Jan 22, 2013|

Hear Kirk EXPLODE on a caller to WEEI that admittedly knows nothing about the Ravens.

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We incurred Linehan is on the air game -- did talk to you from Connecticut and Claiborne is a fellow. Hello yes good morning how are you good no good you're on the radio and fault period death -- Ford's stock is preferable to idle chat. Our -- New England we've gone a -- -- according to at least three reasons why I think it's a bewildering that. I don't know that much involved ravens. On the -- and I was more concerned about -- New York but you don't Adam you have do you follow the NFL. I don't follow it is much like should the ravens have been mixed year for decades you don't know much about these guys. I don't believe are reasonable and do what what people -- -- wanted to do. Always that's. This the AFC championship here in eight hours what do people do and he proposed Sports Radio station talk about the game and you don't know anything about the ravens' Ray Lewis Ed Reed played five -- William playoff games that organization has been around forever in the playoff mix and you don't know anything about them come on. Step up all by myself here so go ahead -- -- limit him when he's please. Joining me but make sure to bring your brain humans don't like he -- -- okay I'm actually about getting -- -- -- -- -- Thank you I can't think morons today dumbest guy in the planet don't morons so nobody who braved -- cold Kirk here it will bring him. We'll try to pull out all our guys -- over well.

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