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Patriots 2012 Season ends with a THUD! to the Ravens

Jan 21, 2013|

We look at the toughest loss of the year in Boston Sports, and cry ourselves to sleep.

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In Baltimore the fans are glowing. And guess what they'll have a right to to -- this was. This was a domination. Game I mean they just totally. Control the state of shock Michael. I'm stunned I absolutely stunned by. Ayatollah. But as you said and we were talking about it's off -- -- Steve kiosks in the house. As well we're talking about off the air. Last year Baltimore. Billy kind of makes sakic and now it's it's an overtime game so it was a close game last year. Equal physical malady from both sides this year. The score might as well then forty. To thirteen. 283521. That matter. Because Baltimore. Just waiting for mine entrance music -- vote. Thank you thank you does that remove drama there's an advocate of basketball. -- Let me ask. Don't -- through an illustrator guy. -- -- -- You call him the dirty player in the national football he'd be -- wildly yet but he -- game changer. Against the patriots he has. The patriots because. He's just Pollard Pollard is dirty and it is physical and product. And there. But. Most players do they. Across the board. Across the Portland just -- just Bernard Pollard yesterday. He was a round which seems to -- injuries occur when the patriots. I think that the entire team they. Know they are. It will be focused for the purple as they were. Spies. And from and so beat the patriots. Is. Exciting to them at. All. -- -- -- -- They came in and talk about the year -- focused all last week at the patriot news on the ravens. The ravens game. And care about -- here about oh. -- -- They did a great job at a great job and day constantly two guys solemn. PSE. In various ways -- -- wasn't very wasn't simple. By enemies in the watching game with friends when these things out of their their slip in there -- double and there it thrown back from. They were doing all sorts of things and you're absolutely right mark their focus was to not let. Vince Wilfork -- -- as he's done that. To them before it last year. Yeah the crowd and I got it all began with a Marshal -- he's he's the guy that spent an awful lot of time on them but they did you look at the game the overall game. And you can say to yourself OK they they got their ass handed to woman. They really were -- his physical couldn't match the physicality with that with Baltimore has absolutely no question about that. Yet there are certain things that happened early on in my game. You can't get the original four times like about three points just can't do that you can't get that many opportunities. At forward and to. Right and not cash -- get the first death and you could say whatever you want to meet Aqib Talib and and Steve and I were were together. Down here Foxboro. And when he went out I said Steve he doesn't get back in trouble they're in trouble because we did spend a week. Talk about all the difference of New England right now first is the first time they met in game streak you could throw that stuff over the top they could stretch the field out -- it could go vertical against the New England Patriots. Yesterday. Schmidt didn't do it won't kill you. -- -- -- did he kill you he killed you after Talib left to get up -- I would compare it with the first -- and our first. What about the about the New England off direct. I don't know profits is another story I got -- third until you can't leave but he third -- out the clock management at the end of the first step. Is what we normally reserved for teams to play knowing -- patriots. Today you've got to look at. You gotta ask them some really tough questions today -- we get the Bill Belichick QB Joseph is here at about one minute I was talking about some tough questions. Big picture tough questions. Graham and that's Bill Belichick you know -- in the mood. To share that'll be great. I don't know I'm guessing he's probably gotten a mood to share we'll -- hope he has. But it is your patriots fan. And you're looking at the big picture for the patriots going forward. Not to have a fair questions one. Do you have. A number one running back. -- say that no one is Steven Ridley rushed for twelve yards this year gauge twelve touchdowns it was in was Gerry Ford have yards to carry. Very good season from Steve and I hope that's not number one in your list as I can think of if you know what they support the cardinal upset for example or just woke up top Matt Steven Ridley. And do you have a number one running back and you always think about ball security was -- and it's always an issue. So became an issue yesterday and it was a it was a unique appeal so pipeline. It sometimes it fumbles on that aren't in school and Wes Welker you think. Wes Welker. Remarkably. Do you think Wes Welker. Is -- different guy. Legitimate question number three is Tom Brady. A different guy lately in -- Are against Baltimore yeah it's everybody he's been played the last three games against Baltimore. And I believe devolved in here and I playoff games Super Bowl last year. But you're you're also talking about. Defense is that -- real world to know your New -- is talking you're talking about Super Bowl level. If C championship level. And even though. Statistically speaking the ravens works great defense this year. They brought it for the playoffs can't answer Cesar you're going as super -- defense. So so so as