be able. Walked away without much stuff -- -- course -- the civil suits against him after that and notice -- see it's never got to trial. Results were settled. Why because he had some money could afford to -- -- may be totally opposite my president I mean maybe just where they had. To do -- this at all. But all along the way there are signs there with no conclusion to home. There are signs they're -- Meade -- he was involved -- -- the for the rest of his life. I just think it's him and look I don't I don't know what happened I don't know -- murder and not call him a murder not make and I'm not taken that leap to say Ray Lewis is a murder. What I'm saying is it's always -- The story will be relevant until there is some conclusions. Until. There's an answer. To what happened that night in Atlanta. And if it's if it's inconvenient to the Baltimore Ravens. And it it's inconvenient. Or to Ray Lewis. To bring this thing up so be it. Now I don't think John Harbaugh. Will take the attack that Brian Billick did before the Super Bowl and the ravens were their last time. Well you guys are you know honey you know you guys don't know the facts you're just ambulance chasers who don't know what happened. You don't know what happened -- what we don't know is that your player. You're star defensive player was involved in a murder trial. And I think that is no where the and it continues to be newsworthy. In the reason it's all popping up here again today is because west Walker's wife. Into burns walker gets on FaceBook yesterday apparently it was -- private. Place. Quote proud of my husband. And the -- by the way if any -- board please go to ray lewis' Wikipedia page. Six kids four wives acquitted for murder. Made a family off ya -- hall of fame player a true role ball. Now Bob Wentz are probably shouldn't ignore it. -- -- But -- -- Pacific -- about the that you sell last year he loved your husband. They know that they're going to really rough time because they just -- probably any other stick up. Four or his -- her husband right it's a big deal and it was supposed to be it was the private part of her. Which is treating here where. Some one of her friends apparently ratted her out -- for it. And it was a private post prior post rhetoric friends aren't. -- that aren't doing as elegant as you know. -- -- how many I wonder how many FaceBook friend she has probably -- can't narrow it down I would say the private ones are no longer if fraud that happened to prop up its. If you have a problem with what you did. Now it's. She loves her husband. Says she feels better husband feels -- just lost this game. You know social portion of the -- so yeah okay she said the same thing that we would say or callers would say -- techsters would say. And in in this case she's got a right to go to -- just that the laws because. In affection for him right now maybe may be Welker had a problem with that are patriot got a problem might have been a problem Marcia what can we -- additional. And I sincerely apologize to ray Lewis and anyone affected by might -- Each of them. Sorry it's the wife he's she's stopped because he's her. I don't see any big deal if -- Ray Lewis what's the big. Court with. And so this can result in a -- upheaval and the whole -- I would like funeral and I mean I. I was into it left the apartment well. I mean and I am Margaret now right now Mike the principle agreement but I didn't like you know old. Don't understand the list and we like KO. Right didn't like silly those corrupt city in the and New York majority black. And I know arm are we saw this -- would like my little putt I mean. Think about -- you know I mean more than it does not knocked out of hope. And let people know we are. Williams -- lucky if you're at it if you play at that that's not -- I don't know -- advocates argue kidnapper -- and I'm glad. That whole ball that hit that hit. Are you -- you could say -- is a dirty player Michael said that many times here. That it was a legal hit. That's tackle that's one normally I don't and so what are you supposed to do you supposed to -- there when you've got a tight game and go create a fight. I don't know what it is -- guy. We had armed compound Wadi -- and we have lawyer Malloy we've had hard hit. All we do right now it -- but we we will be collusion with Syria we and by connecting it -- what that means there. Not a true there's not a honestly right now I disagree that this is not a full list they play our. Not a -- team disagree we are but there are you got a grunts of finesse player does vocalist and. -- people I don't mean if you eliminate. Individual problem. You -- -- that department now we have a saying I cannot deny that we aren't they couldn't asking what is nineteenth we got out of that. It. The -- had been rescued and got wind. Doubt I would agree that what I would agree with you that's different that's yeah. Pot -- -- out on our side or are you are now. All -- created when him and he's he's caused injuries for injuries he's not that great but like we don't know what -- what you're elements of like hockey. Somebody should retaliated or does something normal value forty supposed to do. That we know how you girl rocked the -- you kept the ball with every wanna check it -- Did you know here. Crazy you don't -- spikes its people don't think at Mayo hit people think that Vince it's pretty well you can't play. You go -- you. Now. Well Maria college in Cutler facilities more one against the raw what does he do that stuff -- spikes is not play a fund as game. This is cliche stuff I don't MI -- -- that dale -- that's now what he's saying in the c'mon. Listen. Most baseball -- to real personally. Don't know if it. -- -- about personally yours microphone on key. A -- this is going overboard hasn't said they're talking about the New England Patriots as the finesse and it is a perfect gigantic bucket of so. -- -- argument that about it. -- halo ever I Desmond -- of the three years Israel chicks dig the long ball it's. I is Dennis in Myrtle Beach what's up Dennis. -- Dennis. Does -- reach. It. Dennis. In New. York as I was human -- Or is that The New Yorker Myrtle Beach. For an -- in the district in various groups in our current state -- And then nightmares that time -- -- -- His good stuff. I know I called it depend less than Tom and not that they needed. Still trying to wrap my mind around what happened of the offense. But this has happened at least four times in the postseason. And I think it can happen