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The New School Pats lost to the Ravens in an Old School game

Jan 21, 2013|

Troy Brown joins Mut and Lou at Gillette Stadium to break down the Patriots' loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game, specifically, the way in which the Ravens were physically dominant and beat the Pats on third down and in the redzone.

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But Maloney 93 point seven WEEI your phone calls they after the patriots season ends take them all day until 2 o'clock in the big shows 617. 77979237. Can text us on the eighteenth tee -- -- 37937. Troy Brown back in the building the morning -- Your microphones on there I think all but I don't know what they are we going to ammonia sleeping and -- -- -- late night getting video Terrell Suggs. Written on the patriots where you'll get to you via. -- right here I I I thought a lot of things about this game. I didn't think the ravens -- out physical the patriots the way they did now Gradkowski is not buried maybe the most physical offensive player. Talib goes down it to me he's there maybe the most physical player in the secondary but from the beginning of that game. Pollard's hits. Defensive line offensive line. This team came in out physical view and won the football game with that musicality that's where I saw the game when you think so. I didn't think it be that drastic I didn't figure out that drastic that there's a mismatch on their physicality did that was. Thank you had to be addressed all -- law. Is king and his changed and it -- -- -- them -- And hit him back in the game due to foreign interest this year. Right now they go to goes back into question for 23 through 2007 simple closed eyes set that set the tone in that game and they made it bigger hits and and they would more physical -- him back down and that's what listings. You know kind of -- insisted that physical president physical nature and I'm going to be one. You know it's it's in the mile. And that's the way. -- for years -- interestingly at the consumables and easily mean. In the gallery with the Vatican 2006. -- it was but -- the net. -- analysts feel a lot of finesse teams. Collecting receivables Green Bay -- on them every wasn't used just one. In going to be a more physical team. Where he would you do it when when you wanna run -- -- -- and that was the tone that Belichick tried to set. We go back to whipping up first dale facility division what does the one thing -- -- -- on the ground and -- is back in the -- -- Belichick. Talking about -- at the pivotal in the ball when we wanna -- that you know and you do bit by a certain physical tong. You know at the beginning of the game and when when you wanna run. Droid -- to me it's it's simple because this was. Exactly the game the ravens won at the play you know they want to play a three nothing 731010713. 31413. Type of type of game. This is the type of game at the patriots team that you're on wanted to play. This is not the type of team at the car patriots wanna be involved then you thirteen and missed opportunities to look at the first quarter a look at the first half. The patriots wanted to get into this 21 to ten type game at halftime instead they sit there missed opportunities and ravens as the game was going on. They they knew that this was their type of game and they imposed their will on this team physically. This this is exactly what they want and I think I have a lot to do with with the patriots started this game off. Well offensive offensively that it's had to come up with a little area of stuff and I thought they MI it's -- -- to abandon a little bit too quickly I mean I thought that was spread out. Parade in some of those guys and get them on space make about the run around a little bit. And and make some plays in the open field and in on those things but you have to -- there was lot of credit to for. You know hanging in there and in being able to battle with these guys Wear well with them a little bit. I was very impressed. Very impressed at there. What the first couple drives when you saw Lloyd against the separation from the from the DB's. And that type of thing I didn't think the ravens' secondary had been in them to be able to play. The priest was it was that close -- tight you know at the wild west they got used to be -- out there and and and and figuring out a few things. They were on knows that you receivers like like blue man -- -- just for a minute it was I don't know print out and is Gail O'Grady had no place to go with the ball. I thought that was visit Cali by the second year I was I was impressed by the way that -- that. After the initial a couple of drives. The ravens defensive backs seemed to knock the teacher receivers off their route he saw one at. Where you know Hernandez's tangle another -- Brandon Lloyd is basically hit two seconds. After he steps off the line and unlike the Texans who dropped their guys back. The ravens stepped up to say OK maybe he'll donate his date but they. They punched the patriot receivers in the mouth and they had a hard time responding from -- the second quarter on the Texas it'll be. Mentioned in contrast. Because -- had an exact opposite Fred -- they had they didn't have the mentality. Of the Baltimore -- first voted and really believe you can look at the big difference in the tweets that. Area fosters that sarcastic tweet he sent out models things -- the difference in the way. The gas and bravest talks dresses that Andre was really believed. What they say it. Texas would just turn -- -- whatever sarcastic in you know I didn't really believe in themselves or whatever but. This did. The difference in the way they approach to gain the Baltimore Ravens they were very physical team minister -- at the change. Quarterbacks like Tom ratings effigy at that changed the way. They get into these I don't know since they know they wanted the ball out quickly and noting it inadequate because there was he was a stimulus went. Yeah it also as to what you have to do is just look that kind of stuff. And vice Versa you look at that -- the same thing in the first after the ravens receivers. So -- to leave and Italy are all losing -- -- and who about a is a much better slightly. -- is I don't I don't -- corner so I mean that the patent to the good double disrupting them the ravens to acquire well. I think he knew you were a different game way and one of the the second drive for the new -- the patriots signal like seven yards in four minutes and it just -- pretty much whatever they want you and second drive the gaming elect okay. Illegal -- go right down the field. And after Hernandez. And his run those reversal what for six yards it was third to. And pictures that there -- they ran right to align to try to run -- in the and the ravens were ready for they weren't running around a -- of idiots of the Houston Texans there's -- ready to Warren. And they stopped the obviously the ravens didn't watch yet allotment that Texas -- if -- the week before that it first down it's not a touchdown and pictures going make it 7UP and you like it ego. Everybody knows the pacers were that they want to ask him is -- -- -- get a quick please mister wanna get down into it and you know. Minus ten minus five area they going to quickly and and the ravens -- banned substance that they're ready. To go for that situation with the guys ahead on the field everybody be ready to play a similar personnel -- -- be out there but everybody be ready to play. This situation and they were and they did a very good double -- to divert reverses. You know they went to a 1520 ours you know prior weeks you know for five or six or is this week. You know and they did a very good job of the sort of a football. Cast and a home page is MR -- a little bit early with some -- mr. -- and little screens across to feel that they've missed on anyway. They've been very good -- play in those two later on in the game because one once they get their stuff out of his system I mean they weren't buying on anything else so audacity and home. Some might it was a responsible for everybody that was eligible pass plays and in one place -- -- is -- into the goods level playing the patriots. Conan -- and made it started -- -- with the physicality and there's one player wanna talk about we come back that sort of summed it up for me. At the end of that first -- 6177797. 937 your phone a beacon Texas AT&T -- 1379637. Troy Brown is here talk and patriot to view. Live at Gillette Stadium.

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