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Too many uncharacteristic mistakes by the Patriots

Jan 21, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny Megs are talking about whether it was the physical style of Balimore's play or their own mistakes that did them in.

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Why -- back here -- a planet Mikey show and it's -- Monday the 21 of January. In my years -- 2013. Martin Luther King Day Martin Luther King Day. You know I'm a huge. Huge subscriber. To the content of your character. Criteria that Martin Luther King -- I thought that was the greatest thing he ever said. -- -- great. I still get chills when it's it's so perfect. You know 'cause everybody should -- they should have an inherent sense of -- -- about the color your skin it's about the content on your character. Very good more. God that's tremendous. And if that alone stands for the rest of of a time and it well. And it and he did he did the right thing that thing -- yes. The inauguration no I don't I don't I didn't know OK here's a guy Barack Obama to Ray Lewis -- So I gonna do that laughter stake -- bear with me -- and the idea trailers or socialist. And our first. You know what I took in the press box last night yes I was the National Anthem. And -- crying right -- that make you feel. I can buy out of this may explain -- -- so -- and you know criticize him he knows when the cameras on them you guys are a couple of calls and that right. But now gonna go back to Obama. After the oh ceremonies like caddies walking back of the building yet practiced it that wrong massive wrong. Route. And he says wait a minute. And he turns around since I wanna see this once -- on the Imus again. Guess I can be present immigrant in election night aren't you want to take it all well and that's what went through my mind realist you know they gonna win the game. And I think he's taken it. I -- very good point I think I think I Atlanta far too much crap I figure I'd like how you've tied this together as the night but let's. Let's not go overboard on given Ray Lewis too much credit for not being aware of the camera was -- It's just. He saw the camera setup right in front of its okay. And her cry and -- -- act. He has. So obvious when something is he's not an -- I think -- -- -- -- -- -- cameras along charter right in this now camera right up front on Israeli economy into that camera shot was taken from five feet the other constantly how far down low right and -- it will be on him anyway by. -- -- -- It depends what's going on. At the end of the game I could yeah. Head and I can buddy did tonight it was a four hour show and -- patriots last you have to -- is do is -- about a four hour sure that's right that's right. And give them -- again. -- are we are nicer guy that I am going down right I believe he was thinking what Barack their Barack Obama think and turned around. Look at this -- what I am not conceive again -- you know yeah I guess there's a slim chance you're right Andy and Obama didn't do it for the crowd because I was of those boom mikes picked up. I'm sure there wasn't on the prompter. It didn't say now don't forget to turn around and get the shot in bright -- -- -- -- except wag the dog baby and I'm not I'm right now yeah rate. We -- know -- -- Lewis loves the cameras and to -- up the cameras but I'm sure that he was looking around his surroundings they it is very you know his last game just when Clinton pointed his finger and said I did not have sexual of that warm. You know that was thought out and planned. And natural. Immunity and let's not beat. Totally dismiss some politicians who actually think about these things in advance. Especially politics and and and -- ray Lewis and pro athletes generally like yeah I mean column. At the end of games. A college basketball right and a guy misses potential when he -- the -- the right. And you know he's gonna go to debenture are just classic flow -- its cameras can be -- you know while always made it's the end of the world I missed the shot the basketball game right so. All these athletes even the kids' college -- they know what's -- of course they know what the camera that's why a thirteen year veteran of the of them of the ravens' defense is -- clearly know what's gonna -- and this -- this is an -- Joseph -- -- does he really -- thought he looked like he was saying thank -- father -- prayed to god for for something for all of this if it's my last time and -- look up at the crowd and -- -- of the crying -- the facade of the -- -- -- not it's not tears in his eyes. Well here's CIA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mac. And the young guys you know you. Grade grade. Until. It will work with. You ultimately -- -- factor -- Well he is -- at times but it and ran it exactly right at me this has had a lot of wide plays and they tell sometimes