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ESPN Analyst Eric Mangini on the AFC Championship and physical play in the secondary

Jan 21, 2013|

Former Patriots defensive coordinator and Browns and Jets coach Eric Mangini talks with Mut, Lou, and Troy about the physical matchup between the Pats and Ravens and how the refs let the players play in the defensive backfield. They also discuss the future of the Patriots and tweaks they have to make to the offense for next season.

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Smuggled or not -- three point seven WEEI picking -- -- patriots loss in the AFC championship game ravens and niners you're Super Bowl. In the world once thirteen days from now on joining us on the AT&T hotline helped break this thing down former. Coordinator for the patriots head coach of the NFL level -- a defensive backs coach for one Troy Brown who's in studio with us Eric Mangini -- ESP and we got what are your former. TVC. Anybody he'd do that. You can lead the -- an interception. I led a team -- ancestors I would Tedy Bruschi you know him. I'll I'll -- one of -- you Eric was just does gimme game plan is and let me go play him and now. It was the coaching points like -- which were -- hard. It is argued that this guy. All yeah. -- -- -- very good tackler to. As you know at least I used to bring him. You play worse of protesting. All of this yes did man I loved every minute that -- -- thanks to -- wonderful wonderful coach and man. You know. I don't I don't know what Cleveland was thinking you know today you know due to the vent -- -- -- thank you. Isn't it. So and you speak of the title and part of this thing. Is that right into -- I have always been an advocate of the of the more physical team being suitable -- -- things and and we can go back to 2001 and posting area. Just oh we made the point to be more physical -- the next to me how important you think it is as far as being physical. A Saddam execution is being physical and games. As of -- with -- template. That's sent shivers that you bring that up -- a lot of things that I site yesterday is. Baltimore. Felt a little bit like we used to fuel we played the colts. Or get up which and the wide receivers and and they put -- that that chuck rule after effort beater and at one of those games. And there are bunch of times in the game yesterday where the officials were just -- and letting the teams play. And there are times -- Brandon Lloyd get hit in the face or tigers hit. You know well after five yards -- you know -- always says we do business is business is being done so as long as they were eleven happened -- gonna do it. And and that's that's the feel that it had been and that's. I think what you have to do it gets it came thick and fast break -- New England is you've got to find some way to slow down the well oiled machine -- one of the best ways. -- to get up and and sort of trying to cover down the field and it's hard to match Wes Welker it's hard to match -- Hernandez but if they can't get started. That's your best shot and every time the Baltimore played New England. Even looking back at last year's match ups. You know there it got out of the backfield there it has to line of scrimmage. And it was it was a very similar program men and gain peace. He knows that. Anybody yet and and you look at debt and everybody thinks that in a -- has such a bad football game. You critical a lot of it to the weight. That the ravens cover those guys on the field because I -- -- has really had to hold the ball and even. Just gonna blow one up they don't vote fourth down because he would -- by example vote to I don't know what what did you see there. Yes I think that's true I've thought about that may be in the second half could be reaching a few more. Bunch formation inspect formations -- operations being three wide receivers together. -- into other shooters get -- so Wes Welker starts. Yeah ocean -- to respect human -- an -- quick note that some of the personal solicitation first property gives you some free release -- I thought you might get a little bit more. Of that you know I don't know what was talked about. -- you know terms of adjustments or or or whatever. But that's what I was was anticipating a little very little bit more going into the second half just based on. The way to Baltimore saying okay we're out we're up here. We're we're not really disguising that were up here and were to stay up here and see whether or not you dubious. Yen and -- fourth and talk about you wanna call meant W when it's finally here you wanna play and you want a box that. You know and and and and again that has done it calls the communication problem. And that's the way they ran just about the last three or four weeks and was escorted testament of retirement means it figured out. Just because the communication problem these things. Forcing some of these teams like that we didn't see a lot of that. In the second half and as a surprisingly so. And some of the week -- against Houston because she's in such a big madame -- -- team. In the red zone emotional bunch formation. -- and played. What's called box defense from the box just where persons -- have got four on three and that is up. You know they're -- they got a matchup that it's that they wanted to make was actually the first time they played Houston. But it it's the same concept typically get in trouble get off line of scrimmage. The the answer is to get the guys up there and in close force communication. Don't let them -- view. He saw a lot in the in the -- only but there's not a game in the Atlanta separatist group game. Letter how to bunches of facts to try to get -- consensus or was pressed. There were talking about big injury early on -- -- -- -- that game or late -- first quarter. As defensive coach how much that affect you secondary and what you can do and how -- affect you think that head on the patriots secondary late night game. Well I think it definitely has has an affect you go into the game plans saying okay. Really when you when you look at the numbers it's anybody says. Art at the end of this game were right -- averaged 2.5 yards a carry and to Torrey Smith socket if factor I think everybody would sign up for that I can imagine. That it -- in the meetings we're talking about things we have to stop it's the okay limitless right stoking up the deep ball. And really New England did debt and having dialect. Believe. To be