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Did the hurry up offense hurt the Patriots in the AFC Championship

Jan 21, 2013|

A caller brings up the point that perhaps the hurry up offense hurt the Patriots at some points in the game against the Ravens when they tried keeping the tempo up instead of giving some guys a break by huddling up.

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Go to planet Mikey show let -- eggs. In our house proud grandfather of to not even two month old baby girl December ninth. December and so she's yeah she's a month and a half she is. And -- John. -- Welker this text says welcome will leave if he can. The pats elite status is diminishing and will no longer attract talent for less pay the patriot way. Except for those like Ochoa and moss were well into the back nine. It's going to be like the Oakland the a's. For what must. About Randy Moss and the Super Bowl known in -- and then -- much right to score a touchdown and I'll just anchorman Bob Levinson about the winning touchdown and a you know right now would be something. I -- thank John Dennis. Who's host and co host of the morning shoulders discount neutral from leaving the hard boiled Hague. Since 6 AM here to witness in the studio and I don't. Gas after on the -- daily basis you don't hard boiled eggs smells like 1214 hours into the situation now we're -- now we've got a good. -- one thing to deal may be just thought we'd be hungry this time indictment here forests and you know I can -- before. Real bad at a regular mall on the year but maybe people can text in some answers to this thankfully real reasons why it's not good to be in a and Kayla is -- it okay. Only get -- once. Okay that that's one now anybody else who is texas' 379837. Why it's not good to be an egg and -- maybe we can use some money here meanwhile we go to New York for Patrick or Patrick. Yes. Yeah a lot of people are talking about -- mismanagement. Right before -- at that -- we are not calling a timeout there. I think something. All the look even more people quote the second drive of the game the patriots were I'm await what touched down. And they had second and hill and let stepped the line and they call the play. And we'll let that play well and I think it myself it's gonna be no -- -- got a kick a field goal. That they had to be about the defense off balance with the no huddle. There's no logic that you have had and we play on the right no huddle and I think that -- -- things that I think he let his team. His -- -- -- home plate we're a little tired they could use the -- on that. Like right but you don't -- -- and eighty. These you know any position you take when it's no huddle or you know trying to run down the field Bassett yeah. You still have to execute the plays it knows -- -- -- the second into a medal winners no huddle or not you've got its Patrick they have issues if they're tired on the second drive of the game. I don't think it's a case of being tired I think -- -- it's a case of execution. Yet and eaten at a Arnold and that I don't know how well did they do this -- I haven't heard anybody complain about the no huddle all season. -- people like it tests. I am I I think you know that was great I I think global appetite and I think that sometimes. I think that sometimes you think vacuum and no -- back necessarily mean that every. Well let's just in the line did the linemen didn't get back and time or thought they should stop for a second assessed the situation on the second in to a mid -- but all the different varieties of -- is that what might have been next to their no -- -- -- ever again net. Yeah yeah and applicable running back just like fell right into the defender's arms into the what you said it -- I'm getting it yet. I think that no huddle is good but I think that like I said. Want token occasionally caught a lot just because the previous five or six play worked at no huddle that we need that right you can't have a -- -- -- -- -- them. Well you know I've always been of the school of in this is going on this for 2030 years now -- it seems that the two minute drills. Advance the ball pretty nicely for most teams that are always score they don't always get Indians -- But when we begin to get a Vista Majoli seem to move down the field pretty well wisely used more often whatever offense they're using a two minute and eventually will get tired yeah. I read a long time ago that's. Sports Illustrated back in 84 they said. Well when people found that the quarterback and run the length of the opportunity he. People a lot of it how -- -- the person he needed. A question. To manage -- came from you know last two minutes of the game right OK a defense would relax a little bit and -- media underneath stuff. And that's it but now it's a little dangerous and Matt Ryan -- -- goes -- -- in two weeks previous Seattle we proved it yet. Yeah those two passes and boom. Are you writing got hurt. Yes -- literally shoulder. That he is quite obvious there's another reason -- it's -- to -- today from a texture. It's got to be an exit takes you fifteen minutes to get hard at. So. -- started to -- his next. On the planet Mikey show and it's got to. Point yeah. I don't like -- John Ryder he's gotten what they well I don't know are are so what do you think just you know they called in. How he took that -- Well you know that that's kind of funny because when you see. Meant to -- his goal to on the bench when when they're on defense -- system Brady and I he's in Brady's Sierra lot. But his name hadn't come up as far as the play calling. That much I don't know digital and I was. More executions than the actual calling plans