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Patriots Coach Bill Belichick with the Big Show

Jan 21, 2013|

We end the season with Bill Belichick after a loss in the AFC Championship. The coach is obviously less than pleased with how this game turned out.

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-- a big show it is our final. Patriots Monday of the season. -- to wake -- DeOssie is our third Mahan and we're live down -- or Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. And it's time for our allies get together with the coach to no nonsense conversation with the coaches brought you by ESP alike. The no nonsense life insurance company now offering new low rates for men and woman call -- get SP -- Or visit SBO -- dot com for your free quote. I want to ask you how you doing today -- -- when it ends it ends doesn't. Yeah that's you know it's a crash landing but. That's way it is in the NFL and so. The -- -- coach. Should based on the game playing you had going into that game. How much change to win Aqib Talib got hurt did that change the blitz package things like that. Well we had to make him a few adjustments there. You know colon in there and and the -- played inside and -- bumped out and then you know most colorful little but they're two. Lost in the whole game really. So it can make another adjustment inside theirs but then it's then -- sometimes those things happen when -- so. And I don't think you can change a whole game plan underscores one player not in there but at that you know before should make some adjustments to question about the. -- we always talk about the game and what stood out some I'm wondering. Have you watched the game today. Seen most of it and in what was your I -- always comes down to you know 56 plays that were made -- were made. What was what was one of those plays to use that that changed the direction of the game and -- takeaways after watching the second time. Well just say overall that was. Our our overall execution. And it all then hole offensively and defensively and -- we didn't get the ball in the end zone in the red area. They didn't and we were also down there. Three or four other times I don't know whether as a -- or not the stats I don't know what we're in the -- 34 or. 2822. Whatever was your line and ended up either pollen arm gotta tip ball or something and so we knew we had the ball down their and we couldn't. Converted into points are touchdowns and they got the ball down there actually fewer times and convert them into touchdowns. So that was the problem. Defensively we had some opportunities in the in the third and start the fourth quarter there were we had some. Second and long situations where we've. An incomplete pass on first down -- out of -- a negative player no game players second intense segment twelve and and they they threw a screen -- eroded through festival. Through. -- the Smith they threw something and so we you know we just couldn't string those plays together we come would make one and then they'd make -- the wee -- one and they make long and this morning at about. The string two -- three of them together. Like we needed to restrict coupled together and then in got to get a stop there. So. -- you know those of some some of the key things in the -- -- can't single one play -- but that. Overall those sequences of plays or her. But the report. So what happens right at the end of the year first half four. As you were driving. The plot was to go. Low after. After told scrambled we. You know -- one time -- left and so. What we usually try to do say that time out kick the field or in case we -- is. There we went to the bull. Took a little longer -- think than than we thought it would and then I mean you know look that we had to move. We -- gonna did you know change change a little bit because the and then. We just took time out to make sure we -- the field goal in fort believe that opportunity without points. So. -- -- -- So aggressive in in in making decisions so often the thinking that this will -- a little off court fourth and eight to 34 can understand what the wind obviously that's deep. A first field goal why do we go forward. We're at thirteen some. Good field position. Content with playing the -- the field position game in that situation would go up six points. And coming and we played. But we played real good defense that I appointment then. -- down their Beckham won't get the ball back and and start again good feel as I would. -- albums followed them from you know fourth and three and that's one thing right fortunate. Think the odds are in your favor on them and none that situation room. They did a really good job against events but it appeared to. To us if indeed they did a good job against that's when did you agree with that and if so what did they do. Two neutralized -- as he was a monster against them last year and the conference championship. You know it's a lot of those -- you know decent amount of -- -- came outside. When they they had a couple plays inside the Tim where their rushing yardage came outside and inside and we just. Tuning in overalls -- And so it -- -- I think it's team you know team defense we just at times in and it was Wellesley additive was in the running in the passing game a Russian quarterback recovery procedures or whatever one's. And -- -- suddenly we have some breakdowns on June 2 along with some breakdowns in the rhetoric. And only those those under the open points. What and we're being nickel package most of time defense would ravens. Moon know and salute -- -- of themselves of him. Then -- Nixon and part of the panel we were and that he and we around. Some two receiver groups. And there was there was some there was a good amount of nickel the moment and. Too much they weren't survey they were. Trying to take a week. A lot of the middle passes and content to give up some of the short passes moved -- did sexual from the film also. Young and you know I think we can we move the ball. Gonna move the ball some consistency we missed some opportunities and that's because and couldn't couldn't connect on