Eli Manning troop. And he was -- all -- www. I NC and a -- high caliber higher power over our eight. The the giants' defense was able to do things because they had that Foreman Foreman rush going. On both occasions consumable that that help them quite a bit whatever. Ray Lewis brings to table he didn't bring it in terms of production history he brought it in terms of having his guys ready to play and -- to smack the patriots tomorrow. So they played above what they've been playing most of the season that was that was the best because of efforts of the entire year. Well number four if you say Heyward in this vote not Super Bowl caliber what does it. Yeah what does it take to get this unit to a Super Bowl caliber. Of a better question and I'll throw it opted to bill here today and that. Over the last eight years we've seen some phenomenal football Q we've seen some. You know records broken we've seen. Things that we never thought -- -- it were possible. Yet we have not seen a championship during that period. Is there something. That's preventing them from. Getting through every single level you have to get to. To win the championship. Should get it's like -- -- teams here we've seen Pittsburgh after reload a couple of times including this year out of the -- Patriots steal it really didn't make the playoffs was a year that the Brady got hurt. So how is it that they get to this point. Are these just games you play one game and you throw it out there. And that 13 hour of three and a half hour session the other guys do a better job than you coach better than you shut down what you -- What they need to shut down for -- is it as simple as that. Or is there a bigger story here. But eight years and they've been great. They've been great nobody can sit there say other misty from Fall River the -- -- -- -- great. They haven't won a championship. -- I mean that's. That's you know the answer different. Depending on what your last question it is now one -- -- -- -- half -- well where that one given afternoon. -- Also 2.2 in 2007. Signaled. That complete shift. In. The philosophy award won the patriots receivables and and those four years where they went all the sudden. Whether it was because of the rule changes or because. He -- of Tom Brady to open to those phenomenal pass through the years. Of the with the decision was made that this team was going to score points and. They became Indianapolis let let Eric Mangini was just on Utley was terrific I don't know he was -- And one of the things he said was that Detroit because fallout in the private conversation between -- and Rory. Rightfully so it's been many years together and almost -- different language the language of football patriots football. Insider perspective one of things it amazing that Torre was. Baltimore. Probably viewed the patriots the way we used to the colts. -- -- -- -- Have these explosive offenses but we can knock him around and if you look at it that way -- can understand what happened yesterday. Now the patriots where thirteen points. Higher scoring record setting up and scored thirteen. Remember when the colts scored three. -- the same scenes in this that Peyton Manning had 49 touchdown passes. And with the league MVP. And he came in here and that was enough. And in everybody's. -- how could -- be shut down. Story may be part of the story is just difficult for shut down because they could not match the physical. Force of the patriots at the time is maybe the patriots. Offensively. Can not. Are not wired to match the physical force that it. It's a possibility that you look at -- Baltimore and you talked about Baltimore in the way they played they didn't play the way they played in the scheme last night. All season one -- if you look at piercings. Had major injuries to key players sucks Lewis still never get deliveries web -- bright they had a major. Injuries and their -- -- want to Bryant McKinnie was -- all -- got out on the front -- not ours broke every regard everyone here he jerks here he is your starting left tackle in the last three or four games. So then they changed the offensive coordinator. Would love for five games left in the regular season they brought in a new defense of coordinator to start the season they lost for the last five games they should use must be peaking. In December right you are picking at December we're going south they are worried about not even making the playoffs. And then they go on the road to meet the two best teams in the AFC you know. Things that we're favored by almost double digits in -- It's maybe they're fair what does that say maybe their fans were -- Maybe the fans were excuse me were worried about not making the playoffs. But -- It took quotes from our one from. You know we thirteen week fourteen and one from yesterday. To quote in one week thirteen week fourteen he says. After a loss everything. That we have in mind everything that every goal of ours is still in play. Everybody on the ravens are missing which it still wouldn't win the division which -- did. Obviously when it went in the division obstacle to the playoffs and get -- it when it's possible he was right at the lowest everybody was ready available -- He's that -- it it don't worry yesterday after -- will -- so -- process asked him yesterday. What are you concerned about it up thirteen cents. Concerned about anything up. Gives you just felt the -- You don't wanna say I'm happy to be down thirteen to seven it took out virtually set. What is it and I know I know -- and -- -- ordered -- til