they -- they're passing the ball that's still somehow -- tackles. Union I also -- that -- I am watching -- verbal and actually cannot just had a great night and but that's together what -- -- -- -- it will also on the way and we're -- a much better. And it would it. Promise you from all ethnic sense of benevolence -- mixed clearly you know you'd better reverend salt in the wound that wasn't even painful. I was greatly and pass that was like a Ballmer lame ass we've been thirteen years since our last Super Bowl type assault with my -- correct clown here in the 71 crap yet okay you still got to beat the other Harbaugh you'd Jewish. Just an aside but you mentioned debt college basketball. Do you check out did Butler Gonzaga game and on Saturday I was in those credit why would I come up on a night with a I don't know I just mention ecology that right did you hear that non sequitur. And wait and easy -- I think it was terrific it was terrific but yeah I don't but it just don't I don't real estate was terrible but we don't we don't wanna talk I understand that but it you -- putts you missed it. A couple of Greg and I Williams in. Ryan Williams or you. I tried it under and that I'll ever -- yes I was eyes light snow right sounds announcement pretty bad ride I'm I'm doing -- -- say it -- it's a dust away and say are you from Chicago hunter. I am I so you're used to snow and gun violence. This. Yeah. -- And the way I'm -- so I -- blah in my day job they did about a 180 degree difference between baccarat president Barack Obama and. Call us what it meant an eminent say well I did end -- -- and it's done I like Al -- together I had to do it. Yeah that I'm I'm gonna girl and a pitcher then I'm happy that they -- by a lack did you don't have enough time yourself for me to go to the reasons why don't like Beijing at -- I'm not -- even try out with that being that they're. Every traditional William you know Bill Belichick -- -- -- BBD. President -- the mundane experience. I think that quiet -- at that what is your team what is your -- it wouldn't be the bears much. The bears -- I'm not there yet with -- before god was I guess as an analyst who believe. I don't like what it's like anybody is that the patriots against a lot of warnings years actually I'll -- and the couple for. Yeah at my -- my game. I'm -- looked Arnold Stanford made Bob I'm with them at that data yet. But it probably why it could be -- is not why you cheer for the bears because they were once 127 years but it could be why you hate the patriots right. -- -- Now I -- no jealousy at all. That retaliation that then I'm I'm football and it's I don't observation. Them on my observations -- like to make sure. Com click the already declared advocate kind of ironic about their mutual and -- around the same date. And other reasons you can that you are meant earlier whoever. Of course was known -- -- -- to operate and getting ejected in here and here's artwork that. Completely opposite here and get rejected one time and a bulk. -- element -- element. It's -- the irony was that who. It's a Buick championship yes you got rejected zero times not. -- -- and Earl Weaver got ejected 91 time and what was -- 821 was 92. And one was. Really short do you know that that Earl Weaver was like 54 whenever yeah Adam and in the locker room I love -- But I don't want to say -- grown up quite a bit as a I know a major general control what division they play but you may -- a little hand and that's right. I mean I don't get that I don't like Bridget I'm a football fan I appreciate good football. And the patriots during their first reachable all -- -- shake am I thought the first couple good dad that they wish they like their physical and -- battle tested. And I hit the division -- -- and -- it -- and I just wonder if you know we know it seems that they're beating them to have their number like the giants like the wave and. It's a joke -- is a joke. Or not they're doing that nothing absolutely nothing to do it'd look at their regular season schedule they go up you without the NFC west. 49ers Seattle they played some pretty damn good -- -- look at their overall. I'm at the end I didn't quite good game that they put it -- a bit in. -- -- bear sat here what would look what division bears playing. The NFC north the black and blue. -- -- -- -- says that I just wonder if they did not. Now that has nothing to do it at my thought on this is is it's incredible that these teams that don't have these guys and have to play for their lives and down the stretch. But lately anyway. Have done it could have done better I actually you know what -- from McCann and I want these guys to play every week and be ready -- it -- -- have two consecutive buys out. You know 22 weekend two weeks off twice at that I think that's -- slows down whatever they are calling the rhythm and -- -- -- You know pop up block during