Jan 22, 2013|

Learn a little more about the guy who got suspended for saying all Erin Andrews is good for is making peephole videos.

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Then Silvio got suspended for saying oh Erin Andrews is good for is making people radio's total is fans Helio. I threw a double window. He's a tough guys like yeah. How former employees came -- -- -- hey that's micro credit I don't know -- we haven't double checked our facts on that story but safe to say. It's not true he got one minute that's Michael and I don't. Like this that's never actually happened to anybody that was probably just is who is the first time -- his first program director they're going to be a giant orange business when I first got that. But then at the right handed catch said that the only thing you can go about instant Leo after two minutes is that he likes -- seems -- A lot. So. I don't we finally can't get rid of don't call it a minute don't you -- -- Leo isn't name dropper who. Campbell wanted me out now my birthday once you do know that he's party harder than you amber all the parties we just had to play anyone with Michael Irvin and other guys -- -- got suspended. For being created and how I'd do it --

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