Steve -- After we had no effect. At thirteen to thirteen suddenly. We will we missed a lot of opportunities to we miss them and that no one for three in the red area. Could stop them Ritter -- Erickson we gave up too many points and and -- You're talking to be said about being reflected the recent New England Patriots will. I in the last twelve years big importance and we think -- -- -- -- -- come -- talk about the task. No coach got hit when it law school we saw the last week. Bill Belichick makes it real here. Good course for all the time. -- -- -- Probably as a Porsche sport I would agree that it probably is not gonna win the sportsmanship award of the year I'm sure of that. I'll -- I agree RK I think he should have done an interview I think it's easier just to get that out of the way. Doing interview by the way outages -- -- just -- -- what Shannon Sharpe said. Doing that interview. Does not make you gracious. Even if you come off as gracious some guys come up as gracious that doesn't I don't think all of Camara description. Did you do you think he would come over it he probably wouldn't even if it doesn't make -- there's people at. We should learn his lesson from the from the tail from -- from the missteps of -- And how we can create legends. I don't believe anything. Based on what I see in two minute 42 minute interview one minute 32 interview the guy comes off like a great -- does make a great guy. And -- up like an eighth hole I know probably would've been an interview with McNamee hole either the other thing is. I think. We take ourselves look too seriously. In this in the media game. What makes you great number one. It's how you deal with the opposition. Which he did -- that's one if you saw what which on humble said. That he was very gracious in defeat with him one on one right high utility owners here -- proposition one. And then immediate -- our media. I'm media one there and hey you wouldn't talk to our Steve tasker. That's not what it's what comes down to. He got criticized for his behavior after Super Bowl 42. With a giant it. Because he ran across the field to -- Embraced Tom Coughlin -- and then wanted to give up the field. Industry insiders first coaches that's their own fraternity. And then media after that don't like -- million. Especially at that level because you -- you vote dive it's. You're you're here amongst a very select group 32 guys and this guys battling you -- chip chip or chance to go to the Super Bowl. -- the respect that that was shown by both coaches. At the of that conversation was probably -- conversation seemed culture to have its effort -- post game right right right and and that right there shoals. His respect for -- ball and we -- packets you want to tar -- a lot like -- -- -- Bloom and jobs and what sort of a coaching yesterday but -- he is. A guy gaga doesn't listen to a whole lot of outside noise and has. Has polls that wanted to do all sorts of. -- -- by his brother his brother Jim one -- -- yesterday. Apparently declined to do his post game interview. So he passed on the way to the podium but he didn't do his little one on one and future farmers -- well. I don't apply that to prevent what is yeah but he's got it does get the same type of temperament and I think it and you hit it right on this bill done it. People would still be talking about that it if you are an idiot like I know what happened when they heard it just order your toys and payment for humor plays and did the score more points most. That what was a killer in his game and you could see how these things that really. They're -- H one of these games description you just don't know exactly what's gonna happen on the game's over it's all there. On them unfolded for you see you can go back and look at it. And in this game. The opportunities to miss the opportunities especially -- at first quarter were a killer. I mean they get into the second half of the game. And that dropped pass by Wes walker wouldn't drive him. They could and a score they -- they've got a 27 lead now you've got a different game cause you can play the rest of the game differently now. As last year that about Welker. I mean you look at that it was a killer like when you look at that drop. OK Ed and we've talked about drops of broker. The last two of the last two post seasons. Is just a coincidence. Is it just said hey everybody's gonna have drops or is it. He changes. When the pressure becomes. Tiger and when the game's become bigger. And two big game situations too critical drops. I think is what a coincidence. And yet he inaudible what he catches -- -- sixteen yards one touchdown. He can make a case that you know. But what is it that when you're that good when you're as good as -- years. And the ball was right -- your hands and it's a big play at a big time. The question automatically comes just like you said. You know what I think it and in football as they get you know he got 53 guys in -- and I think for most teams. I'd say most teams players. About twelve. Through 53. And even nice you know eight to 53 are interchangeable. But what makes you special agent -- century Paris Rome and so yesterday those rescue chambers yesterday there was a place where this act the Sacco that's funny. It may -- -- play exactly yesterday -- fifty. -- about some big plays but yesterday appeared -- Flacco but it's that. Releases. You re right -- Ray -- -- -- makes something and it was unbelievable that was. No big plays of the game for -- that's what makes you a special player -- -- -- did