the play for one reason or another and -- we had a third down and we converted that got called -- -- Tony in -- missed a couple of third down conversions that we. And where there -- we just couldn't make the play them so those. And those those all up in a game like that really uncharacteristic of looking at now for a move to incomplete pass third and two. Incomplete pass 32 Ridley no gain and a lot of third and 23 and short most of the things you guys usually thrive off. You know home and we had when -- second and four down there on the only dating your blinders on my third and fourth quarter of second or third for fourth and four missed three in -- room. So we just. And I think there were more place to be made there than what we are able to get. Offensively and defensively for them and so we just. -- oversimplify it but we just didn't score enough points and we gave up too many I think there were opportunities for us to score more and give up you're. Determine their -- Sort so now what I'm am wondering. When do you start the process of figuring out how you get better remain. I know it's and so are not -- and -- and only 2924. Hours after the game but in our starter so do you have an idea of it. Okay what it takes to put this team. To improve. I mean do you know okay this is what we need this is what we need or does that take a little more times that more of a and take you know few days it really process the season and think about some of the things that we. Did well and didn't do well or do you do you know that those answers right now. Well I think that's that's an interesting question. I think that over the course of the season. With the let's say the 20122. In the current team well the course of the season you. Certainly have a sense of where you're doing well what you're not doing as well. Both statistically and visually is as you watch it you can you can see those things and you do things to try to. Prop an area or emphasize and other anymore that you feel -- particularly good. So. As the teams currently comprised I think -- pretty good idea of what. And and we haven't and we've addressed that I think a lot of ways over the course of the season we have made improvements in different aspects or him. But as we sit here today that 2013 team is in the 2012 to him. There's going to be changes we all know that that changes on -- retain and so. We don't even know a 100%. Who the players are we're talking about. Yet in some cases and we have a draft ahead of -- -- a free agency that the Soviets and -- players who are. Currently not under contract for the season and so. The say well what that new team will be able to do little won't be able to do when. What areas need to be. The thing we know what -- need to be addressed from the 2012 team but -- -- that. Overlay with the 2013 team that's a whole other question and I think once once your new team comes together and then you start to. In your mind and based on OTA practices some mini camps in the spring holiday start to formulate okay what would assisting going to be able to do well was then and where do you want it to be and then is that actually materialize and Iacocca -- we wanna. Improve in these areas are -- have this type of element to our team blows that I actually. Taken place is that realistic and that's that you try to determine if you go through the spring and also into training camp and sometimes you can. You resent sometimes you don't sometimes you try to modified to get there are sometimes you have to just say well we tried but we're just not. Going to be able to do that this year and -- -- modify it some else. Somebody asked the question today about could you see any pattern over the last eight years. In not being able to win. The super -- thought about that after all of these exit games. Have been very different we're talking about something much different and we were talking about with the giants game let's say last year but the giants game a few few years ago apple when you're trying to figure out. What you need to do because it is still all about winning the championship. What how do you assess how do you look at it and say man with of this unbelievable run for the last eight years. And yet we don't have you know what everybody wants that ring over the last -- -- how do you do that. Well you know think at this point it really matters too much what will we think about the 2007. Season in the -- man. On those players are. On both teams are. Not planned for either team and we don't play the giants this -- so what differences and -- When matchup against them and I think the mindset has to be more of going forward how do we make -- 2013. Team. Strong as we can. Understand and of course they're going to be season in 2014 and 2015. And we -- mortgage everything and put it into just one year without paying a price on the other end of it at some point so. You know it's not one year plan that's got to be you know it's gonna consulate more than that but. Think that's really what you're you're looking and is -- maker 2013 -- competitive as you can make it. As -- -- quick fix what happened in 2009. It. Should be different all these games. Seemed to be different and that's the point and try to make how do you work. Assess -- -- it's I guess it's just you put together what you believe on the strengths and weaknesses of the 2019 or different than the strengths and weaknesses of the 2011 team. Or the 2012 team for that matter and particularly as it relates to the match ups that we had in those seasons against those. Particular teams that we play. So. An amendment isn't how the 2018. Stacks applicants for 2019. Stacks up against. Some opponent 2000 elevenths and the importance. And that's where we are now on. And it was somewhat of a -- although it's very hard to do because so much changes in the NFL post someone whose vision -- rule. Here's a 2013 team and what what competition is going to be there for a for -- team but what does it look like there's elements of the teams are that we're gonna compete against that -- gonna have to deal. Certainly we know about Miami is just -- buffalo -- You know there are other teens you know have to deal with it and what you know what are some of the things need to deal with those -- Would -- to review current free agent for the patriots. Lol look at all the free agents and to make the best decision we can't for the team with -- all of them as it relates to them. Building a team. And I'm thinking just one player and so canoes. We're gonna do this what this does mean there there are a lot of things that are affected by the that when you make that decision so. We'll try to take it in total and then once we figure out what it is and trying to. It makes a movement on. Those individual decisions. -- like seven -- on the team I think he did a good job he was. Worked hard really competed well in practice and in the games them Smart Smart kid picked up. What we're doing and had good instincts and like have loaned him. But we'll have to take a look at how everything falls and. What's next. When -- go back to yesterday for a second when you look at how that game played out and think about your practices during the week. Did you think. That Baltimore word approach especially offensively do you think that they would do. On defense what they want them doing things the previous physical you think they would try to suppress the receivers and what was that the game you expect to see the game yesterday. Well bald -- or small on defense that they to a number different things -- and they did that yesterday. And they mix -- up they'd -- you know and is said one defense hold him so I would say that. For the most or -- the things we worked on -- Similar with faith in what they did and you can't predict how plays are gonna matchup. It with defense if you call play with defense or advocate against that plea -- -- to the type of things they do and those type things in the they played better and you guys yesterday. Are you comfortable saying they are better and patriots. Well -- and you know when there were asked them. Let's. And the score indicates that the equity as a sort of think we missed some opportunities that we had some chances that we. Didn't. We're able take advantage of no other coaching decisions and situations and think things that we -- that -- -- could have been better than replace it could've been better there were you know we we all could have done a better job. We didn't. Tells the result of me and our team's been very -- -- brilliance every every team finish this year and lost five games I don't feel like there was a big gap in those five games. Big. We're competitive and those teams. Fourteen. Baltimore went into the no huddle in the second half and a couple of your players. Said that. They thought that was -- an issue for them did you. Well loose. -- -- on the work on every day last week I mean we anticipated downs president sealed the more in the first after the truth but. Don't think so -- issues were a little they're related to the personal adjustments that we had to make that there wasn't. What they did I wouldn't say you know close by surprise it just blows. They were doing a better than we were defendant. And we made some place. You know throughout that whole third period and in the fourth period. But some later time we made one they made on it and run off third downs were too many second them conversions and not enough opportunities to field on third down and then that they scored in the red area and knows. The only difference in the. Shannon -- yesterday -- -- or sport for not talking with its Steve tasker -- Just -- four. Full disclosure yes some people realized she managed -- worked for CBS so maybe. He was upset what are guys. Lightweight -- not. In his fifth full press conference after the -- wisdom and after the game yesterday told this morning and Buccaneers. Who seem to have a -- You -- demo of brother long conversation with Harbaugh after the game. -- who favors -- the future was to have a conversation. It's. And -- for -- stimulus. And the bill Harbaugh Brothers going to the Super Bowl. What characteristics to vote you have in common and would make some good coaches. Oh well and they both are great organizations of both have good teams and no sure do a good matchup. And we we played them we -- them both and that competitiveness of both of them. And came up short against those teams so yeah. Models so they match up against each other. Good football teams. -- You've been on both sides of us. You've been there to raise Lombardi trophy you've been in situations where you've been there late in the dance. Only to be eliminated. How difficult is all of that stuff but when you look back and all of the hours all of the minutes all of the time you've spent. In practice incident you know film sessions and everything else and then suddenly. The whole thing comes crashing down and as you just said you've already begun working on next year you can't sit here. And waste time. Or you'll feel what. Next fall. Very well. That's those fortunate with the soon. The vicious cycle. -- have them in every team -- you know this isn't gonna end up for the moon. Sudden ending or. Plane crash all over and and figure of the pieces and had on the next year. So for one team so. Did you load them you talk about gurus -- moment. As our next year we're up at the clock next -- US Steve tasker can have that joint -- for next year. The coach's hours brought to buy a Mercedes than seeing them for limited offers. A select vehicles at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers on the web. And in the USA dot com. And despite SP -- the no nonsense like insurance company and our free new low rates for men and women -- 888. Get SP alive or visit SB -- dot com for your free quote didn't ended the way you know we all wanted to and build we appreciate you shall appear every Monday. And being able to sit down and talk about the game it's been lawful an awful lot of fun and look forward to doing it again next fall. OK glad Steve Michael thank you -- extra -- -- -- Bill Belichick right here the big show and patriots Monday.

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