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Mikey gives his thoughts on the AFC Championship

Jan 21, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder both thought the Patriots would emerge triumphant over the weekend and both admit to being wrong. They discuss what they think were the biggest missteps for the Patriots on Sunday.

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OK here we go we've done this before. This is not something -- Lewis. No it's not and it's so great tragedy. It's it's a shame it is is -- -- fans out there right it's -- damn shame but it's not a tragedy let's remember that OK but I do. I do know a year ago. -- tonight we're gonna get a multitude. Of phone calls and I and we only encouraged that we appreciate that as we yeah. We get your reaction. If you will. To all that happened yesterday -- there was a lot of it and it was good. There was an -- this is going to be old hat for me this therapy session because I did last night from one to three I know I know you did writer from one to 3 in the morning he has had the real -- the people who are kind of drowning their -- -- now Michael -- alcohol on that you know if -- like bartenders sometimes obviously -- -- -- -- -- -- -- exactly it's -- that's their problem -- another hot women hit -- you right -- that's another problem so you -- nomination is -- premise -- the -- I've just saved from the outset here you know and this is something you know people people expecting me to do this whole you know. Things that they think that I normally do and circumstance is. This is -- what it is first. Okay the patriots weren't couldn't. Right that the patriots were not good enough. To go to the Super Bowl this year OK for a lot of different reasons and you know you can make excuses if you want to. As that there's some that are ready made. You know I mean you could just off the top you could say that went without to leave the that the game changed the senator Ted because he was covering note Pollard. Right and he once he was gone nobody covered yet midway through the first made all the kids as he wanted to so that was a key injury and it and it team where one of the shortcomings is quite clearly the defensive secondary has been all year except that it got better -- to leave. Actually joined the team after suspensions stopped. And you know they they looked pretty pretty decent defenses yeah well -- for awhile right -- -- the first and quarter at dinner looks executives could be a -- the seventh round pick but here we go again -- relying on -- Tampa -- -- although he played well not they have depth problems that some -- there and and ended obviously. The guys that were left there after Talib left just -- just aren't good enough they've hardly -- looked stupid. Flacco licking his chops when he -- -- -- out there against Boldin -- to change the game was you know I know that's not that's not voting to any part of the offensive performance by the patriots in there were problems that as well but just to defensively because it. The second half it became you know OK want to really kind of what we want as ravens moved the ball down the field. Any way to we want to against -- there was nothing it seemed like nothing page and Flacco was excellent he was we used to use disgrace but you know what again you're viewed your product of your stats and how did you look as a product of of that defensive gaping hole they had it is in a big -- so again -- not good enough not deep enough not ready for. After for Norman's -- should perform against the team clearly played better I like them like you take the high rollers and -- you are being truthful about this because I had some cause -- while a couple wondering what your excuse for that's the truth that's the way it is and and it was like it was so close to one referee's call put this where it that way now. You know when it comes to rests. You know it was kind of to me in the regular eleven plays scenario. Which would -- result much favored Baltimore because they A have difficulties squad in the entire national football only you know -- a question about even Ray Lewis had a helmet to helmet. He's not even object gigantic impact player anymore. Pollard had a couple of at least. And you know that criticism Pollard. A guy's got a lot of balls to. To talk about how Brady should be fine -- slides and may look like he'd even -- and we put his foot up as a protective measure. Was Ed -- it was a yes Cedric he put his foot a credit like you do when you look cute -- Big Brother jumps on -- a speech up you put your foot up there to try to just. Let them off and -- to articulate a nuts or anything but. Pollard of all that's assisted that's that would -- able to come out and say Brady should be fine. After all the hits that Pollard has put on not just the patriots I mentioned and across over. That he's the -- in her priest and he we saw that team millions times on replays. In the Wes Welker injury to his ACL opposed to dive right in front of him he's trying to avoid what -- towards the -- who did it because why because he -- would -- -- about well that is due for -- get on the -- I don't know that the rest of -- yes Mikey to the -- -- on of these about quality and hit -- where we're at second you know I was in one of sick of saying that he. Turned got the ball looked straight ahead here's Pollard right front -- you'll come. Right in front of them he's got to get avoid this guy because he's gonna be a nasty block didn't even touch so you can't blame among one -- is second to. That's the guy he was trying to avoid well why law because Pollard has a reputation on the -- sort of put -- probably the but that's fine. So that they they go on to you wanna the next big Pollard hit it was when he took gronkowski leg. As he's trying to bring into the ground and twisted it. -- even just -- problem or gravel or try to bring them down a rough fashion. He actually did some kind of nasty ass subculture wrestling move to try