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Do you consider the Patriots season a failure?

Jan 22, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate whether fans should consider this Patriots season a success or failure.

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The day after the day after my -- 93 point seven WEEI continuing. To pick through the wreckage of a patriots lost in the AFC championship game Matt Chatham. The play for the patriots. It on the speed all year in The Herald and on WE EDI. And -- -- us he'll join us one hour from now we'll get his perspective about what went wrong Sunday. There is plane that went wrong with your patriots -- I did they Callahan and you know making fun of or wait today which is always good. Glenn tells every Tuesday I went back to watch the game again. Well the FR EYE cameo at the watch shall -- can pick and go to all the place you want to -- well we'll get to some of that just able to beat off there's still a lot from this game but it terms of the season. I know work is still raw in the emotion of the patriots losing Sunday. But open it's too early to ask a pretty simple question. Was this patriots season a successful one in 20122013. -- as the analyst okay that we need to. Slow down a little bit of Super Bowl or bust. You need to win the Super Bowl or something's wrong in the organization. You know what is to a ball Tom Brady's done Bill Belichick is rule. This -- that a final four I I understand expectations. Expectations change. You know throughout the season any other points this season we looked at that bother playing better -- anybody in football. The best team in the AFC. They got their ass kicked on Sunday by more physical team a better team. But I think overall you make it to the AFC championship. As successful season committed with it was at eight. Was they'd lock when the season started again and then she started that they think the patriots aren't the heavy favorite to commodity stomach by the FC and win the Super Bowl is. -- -- beginning of the year. Well due to people on the show that the patriots to get there and I didn't the biggest favorites to get -- -- -- people who show all bought a ticket that. The Houston Texan yes -- patriots Texans they have to tell definitely we have and getting. So -- got here if not the favorite at the cult favorite to get there in your mind I don't winning getting to a Super Bowl and they were the favorite Vegas yes they were heavy favorite in the AFC. Denver Houston Pittsburgh. Behind him at some assembled -- yes in the pre season they were the favorite -- -- the conference as date. Got their last year in the Super Bowl and we're a very similar team than they wore the F there with a -- that -- -- he's the -- -- so I just a spirited group and you know what. Next year that means same -- group. They're gonna be one of fourteens that come on the AFC. And they'll probably -- that get through that first game that -- the AFC championship again you got the AFC championship in on that day you didn't play well. And a lot of it had to do with it. Sorry lot that -- injuries. Okay defect they came out at their ass kicked that would market the healthy to -- make a difference in my apartment -- might still lost that football game. I think it was a success admits it's championship is to play well that day it is hard to call a season that results in the AFC championship game a failure like. In terms -- individual season. It's more like a failure than it is a success for me is the way I'd look at it as an individual year. -- home favorite and you're expected to win and everything falls your way -- we said -- what's right for the patriots you know you're gonna. -- -- a team like Pittsburgh in the first round. You're gonna actually get a bye week -- played and that wildcard route. You get a get a home game against Houston it's seniority be like a home game against the Baltimore Ravens and in your building that team coming off back to back weeks. Haven't play a 160. Dot snaps whatever wasn't too -- and set up for them. And they get back game and they get out physical outplayed out coached. This season in particular was it. This was a failure for the England patriots in terms of what the ultimate goal is in its failure rate lot of teams. I have a hard time sugar coating what happened this year for this team because there individual successes and there were able deals. And as a team if I told him. Get all of the FC title game you would avoid. A number one seed in the Denver Broncos get a home game against Baltimore. And you would end up looking like the old colts. Against -- patriots and that is the title game. You call -- a year I would call that a failure because of that. I agree with what I lost and it's a failure because they get to Super Bowl a year ago couldn't get there this year. And there wasn't like a big obstacle Obama was in your way Denver got to avoid double again if it turns out that was the better team the -- the ball more rate -- Baltimore walked in Denver nine point underdog. Beat down -- it was anyone's saying that it had a that was anyone watching that Denver Baltimore game Saturday aunts and boy I hope Denver wins the patriots have to go to Denver. The AFC championship game what looked like the easier road that. Look at Baltimore well yeah. Until and then he realized that I wanna play a team that just walked in the Denver beat Peyton Manning that's that's what I'm looking for and that's what you got. -- turned up probably been easier because again the way you attack the patriots -- physical defense. Denver didn't have what they lit him up so only look back that -- -- rubble as a reason -- and play there. Was because there weren't as good as Baltimore. What I look at the patriots this year. -- was that a failure. I'd look at a first time starting left tackle in Nick's older late last year moved around a little bit they started three rookies on defense. But