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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande on the state of the Celtics and Terry Francona

Jan 22, 2013|

Sean Grande spoke with Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers in Cleveland prior to tonight's Celtics/Cavs game.

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-- and I've presented by Lexus continued strong Quicken Loans Arena. Apparently this poison conflict going on in the background this is -- -- and all this emphasis. It'll now is the -- background music that makes for a couple that they pride themselves on -- on the rock royalty. -- a conversation with and it goes but he has always. -- Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim. Countless it. I on the outside it's so black and white sometimes when you're losing place it's never that simple when you use the term trending a lot when you weren't getting some points that you like it would seem threatening but during the final couple games of the winning streak. You didn't like it was a picture. You know where to go home. -- Is it just won't lose when we lose. -- heavily. Skewed the -- You know -- the ball or. About -- where she yo. And we're just that team that didn't do that when those things you talked about we play your post game comments from the of -- earlier that would keep him police reports because when you read them looks a lot different than when you actually hear what he talked about the easy way. What's an example with something -- in the course of a game that is the easy way it's hard well a lot of things that robe worn on the turn -- -- -- You've been known unknowns -- double coverage includes just taking shortcuts and sell them -- when the -- -- go to order. It's -- Altman's war but it's easier for you -- to the cold and that's what we do. Terry Francona your friends now the manager here and we've. Obviously and today -- couldn't get a new book coming out -- to optimize your thoughts and talk today. That was really -- what did you know about 2011 Red Sox team that's remembered for the system collapsed but they've. They had a very good year up until the fourth spot -- they play well today. -- teams playing well he didn't really like the way they played. For -- field. Does that feel a little bit like what's going out there. Drugs and all that don't remember accident theory -- -- -- reading of that year. Saying man -- messes up once and got the gory incidents. Moments away. What I see in this locker room I don't like yours is so important that he was right I don't feel that way about this. I'd like individuals. You know I just like -- right now until it. We'd all shoot together -- know that the typical thing this team. Over probably the -- in recent years as. It's not one dollar to it's it's a different guys on different nights and that's what to reach into its. We talked about the Sunday haven't known mostly so. It's a little accident of the votes I was shocked let's. It was nice to. People misery loves company and its second straight game it's a very young team playing at home easy. Easier for young players to play better to be more confident you know role -- because they get comfortable. In their home there's do when -- don't use the youths do. Your routine on the world -- a routine. And -- in his -- home. They're comfortable in the account in the way when you don't like the way you're team plays it makes other team's top two seems like pointless you know they -- that. You know we're in them that they did really excited we've been there with these students. And I'd are we don't want to this matter to topic point guard put in situations it. Really test your competitiveness. -- in your career it seems like you're tapping on team it's going to lose a lot of nights. I mean that's tough that's 21 -- yeah I think that's what. A lot of people do it you'll -- Vietnam's in the when this is the first pick in the draft. But watching him -- -- a long time. Always -- does tend to overlook the fact that you. But I think with a lot of him this no -- no Republicans who was injured at duke is still us and ensuring that this year. Notice that Terry Francona books in pretty good I guess -- hear this. It's the Celtics and cavs -- next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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