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Vince Wilfork with the Big Show

Jan 21, 2013|

A somber Vince Wilfork reflects on the loss to the Ravens in the AFC Championship with the Big Show.

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But back here and a big -- well short wave Michael Holley it is our final. Patriots Monday show. Of the year as the patriots did beat yesterday in the AFC championship game. Instead pressed doctor Vince Wilfork sponsored by EMD Miller pork powder house mortgage AM seniors. This is -- And it. I am in America are -- -- that we. Well they're huge membership or. Afterward it all -- in terms of some news you know there's. Sort immigration won a lot of football during the over the years. The coach announcer these chairmanships so. We wouldn't you know we we premiere here we're very liberal. Also a good football team -- there -- in the remotely what -- you out. As you know of cameras caught you guys on the sideline at one point fourth quarter five minutes of play or whatever was and I saw you you looked you looked. Obviously down but you looked surprised were you were you surprised not that you lost if you are going to game knowing you could lose but. That they were able to do to you what they did you would that surprise you. There are other problems because. Oh we are we were prepared well all -- -- it's terrible -- home. Offers sure a lot of people you know arm of the probably -- their work. Owner of the purple ball in order to clear card game you know that -- We -- have been okay where you know. Welcome back on its Q you donors few prayers and that are British -- aren't you here. Cannot be an opportunity. We have -- opportunity barrier which there's been a -- -- local radio there. That's what separated. We -- moving they're they're great with came out here secure. They've never you never got there don't you it was there in the game they don't respect people reserves. -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably a bit there there on the critical situations they noted they Portugal seen. Again if there ever being -- -- -- -- They've -- apparently a great game plan. And then -- big capital are made been made plenty that we can make it up it -- and you are. I don't know if you heard the comments from a Terrell -- -- you guys Eric gotten in through some profanity used to. Any comment on on his reaction to winning in in the connected to that. You know you have a relationship with -- mean those guys you have. A good relationship with any anybody on the ravens. Arrow -- were -- an -- -- you know course you -- we. We are urging that we -- wee wee wee -- there -- -- -- -- You know are currently there -- I'm the first very you know work. When you win would do whatever you want our problem our -- here and to try to definitive Berry picker. They walked away with. They -- you view what it took me. Some people -- rejected for me it would win we are older version we more. They'll keep -- -- if you remove and what you know what are sponsored aware that there there are a lot of emotion they ordered you know everywhere and it's. Parliament leaves and he's -- -- -- get there would be no you know that's probably still. I mean I thought if you're sort of what what what can insert what -- so they came they came into our world beater and fox are also. We can't we we can't say enough about the you have the district on the chin and keep moving that you can't hear part of -- they -- -- -- -- -- -- so. They -- say whatever -- -- -- because they work. -- -- -- they seem to try to neutralize you what was they doing Q keeping him back in there what were they doing. And Japanese put on them -- American. That term used to that chart control in the near term that during the mark -- finger. -- created from Havoc in the back here Portugal where it was you know it just wasn't -- you know it wasn't enough. A -- please -- you know we mayor Jean Marc. You know I've been going into the game thinking different and are doing you know the very much going their very economic Jamal. Which are -- -- you are getting very. It privately that they -- there. Oh western -- Mark Webber looked at the street now. I'm pretty sure they're part of the war song played very affordable for our you know our Banca. They're not Bill Perry and myself had a great game and on -- senate had a where you know best way to Alter that's our goals. I think great frustration at. -- think it as being there we either you strip away put a week to a personal limit financial. It just wasn't good. You know it's been a dozen years that since the ravens went to the Super Bowl so they've been trying to get over a different count they've been trying to get back to those who possible. You guys have achieved that. But the hunt for you now is winning that last game winning that ultimate game you haven't done that in. In eight years what in your opinion. What does it take what what what is what what are the patriots missing that is is providing the patriots from getting what you all want. -- Our procurement. Problem. You know they're very we all -- would be one of the best things that are. You're taking care ball turn internal -- think you can be -- let me -- although with returned well versed in. In any case -- critical regard they're they're they're they're critical -- operator you're not being critical -- -- -- Are we did do well in either one of those old. Aren't as critical -- the court straight game and figure out what you know -- -- what some of the problems. Those two -- though -- America -- -- secular spiritual Baltimore city. -- -- -- -- -- play ball and we delivered to your records so sorry -- are there in the right Gary. I think you know clerical error prejudged their -- through two or not to start than we played pretty decent the spirit. Put it in the and they went and you know. And it is far bigger that's. And standard golf that alters. What you know we did. Disputed -- -- -- very bad. And missed opportunities that we that we just conjure up a lot. Everywhere you -- people are saying that Baltimore came in and we just for a more. Physical and New England certainly looked that way did you feel that way out there on the field. No. Not me. We -- in Europe were underdogs. Aren't you don't -- -- little you know or create the partisan. Get cute who you know the pew listening. Well I mean yeah or it borrowers -- of these -- -- -- you know it is what it is over it's all right. And -- -- and accurate result -- -- there you know I'll get around there. -- regret that weren't there wasn't. Well. Prayer partner they're saying you know what's workers while we also we should be picture burger you know. What would get through -- Q where do we do it basically when we needed. Are you played them yesterday -- played on week three the -- they got another win is it fair to say that they are the best team you've played this year or to get that this -- system. -- -- -- -- So probably. They have brought -- down -- that they're -- players -- pull -- -- everybody that's for -- Conan sort of Super Bowl is Colombian group critical appeared grateful all. These records they're. That stop the run and got throughout America run the ball well. Columbia and its partners or Super Bowl but you know a fair thing here they're there that they. That's Omar Abu you know it and you but -- -- all in America are sort of on appeal and I want them -- of them so. One of those you completion of -- where we feel right now where we are weaker. I advanced so we really appreciate. -- coming out here every deal Monday win or lose them -- talking a little bit about the game and I'm sure we'll talk to you. In the in the offseason but. I hate to say they have some good vacation time Leno was when you wanted but they'll enjoy it anyway. Are we all over the -- you Perez from. You've got events she events. Let's Vince Wilfork sponsored by EMD Miller -- powerhouse mortgage and buy Sears.

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