able to match up with it whereas -- balls. That keeps you the luxury to to take care of those things about it that next guy comes in can't do that. Then -- probable -- is is a -- evidence that ends up being here. That that's that's -- -- came out I thought that maybe see a little bit more. Variation to the terms of let's practice and things like that and look toward you know as -- -- it's easy in our position now. To second guess -- Quietly and not be on there right now on the day Monday morning as soon so Smart right now. We've got -- -- guys that played out you know that's the easiest spot in the world to be it's totally different when you're dealing with on the sidelines. Especially if things look all pretty in the pictures -- -- got to come back to that. Palm which has from an outsider looking in. You know trying to force Flacco to. Diagnose things as he goes back at the past to try to get a hold the ball. Here's some of that you know. And -- effect that are ago. They're -- -- about the secondary you know. Watch the game with -- guys Ty Law he looks a lot of these these corners of the kind of cotton ailments that sometimes you it. You know of the nonaligned in physical yet they're not given Spacey that you see some of these. Defensive backs -- media era view yesterday kind of cotton that no man's land. I would love to watch football game -- -- -- period. The fact that with drugs that would be priceless you know hide. -- unique in the sense that he used so gifted. And he could do need to get up there anybody at any point and take -- way and even if you messed it -- closing speed to catch up. But he also had that level of unpredictability. We never wanted to throw on I laugh because you didn't know. Whether when he was failing he was truly failing here or whether he was -- -- just sort of setting you up for the next place. So he's an evil little bit of of -- guy that way but I'm such a huge believer in. Forcing receivers and quarterbacks make post that -- because. Everybody's got to be on the same page of the more that you can't. Makes things look the same place different things. Now the onus is on the offense to decipher what you're doing. When you're you're sort of played in -- in a more conventional way. Intensity a little bit nobody to ease jittery and there's always stop for can -- to defense Eric often play at that bill that. Eric Mangini joining us reckon on the patriots lost yesterday you said Eric you expect it may be more than of the bunch formations I expected more. Of that terrible up temple patriot offense did you did you feel the same way and the ravens do anything in your mind to take that away from the patriots. -- -- it looked to me like their approach is going to be OK you can go up temple or not this is what we're. Can you beaded. And if you can't beat it it doesn't matter how fast you go that that drive the Pryor looked the most. Like what we've we've companies do is saying is. Where Thomas signaling in the based outfit that the debt it would Britney gets a first down like that was. -- that that was kind of where you always envision of the offense. But the problem with that no huddle there's if they don't have to change based on what you're and then there it's good enough to have to -- you. That it doesn't matter how fast ago or just gives them the ball back back quicker. And it's about the whole -- thing on the opposite side of the ball. You know I thought I thought of as a land -- the goods we have been through this you know Tom Brady at present time -- -- about it at the wrote him. As some success in the first NF. And -- that they come back out in the second half Erica and they give Vegas set out on the YouTube and it to a lot of it seemed. A lot of the pressure they put on a wide receivers and then didn't even talk about how they even when they played zone. The areas of the field that. The Baltimore Ravens have taken in -- an analyst distant and in the last two or three games the way they -- the -- -- an area of the field and try to force Tom Brady. Don't throw the ball to what they do is they take away the middle of the field a lot of short stuff -- flood zone. Don't release and a lot of people at the operating as far as prison oppressors. You know they just kind of let him sit back there and takeaways is seriously obstacle -- That's that's the other thing he's seen. At with the giants in the Super Bowls it it's not like the giants. Played a lot of different things what they did they played a lot of post safety defense or or totally run the ball at typically most teams place puts it to -- couples safeties back. And then they keep a bunch of guys in between the hash marks and the numbers. Forcing the ball to go outside and -- you you have to have outside receivers that can win when you get those types of coverages 'cause that's where the isolationist. When you've got to decipher it or sort through two or three guys sitting in those loans and especially the type the defenders of Baltimore has because. They'll take chances that other teams won't take so even though there a window looks open. Still jumps over some of those windows you've got to be able to win outside. And this is that a little bit of of an Achilles heel of the past three I'd years is getting that. That guy outside the can win against Wonderwall what I want coverage it's bad or result. You know what state they have like that I think Brandon -- was a huge upgrade from. From. Ochocinco. -- at a but it's it's so hard. Yeah. Into. I agree -- and he did it for the most part in the first quarter. But then man they put the clamps going and and he couldn't did. It's a separation. From these guys and and give Baltimore a lot of credit because I didn't think the person -- with some also there before you. But they came and they really put the clamps on those -- -- in the second half and forced from racist element to blow away. And it's one of those things to you know Tom it's a ball -- developed it's it gets picked up by -- -- you know there's sometimes that stuff happens and it very would've been really interesting to see if they scored a touchdown and not drive where that game went from there as a whole lot of time last. And it really has that ability to. You don't have to figure out a way to put that's the other thing is. You don't really -- self inflicted wars. From doing it typically. They had that the two interceptions to have the fumble that's he you don't see that