the regular year and I just wonder sometimes it's proper that we get back. That we -- to chat the planet we know that that. You know riding a blowout -- because they have a real quarterback -- like the bears who have the biggest. Who should the world is at quarterback Cutler an idiot that guy he has ordered this guys bombed out Josh is in the car next to a judge. I don't are you don't. Yeah and -- You talk -- -- -- -- -- are being Eric Austrian McGrady you can't yesterday but in general Mario is right when I'm sorry that it would permit them. It you know so different from the other cornerback. There's an anchor on court order or other player escaping me where nobody had an option run but it seemed like cute staking and I know. I think lack. First where you live there and then. Mary studio or production -- -- Archie through the options are excellent and I know birdies -- -- run quarterback. Play. And it's an understatement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I was always nice to have that option of course -- got a guy like -- -- you know somebody -- fleet footed guy content can usually deal with that kind of situation and as an element to a team that. The defense certainly. Can't defend against you can't defend against everything. But let's let's face Brady wasn't radius that it wasn't sharp he wasn't crisp. He wasn't a timely needed management and -- well he's thrown behind nothing good is it always does let's not put Flacco in the same category as contact predict Flacco is not a. Bernard and I are brilliant I believe me and I got to want to ball last she's not a burner either and Eli Manning's. You know I don't I'm not wearing black -- at the corridor at all but -- boutique you know -- right here in later years. -- ran out of balance and try to get it to last seconds a lot of guts he's good. There's not as good as about ten different ways you know you can look at what what would've helped the patriots win yesterday and two of them have to do with the injuries and that is a drop pass -- Welker Brady have been sharp go to threes that is seven a list of things is available laundry list of reasons big. They really gave a reason with a game in the bottom line sense is they weren't nearly as good as the Baltimore race -- and it ended period I ever in any respect. And to me it begs the question. And that I wrote for today's paper that I think. The patriots legend. And mystique. It's not -- Spanish but stop the -- a little bit. I think that's fair to say in that. Well yeah I've aid if if especially the criteria you using yet passed it would winning the final game and see exactly. That supported it -- that for patriots fans that's all that matters because of what we've been used to yeah 101112 years. A playoff -- doesn't mean squat. At -- except for that it's a token move to get yourself to a Super Bowl where the media the windows meets on Friday -- yesterday by AFC game that's going to play Afghan way that's you know. That's not once that's really cancel -- bitter nobody is it's no certainly not his bitterest and losing to the giants in the Super Bowl you know period US the finality of -- still expect the patriots to be contenders next season it's not -- it's far it's it's not -- yeah. Now it's not dead but it's dead it's wounded and -- in Waltham -- Don watch city Padilla. He Mike yeah I I -- your comment about Pollard via before a couple of times to -- I thought this thinking about him for the last 34 years. And I just wondered. I'm like -- I can basically and saying he's a dirty player anyway. Yet everybody else that this is ground break my whole league knows exactly. Well what why is -- that they can't. Take him out of the NFL or you know get him out of there. Is -- he's the lone guy -- -- little guy he's one of the worst all they can do is find him for individual incidents they can't say because generally your puke he miserable piece of garbage. Wouldn't just take you -- -- -- and is too many of them Italy it's not a consumed Cortland then again we go on he's as I don't have it to they -- heavily. -- -- -- -- once again the patriots have a receiver. Okay and taken down within the next game that they you know and basically take a lot of the -- Obey these rules. Come on guys ahead I'd love to see it between you and because he deserves it but you know that's not there's always haven't taken out SC that's that's not the the receivers job is to take out -- and a fender. I know about how can you how -- I mean he's the only player I was concerned about before this game. Yes because he attempts to injure. Yes yes that's is what it seems like brutal way he plays a game is he thinks injure the guy first then think about the ball second ideas and Brandon Spikes exit again. Right well and he's so there's nothing you can do that and the basic. And I can't from a lot -- they would not play until you -- and I