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John Harbaugh has respect for Bill Belichick

Jan 22, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about the Terrell Suggs' postgame antics compared to what Ravens head coach said about Bill Belichick.

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Yeah. Mr. also it's what he says arrogant leaps he's really talking about Belichick right what what else to the patriots Q is a team. -- we try to talk to these players there's not an arrogance. About -- man they follow the Belichick script of what intelligence that we can give you nothing. Never rips a teammate mavericks -- never other teams don't laughter anybody. -- to be seen as Eric I guess is Belichick right -- case for anybody and the patriots. Seeming arrogant you wanna say that the -- on probable let Eric and -- buybacks a lot of people are bail on the probable cause it's stupid. What's arrogant about the pitcher players are -- its military and and it's just more -- how he and it's his fault you know how we treat the media. You know it's it's just him consistent with a but that's just him -- Tom Brady arrogant. You know. On the field the doctor has absolutely. The leaders of this team Vince Wilfork I would call him arrogant or -- -- captain a team arrogant know Wes Welker arrogant know. Guy you know yeah -- west east -- Belichick maybe talk about the organization itself. Parents steamed that because they won in the past -- -- really when you look at it who is Belichick being. Arrogant you. Because fans and maybe shouldn't you be judged like what are your peers think -- other coaches in the league -- He always goes out of its way every week he is he is like a Lou Holtz in this way. The rule to pump up whatever team Notre Dame was play and that week. It does the same thing and I don't think coaches in the league have a huge problem is John Harbaugh. Coach of the Baltimore Ravens yesterday. Reacting to a rehashing his thoughts about Bill Belichick in the way those two interacted after the game on -- Which coach Eric after the gamers are so classy you know what he said. And that moment you know it's tough moment we've all been there and you know he's been there is much anybody briefed on the other sideline to when he understands what it's like to be genocide. Moving on so I was really mean a thing for for for our team for me. And that's that's Belichick right would you say that's his contemporaries. The -- bill niners. There's lot of respect their right it got the didn't -- the point at that game -- off -- -- -- syllables and walk away but he didn't and that's a a tough it out is probably the longest talky scene from bill would stayed on by the way during that conversation about the contemporary and it's not a media guides not Shannon Sharpe. Sit there on the CBS set I heard boomer talk this NF AN. Is broken there's no. There's no contract the you have to do you know coaches have done it and and sharp with this but I heard Ballmer was on that same broadcast. -- his radio audience yesterday there is no contract but yourself Belichick is this is more of Terrell Suggs. On the patriots are being area. They have the right to veto the equipment equipment. When you get three titles then went on -- the pit five appearances six appearances. It will once and it. They got the right to be you know we respect. And on the but. That's sit down and it's. That puzzle bit different though it Joey you're there for the as Joey is our producer. Was also there for all this post -- stuff locked -- There were two different Terrel Suggs that there was the honest Terrel Suggs who was screaming pop is long walk and back there. F bombs patriot is enjoy the Pro Bowl but there was media savvy Terrell Suggs who sat down its argument the patriots a credit negative is heard there. Their right to be arrogant. And there are different here is that there's a difference in game day in and afterward I mean you the hype. The probably the theme that they had coming in the Foxboro. What they were telling each other of the week prior where our ball on the week prior about. Walking in the Brady walked in yeah Belichick's house and this the patriots and now all the crap that goes with it. So when it's over and you win it all comes out. Settle down is -- respect. And I can't respect you know most -- reports. Brian Billick who's a former coach. On now works for fox. Coach for the ravens ripe for what nine years or nine years ago. He said he don't let this bingo. The way Belichick -- -- what he's about. I wanna take the clip from last year's AFC champs of game where they want to look at his balls in news conference. That -- -- look at the one he did Sunday turn the sound I'll look at the two it's the same thing. This is what this -- about what he's about the personality. Not gonna change. Camp opened -- preacher that personality. Would just probably say something rip him for not saying something interesting he says the same thing. Quit ripping him. For being who we news that's a former coach Brian Billick will -- -- back league another contemporary defending Belichick. That drove the media's got the problem Belichick and some fans that -- stand up but the contemporaries. Seemed to have a pretty high level respect for him. As they had co -- -- kind of you know McCain Suggs says because it's hard attorney paid off right after the game. Huge -- in -- in game mode. You know -- ocean riding on it when it's over that's. That's what real ethic afterwards resell value out of that game mode. Now that I think can. Easy to sit down talk in and say which -- looks -- after yet. And this was actually one of the few players that respondent Terrel Suggs Deion Branch was a regular guest about this was him. In the post game talking about -- -- I don't know you know I think. Mainly on the game among leave it -- I think. You know champions -- himself to a different. I think if you go to February manipulative. You know you and from some of the guys. In the gas residents and that's not -- -- -- cinematography. Because if you -- It's its -- market where. Puts you know progress and instantly. -- -- -- The -- the jets in the celebrated on the field couple years ago I'd take some shots thugs there.

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