very often for them to be able to from Baltimore be able to force those things. You got yeah. Don't talk about the and aloofness of recourse but to but the self inflicted wounds just does that to a -- go on about Rezko bought that's real quick about defending this office. And he got a decision to make with Wes Welker on both players used regardless of the -- -- the -- -- we've talked about your recently. But still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it it -- it's such a tough decision because obviously Wes Welker has -- -- he's part of it now. They're -- gronkowski and we're back imagine if you played out are different this game would abandon. The tight end that they claim from the giants. There's Ballard checked ballot that's. To me that's tremendous -- -- don't -- -- this year and or get paid off by itself. When you've got Hernandez gronkowski. Ballard of Welker. And and if you can draft a young guy that contribute. An additional Lloyd. You know break another -- record next year easily. That that's been a problem for mr. ethnic at the receiver position that employs you haven't seen any since Deion Branch and David given so a minute that's going to be a task. Well there's but Erica I wanna go back to the self inflicted wounds. And to the -- -- not taken a timeout. At halftime. And then not seen the Bill Belichick team -- for it. Into the wind on third down. And in in early in this game and and thanks to normalcy to -- to make mistakes. Plus eight if they had Tom slid in and from the time I was a little bit late for you could really look at the -- before where Eric Fernandez decide to stay involved. Because I just could have easily gone out of the house that would have saved a significant amount of and that that would change the drive to. And I think. You know either one of those decisions it's -- Typical but what you don't wanna do and didn't do it would have been an issue just a couple weeks ago where you leave at halftime with no points. That's the worst every side and Seattle same place where they got no points in the first half. So here. You know sometimes you you make a mistake that doesn't give you that extra opportunity. Because look at Hernandez decisions need to look it's called a timeout earlier. And he can also of the factory wanna you wanna walk away -- -- something you wanna feel good about bad drives. And get those points. In terms of going to quarterback going forward. It's hard to criticize. Bill and that area because historically. He's been very aggressive in those situations. So for him not to do it -- I have very good reason behind -- debts and you know if you had a guy that was historically very conservative -- various. That's they have maybe take that chance but but still hasn't been back. So that must have been either feel that we had a world whatever it was great -- at justice -- liquor. OK -- and and then well. Two quick questions meant that has the effect of and to lead and the game when he left the game -- -- did you notice a difference and how the page list of pros and investment that thought they missed a little bit more quickly it came on this football team. And we wasn't out there and then what are the ravens due to take Vince Wilfork other's game. Yeah you know it'd be -- -- -- it looked like dictate a lot of split safety defense and and I guess that the alum. You know. You've got to choose what I wanna die whether it's quickly here with a million paper cuts and Baltimore's one of those officers -- secretary quickly and and I get why they did that in terms of it's. Being taken out of the game yes he was but it also -- to keep Ray Rice had a lot. And as much as you want -- to have a bigger impact. You -- Ray Rice to have as little impact as possible and he stayed in quite a bit protections so. You know would you trade 11 there. I think a lot of times you work with it without dangerous braves really is and what he's done it lately in the past especially on the short checks -- Just lost -- for me -- get that bill Belichick's take a lot of crap nationally you know for not talking to CBS after words and there's an arrogance about him you've been around this team. Do you feel like that's an arrogance thirty feel like he takes these losses -- is a wanna respond so to media after a tough loss like this. You know I think it. Being a person has taken a lot of flak from the B of capacity now -- just a little bit different role. Sometimes seconds steam roll sometimes. Something that's small and can be brought up to be a lot bigger than it is. -- I think it's really. At a difficult time when you lose a game and you lose a game like that. And with the track circuit that they had risen 67 know where they're going to be at halftime hole whatever it is. You know that's stuff hurts and then. It's great that you are as much of -- -- favor as as you are and others. Much as everybody says you should act this way. Everybody responds that's stuff differently than I am not defending it up you know. I I get added is it hurts a lot. But you know again today he you have to take care that's. Then got got to do that interview and men. You know there's very doorstep that facts. -- we're gonna see you coach and again anytime soon -- You know. As I go through through the whole range of emotions district one of those things where. I've loved this experience or what it's allowed -- to -- we've Pretoria on borders have. 974. Great that's a lot of so I could get with the right people in the and the right team by. I think that's probably considered but it it has been pretty amazing from. From the respect. You know -- haven't -- a chance to speak to my kids are off. Exactly that Evelyn mini reunion go around the you know just mcdaniels came back last year because tables in the building now in hand. And you just like the -- three amigos when their idea. You know back in 2000 I -- -- We didn't do it you can have you can have -- chemicals easily in his foot. Did you did you imagine that -- released. Nobody out of -- Or -- introduction by fire. That. Erick great insight on ESPN and appreciate coming on some great thoughts on what you saw yesterday in the AFC title game we appreciate the time and into the lead up to the suitable as I said man give yourself. I wrote back right spirit out that is Eric aura Patriots defense coordinator. -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible.

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