mean yes this is the NFL and its meaner than -- -- column at her enemy meriwether with the patriots deliver vicious. Well yeah I mean -- vicious hit here in there and even regularly but this guy here. He's no doubt he's just look these are known for taking people out not just you know when a nasty hit with -- in -- customs watch that tape earlier today. On YouTube. Of what he did you Gradkowski easily you can just see -- and when she's got his leg he turns all body twisted. At the TV up you know -- it was it was really an intentional situation as well that's legal what are OK it's legal doesn't vehicles like the -- Right. I saw that happen that Taurus or one just produce flash back to include news that BC and -- playing Clemson right in refrigerator Perry was planned for right. And he got the -- to fully get to pass off right. But I got fluid on the ground while he's on the ground. When 320 pound refrigerator and -- -- about -- -- five and use -- and -- these radical -- is the biggest guy in Orleans and smiles football player or right and rest some guys just heaven in that you know I don't infringements dirty play reduces the skies getting too much -- -- an enemy is you still alive -- but yes oh yes yes. Usually yeah I'm surprised -- that yet need himself to death does everything. Well it you know he's figured heart diseases and yeah because he played again it was close to thirty years ago -- plain truth and he -- at 4370. Pound fat -- and he is now offline and it does he always do those like eating contests -- for lesbian and Hillary -- -- Kobayashi in the in the hot dog contest. Think he beat refrigerator Perry beat anybody he's over fifty of that -- Is fifty thank you he's fifty. Kilos. Escorted. 62 of them all this make you feel lo these fifteen two -- figured. Meteors so card which means you know does anyone. Care how old Hugh -- news. Now that you were his ex girlfriend is. Aren't -- he -- -- OK now you know what he calls doing now he's a sports talk show host Seattle it's column. They're gonna get -- a basketball team in Seattle Tacoma sonics that's original that's good donation called the son Joey at Baltimore's calling Joey. I was bomber happy. -- -- -- -- Electorate. Denies -- -- Portland expo -- Saint -- number we call him back you know -- class you know I'm -- -- out to take that some of these Baltimore fans there is a guy and now last night that called in and he wanted. Whose show he waited from one equity and put in my because -- ranking calling yeah incentive Baltimore standard photo literally game all right if you're gonna spend. All that money come up here and get a ticket all that stuff. Would you be enjoying the victory rather then waiting on hold just I don't know make fun of him and that last caller we anybody can swear even even little guys from Baltimore whose mommy used to dress a little thing she dresses when news is that a wise that it's -- them voice is so is. These Baltimore fans worse than you know. As the worst the Steelers are at a time so they they wanted to get it it's what they do now that's fine you know they they can turn on all of it but it's like. If you wanna know how would it feels like Baltimore just. Look back its last thirteen years without the Super Bowl -- -- I'll -- -- to bring up this ball in the right. You gotta -- for anyone yet niners. Yeah I he had like to see the niners tires provider for the niners I have a feeling that Baltimore is gonna win the game on -- -- whatever -- -- and by the way you want to you know that it is John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh and his sister Judy Harbaugh. -- -- Don't tell who's the college basketball coach that's married to the art bought sister. Other sister Madonna's kitten that no no seriously this has brought up last night nurture growth to -- college best -- coach division maybe it's more about freedom not draw out of double checked but it. It is barber barb Barbara Barbara. Barbara Barbara. That's -- that is quite a while coaches. Two guys -- and -- and the soup yeah. Yeah and it in this time McCain says that the arrests made it happen. I hear you in -- apologize. Analysts about the rest this time was about to the page is not being good enough that you're very low he and in in introducing the -- people don't know is they think that I look at the world through rose Red Sox colored glasses or -- no I tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but -- truth so help -- -- as -- you know the the but it only took you a minute in the get to Pollock jokes are this -- get a hold. The heart by sister is married to Tom Green the head coach at Indiana which set top ranked earlier in the yards back -- -- inside. There are -- a cousin who's -- what happened back is I -- game John -- down storage. Is it's gonna YouTube it is is that hello finished by -- Woodstock Connecticut not to be confused with you know