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Logan Mankins on Mut and Lou: 'You don't score, you don't win'

Jan 21, 2013|

Mut, Lou, and Troy Brown talk with the Pats offensive guard about the team's offensive struggles in their AFC Championship loss to the Ravens. They discuss the no huddle, its role in the offense, and how physical the Ravens were in that performance.

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Lot of Gillette Stadium it's not Maloney 93 point seven WEEI Troy Brown is here re giving all your phone calls and -- promising getting all your reaction. To the patriots lost yesterday just heard from Rob Ninkovich we talked to member of the offensive side of the football. Logan Mankins a guest on our patriot Monday's. He's brought to you by Verizon official wireless and telecommunication provider. Of the New England Patriots. Logan you're able to put up thirteen points in the first half. Ravens on the road shut the offense out in the second half to -- change anything up defensively what they gave before looks in that second half. In the it is a little and they did some of the same things. Overall we didn't execute Gooden and in the score any points to a that's what happens you don't score you don't win. No look we're talking about this this hurry up offense before -- Baltimore and Ray Lewis to be ready for Dean Pees and that we saw that net. Drive down the and so third to you guys try to hurry up real quick and get -- -- -- to get that first down and they stuff that they. There are little more prepared for that hurry up don't you think in Houston couple weeks ago. Additionally the they get a good coordinator. Yeah Jerry Lewis out -- give everyone lined so that they they did a good -- they've put their defense and showed. We know we talked about the the physical nature and I think equipment has done so to Logan. I thought she doesn't that are pretty good job. In in and pass protect and Brady and he was hit seven dance as witnessed this you'll minister SE chills and seven hits. But for the most welcome to the guys at the very good job no sex. I think every time that there was a problem. With the offense it was the passing game where. Guys just couldn't get open so. It and all that name. But aren't -- surprised -- the party system. It is that's. Well you played -- -- you know that's when it comes down to in the passing game and people didn't know and so. We threw the ball a lot written. I know ridiculous for a few pressures there so that's gonna happen when you -- ball fifty times in the business owners so. There was -- Bill Lewis is people got to get open and gonna get on the ball also. I don't know if we get a good jump. Up and I. I got enough on our budget deficit of what to do its job to do. It today. Yeah and that we always want to in the it was because it did a better job. You know it -- I don't rendered -- area. You can service that there are one. I think is just thinking what they've done better to help -- Whitman. -- Tell you always feel -- -- of the. Don't like they -- -- this attitude that you guys up front offensive glass and US to bill yesterday on as far as being beaten. A physical football team that's because jobless front in Overland. I think it like in other places. On the team that statement you just answered -- the -- And think through it. Logan is a lot of talking some uncharacteristically missed opportunities guys -- -- in that first half you know. Tom Brady under senate Bill Belichick you guys have been here before excellent characteristic of Clinton at finger down a four seconds after. He goes down tong goes down at three yard run or even use the surprise of a -- call a time all right and run and try to get that line of scrimmage. Did you know. And divide in Florida and that situation were just we do it's told. We don't really pay attention to the Clark we know it's down close to zero -- -- they say get on the ball like you would do and then -- -- on a -- were doing that if they're -- kind of overdue in this. You know -- That's done our job to worry about this situation is if we wanted to called we couldn't anyways so. You know we're just doing whatever we're told. I think a lot of us thought that the up tempo that Turbo what was gonna be a big part it seemed like -- recent -- slogan. Did you use it more less than you planned an easy thing going into backing that up tempo that keeps that defense on the field. You know you are. I don't know how much we expected you to because it -- we always jump in and out of this so. I don't know how much we are planted on news and it and note we practices we don't practices we we do both so. You know I think it's the coaches justice. Goes on how they feel the game is do it and if -- any -- -- -- did did you go to the game thank you -- you know if you do it spreads has so little bit put some pressure on on some -- the players it was it was a really make him a little bit. -- get somewhere in the second half and and maybe get some and it -- -- just want to thank him. Hey you know. We're gonna run in the spread so we always think we could use it. To our advantage in. It worked its arms and then other times -- didn't and there is gonna take your head out to those. We expected to win and we didn't and they played they played music to a game and we didn't put -- Yeah ugly with -- on them and they came and put it very difficult. We talked here in the playoffs that first we get you watching football we watch the Super Bowl in a couple weeks slogan. It's it's been. My daughter usually is spent on Sundays. But Mr. -- to those gates Scioscia put on this and they'll be there. If I'm home when nothing going on know -- again for sure. Just go with the ball back at it if you figure scorer from the computer and we'll get John punishing you mentioned Ray Lewis yeah we've we've heard a lot of volume at this retirement party -- you've seen up close in terms of what he can get physically. He doesn't look a 100% for you made a point that he's called out that defense was that. A big part of the game yesterday in your mind ray Lewis and experience setting up that Baltimore Ravens defense. Of course he would be so good to decide stream plays and formations and everything in. Making calls insisted that his defense -- -- the other linebackers. He seemed really every play you can think. Everything is so good read -- he does the bridge over -- studio film and don't know what's common and what we can run at a certain formations and he's he's. I think he's that are totally politicos to do that. Logan appreciate the time throughout the year enjoy -- your daughter soup season in the offseason look -- talking the next year. Eric -- Garrett not Logan Mankins joining us out here on a patriots Monday.

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