it big with the the season and -- -- -- -- while we -- outside why are you excited about this patriot offense. How the hell a team's gonna stop you know her and and -- gronkowski. All the different things they can do how many times they played together -- Four times report -- okay was was one time when Rob Gronkowski played that last game of the year basically yep so let's go three times. Although when Aaron Hernandez came -- wait to suit against Seattle visibly banged up. Gay and and give back to fall we get the jets news done for weeks he wasn't ready. Opening day gets Tennessee Titans you basically for two healthy diet and in one of the reasons why you thought that -- one of the favorites. Gators at three rookies on defense and Dave Wilson got in their play another awful rookie. You had the basically the backbone of this offense you had to play healthy one game together that's it. So when you look at they got the AFC championship. Was a strong AC AC at all. It was stood at that depth they went up there they played beat the team to should be and they got there and in the end it wasn't good enough. But I think wouldn't -- everybody keeps talking about it that this team is trending. Towards. You know finessed and it's trending towards this team is -- to be amassed the next three years I think that trend stopped this year. The gate trying to fill voids you screwed up and a draft for both for years the united try to fill those spots of free agents and -- -- and draft picks and net of it was worked and they screwed that up this year. I think it's different. You've got to Corbett team coming back. What was different Sunday. That was the most the -- they look like all geared up to get drastically abandon a balanced approach you saw all year in the -- critical time. Somebody call the plays decided yet -- we're gonna get a bit and Ridley got hurt late beat seventeen carries before baton rocket rod as much okay we're gonna throw the football sputtered out not going to be as ballast where they tried to be and they -- That's what sucked about some legal back and watch neck and you pointed out yesterday. Third 13 into place with they've on the football the year recently negative yardage Ridley only gets one of the two. In the biggest game of the year baby can have been at it again and got punched in the -- how was that not a familiar -- that one game belliard out. But if you ask the question of the season -- Look at GM and the question of his job is not GM -- a sorry job as the look at this team in one individual when I look at this has all alien okay that's failure. You it failed in one game. All right and read I don't really -- talk of what excuses of injuries. The -- the blood of these reasons I'm gonna use him again. It's reality but it is a difference between -- yesterday's at all sure this -- elect to help the justice meant he played. OK all I'm sure you know healthy Terrel Suggs and healthy read at a healthy. Great Louis they played. In the stated that mystery playing -- -- -- -- was out of the game. Gone difference maker got -- dawn. Difference maker whether he's white like his defense was -- young Jim Jones is on the verge of becoming defensive rookie of the year. Injured played shell of himself minimal snaps didn't play at all. Don't look at that team they've -- one -- didn't play well as the season. I think this team is on the right path. Now the problem is. Now the let me look at the last three draft will look 34 years from now on the last three years and say unbelievable draft now they're paying a price from the previous four cute are in the holes. Unfortunate when those -- this next three years that reap the benefits -- 23 has done a road maybe even next year. I got -- asked a question about the quarterback that is an issue. But I still look at the season a success you you're giving -- individual successes. About individual players I can't argue without their thing you look at but. I'm looking at this team in particularly trade for cue to leave they have so little depth in their secondary to give a fourth round pick. Turkey to leave it worked and we and it worked in till he got hurt at all and there was no back -- plan you're a Kyle Arrington and mark -- coal. -- is a genius and get hurt and apparently not phenomenal. But if it was a successful year -- wouldn't they've been able to account for one player going down. In that game and instead of position second of eight -- that's at seven burst down first down first double second downs that Belichick talked about and dammit he was right. You failed make coaching standpoint to have any of those guys ready once -- what Downey put your right to that basket that's part of the failure. You failed because in the biggest game of the year. You couldn't match musicality all you we wonder was this the physical. Are they if an ST what they had examples throughout the regular season I was dissect -- areas that lawless and without that ultimately they would play -- -- right Seattle error resulted in Baltimore regular season. And lost those games they had the crib sheet for the teams that are are gonna affect us and boy if we see the world teams again Baltimore maybe Seattle Super Bowl. The pretty physical how we gonna respond to that. They didn't respond to that patsy failure of this team look before keep to -- showed up. I think it's pretty clear they they were about the same. About the same as they didn't want out -- the last year lash of the guilt not a big place via nice 174. On the year most of any players championship in order to be Italy was a championship secondary chip -- defense before. Keep -- showed no. To help me to think there are supposed to win the Super Bowl we'll get to. Well that's. That's the failure of the coaching -- but the failure of the season but I had one guy and and say OK that's our guy epic goes down screw it not a championship so you you expected this secondary to come out and just be outstanding. After