to Atlanta then a member of the virtue of that that -- -- That report back import -- too cute you know especially the beginning -- -- -- you know yeah. Well I mean it trying to you know build the best they can now -- level -- been paid Daniel's voice has to be heard and the place election for example on the Welker dropped was that this could play down downwards five and it had been a lot of other ones where the ball was just a little thrown shorter -- behind the guy. And I -- kind of what -- that car that hey maybe slowed up with a special the second half minute load up a little bit. -- you know Arnold -- well that's that's human. Just the -- and they're driving down the field slow them up a little bit out there it's go go go. Yeah everything the ravens in the second half did turn to gold because of the date date they went in with the exact right attitude. But to leave is out they can't cover -- let's just throw this ball and throw this ball and be aggressive and go right adamant -- -- had -- its report. Our relation to adjust. Yeah -- you hope so but you know again you can just. Yeah. -- let the -- on -- adjusting to your adjustments to obamas give and ultimately wins deserves credit. You're. Are great I mean -- never -- when we're here. Well actually it will will see when Josh McDaniels a video of beer is offensive coordinator and that they'll they'll be changes there on the field. And I and I appointed by the I can't do is go to immediately so it was England next year now now now now. You know maybe -- in March or a pro bowler you know now on loves to do that let's say -- that signing or you know of their own free agents or. Or go look it's too soon march zone analysts are up. -- in New York where we are number one in New York tonight in the -- Mikey are you doing here you are regarded in right now and yet be talking about egg in quiet some terrible -- that you gotta be looted today. As aged well the great lie all the. That's even after pitchers when we talk about stuff like yes yeah by the way I talk about a -- 365. Scramblers what is -- let this -- are at it but to an omelet. Just because the Eli Manning and Jack is still the only Brady's players. Out there and look in the big game at that our moral and -- -- giants this this here. -- they be energized and make the playoffs yet they can really hang their hat on that campaign. At what they don't ever watch the game just like I was. In the Caribbean and U2 Tom but I went -- -- What appeared -- you know someone told me yesterday you know it's you know -- took you know -- Spanish for Tony Romo. Mark Sanchez. And I'll bet it does -- at a prison guard told me that yesterday I wasn't imprisoned. Interpret that somebody that not every headed to a guy who's a prison guard in Connecticut he told me that you know those kind of funny. -- horrible that you. Saw him. My original point that you watch and gauge the mood everybody that the Atlanta bank and that question don't -- Why what club you need to figure out and it's not. What slugger isn't good wide receiver. Because it's already there are some out there ought to say well let's blocker I think the PG. Sure who sought entry while they're all excited I like I'd I'd. She doesn't make plays that we need to shoot the ball forty. I no no because you -- way to get political editor at some don't you tell me don't need him to get to the Super -- I'll try to replace a half a hundred catches a year holiday drop that wasn't terrible drop he had he had the best in out of any patriots -- -- players yesterday. I think but I -- to -- -- I think. It's it's partly ought to new direction let's look at it again like you guys actually eighty balls a year maybe was recently -- -- money team and it will be a -- critics. I'm better now. That's just my opinion the opinion you know blue habitable. And so -- is who keep Welker. -- a lot of and you know all the windows it to. To hear this article the Tarver in particular. Two more years being hit it -- it feel lucky I really think. It's 36 -- -- or there will be yet both quarterbacks that are you know more durable and you know do a better job running the ball. I'll like I like Eli Manning runs pretty well -- -- -- well -- Apogee -- I don't -- can't predict Rochus Brothers and we don't even when local record I think. You know what it comes to shut out if you got guys like contract making an Aaron Rodgers better able to go to you know give pretty wet and they're -- Aaron -- knocked out of the senate. And proper. Target. House -- Aaron Rodgers to when he watched the game refuted any. All right -- it. To stunt double -- -- began a Super Bowl last year I don't remember being that Super Bowl last year. What are you want to know he's arguing -- -- hundred Britain's -- breaking -- sixty you know he's gonna -- over. You know. You want to hear I said sixty you know I was standing by that -- want you just 51 topic for you talked about -- at 5660. Outlook which I'll tell you some of the best quarterbacks named by the way not to upset that it -- friend of years. But it offers a guy and I like to joke but it tonight but they're both of Mexican descent Ramones and Jesus Romo really yes and Tony -- -- is that yet I didn't wasn't wasn't aware that Mitt Romney and his time in Mexico either. It's pretty good I can understand it sounds like an Italian name but can you know who that most -- the ten most famous Mexicans you can name. -- -- Longoria. About. Santa Ana from them from the Alamo yes -- socialist Ricardo Montalban. For an approach of Fernando yeah -- -- yeah you know I mean that State Street Gonzales with any countries.

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