to take isn't the out of the socket. Okay and because of that gronkowski was -- we know what happened after that. Pollard is -- dirty filthy piece of crap. If you weren't in the NFL would be unit jail cells somewhere we -- just able now he's a crappy human being he's a lousy dirty filthy crappy player. It's -- and an act and I can't stand neck and the ravens are solid guys like that. Bet you think Terrel Suggs a hero no. I there's a guy who. Who has issues. With -- -- -- -- bad guy -- so you know these guys I'd say you hate -- whatever they won the game they were better football team he has now they have some unlikable -- and that team but there's bad guys in good guys and every single -- -- well prepared of course there -- but the but the ravens have more. They have more of them and and I can't the Scot Pollard to -- that church -- You've been you know there is -- layer them in the National Football League in most people know. So you're gonna come out and make a statement about Osama should be find -- a quarterback who can't even run as one of them is. And got sick I idiots. And it. So the hated patriots Iraq are out of the mix again. And the two Harbaugh Brothers will play against each other in the Super Bowl and -- be just -- picture that you -- that it cute phrase Mikey horrible enter the city the hard ball yeah I'm big that I can't believe. Evidently the -- that'll be the big story know what would have been the story probably would have been you know if it is the patriots had -- to assume boatmen's -- pages would have been. You know -- the lifelong adulation for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there are -- obviously a lot of things that need to be done to as -- movement -- -- but I'm not ready for that -- yet you know -- yet to make this transition I was clearly in my in my job they can -- couple more weeks of -- as were a lot of people most -- -- and understandable. But the ravens did it I you know I think Flacco deserves a lot of credit. I tell you what you know the thing that makes it more difficult to to digest her except. For pages is that it we've been through this before in Super Bowl he always at the end you think it's gonna continue as -- as just part of it. Part of of the experience of being a fan of any sport. Because no team actually wins at all I've discovered through some some really in depth research there's been no team has won the mall. Ever in the history of now -- we have -- and it became close what makes me sick though is that the ravens are gonna get all that of all these guys are gonna get a lot of attention nationally like Ray Lewis for example now -- As had a great career and yet but up and all that we've heard enough about to hear -- read a lot more mystery but the game starts to get a closeup of ray's face. During the -- the National Anthem he's crying and he's I think he's saying thank you father Reese praying or whatever. And he's got these quiet all ready. Every week we talked about this before the game at the end of the game will rate. Will Ray Lewis cried dance or will the kill somebody or will he retire what do we know we talk I didn't need kill anybody options it. And and indeed we didn't have to wait till the end of the game. For Ray Lewis decries so he's he's such as as pago is saying this guy he's all about you know point the finger at himself and on the Cameron need tents and so. And it's the Bennett is better playing days are gone. But I I can't. You know -- -- there was a lot of contact again as after the five -- after the five yards on the receivers on the patriots by the the defense -- and equality were ignored calls for that -- -- -- -- receivers again if the if the rest of carted him on both sides and that's just a way to game's going to be played and clearly the patriots got the worst that. Well. I just think flat out I don't know but the refs in this one might get -- -- flat out walked them optimist but they got edit the -- work that the deciding factor in any way shape or form I want everybody out there that accuses me. Of of blaming everything on the rest of to please understand that I'm not I'm not in anyway saying the rhapsody to -- -- game. Pages lost anyway no matter what and -- despite the injuries and honest but I will say this. If to -- doesn't get injured and -- rock. You know this is one guy that the defensive secondary or linebackers anybody on the team of the raiders can't really molest the six foot seven guy. If you were healthy -- might have been a different outcome as well I agree I guess those things I think were key factors in this game as far as health of the patrons no question I think -- and who knows the ravens still might -- -- but that is huge red zone have a gronkowski they're open things up for whatever it is that bad especially in the red zone. And also his run blocking his blocking all of the -- is that just a whole package especially at a game it's so physical like data against physical team. As so you got -- you know U three UU three heroes on the over under ravens you know ray Lewis and and and thugs I columns votes it makes sense and Bernard Pollard Pollard. -- -- -- To me and I I've -- we've all hated him for a long time since the Brady injury just in general. But you keep your -- got a guy like that after Sandra -- haven't you noticed that if you go to YouTube. And NG in you search for. -- -- that all that nasty cats -- got 54 guys got taken out he is like he's the Jack Tatum of the modern era. He -- and it is some there's some guys out there Cortland -- -- again as a -- on the -- like that pizza -- -- and -- changed my mind you know -- -- him bouncing around like that always have been part even though I disagree with you on the -- situation would. And Houston but playing with the used to time playing with Kansas City the Brady injury. Now -- Baltimore. It's courts always in the middle of things with the patriots yep PUC's he's -- kissed him.

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