we saw you before and no changes what we know what -- -- according we have -- -- clearly he's better at the safety position Theo and I had no idea. He went to -- is not the same guy. We're going in a year you thought according Arrington John Gregory was Super Bowl. If I picked them to get there but that's on sale obviously yeah I think the -- the secondary still a huge question marks. Okay and they shared up the secondary with the lead an accordion expectations change. But you you you you can't rip the secondary and say it was a clear cut favorite to witness to what you've been -- get there. Well Ras I Dowling goes down -- -- account for did you know he was gonna be outstanding. I understand there is some like it doesn't this speak again to the depth issue at that position. Coaching I'm not out of gas coaching is part and disagree with -- -- yes I thought Ron Borges did a great job today picking apart the coach's job. In that game. -- understand your point about individual successes an angle that tireless but as a team. Even the rolled they had in the team and the regular year -- -- put a 500 plus points to put up thirteen. It's much more failure than success. -- for that response because RTC and the ATP text line it's. It's pretty split in terms what people think about this year. It and I think it you can't call it success individually guys progressed but. This is not the Cincinnati Bengals I love that in terms of success you're talking about guys getting better and -- they they really improved and. Out of this I think it's I think -- -- team Eric got I don't rebuild the patriots are calling yesterday's one of the issues is patriots faces and their past success and I agreed at a percent you -- three out of four super balls. Now all of a sudden if you don't win a Super -- to failure. It's not that -- easy. The Minnesota seven AFC championship games they've been to five Super Bowl since all four they haven't ever won a suitable I'd get it. We can go to a lot of teams that -- in the same position that they -- A lot it's not easy to win when you get there that says a lot. There's still a good team. There's still a good team and if and if you turn out that it wasn't a good team. I did say that I dissing this year is eight AC it was just to get there I think -- -- championship is a success obviously wanna see him win. I'm disappointed they lost a more disappointed in how they lost than that day gestured at Sunday. They cut their ass kicked. Have a tough time sit there apparently our expectations -- Super Bowl or bust chipping and nine Super Bowl bust. That they witnessed horrible lost we'd be talking about how that was a failures well. You've got to win a suitable for to be success not agree with that -- art. We're gonna ask you guys the question was this takes these what's his season a success in the opposite excess obviously is failure. 61777979837. The phone number 617. 7797937. You can Texas any time on the eighteenth tee -- line at 37937. Breaking NFL news. Sean -- Has been reinstated immediately. -- the NFL. Get all the details on that asking the questions success. The 20122013. Patriots colts next. A visually off the deal maker Maxtor. It's not it's disappointing for a lot of -- but that's. So I'm told otherwise but plan on him. -- check back next year I can't wait. Don't get more of those season ending recaps that we had yesterday on the big show Mike -- Or way holly the Osce. Could that why -- whispering throughout answer to talk to -- off the air about why they're whispering throughout the entire thing -- deal. What happened there you know the end of the first few minutes of doing walked in the room to -- and not know who don't (%expletive) me off. -- thought we ask the question was this a successful patriots here of it's not got to use the word gotta get much closer to a failure. And as a success 6177797. 93 civil last Matt Chatham for patriots top the -- 11 o'clock Rossum -- pulled leads all the discussion good morning -- Good morning guys are you don't want us are human eye until it could be four. Report going to struggle. I know you're charity a hundred dollars please summit which charity you wanted to make a donation to. Room to grow nice room to grow dot org. Room -- -- dot org I will send -- hundred dollar donation in your name. Russell match human meant. Okay I've I will do shortly and off. And I are you know Eddie -- charity is good and -- you have to do got a European outlook and bought tickets to consider -- -- government. The patriots lost like you know. But he -- at a with -- you know we all -- But I'm under on your topic. If you're gonna go past -- I'm gonna go more and basic -- and I'll tell you why. You can argue that it looked like that we've made. If you're gonna look at the -- game and call it a billionaire all of -- to say it was a disappointment. All the way around coaching players what do you wanna set. But it sure -- talked about. It's Kim was announced best western -- mortality between this and ordered him last year -- Wasn't this good question was this team -- out this team more talented. They -- Brandon Lloyd it's that it's not -- just say about the added -- -- over Chad Ochocinco upgrade there. They add eight mandates older format like ended up being you wash on the offense -- This year's team I think has more talent that -- I have a hard time coming up the last year's team mean more to help this team as a group to meet -- more talented team last year's team. Exactly my point and that is doubt this is -- -- and sometimes you have to give credit to the other team and say you know what the rape and -- the patriots in the -- they won the Indy deserve to be going. We can make all the excuses we can talk about the -- yes. But the -- thing I see is that the ravens were better it was on their day picnic it's a ticket to the ticket ticket had no answers. And I it will put out and that's why I can't call it a failure. I'm calling it