Woodstock you know wired Jimi Hendrix played in 1969. -- -- on is that what -- the monster and yet there's probably a lot of them but he's in Woodstock Connecticut hello John. I was in Woodstock Connecticut now I'm -- in Hartford that -- and they are either a fast car behind it shook on hold for one on. Idea. You know I'm not ski that supported in the patriots -- we kind of expected that what what books in the post about the next couple weeks. Is that we're gonna continue to hear about that the yeah ratification of convicted on Ray Lewis now and I hate that men they're all you know win. You jail to another union being -- while we're in debt. And yet all we're gonna -- is about what -- laureate story is and line. You know he's he's saying -- a simple -- -- -- the the daughters of -- -- out to end. You know and he hit anybody else who looked at liberty which -- you rotting in jail so. And I think. That the best thing the media could view it the same way that we call out president you know President George Bush or a -- governor we beat governor vital work. Sure Paul McCartney. Let's remember every -- mentioned dot com convicted felon Ray Lewis. -- and a felony that he was always a misdemeanor obstruction of justice. Well. What what are research I've done the only you know and it is time for. And you know -- he had a role in the -- -- -- daughter now clearly. Don't -- -- on either email that you might have been held in detention program Hampton about any he had to testify in the trial of the other guy it's Reginald Oakley and Joseph sweeting. And -- a failure to do so would have wondered what I would have permanent -- a felony situation but I I think it was. He ended up pleaded down there and minister of misdemeanor obstruction of justice ransoms but to determine Taipei in the family yet he he paid. That he testify against those two guys yeah right okay and those two guys got off to -- and they. They have an edge in separate cases getting EP. Yeah I knowingly increased resisted and obstructed the detectives who was the lead detective in the case so I'd try -- Com right and end and basically you know he's still paying off of the daughters so clearly. Indicate there was -- so cute we could come against him and he settled out of court where it took nearly a then need to be first and foremost it's really great that he and you know praise and -- and all that. But you need to remember that and I haven't heard a lot of public apology if any from him on now and that's something you know. I mean for. You know for all the criticism of Baltimore and get -- -- a crybaby and while all blocked it like you know she got all that. You know heads discussed I don't know if you checked out of football life to not that it makes a -- but it is discussed Cordoba and he talks about it. Yeah well I know. I don't buy I don't buy it at all you know in the same way I think it's something -- when we when we. County athlete that we put on a pedestal and I'll play it. You know I felt the same way and it certainly different a totally different panicky but when it came up with David Ortiz was cheating with steroids. -- -- my. Oh yeah -- -- category aren't totally different I don't say I did I get what you say in your original every Kobe Bryant with the rape case and and the first thing he says the cops can't we settle this like he wants to pay some money get this one off his back and it goes to court and it is you know. Money changed hands all the time. It started with -- OJ Simpson runs -- through every sport athletes act like jerks sometimes they get off you could pick every single team in the NFL and find something with some guys I mean the -- look at the page page -- Firing a gun at -- sister's boyfriend battering a taxicab driver because for the millions of dollars in bank they can't possibly keep their nose you know while there applied in all my god so -- -- that would be justice Ron -- their lifestyles. This call is tough marker I mean if I spent on the street you want to be five to ten and are you really are no telemarketers are you watch your step through and I was guys we are cameras -- I will say this about -- -- post game press conference last night -- Anyway and on and on about Korea -- -- But he did say. How we tries inspired we now are tries inspires teammates. But he tells the young players don't do what I do don't live the life I'd live and those good to hear stereo. Well certainly had -- houses cited well I mean but as you don't know when the cameras on you know I don't think polarizing figures so -- in Baltimore is I -- -- for the community down there in terms of good charities and help now -- -- and I'll head to head hit -- one of the patriots generated a community you know nice big Ray -- -- ahead because he's going to just like the rest of those scum bags on the ravens.

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