because. They don't have an ability. To move the ball get first downs get in for touchdowns. When their opponent -- -- -- -- either able to mount a ferocious pass rush or. They make that middle of the field that ten to fifteen yards -- line of scrimmage real real dirty and -- And I think it's as simple as that I think. You know in that in addition of their own limitations of the plays they didn't make right it's a problem of personnel. Whether through injury awards where in some cases design and sometimes I think they're just being flat out out coached and -- that there are coached Sunday night. -- -- solid person being out coached him there's sometimes as their shame in that when you're going up against. Let let's say -- Tony's Toronto when he was coach here or you're going up against. -- don't -- -- Cam Cameron team wore her Chan Gailey Norv Turner you know coach -- you really feel bad case of John Harbaugh. It's gonna take it can happen got a hell of a coach. Well -- -- great job eight ending teams who was vilified New England for rank and and vilified down here who October. And he figured out what you know don't don't let these guys into the end zone you know just play tough red zone defense. And where I think we're out coaches I think one so we've left that game. We have to change our. You drive -- they don't. You've got you know you you said earlier Bruce got person get some personnel issues too in addition to they may have been a coach you may be right. But in addition to that. Are you still going out there with -- mark these coal stove up here with with Kyle Arrington. Not -- one of those guys in the future number one or number two. -- IP good in the slot in the slot corners but. It's just a problem me I. I -- here's the question I have Bruce and and I agree would you want you lose to leave. It changes everything if you noticed Bolton did nothing to that point nothing right and then from that point on Bolden was really -- their offensive star of the game. But will the offense. What is the offense have to do well with the injury to took it. Here here's my point com that the offense but it would have been a great deal of difficulty right at that that they were just not converting. The ravens were playing very effectively on defense and my point. There is. Once truly believes. You know you're not going to be able holed mine on defense. Even more so you need to score 3538. Or forty points. You do it and if you don't punt. From the ravens side of the fifty yard line you've got to take some shots. You've got to increase the possibility of being able to extend the possession. And maybe punch it into the. That's up that was interesting answer by deal because I don't basing at all deals history. Is that we're so accustomed to seeing bill and he said while third and three or four -- looked at it differently. Fourth -- 344 districts left me. But she can do this many times the fourth and eight get wish you don't win in Super Bowl yeah I think so but we criticized -- you -- right. But this is that -- coworker -- -- it was and it was a similar situation. I think they were at the thirty with her but 31 at that point right 3132. And he didn't go for sport and thirteen. And they didn't go for the field goal. That was really don't know that a forty yarder. In this case. It's fourth and -- I -- a thing about this today. I know what is your answer was that score thirteen to seven. And it's fourth and eight. Of the good things that could happen there there -- you know obviously that the best thing is to pick up a first down and -- and score touchdowns in Europe to ones that that's the best. Another good thing it's not what you want but you pick up six. Or seven yards. -- are now eating get the first down. A guy you put them in field position it's not as great community is still decent opposition but they're not sitting -- at 35 yard line. Another you know he could obviously hit a bomb and and score touchdowns but you look at the negatives. Take a sack. Now they're at 43738. You don't pick up the first down they got pretty good field position. At. Duke did the pot in other words -- that to the positives outweigh that the -- That -- do one thing he said to me that that start the risk startled in that situation is he said he was playing the scoreboard and stir itself. By the -- corporate scoreboard and the situation that it's the what the name but that's her. It's too early in the game and now wondering whether he at that point. -- confidence in his office that he could that would almost 35 loss scoring games. Or he also had. Less confidence in his deep -- at that time yes because Talib was out of your game and he was worried about the big uproar so I'd rather. You live back deep right because so far. We have been able to control -- David war forget. -- terrible field position in the first half of that game terrible they started deepen their own end and I think it was I think you really felt more comfortable don't know. If he had a lack of confidence in the defense. It turned out to be. Justified. Justified no confidence if I can if I can use that phrase because. They didn't pin and the ravens back there would happen. It still went down support so if they get the ball at the 35. Our chances are they scored and scored easier than they did people get carried away about -- physical stuff facility keeps -- three players doesn't acute physical. They are a lot more physical and that's reporters we sat here last week the national media said last week. And said they basically clinched the Houston Texans around -- This is not a fun dance team. It's a high scoring powerful office but it's not a -- think I did -- was Baltimore more physical in the scheme of Sunday night apps it'll. Totally agree. But it's like they were playing some powder -- here yeah and ST. I think what their credit I think that's an easy cliche of the two people were coming up with a well I think what they're trying to do. Is blended and the question is can you can you -- it can you have. And you have a team that has those -- elements. Fast break football. Or or -- team have that element that dimension to it -- it also. Have the -- and a four minute offense and just run out the clock literally run out the clock between the tackles. Can you do that it did you have a defense that can get after the quarterback. So fast defense. And also a defense that can go to hotel with view and in wrestle with the.

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