a success. -- discussing that it was a disappointment -- -- -- a -- Yeah I I understand your point respect your opinion -- I disagree I mean they had three opportunities for opportunities. That it played physical teams during the year -- similar stuff happened. What they struggled offensively Brady had a hard time getting it to certain guys you know what players healthy. Talk about Seattle and Arizona. And the way bill's guys matched up with your defensive backs your receivers and -- them off their spot and they -- the blueprint this is what the ravens are probably going to do. And they scored thirteen points at home. Thirteen. -- sides that the jets' week two back in 2009. There were help a few more than two touchdowns in their old building by the way. I know big picture and tell -- three home losses in four years artistic this year thirteen points shot out. And the backbone -- your offense. That's a failure to me. Individually or some successes and -- -- -- eighteen that's a -- they're just being outplayed. In game. So yeah I mean I'm not disagreeing on the gained and it's -- way they've been outplayed insert spot Mike Reese does a great job today. When he goes back and looks at the patriots -- yes Belichick the question yesterday -- is there a common threat. Bill say no Michaels the reluctance of well. Look at the point totals he averaged a 283034. Points a game you get into these big spots and it's 1414211713. In those five games so consistently. The same thing is happening and you go up against certain type the defense is and you can't do anything. You don't make an adjustment to score thirteen points in this one of failure it's some surprise. What happens Sunday -- That's what's frustrating well here's the thing it it wasn't a surprise. He's just made the point it happens often. -- I mean this is it's it's kind of like same script. They get into the post season and played in the physical and you lose a case of so if if if you keep. If you keep making the same mistake. You know in your in your life I am I -- to funny and out perfect analogy Ali is that one up. And the same thing keeps happening and you keep responding the same way in the same failures in certain games. At some point don't just say it's a failure altogether because you're not making those adjustments as eighteen as a coaching staff. No -- maybe not I just think it's the same sort of script when you can't flip the script at some point that's -- I even as a coaching group. I just I think you almost gaining a picture of a team that's -- eight native year that you can't figured out. Yeah and it's it's just not true. You know on me addicted Bill Belichick in this organization realize that few years ago they need to make a change. You know that it needed -- needs. To you know they were trending in the right way to think they've done. Not objective when you going to look at this team. You look at the last. Three years again mixing up the top the draft that this team has had the last three years and this is why people say it's turning in a wrong way at. Go back and look again. The -- they struggle for most extolled nine there's no question about it. The week about 2010 legal according gronkowski Cunningham question marks spikes Hernandez. Dedrick and he upon her Masco that's 2010 draft. 2011 sold or marine Ridley good candidate. You -- I doubt we don't know about last year against starters on the defense Chandler Jones high power. Okay Alfonso debtor in the seventh round table on -- which we've seen. You look at the last three years in -- of these people that are saying it's trending the wrong way. I don't get it. I don't get it. Because it was a damn good draft strip for years now a look at the most drastic and look at those three drafts they had back to back to back. It's a young team they had three rookies. On this team. -- big business disappointed me collection goes admirable. But the second court I'm watching papers play taken even if they get they're gonna get the ball kicked. Is it a look at a suitable team we noticed a reality -- wells in the -- talking about successor failure this year. Will go -- Lot of guys are you know and good will have. -- -- you look at -- I'm public you new 100%. Right here he didn't make it. I would I gained this year and I -- and blocked up there you know the product the hatred of cute and actually that is second on the the -- Understandably expect that every single year is just -- -- you know you like you get those not -- -- Year ago disappointing. -- -- And I think a lot of people are gonna agree if you will thanks your call because you investor time minute you don't wanna feel like what you watch wasn't worth that. And they were individual successes as a team though if you -- a good hard look at it and the rolled they had. And and what you thought going into that game vs what happened. Can you still -- the success take try to stick yourself out of as well ask people today the time invest he had this team because you wanna -- you're good about. What -- is -- watching it talking about this team. -- cold hard football fact look at the wake Kerry -- in the as the order that is though. That attitude. And that's the attitude that we had here in ten years in this city just spoilt. Just oil you're upset because the time you invest in this team only brought you an AFC championship game really. Is that we've come through I think you're gonna get that response today well then that's the problem. That's the problem. Because this town has had success a lot of teams. If you don't win a championship bush read organizations were shred players individuals and where and what we were pissed that we invested our time in don't broadest and AFC championship game. That's sat 617779793. Civil continue with your phone calls about the patriots is that it'll give the details on the NFL reinstating. Saints head coach Sean -- keep -- here.

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