you get sixteen or seventeen which. One of their special players patriots special players play like. Who -- who was who was in a packed full. Special guy yesterday in a white. I'll say this. I was start to feel pretty good about the wait to -- was dealing with -- bold and early on until he left he left early with third fourth series. But you're right you know there's nobody that you can you can pinpoint and say while bad guys still got to do -- do any games. We had a couple sacks during the game but nothing him. Here's the other one that really. Surprised the hell out of me and I could have been more wrong about it. Is that I thought this up temple whatever you wanted to call it NASCAR. Or herbal whenever the offense here. Would Wear it Baltimore down the Baltimore edit the strategy forward and that is OK we'll stay in the nickel. All right we're gonna have to defend the run off off the -- as we know. They like to -- that would spread everything out so will play it for the past we need to use to beat boys got. To stop the run. When I could've changed people around. We're not gonna be running different personnel groups right off the field what we're gonna stayed pretty much with what we've got and they did we -- your work. Part of that I do is we've seen this before -- -- patrons do this defensively before. If you want to run the ball. You're -- it to the ravens so we can do that we can play that game with you while -- our office but. If we're if we're gonna try to. Play some regular defense with Tom Brady's collection of of receivers and ability and try to match personnel groups. The -- like crazy stop the pass which is a quick death. Or. If you if -- if they were open down field on even against nickel. Okay that's gonna take a lot of time we think our offense can match that I don't think they believe that the office was going to war -- matched Tom Brady is peak. So you take that away. And you -- and you let the chips fall they may in the running game that we saw the pictures do that before that is OK -- Will be in the called you on the ball electorate kills by a rumble. And you know how much credit to give to Dean Pees. Wars inside information. Out Dean Pees left here and nobody complained when when Dean Pees that here in 2009 after that loss to ravens. He was they've got to go to different direction. He insisted that he wasn't fired. He was gonna do some other things and he wanted to open dot Baltimore's linebackers coach and eventually becomes that's according to Gado takes the colts job. But Dean Pees. Was really appreciated much here you must not come from the fans take it is I think he's just okay but if you look at it they said they set a record. For fewest points allowed if -- the best defense. Statistically in patriots history includes a provoking. Was a team. That Dean Pees with the the defensive coordinator. So. No dummy he knows exactly. What they wanted and we was all those meetings where. Operative coordinator talked to -- the coordinator talks quarterbacks coach. This is our plan going to the game obviously he took copious notes you pay attention he did he knows what they wanna do it in the office this changed. It's a -- that he's been -- mr. Tom Brady in the understands. What Brady wants to do. Belichick and Tom Brady somebody will talk an awful lot about here this afternoon because. You know people already discussing it I ESPN today numerous times -- seeing this whole Tom Brady's legacy. Isn't affected by this game the fact though he's -- eight years without a Super Bowl championship one of the all time great quarterbacks. But got out of the gate quickly in his career had great success and since then right now he's a 500 quarterback in the postseason. Flacco the other camera has suddenly become the guy who wins more and. The road yeah well Kelly Ramallah where he has a great thing OK let's say let's say public game. -- -- -- Tom Brady's legacy is affected yes. Let's say Peyton Manning we talk about this last week -- Manny -- effective okay. So bright accurate so Tom Brady stand over there and you're gonna stand over there with Peyton Manning and now totally anoint. As is great quarterback it would have been betting and Brady are both get negative points for their playoff performances. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eli Manning right. Who. We wanna promote. Since Brady and Manning -- bombs. They're out of the picture. Who's a -- goldmans and this is what makes the game so great it's great if there really raised and then -- -- the weekend it is so hours. Might have been here for anybody living in New England. It was current group that the league is great the game is great. The one thing you have going forward and I think there are tons of questions of will be asking them and -- -- many of you may have more questions over the next couple weeks as to what they do when he offseason for next year but I think we all agree that this is probably going to be a pretty good team next year. What will lead to the post season what else. I think if you would question his eight years ago as to what this team's success would look like in the next eight years I think we would have probably said. The win at least one in the next Ayers and Wright not. It happened so who knows but we do well didn't go to be competitive their -- to be in the mix next year. I won't edit all of that we Hewitt six point 77797. 937. That's our -- never Bill Belichick coming up next right here which.

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